The Skill Maker – Chapter 110

<Riri’s Skill #1>


This clan cleared two colorful portals.

But there was no guarantee that he’ll be able to cover 100% of the situation.

But Hyun-Soo took pride in the fact that he’ll be able to back them up.

‘And it’s not like I’m by myself either.’

Even amongst the A Rank hunters, they were on different levels.

Even if they wielded the same weapon, there could be a huge difference in power and performance based on who’s using it.

Because of that, Hyun-Soo was able to trust the members since they were that talented.

They were able to adapt during battle and had the ability to obtain information at a fast rate.

They were also swift.

On top of that, the experience they built up until now was different from ordinary hunters.

If they’re given the chance to analyze the opponent’s patterns, they’re able to adapt to it right away.

‘I guess it’s safe to say that I’m destined to be here.’

Hyun-Soo and the clan were all in the same boat.

Hyun-Soo decided to help the clan rise to the top.

“I think we should think about the colorful portal a bit more…”

“Danger comes with the territory when you’re the first.”

“You’re right. They said they had a lot of information this time, right?”

“Yeah. So, isn’t that a good enough reason for us to go for it?”

Hyun-Soo noticed that Kim Yoo-Na used the word, cooperate.

He assumed that’s what they were talking about while he was thinking about something else.

‘Cooperate…? Does that mean joining with another guild? Since they mentioned information, is like exchanging data? Anyways, we’re in a better situation.’

Hyun-Soo slowly started understanding the conversation they had.

“You’re right. It sounds like a pretty good condition.”

“Hm? Rookie, what do you think?”

David, who was talking with the other members, happily asked Hyun-Soo.

“Yeah, I think the condition is pretty good. I also like the fact that we have fans.”

“Huh? Fans?”

“Don’t you like it? They watch us live when we go hunt a colorful portal and after we clear it, they spread that news to other people. Just clearing it is pretty amazing, but it’s not enough to shut those that talk badly about us.”

It meant that the fans helped the clan fill that gap so that it impacts them.

Hyun-Soo was purposely aiming for rumors.

“Oh…….that’s pretty…….”


The members that heard Hyun-Soo all looked as if they realized something.

They felt a bit embarrassed by the fact that they weren’t able to think that far ahead.

But their eyes sparkled once they acknowledged it in their heads.

“Do you happen to be interested in politics?”

“What? No.”

“I think you’ll do great if you went into that field.”

“……I’ll take that as a compliment?”

Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure if it was a compliment or not, so he didn’t think too much into it.

Hyun-Soo’s comment was the trigger that made the members agree to the plan.

Some of the crews were worried about how well the cooperation will work out, if they won’t lose their power and what they should do about the reports after they’re done with the hunt.

But after hearing what Hyun-Soo said, they reacted the same way as David and looked at Hyun-Soo.

‘Changing one’s perspective is always needed.’

Revealing it can become one’s strength instead of hiding it.

And through that, the clan can create a big difference so that the enemy can’t even touch them.

That could possibly help Kim Yoo-Na’s revenge go in the right direction.

There wasn’t much of a reason as to why he called the clans’ enemy fans.

‘There’s no way they’re ordinary people.’

Consulting was something that Hyun-Soo had thrown away a long time ago.

If they visited to get consultation, then there’s no way they would be able to clear the colorful portal at their level.

On top of that, he wasn’t confident enough to do it.

Those guilds were going to eventually fail anyways.

Hyun-Soo knew the other guilds would get hurt by his thoughts, but he didn’t really care.

“Okay. Then everyone agrees, right?”

Kim Yoo-Na gave the members a moment to decide and when it looked like everyone made their decision, she asked.

Of course everyone agreed.

Once it’s been decided, things moved along pretty quickly.

The time and place, the guilds they were going to work with, the reports, etc.

Kim Yoo-Na asked one last time after providing all the important information.

“Any questions or concerns? Please share your thoughts.”

Hyun-Soo decided to ask before they dispersed.

“Yes, Hyun-Soo?”

He raised his hand.

“Can Riri participate too?”



The fairy that became the clan’s mascot.

No, it was a monster to be exact.

‘I think everyone forgot about that fact though.’

But Riri had a cute face, acted cutely and had a cute cry that the members couldn’t resist.

In many ways, it did seem like the members forgot that Riri was a monster.

When Hyun-Soo asked if Riri could participate.

The members reacted enthusiastically.

Riri’s cuteness wasn’t the only reason. They were interested because it was related to the hunt.

Anyways, it was decided at the meeting that Riri could come along.

“Hey, hey, hey, look at this cutie. Riri is eating a strawberry.”


Riri was eating a strawberry that was half the size of its body and the members were all watching.

Everyone came to the cafeteria to eat, but they were busy watching Riri.

‘Riri is cute…but is it that cute?’

Hyun-Soo had eyes and ears, so he did think that Riri was cute.

But when sees the members and his sister’s reaction, he gets surprised by how enthusiastically they’re reacting to Riri.

On top of that, Kim Yoo-Na acts nervously as her cheeks turn red.

“Riri should be able to enter without any issues, right?”

“Should we check real quick by going into a green or gray portal?”

The biggest concern that the members had wasn’t whether they could clear the colorful portal or if they’ll be able to get along with the guild.

“It’ll be a big problem if Riri can’t enter.”

It was about whether Riri could enter the portal or not.

Can a monster enter a portal where another monster already exists?

No one was able to answer that.

There has been cases where more than one monsters existed within one portal, but Hyun-Soo never heard of monsters exiting one portal and entering another where a monster already exists.

“A lot of crazy things happen in the world, so we might learn something new.”

Ismael said it was too early to get frustrated about it and spoke in a serious manner.

“It’ll be a big problem if Riri can’t go in…Riri…”

They kept on saying Riri’s name as if they had a withdrawal symptom.

Up till now, Riri has never participated in a hunt with Hyun-Soo.

It’s only been a few months since Riri hatched, so Hyun-Soo felt uncomfortable about taking Riri to a dangerous place.

He wasn’t sure if the concept of a baby even existed in monsters.

And honestly…

‘It’s too hectic.’

Riri only followed Hyun-Soo.

So, Hyun-Soo had to take care of Riri and honestly, it was tiring and a lot of work.

When Hyuna heard that, she attacked him and complained about how ungrateful he was.

He didn’t really understand her complaint.

‘Well, I’m sure it’ll work out one way or another.’

That was Hyun-Soo’s honest thought.

But it was something he could just ignore.

Of course it would be an issue if Riri wasn’t able to enter, but if something were to happen because of it, that would be a problem.

It basically meant that Riri’s cuteness wasn’t the only reason for them wanting to take the monster into the portal.

Well…from the way they acted, it didn’t seem like that at all.

But, when it was necessary, they remained serious.

Riri consumed condensed energy.

This was the beginning of their plan.

It all started with someone’s comment.

“Riri is able to consume our skills, so wouldn’t it be awesome if it could consume a monster’s skill too?”

It was a simple thought, but it led to an amazing result.

It was Riri’s shield.

Even though Riri couldn’t be the shield, but if it were able to block a monster’s skill at least once, then it was worth trying.

Whether it will work or not will depend on the monster’s skill.

Anyways, it was a good idea.

In colorful portals, being cautious isn’t enough to clear.

So, blocking a monster’s attack can be considered a huge strength.

It meant that it gave them precious time to analyze the monster’s attack patterns.

Obviously, that one chance was more than enough for these skilled hunters to understand what they had to do.

Of course Riri still needed to be trained, but the possibility was endless.

Everyone was excited about training Riri.

So, Hyun-Soo understood why everyone was so worked up about it.

“Riri should be able to go in, right?”

“I’m sure Riri will be able to. If not, it’ll be a big problem.”

“Yeah, we should tell Yoo-Na and at least try going into a green portal.”


Riri tiled its head once it realized that everyone was looking at them.


The sound of people breathing in could be heard.

And then.

“Riri’s debut has to be grand.”

We need to let the world know about Riri’s cuteness and brag about the fact that we’re the only clan that has this cutie!

The members desperately wanted that and Hyun-Soo felt it from the way they sighed.

They were talking about coming up with a plan, but now, they were talking about a totally different topic.


Hyun-Soo believed that that was their true intention.


Team Xeon.

That was the name of the guild that bowed to Kim Yoo-Na.

When looking at the guild’s rank, they were easily within the top 20.


The members didn’t look too happy to see Team Xeon.

This was their third time seeing each other and it was the day of the hunt, but they didn’t seem too pleased.

If an outsider looked, they probably would’ve thought that the two groups met to fight.

There was a reason why the friendly members expressed their discomfort towards them.

“Same as always.”

It was their attitude.

Brad, who rarely said anything, expressed his opinion, and from that, Hyun-Soo knew they were a mess.

Their first meeting was really bad.

Since the colorful portal was known to be dangerous, the two groups agreed to meet before going in.

And below was the review that someone left after the meeting.

“It’s not like we’re desperate to enter the portal with them.”


Someone also commented that their cockiness shot through the roof.

The second meeting wasn’t any different, but it was somewhat better than the first.

And this was their third meeting.

‘Will it be okay to go in with them?’

Hyun-Soo was now questioning it.

Since they’re pretty well-known worldwide, there wasn’t a need to question their skills.

The guild revolved around a small number of hunters and the others were just ordinary members.

They were alright when looking at the average, but when looking at them individually, they weren’t anything special.

On top of that, there was one person that made everyone uncomfortable.

“Yoo-Na! Thank you for coming. Let’s do well on the hunt today.”

It was the guild leader and they approached Yoo-Na with a bright smile.


<Riri’s Skill #1> End.

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