The Skill Maker – Chapter 125

<A Way to Win #1>


‘They’re just along for the ride.’

Money won’t bring them this opportunity. They won’t be able to experience this elsewhere.

On top of that, they were safe.

This alliance was formed for power.

So they didn’t feel the need to help them grow.

Because of that, it was only natural for them to exclude them from the training.

And the members that were participating didn’t have any experience with a colorful portal.

Hyun-Soo was able to predict how shocking it was going to be for them.

‘Just tell all of your friends.’

That way, their value will keep increasing.

“Let’s start!”

They were still testing the training method with Riri.

Since they didn’t know how many people Riri’s power will be able to protect, they decided to start with a small group.

When there’s a colorful portal involved, it’s best to be careful.

“This would’ve been impossible if we didn’t have Riri. Our Riri is amazing.”

Before starting the training.

The members complimented her so that they can stay on her good side.


But it didn’t matter.

Riri stuck to Hyun-Soo and was begging for his attention.

She was asking for a lot of compliments since she worked really hard.

But for Hyun-Soo, he felt a bit embarrassed.

It wasn’t only because of Riri. The members all looked jealous.

This was really burdening for him.

He really wanted to wear a mask.

“Riri, can you create an illusion for them? An illusion that brings out their worst memories.”

“Hey, hey, rookie. Let’s not go there. Since we’re training, why not do something easy?”

David was one of the members that were participating in the first training, so he was scared.

Hyun-Soo contemplated for a bit and then nodded his head.

“You’re right. Riri, start by creating an illusion that brings out their happiest memories.”

“You’re too extreme!”

“Bringing out an ordinary memory isn’t fun though.”

“You need to experience it yourself······ “

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on me.”

After David made a funny expression to annoy Hyun-Soo, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

The other hunters did the same and started concentrating after closing their eyes.

The atmosphere suddenly changed.

When Hyun-Soo tapped Riri with his finger, Riri flew up into the air.


Her cry was a lot deeper than her usual cry.

A large amount of energy started pouring out of Riri.



The members were in pain at first, but…

“Wow······. This is nice······.”

“Ohhh······. Gisel······.”

They started saying odd things and released a moan-like sigh.


Hyun-Soo felt uncomfortable just looking at them.

Since he needed to know the members and Riri’s limits, he decided to stop the illusion.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1······ five minutes is over! Riri, you can stop now.”

Hyun-Soo had been counting and when Riri heard him, she stopped.

“How was it? Not too bad?”

Kyuuuu, kyuuuuu.

Riri nodded her small head when Hyun-Soo asked if she was okay during the five minutes.

After checking with Riri, Hyun-Soo turned his attention towards the members.

“It seemed like you guys weren’t trying to break out of the illusion at all.”

The members were looking at the sky, but seemed distracted.

“Oh, well you see…we would’ve tried to break out of it if it was a painful illusion…”

“Um…there were good illusions that I didn’t want to break out of.”

“…Then that illusion will be the last thing you’ll see before you die.”

The members smiled sheepishly when Hyun-Soo mentioned that they could die.

“We’ll do better this time!”

“It’s more like you guys were doing your best to enjoy it.”

“······We’ll try not to.”

David commented on how Hyun-Soo became scarier and expressed his fear.

Hyun-Soo firmly believed that the illusion wasn’t the reason why they didn’t break out of it.

They just haven’t found a way to break out of it.

Hyun-Soo asked Riri to create a nice illusion since they were just training, but since they weren’t able to break out of it, they made excuses to cover it up.

“Then we’ll go for 10 minutes this time.”

“Okay! Ready!!”

They told Hyun-Soo that they were going to break out of it within that time.

And then······.

“10 minutes. Wake up.”

“Cough······. Why can’t we break out of it?”

“The problem is that the thought of it being an illusion doesn’t pop into my head. It happened the first time and during the 10 minutes, I kind of noticed it towards the end…”

“Hm, then the biggest problem is not being able to detect the illusion.”

“Right and breaking out of it won’t be easy, but we first need to be able to detect it first.”

“Well, just keep trying. I’m sure we’ll find a way.”

Knock and the doors will be opened.

He heard it somewhere.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

It described the situation perfectly.

They had to keep trying until they got results.

The members complained about how they felt like they were being tested on instead of training, but soon closed their eyes and endured the 15 minutes illusion.


“I don’t think it’s working out.”

Hyun-Soo commented bluntly.

The members were exhausted and they all glared at him as if he was being unfair.

“That’s something I should be saying, not you······.”

“Hyun-Soo is right, but why am I so annoyed?”

The more time passed, the more they realized that it was an illusion.

The problem was that a lot of time had already passed.

If they waited that long to realize, then they would’ve already been dead.

“At least it’s good that you won’t be stuck in it forever.”

But it didn’t mean that it was okay.


Time was the issue.

“We need to shorten the time somehow······ “

“Maybe it was built so that humans aren’t able resist the psychological attacks.”

“No way. That can’t be true.”

The members remained quiet when they mentioned that Hyun-Soo was able to resist.

“We just need to find a way.”

“No! There can always be excl······.”

They weren’t able to get good results even after training for a while.

It seemed like the members were leaning towards giving up on the hunt.

It was good that they were using Riri to train, but the problem was that the people getting trained weren’t getting good results.

But Hyun-Soo ignored their complaints.

There’s definitely a way..

‘We need to clear this hunt so that I can achieve my goal more easily.’

That’s why he couldn’t give up.

The members looked scared when they saw Hyun-Soo trying to think of ways to make this work.

“I think he’s really trying to get us.”

“…He’s worse than Yoo-Na. There’s a reason why they’re getting along so well.”

Being tired physically was a different story.

Being mentally tired was a lot worse.

Moving a finger was hard and even breathing was difficult.

They just wanted to lie there and melt into the ground.

But the Super Rookie was energetic and was thinking while looking at them.

It seemed like his eyes glistened.

They were cornered.

“Rookie, aren’t you tired?”

“Not really.”

“…The energy that Riri is using, did you give it to her?”

“That sounds about right.”

Whenever Riri used her power, a portion of his energy went to Riri.

It was probably because she was a monster that he controlled.

“…And you know that Riri used her powers for a few hours, right?”

“······Of course.”

“And you’re not tired.”

The members looked at Hyun-Soo as if he was some kind of monster.

“Ah! I can’t do it anymore! Just take me! Kill me!”

David finally yelled out that he gave up and lied down.

He was already lying on the ground and it was more like his head was up.

“Oh, that sounds like a good idea. I think it’s worth trying.”


David didn’t know what Hyun-Soo was talking about, so he lifted his head up.

Hyun-Soo was already deep into his thoughts.

‘They do realize that it’s an illusion as time passes, so that’s been taken care of. That means that they just need to realize it sooner…right, I think that method will work.’

The thought popped into his head after hearing David.

It was really simple.

It took time for them to realize.

So if they shorten that time, it’ll resolve everything.

That meant,

‘Forcefully waking them up.’

Hyun-Soo smiled and touched the device that was on his wrist.

A few minutes later.

“······Why did you call me here?”

“I need your help, Marcus.”

“My help?”

How dare you ask for my help?

When Marcus raised one of eyebrows, that’s the feeling that Hyun-Soo got.

Marcus clicked his tongue when he saw two members lying weakly on the Center Room floor.

“Why did you call me? Do you need someone to drag out these weaklings?”

“Well, something like that.”


“You just need to use your skill on them.”

“…Are you telling me to kill the members?”

“No way. Just a little bit. Just enough to wake them up.”

It’s like shocking them.

Marcus’s cold expression changed when he heard Hyun-Soo’s explanation.

“So you’re telling me to shock them…?”

“Yes, that’s right. I can’t do it right now and since we’re in a hurry…I thought it was a good idea and it’s best to test these things out as soon as possible.”

The test subjects were of course the two members that were on the floor.


Marcus thought it was ridiculous, but he didn’t complain.

Marcus really cared about the members.

He really cared about the clan and when a weakling like Hyun-Soo appeared, he was the one that ignored him.

After observing Marcus, Hyun-Soo believed that Marcus acted that way because he had a really big ego.

It was obvious as to why he cared so much about the members.

He was in this situation because he cared about their future.

If this test fails, then they’ll fail the hunt.

“So, what do you need me to do?”

Marcus released a short sigh and gave up on fighting against Hyun-Soo.

Of course Hyun-Soo didn’t really care.

“It’s simple. Once Riri activates the illusion and I give you the signal, you just have to use your skill weakly. You know what an electric shocker is, right? You just need to output the same amount as the shocker. If not, those two will get fried.”

“I won’t make a stupid mistake like that.”

“Right, so let’s start.”

David realized something fishy, so he immediately got up.

It was like a scene from a zombie movie.


<A Way to Win #1> End.

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