The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 072

<Dungeon Upgrade #3>


It became quite busy.

After returning to the dungeon, Yong-Ho visited the basic workshop and talked with Bugrim.

Bugrim still couldn’t talk, but he must’ve focused all of his energy on creating items because he created a lot of things while Yong-Ho was away.


“He said with a decent brazier and anvil, he’ll be able to create better items.”


Eligor explained on behalf of Bugrim. Yong-Ho questioned with his looks on how they communicated and Eligor explained that they used their bodies to communicate.


Even though Bugrim couldn’t speak, he could hear and thanks to the Evil Spirit of the Past, he was able to understand the other spirits.

Bugrim was full of ambition. He wasn’t the same as the Bugrim that was inside the prison cell.

Yon, the Goblin, probably became hopeful after hearing about the body recovering after one evolves.

The spirits, including the Goblins, didn’t know that Yon had evolved, but since the dying Yon revived, that’s all that mattered.


[Development Rate 15/100]


Since Bugrim’s skills had already been well-developed, his rate Development Rate wasn’t increasing very much.

After Yong-Ho convinced himself that everything will pay off as long as he works hard, he headed towards the workshop.


The Princess Ant and Spot were in the training ground swinging a stick. Spot was swinging with enthusiasm, but the Princess Ant was only swinging it because Spot told her. But thanks to that, her Development Rate was increasing.


The farm was where the Princess Ant was staying and thanks to Bugrim’s hard work, it turned out really nice. And Spot’s dog house was located within the farm as well.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 071

<Dungeon Upgrade #2>


“I love you, valuable customer. What can I help you with?”


His eyes were fixed on the only figure that was standing in the white room.

As usual, the red-haired Sitri was beautiful.


While sitting on a white, antique chair, Sitri greeted Yong-Ho and motioned him to sit. Within moments, a chair appeared behind Yong-Ho.


Yong-Ho was used to it now, so he calmly sat in front of Sitri. Sitri spoke first as usual.


“You’ve become stronger.”


Unlike his horns, the change wasn’t something that can be seen with bare eyes.

Instead of going into details, Yong-Ho just smiled and Sitri responded by slightly opening her eyes. There was a reason behind Yong-Ho’s smile.


Yong-Ho became stronger.

After the fight with Foras, he consumed the distortion, a Land Worm and Jungceros’s spirit. Even though it was a short period, the change was so big that it was safe to say that he was a different person.

It couldn’t be compared to when he first met Sitri. And that big change made Sitri smile every time. Read More

The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 070

<Dungeon Upgrade #1>


Jungceros’s spirit was delicious.

The quality wasn’t as good as Foras’s spirit, but when looking at just the amount of the mana, it was more than Foras’s.

When comparing it to food, it lacks flavor, but it can make a person feel full.


Jungceros’s element was darkness. Greed embraced Jungceros’s darkness this time too and Yong-Ho felt a new element take place within his mana.


Mana made up a demon’s body and spirit.

And among them, the “demon kings” had a lump of mana that was purer than ordinary demons.


A new horn didn’t develop. However, his other skills increased.

Yong-Ho enjoyed his powerful body and breathed in deeply. Even though he was just breathing in, he felt mana boiling in various parts of his body.


When Yong-Ho felt the change, Catalina and Skull also realized that they changed.


Catalina’s darkness became stronger. The mana that helped Skull move their dead body became sturdier.


Foras’s power, coldness, became Yong-Ho’s attribute.

Jungceros’s Mind Control made Yong-Ho’s mind stronger.



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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 069

<Dungeon Offense #5>


It felt like time stopped.

Inside the room where the battle was taking place, everyone remained still as if they froze. They were so still that one would probably wonder if they remembered how to breathe.


But it didn’t last long.

The one that broke the silence was surprisingly the one that caused the silence.


Jungceros’s large body fell to the ground. It seemed like he was just leaning over, but he must’ve not been able to handle his weight, because his body fell. And he didn’t move anymore. He had a blank look on his face.


“Pant, pant…pa…”


Yong-Ho, who was being weighed down by Jungercos, raised himself up while panting. Catalina, who was within Yong-Ho’s arms, quickly used her arms and legs to help him.


It was hard to tell how this happened. Jungceros fell on Yong-Ho and their eyes met. And a few seconds later, Jungceros became unconscious.


“Mind oppression.”


Yong-Ho quietly spoke while trying to collect his breath. The sight of Greed devouring Jungceros impacted Yong-Ho. Jungceros and Yong-Ho were on the same level, so when Jungceros couldn’t resist Greed, it excited Yong-Ho.


“They tried to control my mind.”


That was enough. The Orcs were surprised because they didn’t know what he meant, but it wasn’t the same for Catalina and Ophelia. Ophelia actually felt joy and fear at the same time.


Her joy was because of Greed.

Her fear was also because of Greed. Read More

The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 068

<Dungeon Offense #4>


The shape of Foras’s dungeon entrance and the House of Mammon’s dungeon entrance was different.

For the House of Mammon, a large door was attached at the bottom of the hill, but for the House of Mammon, a castle gate was attached.

A fortress was created by piling stones and the dungeon itself must’ve been located underground because from the outside, the castle gate was the only thing standing tall.


The dungeon entrance was completely sealed. Jungceros’s war carriage was still next to the door, so there was a high chance that Jungceros was trapped.

Gokan, who was leading the way, spoke.


“There’s a secret passageway that we used to escape. This way.”


After placing the war carriages near the gate, Yong-Ho followed Gokan. There was a forest not too far from the gate and a well with a cover was hidden between the grass.


While Gokan and the Orcs were removing the cover, Rikum looked at Yong-Ho.


“Like we’ve mentioned before, we’re able to move to different parts of the dungeon through these secret passageways. The problem is that we don’t know where Jungceros is right now…is there an area you’ve thought of before coming here?”


Ophelia also looked curious. She had expectations, but it looked like she was also testing him. Yong-Ho looked at both of them and spoke.


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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 067

<Dungeon Offense #3>


The conversation was moving at a fast pace.

Catalina kept on licking her lips and in the end, looked at Yong-Ho while biting her lips.


Catalina was able to understand the context of the conversation. If everything that the Orc said was true, then Yong-Ho had to make a move. The information was that valuable.


But if what they said wasn’t true.

If this was a well thought out trap.


Catalina didn’t know the successor of the House of Foras. Were they that stupid that they would let a tiger come into their house just so they can bring their enemy down? Was Jungceros really that sneaky and evil that they would kill someone that surrendered without any hesitation?


Catalina couldn’t find the answer. Despite of that, Catalina remained quiet because she trusted Yong-Ho.

Yong-Ho probably thought about the same things.

In that case, how was he going to determine whether what they said was true?


Catalina’s expectations weren’t wrong. Yong-Ho soon found a solution.



“Yes, sir.”


Ophelia immediately answered when Yong-Ho called her. Even though Yong-Ho gives his orders, Ophelia looked like she knew what she had to do. Read More

The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 066

<Dungeon Offense #2>


It was safe to say that Ophelia’s second visit was unexpected.

Between the House of Mammon and the free city, it took more than a day on horse, but it only took Ophelia a day to come back.

Unless she really pushed her horse, she probably changed directions before arriving at the free city and returned to the House of Mammon.


Ophelia was a mess and that was more than enough to explain how violent the ride back was.

Her light, blonde hair was covered in dust and her neat and tidy clothes were messy.


Ophelia’s horse was covered in sweat and as soon as they arrived at the dungeon entrance, they collapsed to the ground. Ophelia entered the House of Mammon without taking care of her horse.


Yong-Ho was exploring the dungeon with the spirits and it didn’t take him long to reach the dungeon entrance. However, 10 minutes felt like an eternity for Ophelia.


“What’s wrong?”


Yong-Ho asked directly when he arrived.

He was curious as to why she returned so quickly and why she came here instead of using the communication device.


All of those thoughts were condensed into that one question and after hearing it, Ophelia collected her breath. She assumed that he would have a lot of questions, but answering each and every one wasn’t important right now. Ophelia didn’t even greet him properly.


“The House of Foras surrendered to the House of Abigail.”

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 065

<Dungeon Offense #1>


Yong-Ho woke up earlier than usual.

It wasn’t because he was worried about the things that could happen.



“Please hurry to the training ground!”

“Eligor is dying!”


Lucia’s scream woke Yong-Ho up and he exited the room without washing up. While rushing out, Lucia continued talking to him.


“Of course he won’t really die.”

“But he went over his limit, so his body isn’t in a normal condition.”

“He really spent all night hitting the puppet in the training ground!”


When considering the current time, it meant that he’s been hitting the puppet for eight hours straight.

Of course a person doesn’t die from exercising for eight hours. On top of that, Eligor was a demon and he even evolved Eligor’s stamina.


“Please take what I said literally!”

“I’m sure he didn’t rest even for a second!”


It wasn’t like Lucia watched Eligor’s almost suicidal training from beginning to end. But she knew that Eligor was a Red Demon. Lucia knew about Eligor just as much as Catalina knew about him.


Yong-Ho gritted his teeth while running towards the training ground.

Yong-Ho was the one that asked Ophelia to provoke Eligor a bit. And when he heard that Eligor sneaked into the training ground from Lucia, he was happy that his plan worked.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 064

<Kaiwan’s Inheritance #4>


“Ophelia, the daughter of Endelyon, would like to have an audience with the owner of the great House of Mammon.”


The throne room.

Ophelia kneeled in front of Yong-Ho, who was sitting on the throne. Catalina was standing on the left side of the throne room and Eligor, Rikum and Skull were standing at the bottom of the steps, which were created during the reorganization.


Out of all the spirits that were currently in the House of Mammon, Ophelia was the strongest. On top of that, since she was the leader of a group for a long time, there was a certain dignity in her movements.


‘No, maybe class?’


Seeing Ophelia show her respect towards him reminded him of the “demon” that he imagined when he was younger and felt like he was one step closer to becoming that demon.


But now wasn’t the time for him to be happy about fulfilling his desire. Yong-Ho was curious as to why Ophelia suddenly decided to visit him, but he hid his impatient side by speaking calmly.


“Thank you for coming this far. You visited a lot sooner than I expected.”

“It’s because I became the House of Mammon’s spirit. I need to understand the interior of the dungeon and the situation outside of the dungeon is changing fast.”


Ophelia was wearing the same bartender outfit she was wearing at the bar and was straightforward about her visit. Yong-Ho actually preferred this method since he didn’t know much about the complicated etiquettes.

Yong-Ho was also straightforward.


“What’s the situation like with the other owners?”

“It seems like they’ll start moving within a few days. Foras’s death and defeat has now become a fact. It’s been a while since they left to invade the House of Mammon and haven’t returned yet.”


This was something that Ophelia and Yong-Ho spoke about before at the pub.

In order to attack a different dungeon, an owner needed at least a few dozens of units and a unit of that size is bound to stick out no matter what.


“In the northwest region of Foras’s dungeon, the House of Abigail is located and their movements seem unusual. Not only did they visit the pub yesterday to gather information, but they even hired a mercenary group that was within the free city.”


It was obvious what they were trying to do.

A frown appeared on Yong-Ho’s face.


“How’s Foras’s dungeon?”

“The spirits have started leaving.” Read More

The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 063

<Kaiwan’s Inheritance #3>


He wasn’t consciously doing it.

Yong-Ho was mentally and physically exhausted and that’s why his instincts really kicked in.



It was one of the Seven Deadly Sins and it was guiding Yong-Ho. There was no end to their desire and they wanted the swirling lump of mana that was in front of them.


The demon world was created through mana.

The air, rock and soil. Mana was inside everything that was in this world. Of course the amount of mana was different. Like the wind, mana flew around the demon world. That neverending flow created difference.


This flow of mana was a phenomenon created by the distortion.

Like a small whirlpool that’s created in a river. A different flow that’s been created in an unexpected section.


The distortion was dangerous. It was something that shouldn’t be dealt with carelessly.


But Greed didn’t care about that. It seemed like they wanted it even more because it was dangerous.


Catalina gulped. She wasn’t used to mana and because of that, she couldn’t assume just how dangerous the distortion in front of her was. Since it became smaller, the only thing she could assume was that it was less dangerous than before.


But Lucia was different. Even if the dungeon shop didn’t input any information, she was the Spirit of the Dungeon. She was able to really feel the flow of the mana within the dungeon.


Even if it became smaller, it was still a distortion. The mana was spinning at a fast rate and it wasn’t any different from a lethal weapon. If Yong-Ho placed his hand on it, his body might break because he’s unable to endure the distortion.


But he didn’t hear any voices.

It hasn’t been that long since Lucia had been born, so she wasn’t sure how to describe the current situation. It was rare for a Spirit of a Dungeon to be able to feel this much emotion.


Was she supposed to tell him to depend on her?

Her owner performed impossible tasks before. She was sure that her owner would surprise her this time too.


No, she shouldn’t think like that. It was really dangerous to have expectations.




Lucia managed to speak. But Yong-Ho didn’t stop. He wasn’t simply being controlled by Greed. Yong-Ho also wanted the distortion that was in front of him. And he wasn’t being forced to stretch his hand out. Read More