The Skill Maker – Chapter 93

<A Rewarding Date #2>

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‘It worked out smoother than I thought.’

Honestly, he was nervous for a moment.

Since the hunters were quick to catch on, he knew that they knew something.

But they were courteous and didn’t ask questions.

However, they indirectly touched on Hyun-Soo’s skills and revealed that they were onto something.

But they immediately stopped mentioning it.

It was the same thing as them saying, “We already know everything, but we won’t bother you about it, so don’t worry.”

It was a silent acceptance.

On top of that…

‘They have Ariel, who’s able to see the future.’

Also known as a fortune teller.

The one that’s able to see the future.

And the members all agreed to protect her.

Just from that, Hyun-Soo knew they were trustworthy.

Hyun-Soo was once again content with his judgement.


The clan decided to share the information regarding the colorful portal.

It seemed like the politician that visited expressed that they would reward them for sharing the information, but according to Kim Yoo-Na, she declared that she wouldn’t hand over the information to them.

Instead, she decided to reveal it to other groups and guilds.

The government focuses on the high-ranked groups and guilds because they’re skilled enough to receive their request.

By sharing the clan’s information, they would be able to protect their reputation and contribute in saving innocent lives, which the politician emphasized on.

‘Honestly, there’s not much to share.’

There weren’t any tactics they could share.

Without Hyun-Soo, they wouldn’t be able to clear the portal like they did with the other portals.

However, this was what saving lives meant.


No matter how great the offer was, they weren’t going to accept requests related to colorful portals.

There was something that sly politician needed to obtain from Kim Yoo-Na, so they provided her with a lot of information, but would that same politician make requests to other groups while providing correct information?

Excluding the FE clan, there was only one survivor and the failure rate was 99.9%.

‘There’s no way. If that were the case, no hunter alive would accept the request.’

Even if there were hunters that accepted, the politician would have to give them a big reward for the danger they’ll be facing.

It was a simple prediction.

Anyone could come up with that prediction.

That’s why Kim Yoo-Na provided the information to the hunters that were skilled enough accept the request.

To be careful since it was dangerous.

Despite the warning, some will accept the request and others will contemplate regarding it.

Anyways, it was enough to gain interest from the public.

The politician might become angry because of it, but that wasn’t Hyun-Soo’s problem.

Before making that decision, Kim Yoo-Na visited Hyun-Soo.

She carefully expressed her thoughts and asked Hyun-Soo.

“Is that okay, Hyun-Soo?”

“It doesn’t matter to me.”

Hyun-Soo had an idea as to why Kim Yoo-Na asked, but decided to act like he didn’t know.

But Kim Yoo-Na while looking straight into his eyes.

“If you weren’t there, we would’ve failed in attacking the portal. No, we could’ve even died…”

“The only thing that I did was pick a door…”

“I don’t plan on asking you for the details, so don’t worry. But the fact that we were able to succeed because of you is true. There are clans that were able to escape after running around inside the portal.”

After saying that, Kim Yoo-Na said that she will reward him.

After hearing the reward, Hyun-Soo’s mind became blank.

It’s because the rewards that she offered were things that were beyond what he expected.

Hyun-Soo managed to buy a building after saving up, but he couldn’t compare himself to Kim Yoo-Na since she was born with a silver spoon.

It would’ve been a different story if the colorful portal was extremely difficult.

And even though he was the only one able to do it, all he did was pick the doors.

He wasn’t thinking about belittling his skill, but the rewards that she offered were too much compared to what he did, so Hyun-Soo calmly spoke while looking at Kim Yoo-Na.

“I’m just doing my job. I am a member of this clan afterall.”

He indirectly refused by saying that he was just doing his job as a member.

‘……I see.’

Kim Yoo-Na seemed down after hearing Hyun-Soo’s answer.

“Well, okay then. We’ll talk about this again later.”

It meant that Kim Yoo-Na wasn’t going to give up until Hyun-Soo agreed.

Hyun-Soo didn’t know “later” would come this quickly.

If he did, then he would’ve grabbed Kim Yoo-Na and declined at least three times.


“……Where are we going?”

Hyun-Soo didn’t know why Kim Yoo-Na was dragging him out.

They weren’t going to train or go hunting.

Kim Yoo-Na visited his dorm and the only thing she said was to follow her.

After getting inside the red car, Hyun-Soo kept on asking.

“There’s a place I need you to go with me.”

“Again, where exactly is…….”

“You’ll know once you’re there, so please be patient.”

He knew this even when he trained with her, but she wasn’t the type to explain things nicely.

Hyun-Soo didn’t have anything to say afterwards and the car was quickly heading somewhere.

“This is……”

They arrived at a place that had a lot of buildings and people.

There were so many people that Hyun-Soo wondered if cars would be able to pass through here.

After passing by extremely tall buildings, Kim Yoo-Na stopped the car.

And after making a call, a person appeared and drove away with Kim Yoo-Na’s car.

“I was thinking about going sightseeing, but we arrived later than I expected. Unfortunately, we’ll have to go sightseeing another time. We’re late, so let’s go in.”

Kim Yoo-Na guided Hyun-Soo into an elegant-looking building.


“Hyuna? Why are you here?”

“Yoo-Na asked me to help you pick out some clothes, so I came. I came after finishing cram school!’

“Clothes? What kind of clothes?”

His clothes were fine, so what kind of clothes were they talking about?

Hyuna laughed at Hyun-Soo’s expression and made fun of him.

“I told you it was a good idea to drag him out without saying anything. If you told him that you were taking him to a mall, he would’ve refused.”

A faint smile appeared on Kim Yoo-Na’s face.

‘Clothes? Mall? You go to the mall to buy clothes?’

Hyun-Soo bought clothes that were either sold in open markets or were on sale, so the mall was an unfamiliar place for Hyun-Soo.

He didn’t know this luxurious-looking building was a mall.

“It won’t be that complicated. I can ask someone to bring them for us, but…there’s a restaurant nearby and we can go sightseeing to get some fresh air, so don’t be too burdened by it.”

They were guided to a luxurious lounge.

The sofa was so big and soft that they would be able to lie down on it. Moments later, the workers there started bringing out hangers that had a lot of clothes hanging from them.

A part of it was accessories and another part was either dress shoes or neckties.

While Hyun-Soo was looking at the clothes, Hyuna was eating and drinking the food and tea that the staff were serving.

And the two women’s shopping…no, the dress up game began.

“I don’t think you look good in that.”

“Tight-fitting clothes are popular these days, but I think loose-fitting clothes look better on you.”

“Don’t you think a deep blue color would look better, Yoo-Na?”

“That looks good and the light gray striped one that we saw earlier doesn’t look too bad either.”

While Hyuna and Kim Yoo-Na were talking, Hyun-Soo was trying on new clothes.

He even questioned why he was here doing this.

“The necktie…….”

“The shoes…….”

“Diamond would be better for the pin, right?”

“Isn’t that expensive?”

Hyun-Soo was shocked by what he heard, so when he asked Kim Yoo-Na, she shook her head.

“It’s not that big, so it’s not really expensive.”

Something didn’t feel right, but since she said it wasn’t, then it probably wasn’t expensive.

‘Right. I’m not sure how much it is, but since I was able to buy a building, I should be able to purchase a tiny gem.’

He never heard of the brands that he was trying on and since they didn’t have any tags on them, he couldn’t check the price.

“Clothes definitely make a difference. You look much better in those, Hyun-Soo.”

“Hyuna, you shouldn’t talk like that to your brother. I was good-looking ever since I was born.”

“Nope. Men need to wear suits. You have very good taste, Yoo-Na.”

When Hyun-Soo wore the outfit that Kim Yoo-Na put together, Hyuna’s mouth dropped and she exclaimed.

Hyun-Soo also thought the same way when he looked at himself in the mirror.

Since this was his first wearing this, he did feel a bit uncomfortable since his movements were limited.

But when Hyuna complimented him and Kim Yoo-Na looked at him with a smile, the uncomfortable feeling he felt became insignificant.

“Great. I think we should go with this. Now, it’s time for Hyuna to change.”

“What? Me too?”

Hyuna looked at Kim Yoo-Na with a confused look.

And moments later.

Hyuna wore clothes that were just as elegant as Hyun-Soo’s and she enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror.

“This is how Cinderella must’ve felt.”

After wrapping up the clothes that Hyun-Soo and Hyuna were previously wearing, she asked one of the staff to place it in her car.

“Let’s go.”

“To where?”

“To eat some delicious food.”

Kim Yoo-Na handed Hyuna a note and asked her to give it to the driver.

“Oh…I can go too?”

“Of course.”

“I’ll head back…”

“Why? I’ve already made reservations. Do you not like the clothes?”

“No! No. It’s nothing like that. Um, that’s not what I meant. Um…so that’s why you bought my clothes as well. What should I do?”

Hyuna looked like she was at a loss.

She ended up nodding her head and decided to tag along.

After getting in the car that a staff brought out for them, they stopped in front of an antique-looking building.

“Let’s go. This place serves really good food.”

Hyun-Soo stopped after seeing the luxurious interior design.

Hyuna reacted the same way.

It felt like they were walking into a noble’s house and not a restaurant.

It was way fancier than the expensive Korean restaurant they went to before Hyun-Soo joined the clan.


After sitting at their table, Hyuna looked around and exclaimed.

Kim Yoo-Na smiled as she watched Hyuna.

The food fit well with this elegant place.

Hyun-Soo was scared that he might experience indigestion.

On top of that, the servers were wearing expensive clothes and sometimes when they served, they would feed it to them.

It reminded him of the old women that made fried rice at bbq restaurants, but the atmosphere was totally different.

He didn’t know there would be this big of a difference between the servers

“It’s really delicious.”

Hyuna was satisfied with the taste and the presentation of the food.

Hyun-Soo felt the same.

Even though it was his first time trying the food, the flavor was so rich, that he didn’t want to finish his food.

“Yoo-Na? Is that you?”

Right when they were finishing their food.

He heard the voice of a middle-aged man.

The man was good-looking and he happily greeted Yoo-Na.

“Mr. Herhim, how have you been?”

“It’s surprising to see you here. Oh my, it seems like I’ve interrupted your meal.”

“It’s fine. If it’s okay with you, would it be okay if I introduce you to my friends?”

“Of course. Since they’re with you, it’s an honor for me to meet them.”

Hyun-Soo questioned his hearing when he heard the man’s name.

‘Herhim? He’s Herhim?’


<A Rewarding Date #2> End.

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