The Skill Maker – Chapter 109

<Time to Hunt #3>


“It’s never too late for revenge.”

“I see…….”

Kim Yoo-Na smiled after hearing Hyun-Soo’s comment.

“You and I think alike. We can get revenge using the same method, but that’ll make us the same as them. We also need to grow our powers a bit more.”

She didn’t stop there.

“But, we shouldn’t just sit here and do nothing, right? They came all this way, so if we don’t do anything, they might look down on us.”

“Oh, I agree. It’ll be a disappointment if we don’t do anything. We should find other ways to pay them back. Violence isn’t always the answer.”

Their eyes met.

Even though they couldn’t pay them back the same way, there were other methods.

“Then, I should increase the number of hunts. And target the colorful portals.”

“That’s a good idea. Showing off our power…I’m sure they’ll get angry. I guess the training will become harder.”

“Do you have another idea, Hyun-Soo?”

An idea suddenly popped into his head and it caused him to smile.

“Yeah, if my assumptions are correct, then my idea will definitely hit them hard.”

A method that’ll keep them on edge.


“You’re here by yourself today?”

“Yes. I can’t ask her to come with me for my personal business.”

Hyun-Soo was now used to the black market and in the deepest part of the room, he greeted Herhim.

Like he stated, Kim Yoo-Na was really busy these days.

Her younger sister was getting better and she had been full of energy.

The conversation they had before could also be the reason.

‘I think she mentioned clearing a colorful portal so that it’ll annoy our enemy.’

She was working so hard that the other members that were inspired by her worked hard on their training even though it wasn’t their normal training time.

They used the reports that Hyun-Soo created and even did simulations to try and find ways to defeat the monster that was in the colorful portal.

There was a big difference between having experience and having no experience, so once the members understand and know what to do, they’ll adapt quickly to the colorful portal.

“Okay, so what brings you here?”

“It’s regarding the potion.”

“Oh, did you make more? A lot of people were asking for them, so I’ve been in a tight situation.”

Herhim laughed out loud after saying that he hasn’t been this busy in a while.

‘Of course. But, Mr. Herhim.”

“Hm? What is it?”

Herhim asked, but his expression was telling Hyun-Soo to give him the potion.

“I know you have full control over the sales of the potion, but I still wanted to ask. How much power do I have when it comes to sales?”

Like Hyun-Soo stated, he let Herhim take responsibility for selling the potion.

Since it was being sold through the black market, it was better to let Herhim take care of it.

But that didn’t mean that Hyun-Soo couldn’t be involved in it at all.

That’s why he asked.

About how much he can involve himself.

“Hm, well, depending on my reply, the potions that you have will either land on my hand or remain with you, right?”

“I don’t want to make that kind of deal with you, Mr. Herhim, but depending on the situation and time, it can change. Personally, I really hope that doesn’t happen.”

When Herhim asked if Hyun-Soo was threatening him, Hyun-Soo just displayed an ambiguous expression.

Mr. Herhim looked like a great person, but when his face turns serious, it felt like he was turning into the hunter he used to be.

When Herhim erased the smile on his face, it did seem like he would make his opponent’s knees weak.

But Hyun-Soo just stood there and looked at him with a smile.

Mentally, there was no reason for him to feel intimidated.

In case of an emergency, he did have a way to defend against a S Rank.

He no longer needed to think about his body whenever he faced a stronger opponent.

Herhim broke the silence first.

“You’re no fun, young man. It’s good manners to shudder in fear in this kind of situation.”

“Ha ha. Maybe I should’ve done that.”

“I made this place look like the black markets you see in old Hong Kong movies for a reason. You need to play hard to get once in a while in a place like this. Jeez, we’re just not in sync.”

“I’ll make sure to do that next time.”

“Forget it. I was just testing it out.”

Herhim expressed his disappointment.

“Right, so who should I exclude?”

“You are fast.”

“Yoo-Na asked someone to investigate. It’s pretty obvious if you look more deeply into it…”

“Then this conversation will be short since you already know. Please exclude everyone that’s involved with them.”



“You know that they’ll try to resist, right?”

“You’re picky about who you sell the potions to anyways.”

“You’re right about that. But, you know…you’re starting to act like Yoo-Na. I’ve been trying to remain mysterious, but you know so much about me.”

Ha ha. Hyun-Soo released an awkward laugh.

“I’m sure it’s burdening for you to permanently ban them, so five times. Please stop selling five times.”

“…I’m sure it’ll be agonizing.”

It was equivalent to going hunting five times.

One hunt can be important especially when the hunter and the opponent’s skill level are the same, but one side is able to somehow increase their power, even if it’s a little bit.

That small bit can stack up and eventually make a big difference.

The potion that Hyun-Soo was selling provided the user the power to overcome their limit.

With that, the user will be able to hunt a monster that’s one level higher.

“Yes and that’s why I’m asking you to put a purchase restriction.”

“But five times…you definitely have a cruel side.”

“It’s a tough world to live if you live nicely.”

There was no need to be nice to the enemies.

Since they had to pause on getting revenge, they had to find other ways to pay them back.

Like this.

“Okay. Fine. Five times. You have my word.”

“Yes and please prevent others from buying it for them. And please make sure that people aren’t reselling it.

“I’ll have to put a condition during the auction. Like kicking them out if they resell it.”

“That would be great.”

They’ll probably have to watch their rival and enemies purchase the potion and get a bit ahead of them.

It’ll affect their fame and placement that they’ve been working so hard to maintain.

Or, it’ll help plant that fear into their heads.

And make them fall into despair.

That was Hyun-Soo’s plan on getting revenge.



The members must’ve been really angry about not getting permission to hunt because they cleared a lot of portals really fast.

Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure whether breaking the furnitures that day worked, but the hunt request they’ve been dragging on for a long time finally got resolved.

Before, they said they couldn’t approve it due to errors and issues, but now, they gave the clan a free pass.

In order to make up for the times that they lost, they filled their schedule with a variety of hunts.

Thankfully, during the time when the other hunters didn’t want to go on hunts, Kim Yoo-Na appeared and the government gave her all of it.

“How many so far?”


“Seven within two weeks…that must be the reason why my body is aching.”

The members and Kim Yoo-Na had been continuously hunting.

They enjoyed going on difficult hunts and challenging themselves to become stronger, so as a team, they were in sync.

It meant that they went hunting every other day.

They had fun during the hunt, but it sounded like they were starting to feel tired.

‘They’re monsters…….’

On top of the physical exhaustion, they had to deal with mental exhaustion as well.

After going on a hunt, they need to rest for a few days in order to regain the energy they used and recover their physical energy…

But Kim Yoo-Na’s troops didn’t stop.

She wanted to get revenge by taking on more hunts and putting the rival on edge.

‘Kim Yoo-Na’s revenge is going well, so mine should be okay too, right?’

Hyun-Soo recalled the message he received from Mr. Herhim a few days ago.

Herhim notified the parties involved five times about the auction restrictions.

It proceeded very smoothly.

Of course there were some that resisted and was temporarily banned from entering.

What did they say?

‘Do you know who I am or something like that.’

He would usually hear that in the soap operas that his mother watched sometimes and since Mr. Herhim said it in his refined accent, it was hilarious.

Since he hasn’t done five auctions yet, Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure what would happen, but for now, he was satisfied.

‘I hope things get better from now on.’

“…They’re trying to cooperate that way, so what do you guys think?”


Hyun-Soo missed what Kim Yoo-Na said because he was thinking about something else.

He was in the meeting room with the other members.

It’s because Kim Yoo-Na asked them to gather here.

It’s because she wasn’t done with her revenge.

Which meant, they were trying to schedule a hunt.

“What did she ask just now?”

“Oh. She asked about hunting a colorful portal.”

Kim Yoo-Na has been focusing on the colorful portal lately.

‘It’s hard to put them on edge with ordinary portals.’

It felt like he was able to hear Kim Yoo-Na’s inner thoughts.

“Jeez, purple ones are difficult too. We’re in a tight situation since Yoo-Na is only focusing on the colorful portal.”

A purple portal is currently the most difficult one.

Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing for the human race, but there weren’t that many.

Because of that, many compete against each other in order to get approval for the purple portal.

“But if we change our focus on the colorful portal, it’ll definitely have a huge effect.”

“Isn’t that the reason why she wants to hunt the colorful portal?”

The members whispered amongst themselves.

If that was true, then it was understandable as to why she was focusing on the colorful portal.

And in order to wear out the opponent, choosing the colorful portal was the right thing to do.

They were the only clan that succeeded in the hunt anyways.

“She probably wants to keep going since we have a goal. I think it’s the right thing to do.”

“You’re right. Honestly, we’ve been evaluated too poorly despite of our talented skills. I don’t really appreciate that.”

An ordinary portal was known as the red ocean.

But this new colorful portal was…

‘The blue ocean.’

Humans may call it a disaster, but when looking at it from a different perspective, one will know.

This was a chance to leap forward.

‘On top of that, I’m here, so what can go wrong?’


<Time to Hunt #3> End.

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