The Skill Maker – Chapter 122

<Thinning Out #1>


“Don’t worry too much. It’s not like we’re going to reveal it soon. But with an item like this, don’t you think it’s worth trying it?”

Of course they had a backup plan.

They’ll probably have a detailed plan by the time the potion is released to the world.

They won’t let people scam them easily.

‘On top of that, I’m the only one that can make it. With just that, they won’t be able to attack me easily.’

They haven’t decided on how much they were going to reveal.

But in time, everything will be revealed.

Only Hyun-Soo could do this.

Hyun-Soo recalled the data room he visited before Kim Yoo-Na visited him.

There was an enormous amount of data regarding the clan.

These days, information could be used as a weapon and a lot of data was contained in the data room.

And Hyun-Soo was able to find the information he was looking for.

It was some sort of thesis and one of the tests that was related to the topic was the thing that Hyun-Soo was curious about.

That a hunter’s energy was natural.

Since everyone’s energy characteristics was different, energy couldn’t be exchanged.

When an energy with different characteristics enters the body, it automatically pushes it out and the body experiences excruciating pain. The person may even lose their life if things got really bad.

When two different energies meet, it’ll really damage the body.

That’s why the person may even die.

Hyun-Soo thought of one thing while reading the results.

‘But, why is it possible for me?’

On top of that, when someone consumes it, their total energy level increases.

The chance of that happening may be low, but one can benefit from it.

‘Am I the only one that can do it?’

He suddenly came to a realization.

He looked down at his hands.

‘……What am I?’

That question popped into his head.

How far could he go?

He was continuously doing things that others couldn’t even try.

“Ha ha…….”

Hyun-Soo quietly laughed inside the room.

He tightly clenched his hands.

Anything was fine.

As long as it placed Hyun-Soo at the very top.

And that was one of the reasons why Kim Yoo-Na visited him.

Because only Hyun-Soo could do it.

She checked again and again the worth of his skill.

Even though Hyun-Soo didn’t provide her with details, Kim Yoo-Na knew his worth right away.

She probably had an idea when she ate the tangerine, no, probably when she was eating the food with the others.

“We’ll be able to cover both high-ranked and low-ranked hunters. Right now, among the high-ranked hunters, only a few will want it, so only make a few. But, for the premium line, it’ll best to go with your ‘thing’ that you mentioned.”

Kim Yoo-Na nodded her head after she finished calculating.

She still looked worried, but it seemed like she pretty much understood.

“I understand. Not doing anything because it’s dangerous is pretty stupid. In that case, I’ll feel better if I help you myself. I’ll help you.”

She looked at Hyun-Soo with a determined expression.

“The road that you’re walking on. Let me walk with you.”

“What are you……?”

“Do you not want me to? Are you worried that I might get in the way?”

“No, it’s nothing like that. I’m thankful that you’re offering to help.”

He needed Kim Yoo-Na anyways to walk on that road.

The FE clan was Kim Yoo-Na’s and Hyun-Soo was planning on helping the clan rise to the top.

It caught him off guard because Kim Yoo-Na suddenly offered to help.

On top of that, his mind went blank when he saw her big eyes.

“Thank you for accepting. Thanks a lot.”


It somehow ended as him accepting her offer.

“You’re going to start a company, right? Your plan may fail if you make a connection with the black market.”

“Yes, but I’ll have to continue providing the potion.”

“Great. Then I’ll purchase the share.”

“Excuse me?”

The conversation was moving too fast.

“It’s only natural that I buy the company’s share since it’s yours. With that, the connection between us will strengthen.”

She mumbled with a satisfied look on her face.

“…I’ll gladly welcome you as my partner.”

She was a smart and capable woman that was able to lead a clan.

That’s why it’s a good thing that she’s helping, but…

‘What’s going on?’

He did come to ask for her help and approval, so it worked out.

But Hyun-Soo had an odd feeling like he was forcefully pulled in.

He glanced at Kim Yoo-Na and noticed that she had a smile that not many people had seen.

She no longer looked worried.

Things ended differently than what he had imagined, but he achieved his second goal.

The base work was done, so all he had to do now was wait and save his energy.

‘Things are going to become even more chaotic.’

Hyun-Soo had high expectations.



‘How should I gather the energy?’


Hyun-Soo was thinking deeply while watching Riri eat the energy that was on the tip of Hyun-Soo’s finger.r

‘I need to make potions and give some to Riri too. On top of that, I have to go hunting too…Lahatlan’s skill is outstanding, but the problem is that it consumes too much energy.’

There were too many things that required his energy.

If he didn’t find a way to recover his energy fast, then he won’t be able to make potions or go hunting.

‘I need to create a recovery skill for myself.’

Up till now, he always sold the skills and never thought about learning them.

It was because his skill slot was limited.

Hyun-Soo obtained Lahatlan without warning and since it can happen again, Hyun-Soo decided it was best to have an empty slot.

‘I should still learn one though.’

It was time for him to create a skill again.

‘Looks like there’s going to be a lot of useless skills.’

The function may be good, but they weren’t good enough for him.

‘Wait, can I sell those?’

Since it would be a waste to throw them away, he could transfer them to the members and sell the rest.

But the issue was that Hyun-Soo only had one body.

He had a lot to do and for security reasons, he rejected doing direct sales.

‘On top of that, it’s a huge country. Jeez.’

Doing one transaction will be a lot of work.

He would have to ride a plane instead of a bus or subway.

On top of that, he would have to deal with the entire world.

He would have to constantly travel by plane.

Just thinking about the time and money he would have to spend gave him a headache.

‘It would be nice if I can actually sell it as a scroll.’

Hyun-Soo sighed.

He decided to think about it again once he starts making the skill and focused on the current issue.

‘Even if the skill somehow helps, it’s not enough. Isn’t there a different way?’

Kyuuu, kyuuuuu.

Hyun-Soo’s eyes landed on Riri, who was biting the tip of his finger.

‘She ate a monster’s skill and now is eating my energy. Isn’t she full?’

She was no bigger than the palm of his hand, so where exactly were all those skills going?

She must’ve liked Hyun-Soo’s attention because she flew around him.

‘I wish it was possible for me too. A monster’s skill is probably a lump of energy.’

He was suddenly envious of Riri because she would eat a lot during the hunt.

‘Wait. Consuming a monster’s energy?’

Was it possible?

That question popped into his head.


A deep sigh escaped Hyun-Soo’s mouth.

Moments later, he lightly tapped Riri, signaling that her meal time was over.

‘Right, it’s worth a try.’  



The sound of the alarm was short.

Hyun-Soo instinctively looked at the device he was wearing on his wrist.

It was 3 AM..

And he saw Eugene’s message.

“Please come to the Center ASAP.”

It was an urgent message.

‘What’s going on?’

The message was only sent to a few of the members and he questioned it only for a moment.

Hyun-Soo quietly left his dorm and headed towards the main building.

The building was quiet.

The hallway that led to the Center Room was quiet too.

But right when he entered the Center Room, he saw the members.

“Oh, you’re here. I’m glad you were able to make it.”

Eugene greeted Hyun-Soo.

“What’s going on?”

“Well, you see…it’s better if you see it for yourself.”

Eugene looked like he was feeling complicated when he asked what was going on and why they were gathered here at this time.

He contemplated for a bit and pointed to an area while saying that it was better for Hyun-Soo to see it with his own eyes.


When the members moved over a bit, he saw a person.

A person in black was working hard on something.

They were anxious and as they looked around, they were repeatedly taking something out.

Even the members were standing around them, they kept on doing it as if no one was there.

Then they moved over a bit and did the same thing. They even acted as if they were looking at something in the air.

“Do you know what they’re doing?”

“……They look like they’re mentally disabled.”

Out of the people that visited, there wasn’t anyone that acted that out of place.

Hyun-Soo looked at Eugene.

Hyun-Soo was waiting for Eugene to give him an answer.

“He’s spy.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, he was looking around and it was pretty noticeable. I think he was trying to get near the data room, but…”

Eugene explained that they became that way and pointed at the man.

“Why is he acting like that? He’s acting as if he’s been possessed by something.”

“You got it, Hyun-Soo. He’s definitely possessed.”

“I’m sorry?”

Hyun-Soo couldn’t keep up with the conversation.

He rushed over here and he was told that there was a spy.

It was an urgent matter. Because all the members had their guards up.

Everyone knew that there was a spy and a thief.

The problem was when they were going to make their move.

That’s why it was urgent.

But the spy was acting extremely oddly.

‘He looks like he’s crazy…….’

But he was possessed, not crazy.

He wasn’t sure where the conversation was heading to.

Eugene pointed to an area when Hyun-Soo looked confused.

He saw something familiar.



Riri was supposed to be asleep at the dorm, so why was she here?

“He’s like that because of Riri’s skill.”

Which meant that he wasn’t crazy.

The monster from the second portal had the ability to control the mind.

And Riri was born from that monter’s egg.

So it’s obvious that she would be able to use Karazhan’s skill, but…

‘She’s never used that kind of skill up until now.’

“I asked her to stop with the hallucination, but she’s not listening. Since she’s been following you around, she’ll probably listen to you.”


<Thinning Out #1> End.

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