The Skill Maker – Chapter 111

<Riri’s Skill #2>


The leader was one of the few skilled hunter in the guild.

‘Isn’t it the guild leader’s job to help the members increase their experience?’.

It can be pretty dangerous if the guild only focuses on a few of the members.

What if something happens to that hunter during the hunt?

If a majority of the hunters were just supporting, can that really be considered as hunting?

Guild leaders should be like Kim Yoo-Na and consider each of the members’ skills important.

And that’s what the leader of Team Xeon lacked.

Hyun-Soo considered that to be the reason why he didn’t like their leader so much.

“He’s here again…tsk, tsk. He just doesn’t know when to quit.”

“He should choose his opponent carefully. Yoo-Na isn’t even talking to him, but he’s acting all friendly.”

“What’s with that attitude? They’re the ones getting our help, but they’re acting as if we’re hunting together.”

The big hunters gathered together and quietly complained.

It was like seeing those middle-aged women in the markets.

‘I didn’t think I would experience the traditional Korean market atmosphere in the US…’  

Katrina, who didn’t know anything about the conversation they were having, intercepted.

“What? Isn’t he supposed to talk to Yoo-Na since he’s the leader?”

“Hey. Kids don’t need to get involved. Shh. Go away.”

“Who are you calling a kid? I’m old enough!”

“How tall are you?”

“…You’re mean. I’m not talking to you. I’m leaving.”

Katrina was simply asking why it was odd for two leaders to talk to each other, but the members just ignored her.

When Katrina got attacked because of her height, she pouted and ran to Eugene.

The members didn’t really have any issues hunting a colorful portal.

The hunt itself involved a lot of social and political reasoning.

However, since they were only human, it was difficult for them to treat the other guild nicely.

“Hey, rookie. As the Super Rookie, hurry up and go save the princess.”


“Yeah, the Snow White over there.”

Their finger was pointing at Kim Yoo-Na.


Kim Yoo-Na really was like Snow White.

She had black hair with fair skin. And she was beautiful too.

If Snow White lived in the present, she probably would’ve looked like Kim Yoo-Na.


‘Snow White that kills a monster with her bare hands…’

It didn’t match at all.

“Oh, they’re finally calling us. It’s time, my friends. Let us defeat that villain.”

After the leaders talked briefly, it was time to check the number of participants and their conditions.

The members stood up as if they were preparing for war.

They definitely weren’t nervous at all.

Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure if it was because they were confident in their skills or if there was something else.

‘…Now that I think about it, there is something.’

Hyun-Soo recalled Riri, who was rolled up in his pocket.

The members promised to take Riri on this hunt and Hyun-Soo saw their determination.

The members dragged Hyun-Soo to the portal to test it out.

Thankfully, Riri was able to enter the portal, so a lot of the members felt relieved.

However, Riri couldn’t consume as well as they had expected.

Because of that, most of Hyun-Soo’s time was spent on going to other portals because the members forced him.

‘I was able to obtain ingredients for the potion thanks to that, but.’

He was pretty tired.

It was a green portal, so the hunt wasn’t difficult.

Hyun-Soo was mentally tired.

“Why are you only staying with the rookie?! I’m the one that explained it, Riri!”

“Sigh. It would be nice if Riri cutely asked me for compliments…”

“I have hands…shoulders…and a head too…”

“Hey. You’ll die if you don’t have ahead.”

Whenever Riri learned something new, she would fly to Hyun-Soo and ask for compliments.

Riri was like a puppy.

The way Riri asked for compliments was extremely cute and lovable.

The problem as that she only asked Hyun-Soo.

‘Man, I’m tired.’

Hyun-Soo felt tired when these grown men were expressing their jealousy towards him.

It happened every time during Riri’s training.

The members in the clan were now saying how they wanted a daughter like Riri.

But the members that said it weren’t married.


Hyun-Soo lightly tapped his pocket.


Riri looked outside the pocket when she felt Hyun-Soo’s tap.

Riri tilted her head once and flew around Hyun-Soo after spreading out her wings.

Since both groups were near Kim Yoo-Na, the members of Xeon saw her too.

“Gasp! What is that?”

“Fairy? Is it a fairy?”

“Why is a fairy over there?”

The members of Xeon must’ve been surprised because they were talking about Riri.

Thanks to that, the members’ pride shot up.

They all had a satisfied expression and it was as if Riri was their own daughter.

Look at my big and awesome…no, small and cute Riri!

Be jealous!

Even though they didn’t say it, it was obvious as to what they were thinking.

‘We definitely got their attention.’

It seemed like it happened all of a sudden, but this was actually part of their plan.

The purpose of this hunt was to show Xeon that they were on a different class than them.

That’s why, the more they were surprised and shocked, the better it was for them.


Riri flew higher and after spinning around once, she sat on Hyun-Soo’s shoulder.

A lot of eyes followed Rir’s movement.

Leon, the leader of the Team Xeon, followed as well.

The way Leon looked at Hyun-Soo was different from when he was talking to Kim Yoo-Na.


When Hyun-Soo felt Leon’s eyes on him, a smirk appeared on his face.

He didn’t do it on purpose, but a frown appeared on Leon’s face when he saw it.

“Yoo-Na, what is that?”

“It’s a monster that a member is raising.”

When Kim Yoo-Na replied, the members of Xeon started talking amongst themselves.

“It’s a monster? Then, isn’t it dangerous?”

“She told you that I’m raising the monster. She’s not dangerous. At least not to her allies.”

When Leon asked, Hyun-Soo stepped forward and answered for Kim Yoo-Na.

Leon still had a frown on his face.

“I asked Yoo-Na.”

“Oh, really? You kept on looking at me, so I thought you were talking to me.”

Hyun-Soo shrugged and then took a step back.

Leon was still looking at Hyun-Soo, but Hyun-Soo didn’t care and let Riri fly again.

Riri understood what Hyun-Soo wanted, so she spun around Team Xeon.

Tap, tap!


Someone hit his back while he was watching Riri fly around Team Xeon.

He slightly turned his head and saw that it was the members.

He followed their eyes and looked down and noticed that all of them had their thumbs up.

Thumbs up.

It seemed like they were complimenting him, but he didn’t know why.

‘…It’s difficult to understand them sometimes.’

A war of nerves took place during the last minute check-up and that war ended when they announced that they would be moving on soon.

Riri returned to Hyun-Soo’s shoulder and then flapped her wings.

And then.

“We’re here.”

The third colorful portal appeared before them.


The creaking wooden floors created an unpleasant sound.

When they entered the portal, they ended up inside a wooden building.

At first, they didn’t know they were inside a building.

There were a few things they noticed, but overall, they couldn’t really see much.

“Maybe it’s because it’s a colorful portal, but it feels like they haven’t finished building this place.”

There was a floor and ceiling, but no walls.

And there were stairs, but there wasn’t anything to support those stairs.

The stairs were just floating in the air.

Would it break if someone walked on it?

“We need to go up there. According to the report, there shouldn’t be any problem going up a level. But still, don’t let your guard down.”

Everyone knew about that.

The team explored the first floor and after going up to the second floor, they discovered a set of stairs that led to the third floor and then returned.

‘They should do better than that.’

Hyun-Soo couldn’t help but feel that way, but he decided to try to understand them.

Since there were a lot of limits, there was definitely going to be flaws in the report.

They enter the portal without any information and on top of that, they don’t make any plans prior to entering.

They usually look around and create a general report, so of course the report would be lacking a lot of information.

The first floor was worn out, but the second floor was worse.

After walking up the old, shabby stairs, it revealed a sight that was worse than the first floor.

Weird wooden models were lying in different areas.

It seemed like someone was creating a wooden doll, but messed up while making it.

They were falling apart and looking at them didn’t make them feel very good.


Riri flapped her wings and appeared in front of Hyun-Soo.

“Can you check the floor above? If it’s dangerous, come right back.”


Riri followed the stairs and flew up to the third floor.

When Hyun-Soo slightly turned his head back, he saw that Leon had a shocked look on his face.

‘Yeah, I’m sure you guys will never experience this again. Take a good look and make sure to tell your friends.’

Riri returned moments later.

Riri started explaining about the situation on the third floor.


The problem was that he couldn’t understand.


Even though he couldn’t understand, he was able to make an assumption based on her body language and the way she flapped her wings.

‘I guess there aren’t any issues or monsters, so it’s probably not dangerous.’


“Oh, right. So you’re saying that it’s not that dangerous, right?”

Riri nodded her head.

“Let’s head upstairs. She said it’s not dangerous. But, we should still be cautious.”

After Hyun-Soo translated Riri’s movements, Kim Yoo-Na, who was watching her surroundings, nodded her head.

And then she ordered the group to move.

“Wow…I guess it’s possible to use it that way.”

Leon admired Riri because she was better than any other exploration devices.


Riri flew in a circle as if to show off.

It was like she was saying, “I did well, right?”

The way she acted was cute and praiseworthy, and it made Hyun-Soo smile.

“There aren’t any traps.”

“There’s nothing hidden here either.”

The third and second floor were pretty much the same.

Just a shabby floor, ceiling and stairs.

Riri took the lead this time too.

They were only given information about the first and second floor.

That’s why they had to be extra cautious.


Riri used her body and wings again.

That happened several more times.

It’s because every time they walked up, the same style floor appeared before them.

Every time that happened, they became even more envious of Riri.


<Riri’s Skill #2> End.

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