The Skill Maker – Chapter 121

<Bait & Hook #3>


Kim Yoo-Na’s eyes widened.

“This……? Is this ‘that’ as well?”


Kim Yoo-Na agreed on Hyun-Soo’s plan to gain control through food.

It was possible because she worked with Hyun-Soo for a long time.

Hyun-Soo also assumed that Kim Yoo-Na somewhat had an idea about his skill.

‘There’s no way someone as quick-witted as Kim Yoo-Na wouldn’t know.’

But she never asked him directly or hinted at it, so all he did was assume.

She was surprised by the tangerine that Hyun-Soo gave her.

She knew about his cooking skills since she ate his food before, so she wasn’t expecting this at all.

“So that’s why they acted that way.”

She thought things were working out on their own because they reacted so passionately and didn’t know this was the reason.

“It’s not an ordinary tangerine. You did something to it, right? I’m assuming it’s related to what you wanted to tell me.”

“Yes, that’s right. Regarding the potions that are being sold at the black market, I’m thinking about making a more systematic approach.”

“The potion that are being sold? Are you thinking about selling them through a different method?”

“I’m still thinking about it, but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.”

Getting the result you want right away was difficult.

That’s why it’s important to take one step at a time even if it takes longer.

Then you’ll be able to reach your goal during the most important moment.

“What kind of plan is it?”

She was no longer focused on the tangerine.

She turned into a serious businesswoman.

“I’m planning on putting a grade on the potions. It would be divided into low rank and high rank potions. I’m thinking about making the low rank potions cheaper so that more people will purchase it. High-ranked hunters will most likely go for the high rank potions, so it wouldn’t bad to offer those to them.”

“Are you thinking about making them limited editions?”

“Yeah, because all they have if money. And if it’s limited, it’ll make them want to buy it even more. They’re not interested in ordinary potions, so using that method to sell potions to them wouldn’t be that bad.”

“I agree. Selling ranked potions…not a bad idea. No, it’s actually great.”

She mumbled while looking down at the tangerine that was in her hand.

“The world is changing, but the hunters are still in the same spot. There are a lot of A rank hunters that are unable to overcome the S rank barrier. Excluding those hunters, everyone else is changing.”

Colorful portal.

An odd transformation that didn’t exist before.

Skilled hunters tried hunting it, but they ended up failing.

‘Evolution or selection.’

What Kim Yoo-Na said was simple.

They didn’t know what kind of danger they were facing.

Will this evolution stop here or will it grow bigger that it’ll eventually get out of hand?

If they don’t change with that evolution, they’ll fall behind…

‘That’s us.’

It wasn’t just the FE clan.

The FE clan and other groups.

The last would be mankind.

When the portal first appeared, it affected a large amount of the population.

Before hunters appeared, people predicted that the world was going to end.

But there was one reason why mankind and civilization didn’t die out.


And change.

In order to go against the mysterious portal, hunters were the result of the change.

And Kim Yoo-Na was talking about another evolution.

A change for evolution.

And the preparation stage for that change.

She was pointing that out.

“In that sense, I support your decision. I’m not saying it from the business aspect. As a human and a member of the human race, I want to thank you for it too.”

Kim Yoo-Na bowed.

‘The reason wasn’t even that grand.’

An amazing task for the human race.

He didn’t have the time to do that.

He didn’t have that kind of strength and wasn’t in the position to do something like that.

‘I don’t know what will happen in the future, but she’s thinking highly of me when all I’m trying to do is survive.’

All this time, Hyun-Soo lived to survive.

He wanted to live a better life to be exact.

That’s why he was doing everything he could in order to make money.

A life where he could live happily without being pressured by others.

He thought it wasn’t a bad life since his family had been living a long, difficult life.

He endured all of that and came this far.

‘But a comfortable life…we still have a long way to go.’

Even the rich had their own problems.

But the people here were trying to get more and take away as much as they could.

It was a cold world because they didn’t care who got hurt during the process as long as they were okay.

It was probably the same everywhere.

But seeing people unsatisfied with what they had and stepping on others to get more was an unpleasant sight.

That made Hyun-Soo look towards the top of the world.

There were other reasons, but that was one of the reasons.

‘And this plan will help me reach that goal.’

Out of all the hunters, there were only a few high-ranked hunters.

Most were low-ranked hunters.

Low-ranked hunters usually make a big deal before entering a portal.

Was there really a need to give them potions?

‘I’m not working for charity.’

It was like planting seeds into a field.

It was hard to say which of those seeds will grow, but among the few that does grow a lot, they’ll provide a nice shade for Hyun-Soo.

‘Many a little, makes a mickle.’

He was forced to include the low-ranked hunters.

It was also because he was reminded of the time he was a low-ranked hunter.

He wasn’t like Kim Yoo-Na who was a leader of a large group, but he wanted to assist the low-ranked hunters a bit.

There was a reason why having a lot of people was beneficial.

The more people a group has, the more power they have.

If Hyun-Soo’s potion helped them, then that optimistic mindset will help them someday.

It didn’t matter if they had limited strategies against the high-ranked hunters.

But it was better to kill two birds with one stone.

“If things work out according to your plan, then the potions will aid them. When a hunter grows, the chance of them changing increases as well. It’ll increase the hunters’ overall level.”

“Yeah. I’m not sure how much it’ll affect them, but it’s better than nothing.”

If a hunter’s level increases even just a little bit, it’ll make the hunt a lot easier.

Then they’ll be able to earn more experience.

Like Kim Yoo-Na mentioned, it can increase a hunter’s overall level.

‘But this is just an extremely optimistic assumption, of course.’

Wouldn’t it be nice if things went the way he wanted?

Problems and changes that Hyun-Soo never expected could occur.

Kim Yoo-Na also knew.

But despite of Hyun-Soo’s decision, she displayed a happy, beautiful smile.

“I’ll fully support your decision. Profit is important, but that doesn’t mean profit makes up for everything.”

“Well, I don’t think we have to worry about profit since we have the low-ranked hunters. We can get profit elsewhere. How’s that tangerine?”

“This tangerine?”

She looked down at the tangerine that was in her hand.

“It’s a bit different from the food you made before. The hunters’ reacted really well while eating the food.”

“It was good, right?”

“Yeah. I have never eaten a tangerine as sweet as this one.”

She ate a variety of fruits other than the tangerine and among them, she’s never eaten a tangerine that was this sweet and had this much sugar.

“Can you check your energy?”

“Excuse me? The energy in my body? Why should…!”

After Hyun-Soo asked, Kim Yoo-Na started concentrating and stopped talking.

She then opened her eyes.

She couldn’t talk because she was so surprised and just blinked while looking at Hyun-Soo.

‘It’s obvious she’s reacting that way since the tangerine was filled with energy.’

Hyun-Soo didn’t say anything and just thought Kim Yoo-Na looked cute.

‘Let’s see.’

He activated Interface and saw that her total energy increased.

It was a small percentage, but she was lucky.

‘Things will work out easier than I thought.’

“Hyun-Soo? How did…this happen?”

Energy moved inside her body and she was able to feel a larger amount of energy moving within her.

It was a small amount, but as she carefully checked herself, she was able to notice the small change within her.

She was able to easily find out the reason.

The tangerine in her hand.

It was so sweet that she couldn’t stop herself from putting the whole thing in her mouth. It was the same tangerine that Hyun-Soo gave her.

Full of surprises.

That’s what Kim Yoo-Na thought every time she saw Hyun-Soo.

Hyun-Soo always thought ahead of Kim Yoo-Na.

When she believed that she figured something out, he offered something more and surprised her.

‘Was that why?’

It felt like whenever they got close, they grow apart and when she gets the courage to take a step forward, he becomes far away.

Shake, shake.

Kim Yoo-Na shook her head and threw away her thoughts.

Now wasn’t the time to think about things like that.

“What do you think?”

He already knew the answer, but still wanted to ask.

“There will…definitely be a war.”

Hyun-Soo’s potion alone was enough to create chaos.

But a potion that will increase the energy’s max limit?

Any hunter that desired power would want it.

A potion that increases one’s stats or recovers one’s stamina couldn’t be bought.

But there’s a potion that increases the energy’s max limit?

Hunters that aren’t able to overcome the S rank wall will desperately want it.

Those that are thirsty will do whatever they can to quench that thirst.

Even if it meant that they had to cut their skin open and drink the blood.

Hyun-Soo noticed her worried expression.

‘……I’m a pretty lucky guy.’

Hyun-Soo already knew how people were going to react once they release this.

He expected bad reactions as well.

There was going to be a lot of people that wanted it.

Kim Yoo-Na was a hunter too.

It’s possible that she would want one too.

She could’ve asked what Hyun-Soo did to the tangerine.

But her face wasn’t filled with greed, desire or curiosity. She was just worried about Hyun-Soo.


<Bait & Hook #3> End.

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