The Skill Maker – Chapter 113

<Power Expansion Preparations #1>


What would happen if the Puppeteer controlled them?

Then they would become the enemy.

“You guys are no help, so stay behind!”

The members became really annoyed because the members of Team Xeon only got in the way.

A member angrily asked why they had to babysit when it was hard enough going up against a monster they’ve seen for the first time.

Marcus was the one that said it.

His pride was just as high as the level of his skill.

He was one of the members that didn’t really like the collaboration.

He did acknowledge the need for it, so he followed Kim Yoo-Na, but once he realized how unhelpful they were, he released his anger.

‘Weakness…where’s the weakness…’

Hyun-Soo quickly moved his eyes to find the Puppeteer’s weakness.

But he couldn’t find the white dot anywhere.

‘Damn it, I need to make the monster move somehow…’

The Puppeteer stayed in one place as if it was glued to that spot.

‘What to do?’

Hyun-Soo quickly tried to think of something.

The more time passes, the more they’re at a disadvantage.

On top of that, they had to babysit.

And then.

Kim Yoo-Na gave her orders.

“Long distance attackers, focus on the monster. You don’t have to divert its attention. The close-range attackers will deal with the wooden models. If possible, use your strongest skill and attack quickly.”

No one knew when they would become a puppet.

On top of that, if they don’t cut the thread on the models, more will appear.

Because of that, the long distance attackers couldn’t really do much.

Everyone knew they wouldn’t benefit anything from dragging the hunt too long.

Kim Yoo-Na was gambling.

But the members pushed aside their doubts and followed her instructions.

While the models were attacking the close-range attackers…



Variety of skills were used on the Puppeteer.



The wooden models were taken somewhere.

It was near the Puppeteer’s body.

The wooden models were taking the hit for the Puppeteer.

‘I think we can ignore everything else and attack just the Puppeteer.’

That thought suddenly popped into Hyun-Soo’s head.

Everyone must’ve thought the same thing because they were preparing to use their skills again.

But that thought was soon destroyed.



After the Puppeteer endured the attacks, it screamed as its eyes turned red.

And at the same time, the floor started breaking.


The hunters started losing their balance because of the floor.

Darkness was below the floor.

They remembered walking up to the seventh floor, but they disappeared.

‘Damn it!’

The worn out wooden floor wasn’t stable.

Who knew things would turn out like this?!

Hyun-Soo quickly looked towards the Puppeteer.

The human spider had a big smile.

The monster was having fun watching the hunters fall into the deep hole.

The floor where the Puppeteer was standing was fine.

Hyun-Soo noticed it.

‘That damn bug!’

He started attacking without knowing.

He threw several large hooks towards the monster and as wrapped around them and landed on the floor, Hyun-Soo was able to pull the monster down.


The Puppeteer’s heavy body fell, but it started spinning in midair.

It was trying to support its body by using the silver threads.

Every time that happened, Hyun-Soo used his skills to try to pull the monster down.


Since it failed so many times, the Puppeteer glared at Hyun-Soo.

The monster knew.

It would be dragged down as well if Hyun-Soo wasn’t killed.

Even though each floor was pretty high, falling from the seventh to the first floor didn’t take that long.

For some reason, it seemed like they would end up falling deeper into the darkness.

But no matter how deep it is, they’ll end up landing on the ground.

If they fall from here, they’ll end up…

That thought made Hyun-Soo impatient.


Hyun-Soo thought making the monster move was the right thing to do.

There was a white light on the tail that was creating the thread.

He had to attack that.

But the Puppeteer was trying its best to hide it.

‘Damn it!’

Hyun-Soo looked at the members that were falling.

Since there weren’t any walls, they couldn’t pierce the wall with their weapons and endure it.

He didn’t have time to just stand there.

Hyun-Soo’s vision started slowing down.

The Puppeteer’s mouth was moving in slow motion as it screamed.

He condensed his skill and started walking.

Hyun-Soo gained momentum and he was able to get on the Puppeteer’s body.


The Puppeteer violently moved its body to make Hyun-Soo fall.

The monster’s slender legs started attacking Hyun-Soo’s back, but Hyun-Soo had Lahatlan’s protection.



The white dot was his target.

It was the Puppeteer’s weakness.

Hyun-Soo’s fist landed on the monster’s slim legs and broke them.




Everytime Hyun-Soo’s fist landed on the monster’s legs, it screamed.

The fear of death usually reveals a person’s limitations.

Hyun-Soo was using one skill after another and things were still moving slow for him.

There were more screams and as Hyun-Soo was attacking the monster’s weakness, fluids and body remains were flying all over the place.


Hyun-Soo pulled out whatever was in his hand.

A weird, green-colored thing was in his hand.

The monster’s body started twitching.

Hyun-Soo poured out his skill inside the monster’s body.

His fist was enveloped with Blade Fist.

He created a rod with Invisible Attack and pierced the monster’s body.

Kya…… Kyahhh…….

The Puppeteer’s body trembled intermittently and then completely stopped moving.

The monster’s thin legs stopped moving as well.

Hyun-Soo looked at his hand with a blank expression.

An odd-colored fluid covered his hand.

It’s because the Puppeteer’s organs smeared on his hand.

‘What is this? Why is my hand……?’

Hyun-Soo looked around after looking at his hand with a blank expression.

People were falling.

Within the darkness underneath the ground, a light appeared.

‘People……fall , light…….’

One thought popped into his head after analyzing his surrounding.


That one word helped him come back to his senses.

He forgot about what was happening because it was so chaotic, but he quickly came back to his senses.

A light within this darkness?

There was a good chance that they were done with this area.

If they don’t do something quickly, they’ll be dead meat.

‘Damn it, damn it!’

That’s probably the reason why two high-ranking guilds started falling apart.

Ordinary groups would’ve died even before coming here.

Hyun-Soo already counted three areas.

And this was the last area where they could all die.

If there was water underneath here, that would be the best situation.

But life wasn’t that easy.

‘Damn it!’

Hyun-Soo cursed so many times already.

He was running out of time and being impatient only made him blank out.

Riri’s wings.

He could create a skill that gave him the ability to fly.

But he didn’t have time like he did back at the cavern.

And there were over 20 people.

Everyone would die even before Hyun-Soo finished transferring the skill to everyone.



Hyun-Soo felt wind blowing against his cheeks.

Hunters that controlled the wind element started throwing their attacks towards the floor.

They were trying to prevent the floor from falling apart even more.

‘Right, cushion!’

The thought suddenly popped into his head.

Hyun-Soo quickly took action.

He didn’t have time to be picky.

The floor was still falling apart.

‘Invisible Attack, maximum output! And mix it wind the wind!’

Even though the skill wasn’t his, Hyun-Soo knew how to control the wind.

He studied the skill while helping David with his skill.

Hyun-Soo added the wind element to his Invisible Attack.

And he made it as big as possible.

Even though it took up most of his energy and his eyes became blurry, surviving this moment was the most important.

He added as much wind as he could.

A large wind balloon was created where the light was.

Will it work?


The floor was disappearing by the minute.

Hyun-Soo believed in his skill.




The sound of people throwing up filled the room.

“Jeez. Tsk, tsk, tsk…….”

“You guys are weak…….”

The members were all fine. It was the members of Team Xeon that were throwing up in the corner of the room.

Katrina, however, looked a bit exhausted.

Of course the members weren’t completely fine at first.

Hyun-Soo chuckled when they acted like they were fine after they regained consciousness.

Even though the members of Team Xeon were vomiting their guts out, all of them were in one piece.

Hyun-Soo’s gamble worked really well.

‘It was scary.’

Hyun-Soo closed his eyes as he recalled the last moment.

He did create a large wind balloon.

‘……I didn’t know it was going to be invisible.’

The others must’ve not been able to see it, because they were shocked.

Right when they landed on the ground.

The hunters jumped as if they bounced off a trampoline and after they realized what happened, they had a hard time standing up.

It’s because they were still shaken up.

After looking around, they couldn’t believe what happened, so they checked their bodies.

Their hands were shaking as they were checking.

“Am I seeing things because I’m dead? Did my mind put a filter because the sight was so gruesome?”

“I can’t believe I died with these guys and not with my diva. How depressing.”

“Hey, I guess there’s not much going on in heaven. Is it because the angels haven’t come down to pick us up?”

The members made weird comments with a straight face.

They were all under the assumption that they were dead, so even Hyun-Soo asked himself whether he died too.

“I don’t believe in the afterlife.”

Brad spoke as he slightly raised his hand.

Katrina started crying.

She cried about how there were a lot of places she wanted to go and was sad that she couldn’t anymore.

“I, sniffle, haven’t, sniffle, been, sniffle, to, sniffle, Disneyland, sniffle, yet. I wanted to go…!”

“Hey, you’re a ghost now so you can fly there. I’m sure you don’t have to wait in line. Because you’re dead.”


“David, you call that comforting?”

In Hyun-Soo’s eyes, there was something wrong with all of them.

And then.

“Excuse me. We’re still alive.”

Everyone looked confused.

Their faces said, “We fell from way up there, so how are we still alive?”

“It’s true. I used a skill that decreased the amount of damage and absorbed the impact…”

“Stop lying.”

“Rookie, we’re all going to heaven, so you need to give up that false hope.”

“It’s true”

“Oh yeah? If it’s true, then we should bleed.”

The hunter that said that used his weapon and cut his arm.


And of course, blood shot out of it.

“What the hell?!”

The healer was shocked and they immediately cured the cut, but the members still looked pretty shocked.

After that, everyone ran to Hyun-Soo and hugged him to express their appreciation.

They must’ve been really embarrassed because they acted like they were dead when they were actually alive.


< Power Expansion Preparations #1> End.

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