The Skill Maker – Chapter 114

<Power Expansion Preparation #2>


Excluding Hyun-Soo, everyone was in the same situation, so they promised to keep quiet about this.

“We need make sure Team Xeon keeps their mouths shut too!”

One person urged that they get rid of the evidence.


Team Xeon was busy vomiting, so they didn’t really have to worry.

However, the more important members of the guild looked at Hyun-Soo oddly.

Hyun-Soo felt their stares and put on a big smile while looking back at them.

There was no reason to avoid them.

He actually wanted them to see, judge and think about it.

The floor that shined brightly was actually the first floor.

“Is it because it’s a colorful portal? Nothing is easy.”

No one had any idea as to what kind of space they were in.

Once they realized that they landed on the first floor without dying, they released a sigh of relief.

If something went wrong, the first floor would’ve be covered in blood.

The hunters that come in after won’t have any idea as to what happened and how they ended up dying this way.

“Tsk, tsk. How much longer are you guys going to keep vomiting?”

“Should we dismember while waiting?”


They were supposed to dismember the monster with Team Xeon.

Kim Yoo-Na’s clan did all the hunting and the only thing Team Xeon did was get in the way.

But, they did participate so that they could guide Team Xeon during the hunt.

That’s why it’s better for both sides to observe and see how the situation works out.



Brad looked over at Team Xeon and then shook his head.

A few talented members of Xeon noticed and approached the group.

Leon was in that group.

“The outside looks fine, but it looks like the internal organs have been damaged.”

“It seems like the internal organs were the monster’s weakness.”

“Despite of that, the monster hasn’t been affected that much. We should try running a simulation.”

The members were contemplating on whether to dismember the body, but decided not to and took the whole body.

Dismembering the monster would make it easier to move, but it was a waste.

There wasn’t a monster in the first colorful portal, and Karazhan, who was in the second portal, was destroyed..

That’s why, even though the internal organs have been damaged, the Puppeteer’s body was in pretty good condition.

“Then, I guess we’ll just take it as is.”

They also decided not to dismember it for research purposes.

The second corpse of a monster they obtained from a colorful portal.

It’ll be a valuable sample.

Team Xeon quietly approached, but didn’t say anything.

They didn’t do anything to earn it.

They finished negotiating in the beginning anyways.

‘They were right when they said that Team Xeon was going to act like that.’

All the members knew that Team Xeon purposely showed respect towards Kim Yoo-Na.

However, just after two meetings, the way the members and Leon acted made them look suspicious.

‘But this hunt confirmed it.’

That Team Xeon was now under Kim Yoo-Na’s clan.

They were famous within the hunter world, but now, they were starting to become well-known in society.

And now, they could be considered as specialists.

But, they still needed more time in order for others to acknowledge them as being the best.

Leon, the leader of the clan, stooped down to get here.

‘I can’t tell if he’s smart or if he’s just skilled at getting things he wants. Oh, he could be quick-witted.’

Kim Yoo-Na’s clan was big.

The clan will only get bigger and that meant that the clan will receive a lot of attention.

Hyun-Soo didn’t have Ariel’s ability, but that’s what his gut told him.

So, he understood why Xeon was acting that way.

They observe the clans to see which one is growing and becoming the best and stick with the clan that has a better chance.

The clan was well-known all over the world and the reason why they begged her to take them in is because…

‘They’re trying to survive by using Kim Yoo-Na.’

Their plan was obvious.

The powerful clans were wiped out because of the colorful portal.

Will the popular guilds and groups be able to maintain their fame?

Hyun-Soo’s answer was no.

‘It would make sense if it was impossible for everyone, but we already cleared three portals.’

The more a person succeeds, the more the others are affected by it.

‘Because of that, we have more people keeping us in check.’

Something big was going to happen soon.

And Xeon teamed up with Kim Yoo-Na’s clan.

It was a change they needed to make in order to survive.

This can be considered as the clan’s first alliance.

Kim Yoo-Na must’ve felt that she needed them, so that’s why she accepted.

She could’ve come to the realization about the necessity and importance of power.

‘Well…okay, fine. Everything is fine, but why do I feel like something is off? I’m getting a feeling that that’s not the only thing they’re after.’

Ismael and David must’ve also felt the same, because they quietly approached him.

They stood next to Hyun-Soo.

They whispered as if they were discreetly making a drug deal.

“Hey, rookie. We shouldn’t just stand around like this.”

“You’re right. We shouldn’t just stand still like this. We have to be cautious!”

“……What are you saying?”

“Can’t you tell? It’s time for your second hunt to begin.”

“Huh? But it’s already been cl…”

“No, no. Why are you so dense? I’m talking about over there.”

Hyun-Soo looked where Ismael’s finger was pointing at.

It was Kim Yoo-Na and Leon.

“Hey, rookie. Can you see?”

“If you’re talking about Yoo-Na, I can see her.”

“Do you see the sardine next to her?”


“Yeah, he smells fishy.”

He didn’t even know what a sardine looked like.

They usually say ridiculous things like this, so Hyun-Soo didn’t really say much.

But, it was odd that he couldn’t stop looking at Kim Yoo-Na.

“You see, a long time ago…that guy acted out of place and…”

“Doesn’t he look unpleasant? But that guy…!”

It was obvious as to why they were telling Hyun-Soo this.

They were using metaphors to reveal something to Hyun-Soo.

They were telling him to catch onto what they were talking about.

‘I’m sure they’ll complain if I don’t ask…’

Even the middle-aged housewives wouldn’t be as annoying as them.

Hyun-Soo asked to keep them quiet.

“What happened between them?”

David and Ismael replied right away.

“I heard that when Yoo-Na was an active hunter, that fishy guy asked her out on a date.”

“Really? I heard that it was just a crush. But he was so obvious about it that everyone knew.”

And their faces were telling Hyun-Soo to ask them more.

Hyun-Soo felt overwhelmed, so he asked.

“A-and then?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Yoo-Na rejected him. Our Yoo-Na is pretty prideful. She said she didn’t want to and that now wasn’t a good time, so she coldly rejected him.”

“The people watching were embarrassed for him because she was so cold.”

“But that’s when the problem started.”


“That sardine had a grudge against her, so he created a guild.”

“……Excuse me?”

Anyone was able to create a guild, right?

Of course they needed power, wealth and supporting members in order to get approval.

“Wait. Just wait. Don’t you think that’s just an assumption? It could seem that way because of the timing.”

Creating a guild because he got rejected once by a girl?

That just seems overdramatic.

He asked because it sounded absurd, but their replies were ridiculous.

“No way. He’s so petty, that he put others in the same situation. That was when the clan was established!”

“And do you know what he said after he created the guild before us?”


“To join his guild!”

They both said the last part at the same time.

If what they said was true, then it was understandable as to why they didn’t like him and his clan.

“He joined another large group because Yoo-Na rejected. And they were able to grow because of that. Since Yoo-Na wanted a small group, our level of awareness was…just a little!…behind theirs. But we were more talented than them!”

“Oh, I see…….”

“But that same guy came back and is acting like nothing happened between them.”

David placed his hand on Hyun-Soo’s shoulder.

“What do you think?”

“……About what?”

He did have an assumption.

That they were bitter towards the leader of Team Xeon.

“That…he’s a bad guy?”

According to the members, he was a bad guy.

He was more petty than bad.

He left because he couldn’t be in the same room with the girl that rejected him, but he came back, so that would make him petty.

‘Only if what they said were true.’

Like any members of a clan, they leaned more towards Kim Yoo-Na.

So he couldn’t exclude the fact that they had biased opinions.

Even though Hyun-Soo felt that something was off with Leon.

“Yeah, he’s a bad guy. That’s why, it’s time for you to go in, rookie.”

“So go over there and destroy that petty sardine.”

“……Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Can’t you tell? That guy is using the alliance as an excuse and is trying to make his move on Yoo-Na!”

Hyun-Soo glanced over at Kim Yoo-Na and Leon.

They were talking, but it didn’t seem like they were talking about the things that David and Ismael were worried about.

“I don’t think……?”

“Oh, jeez. You’re so dense. Just go. Bring her here. That’s your mission.”

Hyun-Soo thought it was absurd how they spoke to him as if they were giving him orders.

“Then why did you tell Kim Yoo-Na not to agree on the alliance?”

It was obvious that they didn’t like Leon.

Despite of that, they accepted the offer, but it seemed like they left their personal thoughts out of it….

“Heh heh…honestly, we agreed because we want to see him struggle.”

……Or not.

Anyways, Hyun-Soo approached Kim Yoo-Na because the two pushed him.

“Oh, Hyun-Soo.”

Kim Yoo-Na greeted when she noticed Hyun-Soo approaching her.


<Power Expansion Preparation #2> End.

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