The Skill Maker – Chapter 124

<Thinning Out #3>


“Oh, how’d you know? You’re right. It depends on the contract, but that’s a possibility. That’s why people that know it call it a slave contract. But it’s that effective. People try not to use it that often though.”

He understood after listening, but since there were human rights issues, no one really uses it.

“But Yoo-Na chose to use it because she wanted to make it official. When people join forces or become allies, they don’t really use it. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. And for a colorful portal…it’s worth it.”

They were still studying the Puppeteer’s corpse.

They haven’t found anything yet.

But everyone agreed that a colorful portal was a lot more valuable than an ordinary portal.

The world was focused on the monster that FE killed and FE itself.

That’s why Kim Yoo-Na was being cautious.

There was a new group that was joining them and she needed data as well as security.

“I’m sure we’ll get approved since we submitted a request.”

After that single visit, they received all of their approvals on time.

That’s why they should be getting the approval soon.

‘I have a lot to do before then.’

The time until the next hunt.

Hyun-Soo will be prepared by then.


“The investigation team’s report was simple.”

They were having a meeting regarding the colorful portal they got approval for.

They’ve received simple reports like this before.

Colorful portals didn’t have noteworthy information.

So even though they requested for an approval, no one knew what kind they would end up with.

But the report was simple?

‘This feels like deja vu.’’

This happened before.

The report was extremely simple and peaceful, so it didn’t sound like a colorful portal.

And everyone experienced hell in there.

Although Hyun-Soo was able to find out the portal owner’s skill…

‘The members barely made it out alive. It affected them pretty badly after.’

The sight of Katrina crying hard was engraved into his head.

Anyways, that simple report led to one conclusion.

If it didn’t have an owner like Karazhan and if the portal didn’t have an owner at all, there was only one answer.

“It’s the place we went to last time.”

The members were pretty smart, so they understood.

All of them didn’t look so good.


This had to be fate.

“This complicates things a bit.”

Brad enveloped his head with his hands.

Brad was known to be quiet, so if he made a comment like that, it meant that even he wasn’t looking forward to it.

Well, it was understandable.

‘A monster like didn’t exist until now, so it’s natural for them to act that way.’

There were theories about psychological-type monsters existing, but they actually encountered one.

And it was in a totally brand new portal too.

All the members didn’t like it, but not Hyun-Soo.

‘Isn’t this our chance?’

He kept his excitement to himself.

He was currently learning how to make Riri useful.

And if he obtained another Karazhan?

‘The power will be increased by several folds.’

But there wasn’t a guarantee that this Karazhan had an egg.

He had a 0% chance of obtaining Karazhan’s egg in a portal that didn’t have Karazhan.

That’s why going into a portal that was Karazhan’s was a good opportunity.

But the others weren’t looking forward to it.

Obtaining more power was great, but when heard who their opponent was, they became disappointed.

Hyun-Soo, who was very hopeful, raised his hand.

“What are your thoughts on this, Hyun-Soo?”

Kim Yoo-Na understood why the members were acting that way, so she was in an extremely difficult position.

People can lose lives during a hunt and if the hunters didn’t have good reactions, then there was no point in hunting the portal.

If they did that, FE’s fame and actions will be affected negatively, but their lives were more important.

It felt like the hunt would bring bad results if they decided to go for it.

And Hyun-Soo raised his hand despite of them reacting that way.

He was like a ray of hope to Kim Yoo-na.

“I know that there are people that are still feeling doubtful even though we cleared three colorful portals. Since we teamed up with another group for the third one, I didn’t think it was fate and there are rumors that we got lucky on the first and second portal…if we clear this portal, don’t you think those rumors will go away?”

When Hyun-Soo finished, everyone had different opinions.

“You think we don’t know that? It would be nice if it was possible. But, Karazhan is a monster that can control the mind. Even though they’re still researching, they haven’t found anything important. In this situation, it’s the same thing as walking in there to die. Or are you telling us to just trust you and participate in this hunt?”

Marcus was the one that spoke.

“But it makes sense. If we kill the same monster again, it’ll be proof that we’re actually strong and that it wasn’t all luck. And he said it so confidently, so I’m sure he has a plan…I don’t think it’s a bad idea to think about it while considering that fact.”

The members that liked Hyun-Soo reacted positively.

When most of the members reacted that way, Marcus and the members that followed him crossed their arms.

It was obvious that they didn’t like it.

They sat back in their chairs and looked at Hyun-Soo as if they were daring him to try.

‘Endure it. Endure it…….’

Marcus would annoy him at least once during meetings like this.

It seemed like he acknowledged Hyun-Soo after seeing him resolve many of the issues, so it must’ve been his pride getting in the way.

The meeting was originally for the portal that was approved, but now it turned into Hyun-Soo’s presentation.


Hyun-Soo cleared his throat after everyone focused on him.

“It’s not that complicated. I understand that we don’t have a way to defend ourselves against a monster like Karazhan since it was our first time. But if you think positively, this could be our chance. No one else can do it but us. There’s a good chance that there are other monsters like Karazhan. Since we encountered one, it’s possible that there are two, maybe three of them.”

“We already know that. But the issue here is the success rate. If we fail, we all die.”

Some of them even shuddered while saying that the pain they experienced made them think that death was a better option.

‘What kind of illusion did Karazhan show them?’

Hyun-Soo assumed that they brought out their opponent’s darkest memory and they repeatedly show it so that they’ll suffer and feel pain.

People usually want to bury those thoughts, but if they’re constantly seeing the same memory, it was understandable as to why they were reacting that way.

It must’ve affected them pretty badly because they’re usually excited about going on a hunt.

“If you’re worried because the monster is a psychological-type monster, then you don’t have to worry.”

“How can we not worry?”

People were starting to become optimistic, but then hesitated when Marcus asked.

“It’s simple. You just need to get used to it.”

“…Get used to it?”

“Yes. You can think of it as doing training.”

“How is that possible?”

“What? You guys have a skilled teacher right here.

Hyun-Soo tapped below one of shoulders.

It was the shoulder that Riri was sitting on.


When Hyun-Soo mentioned her name, Riri felt good and tilted her head to the side.

She must’ve liked the attention because she started flying.

Then she landed on top of Hyun-Soo’s head.

The small fairy, no, monster, flew around as if she wanted them to praise her.

“Oh…right. Riri controlled that spy’s mind not too long ago.”

“You’re right. I’m not sure how similar her skills are compared to Karazhan, but I’m sure it’ll help us.”

Everyone reacted positively when Hyun-Soo mentioned Riri.

The members started feeling hopeful when they realized there was potential.

They didn’t have to experience those painful memories again.

People needed hope to become positive.

‘I feel proud.’

Hyun-Soo rubbed under his nose while feeling proud of himself.

The members trusted Hyun-Soo’s words and they started coming up with ideas while talking amongst themselves.

Even though they got approval, the date of the hunt hasn’t been confirmed.

It would be a big problem if the portal didn’t appear after getting the approval, but not now.

“Great. I think it would be good for us to do severals tests with Riri.”

Clap, clap.

After Kim Yoo-Na clapped her hands to get their attention, that was the conclusion she came up.

Hyun-Soo quietly glanced at Marcus.

He didn’t have a bad reaction.

Once there was a way, he gave up pretty easily

‘…It’s hard understanding him.’

Anyways, the members decided to train with Riri.

“Let’s get going!”

They were now full of energy and willing to train.


“We don’t have to call the other hunters, right?”

“I’m actually not sure about that. But, there’s no reason for us to take care of them, right?”

This was what David actually meant.

They need to experience the painful themselves so that they’ll realize just how awesome we are for overcoming that.

It could be seen as being childish, but on the other hand…

‘It’s a really good idea.’

That’s just human nature.

They’ll feel thankful at first, but later, they’ll start demanding things.

‘People will start taking advantage if you keep treating them nicely.’

Of course that doesn’t apply to everyone.

The members of the FE clan was like that.

They could’ve tried to take advantage of him by using various methods, but.

‘It seems like I have pretty good luck with people.’

He also considered himself lucky because he obtained a SS rank skill like Interface and a skill like Skill Creation, which helps him grow as a hunter.

“I also agree with that. There’s no reason to train them. Let them experience it first. Show them that this is what a colorful portal is and we can think of it as an introduction.”

When Hyun-Soo smiled, the members smiled too.

Their smiles were similar to criminals that were planning on committing a crime.

After Riri picked out all their enemies.

After Kim Yoo-Na prepared some safety tools, some of the members from the allied guild decided to participate in the hunt.

‘Should I consider them as subordinates?’

They were on different levels.

They weren’t all going as equals. The FE clan was more like a babysitter.


<Thinning Out #3> End.

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