The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 076

<Mammon’s Arena #3>

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It felt like an intense feeling was held in his hands.

When she realized that Yong-Ho wasn’t the son of Cayenne, her younger brother, she was disappointed.

But she couldn’t give up.

Maybe he was Cayenne’s descendant. Maybe not his son, but either his grandson or great grandson.

Kaiwan even asked how her brother was doing.

However, she couldn’t talk. Besides her feelings, there were other things that she wanted to say, but she still couldn’t say anything.

It wasn’t because she was trying to control her anxious and impatient emotions. She simply wasn’t allowed to speak. Kaiwan’s lips didn’t open and just twitched. Yong-Ho knew why.



He was controlling Kaiwan. He didn’t give her permission to speak.


Yong-Ho was able to imagine it in his head.

He also had an idea as to how Kaiwan was alive despite the rumors saying that she had died.


Gusion was still looking at Yong-Ho. It was cold. His eyes were filled with many different emotions, but it was obvious that Gusion didn’t like him.


Yong-Ho felt Gusion resisting.

It was more like impulse. It was probably because of Kaiwan. Read More

The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 075

<Mammon’s Arena #2>

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Among the facilities that were located deep within the dungeon, the Library and the Magic Laboratory were probably the most important.


Kaiwan’s Library was actually pretty empty. It was because there simply wasn’t a large enough variety of books. Nevertheless, the books were still taken care of pretty well. He knew that Kaiwan had used them with the utmost care.


Since most of the spirits in the House of Mammon didn’t really read books, no one was using the Library. The spirits however were told to register if they ever wanted to use it, but Eligor was the only one that did and the sole book that he was interested in was the cooking one.


After passing the Library, that still lingered with Kaiwan and her little brother’s scent, Yong-Ho headed towards the Magic Laboratory.


The laboratory was just as big as the training ground. Half of the room was empty space which was probably used to test out magic spells.


According to Lucia, this place was used to study various types of magic, but…


‘We don’t have anyone to do that.’


Out of the spirits within the House of Mammon, Ophelia was the only one that was skilled in magic, but she was a Red Demon. The fact that she was able to use magic was already amazing, so it would be hard to ask her to do any more.


Yong-Ho again realized how important a magician was. He decided to look into it the next time he visited the dungeon shop’s Virtual Space.


After stepping out of the lab, Yong-Ho stopped. Even though Kaiwan had developed 80% of the first floor, it didn’t mean she had filled every part of it. When Yong-Ho was thinking about installing new facilities in the first half of the dungeon, he had made a few empty rooms and Kaiwan’s first floor had empty rooms as well.


‘The place connected to the remaining 20%.’ Read More

The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 074

<Mammon’s Arena #1>

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The five Board of Directors had extremely powerful skills.

They were all demon kings that had their own dungeons and these important figures were known to be physically very powerful within the large demon world.


Orobas, the one with superhuman strength, was extremely powerful.

But that didn’t mean he wasn’t strong in other areas.

Bifron, the most intellectual demon, believed that Orobas’s real strength was his unbreakable body.


Red Demon, a fighting race, had trouble learning magic.

It’s safe to say that there weren’t any Red Demons that were known to use magic.

But it didn’t mean that they were incompetent. Physically, they were above average, so they possessed strong mana and had the ability to use that mana to strengthen their body.


This was the source for the Red Demon’s amazing physical abilities.

Body strengthening.

By pouring out their mana, it makes their body both faster and firmer.


Orobas could be considered as the strongest amongst the Red Demons, so strengthening his body more was honestly useless. But, he didn’t stop training. Despite becoming the great Demon Prince after developing himself for a long time, he was never lazy.


Orobas was playing Cat’s Cradle with his beautiful maiden, Silvia, a Dryad he treasured. On the outside, it looked like he was flirting with her, but this was part of his exercise.

Orobas was too strong. When Orobas didn’t use his mana to strengthen his body, he needed to train himself on controlling his strength. If he used his body without thinking, giving his lovely Silvia a light hug would break her body, causing her to die.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 073

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<Dungeon Upgrade #4>

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There were various types of swords.

All of which embody the name sword, because they share similar characteristics.


So even if a weapon is called a sword, depending on the type, both the shape and use can be different.


The same applied to lances.

Lances have a lot of different types as well.


Eastern and western lances were different.

There was also a big difference between a one-handed lance and a two-handed lance.


It depended on whether the user wanted to stab the enemy or twirl it around so that the enemy couldn’t get close.

Was it going to be used in a battle between two groups or in a battle where the user is alone?


Some mythril lances are paired with axes, while there are some lances with specialized poles which utilises the handle’s flexibility.


There was a huge difference.


Because of that, every lance was different. The user needed to be sure of the type of lance and the type of skill they were going to learn.


The Red Lotus Demon Lance, Aamon, wasn’t an ordinary lance.

And right now, it looked more like an iron stick than a lance.


Learning from a book or manual will have a negative impact on a beginner like Yong-Ho.

He needed a teacher that can fix his posture and call out his bad habits.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 072

<Dungeon Upgrade #3>


It became quite busy.

After returning to the dungeon, Yong-Ho visited the basic workshop and talked with Bugrim.

Bugrim still couldn’t talk, but he must’ve focused all of his energy on creating items because he created a lot of things while Yong-Ho was away.


“He said with a decent brazier and anvil, he’ll be able to create better items.”


Eligor explained on behalf of Bugrim. Yong-Ho questioned with his looks on how they communicated and Eligor explained that they used their bodies to communicate.


Even though Bugrim couldn’t speak, he could hear and thanks to the Evil Spirit of the Past, he was able to understand the other spirits.

Bugrim was full of ambition. He wasn’t the same as the Bugrim that was inside the prison cell.

Yon, the Goblin, probably became hopeful after hearing about the body recovering after one evolves.

The spirits, including the Goblins, didn’t know that Yon had evolved, but since the dying Yon revived, that’s all that mattered.


[Development Rate 15/100]


Since Bugrim’s skills had already been well-developed, his rate Development Rate wasn’t increasing very much.

After Yong-Ho convinced himself that everything will pay off as long as he works hard, he headed towards the workshop.


The Princess Ant and Spot were in the training ground swinging a stick. Spot was swinging with enthusiasm, but the Princess Ant was only swinging it because Spot told her. But thanks to that, her Development Rate was increasing.


The farm was where the Princess Ant was staying and thanks to Bugrim’s hard work, it turned out really nice. And Spot’s dog house was located within the farm as well.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 071

<Dungeon Upgrade #2>


“I love you, valuable customer. What can I help you with?”


His eyes were fixed on the only figure that was standing in the white room.

As usual, the red-haired Sitri was beautiful.


While sitting on a white, antique chair, Sitri greeted Yong-Ho and motioned him to sit. Within moments, a chair appeared behind Yong-Ho.


Yong-Ho was used to it now, so he calmly sat in front of Sitri. Sitri spoke first as usual.


“You’ve become stronger.”


Unlike his horns, the change wasn’t something that can be seen with bare eyes.

Instead of going into details, Yong-Ho just smiled and Sitri responded by slightly opening her eyes. There was a reason behind Yong-Ho’s smile.


Yong-Ho became stronger.

After the fight with Foras, he consumed the distortion, a Land Worm and Jungceros’s spirit. Even though it was a short period, the change was so big that it was safe to say that he was a different person.

It couldn’t be compared to when he first met Sitri. And that big change made Sitri smile every time. Read More

The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 070

<Dungeon Upgrade #1>


Jungceros’s spirit was delicious.

The quality wasn’t as good as Foras’s spirit, but when looking at just the amount of the mana, it was more than Foras’s.

When comparing it to food, it lacks flavor, but it can make a person feel full.


Jungceros’s element was darkness. Greed embraced Jungceros’s darkness this time too and Yong-Ho felt a new element take place within his mana.


Mana made up a demon’s body and spirit.

And among them, the “demon kings” had a lump of mana that was purer than ordinary demons.


A new horn didn’t develop. However, his other skills increased.

Yong-Ho enjoyed his powerful body and breathed in deeply. Even though he was just breathing in, he felt mana boiling in various parts of his body.


When Yong-Ho felt the change, Catalina and Skull also realized that they changed.


Catalina’s darkness became stronger. The mana that helped Skull move their dead body became sturdier.


Foras’s power, coldness, became Yong-Ho’s attribute.

Jungceros’s Mind Control made Yong-Ho’s mind stronger.



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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 069

<Dungeon Offense #5>


It felt like time stopped.

Inside the room where the battle was taking place, everyone remained still as if they froze. They were so still that one would probably wonder if they remembered how to breathe.


But it didn’t last long.

The one that broke the silence was surprisingly the one that caused the silence.


Jungceros’s large body fell to the ground. It seemed like he was just leaning over, but he must’ve not been able to handle his weight, because his body fell. And he didn’t move anymore. He had a blank look on his face.


“Pant, pant…pa…”


Yong-Ho, who was being weighed down by Jungercos, raised himself up while panting. Catalina, who was within Yong-Ho’s arms, quickly used her arms and legs to help him.


It was hard to tell how this happened. Jungceros fell on Yong-Ho and their eyes met. And a few seconds later, Jungceros became unconscious.


“Mind oppression.”


Yong-Ho quietly spoke while trying to collect his breath. The sight of Greed devouring Jungceros impacted Yong-Ho. Jungceros and Yong-Ho were on the same level, so when Jungceros couldn’t resist Greed, it excited Yong-Ho.


“They tried to control my mind.”


That was enough. The Orcs were surprised because they didn’t know what he meant, but it wasn’t the same for Catalina and Ophelia. Ophelia actually felt joy and fear at the same time.


Her joy was because of Greed.

Her fear was also because of Greed. Read More

The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 068

<Dungeon Offense #4>


The shape of Foras’s dungeon entrance and the House of Mammon’s dungeon entrance was different.

For the House of Mammon, a large door was attached at the bottom of the hill, but for the House of Mammon, a castle gate was attached.

A fortress was created by piling stones and the dungeon itself must’ve been located underground because from the outside, the castle gate was the only thing standing tall.


The dungeon entrance was completely sealed. Jungceros’s war carriage was still next to the door, so there was a high chance that Jungceros was trapped.

Gokan, who was leading the way, spoke.


“There’s a secret passageway that we used to escape. This way.”


After placing the war carriages near the gate, Yong-Ho followed Gokan. There was a forest not too far from the gate and a well with a cover was hidden between the grass.


While Gokan and the Orcs were removing the cover, Rikum looked at Yong-Ho.


“Like we’ve mentioned before, we’re able to move to different parts of the dungeon through these secret passageways. The problem is that we don’t know where Jungceros is right now…is there an area you’ve thought of before coming here?”


Ophelia also looked curious. She had expectations, but it looked like she was also testing him. Yong-Ho looked at both of them and spoke.


“We’ll go straight to the Heart of the Dungeon’s room.” Read More

The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 067

<Dungeon Offense #3>


The conversation was moving at a fast pace.

Catalina kept on licking her lips and in the end, looked at Yong-Ho while biting her lips.


Catalina was able to understand the context of the conversation. If everything that the Orc said was true, then Yong-Ho had to make a move. The information was that valuable.


But if what they said wasn’t true.

If this was a well thought out trap.


Catalina didn’t know the successor of the House of Foras. Were they that stupid that they would let a tiger come into their house just so they can bring their enemy down? Was Jungceros really that sneaky and evil that they would kill someone that surrendered without any hesitation?


Catalina couldn’t find the answer. Despite of that, Catalina remained quiet because she trusted Yong-Ho.

Yong-Ho probably thought about the same things.

In that case, how was he going to determine whether what they said was true?


Catalina’s expectations weren’t wrong. Yong-Ho soon found a solution.



“Yes, sir.”


Ophelia immediately answered when Yong-Ho called her. Even though Yong-Ho gives his orders, Ophelia looked like she knew what she had to do. Read More