The Skill Maker – Chapter 108

<Time to Hunt #2>


But moments later, the members changed to hunters that was worried about the trouble their fellow member caused.

“I apologize for the trouble. If you file a claim to our clan, we’ll pay for the damages.”

“…No, it’s fine. It was a mistake, so there’s no need.”

The assistant started breaking out in cold sweat and when the members entered the room they were led to, the person that called them was waiting for them there.

“Welcome. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Thank you for the invitation.”

“It’s nothing. Thank you for accepting the invitation. Since this isn’t an official meeting, I would like it if we spoke comfortably and instead of addressing me by my position, please call me Ronald.”

“Thank you for the warm welcome, Mr. Ronald.”

Kim Yoo-Na spoke as the clan’s representative.

“Have a seat everyone.”

Right when everyone was going to sit down.


“Oh! My mistake!”

One of the members “accidentally” broke a chair.

The top portion of the chair broke into many pieces and fell to the floor.

“…I’ll ask them to bring another chair.”

It looked like Ronald’s expression changed a bit, but he quickly hid it.

The meal was boring.

Ronald spoke to Kim Yoo-Na most of the time and the conversation wasn’t any different from the information that was on the letter.

The only difference was that Ronald was more gentle about it.

‘This is making me more nervous than a hunt.’

Kim Yoo-Na and Ronald were both smiling, but that wasn’t how they were actually feeling.

Even though they were smiling, they were looking for an opportunity to attack from behind.

It seemed like they were hunting with their mouth.

They came to hunt, but the monster wasn’t letting the hunters catch them easily.

The members discreetly looking at each other.

One of the members looked like they were going to sneeze.



And at the same time, the windows on the other side broke.

The guards that were standing around the building looked inside with a shocked expression.

“Oh, wow. I’m sorry. I have a cold. I wasn’t expecting that sneeze, so I couldn’t stop myself. I’m sorry.”

The member that sneezed quickly stood up and bowed.

It was awkward because he couldn’t hide his emotion.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ronald. The members keep causing trouble.”


While Kim Yoo-Na was apologizing, they heard the sound of a plate breaking.

Ronald instinctively looked over and then his eyes widened.

It’s because a dinner knife, which wasn’t a dangerous weapon, was stabbed deep into the table.

The problem was that the table was made out of marble.

“I’m sorry. My hands slipped.”

Ronald’s face turned so white that he looked pathetic.

But Ronald managed to maintain a poker face.

They continued the conversation.

If it weren’t for the members that caused trouble.

Excluding Ronald, the assistant, guards and the employees all looked really shocked.

They somehow managed to finish their meal and conversation.

It was really short and long at the same time.

During that time, one wall of Ronald’s home was completely broken and a part of the garden was damaged.

Of course they were all “mistakes.”

Before leaving, Kim Yoo-Na took out a small glass bottle from her purse.

“Mr. Ronald, I’m sure you’re really shocked because of the members. As the leader, I apologize.”

“……What’s this?”

Ronald asked as he grabbed the bottle.

But he must’ve known what it was because the hand that was holding the bottle was shaking.

“I’m sure you know. I’m sure you’re really shocked, so I hope this will help you calm down.”

“Ahem, thank you.”

Ronald’s face looked thin by the time they finished eating, but when received the potion, he looked well again.

It was the attitude of someone that knew exactly what is was.

If he didn’t know, he wouldn’t quickly hide the bottle in his inner pocket.

“And, please send the repair costs to the clan. If you don’t, I won’t feel good about it. If you’d like, I can send you something else instead.”

“Something else……?”

“The same item that you placed in your pocket.”

“Gasp! Ahem! That would be great. I thought this place wasn’t good enough to bring remarkable hunters, so thank you for understanding.”

The potion that Kim Yoo-Na gave was highly effective.

Ronald was trying to remain calm because of his status, but the bottle ruined all of that.

He even laughed about the members’ mistakes and blamed it on the items that broke.

“I wish you all the best.”

Kim Yoo-Na finished the conversation with a soft smile.

Ronald had a smirk on his face, but he said his goodbye with a smile.

“Ahem……! Ahem……!”

“Hey, just laugh. It’s just us now anyways.”

Someone was holding in their laughter and another member told them not to.

And the sound of their laughter filled the car.

“Hahahaha! It was hilarious! Did you see his expression? He had a stink face!”

“I don’t really like associating with people like him, but it wasn’t so bad this time.”

Everyone started talking about the meeting.

Moments ago, the members were well-mannered and well-dressed, but now, they were laughing like mischievous children.

“It worked, right?”

“Of course. He looked so out of it.”

Hyun-Soo smiled while recalling Ronald’s expression before they left.

But they didn’t use any special methods.

All they did was break half of the house and make them feel threatened while eating.

Kim Yoo-Na handing him the potion was the finale.

He even begged her to sell the potion to him and offered to pay twice as much as what the black market was paying.

Everyone knew.

Everyone that was at the top had similar skills.

That’s why, if there was even a small difference, it will break the balance.

A chance to get ahead of everyone else!

The potion not only increases one’s stats, but it also gave the chance to get ahead of someone.

That’s why everyone was desperate to get one.

And Kim Yoo-Na gave one to Ronald.

And she even said it was possible to get more without any hesitation.

He probably realized then how wealthy the clan was.

That was what Hyun-Soo wanted.

“What’s wrong?”

Eugene, who sitting across from him, asked.

“Hm, it just seems like our methods were too ordinary.”

“Haha. I guess you were expecting blood to splatter everywhere.”

“Not really, but…well, something similar.”

Before the members, Ronald looked as if he wanted to kill one of the members.

“It was pretty simple, huh? And it looked like we were just showing off our strength. It may seem like an ordinary method, but it’s the best method to use.”

Eugene added that if they really did use their skills, then things would get even more complicated and tiring.

It would be nice to get revenge, but making the entire world their enemy was a foolish thing to do.

“People that have a desk job tend to not know who they’re going up against. They either hear it from others or read about it from the reports they receive. They never really meet face-to-face like this.”

So they’re indirectly showing it.

High-ranking figures rarely get the chance to see how strong hunters are.

They just sit at their desks and read the reports that the lowly employees give them. They’re probably not interested in the type of skills that the hunters have or what they’re able to accomplish.

One can’t understand the full experience if they don’t experience it for themselves.

Hunters are nothing more than a weapon and are treated like chess pieces.

“You saw it too, Hyun-Soo. His face turned white every time we made a mistake. Since they’ve never experienced it themselves, I’m sure they were extremely shocked. Didn’t it feel good to watch? It was pretty satisfying.”

“Well…I did see that too.”

Honestly, Hyun-Soo felt satisfied too.

He felt the same way as Eugene.

When would they get the chance to show off their strengths to someone like him?

Regardless of their status, the members were really able to show off their strength to Ronald.

“But, you don’t think he’ll hold a grudge against us because of this?”

“He’s probably out of it right now, but once he calms down, he’ll probably think that we’re a disgrace. But people usually become more cautious when it’s related to their safety and since he witnessed our strength, he probably won’t act rashly.”

Ronald will probably be out of it for a while.

“He probably won’t hold a grudge against us. He’ll be more cautious and try to protect himself. Backstabbing after inviting us? That means he’s intentionally trying to make us his enemy.”

“Right. That’s why it’s really satisfying. We probably hurt his pride and since he can’t cover that up, I’m sure he’s irritated.”

Katrina commented.

“So, we have no reason to worry?”

“That’s right. We just need to enjoy this.”


In order to receive more of the potion, Ronald probably won’t act rashly.

No one knew whether he would use it for himself or use it as bait towards other hunters, but Ronald probably knew that he would benefit from it.

‘He now has absolute power.’

Hyun-Soo gave Kim Yoo-Na a few bottles before visiting and they came in handy.

The last method.

Hyun-Soo prepared it and Kim Yoo-Na executed it.  


A few days later, Hyun-Soo heard something.

“You found out who it was?”


During the past few days, strangers in black cars were visiting the clan and they were actually visiting because of Kim Yoo-Na’s request.

“Where are they?”

“Unfortunately, it’s not just one place.”


It was just an assumption, but Hyun-Soo didn’t expect it to be true.

That meant that they had to face more than one guilds.

“What are you planning on doing?”

“Some are saying we should catch them and others are saying we should wait. Since it’s an issue, it’s complicated for everyone. On top of that, it’s more than one person, so…what do you think we should do, Hyun-Soo?”

Kim Yoo-Na’s large eyes were focused on Hyun-Soo.

Hyun-Soo looked into her eyes and carefully opened his mouth.

“Personally…I think getting back at them right now is a bit dangerous.”

“How come? They were trying to bury us. Aren’t you mad?”

The way she asked sounded like she was trying to provoke him.

“Of course I am. But, we’re not going up against one person, so right now, it’s better to rest up.”

Going up against them just because they were angry was a foolish thing to do.

Their opponent was a guild that was known all over the world.

And it wasn’t just one guild.

If they acted based on their emotions, they would lose.

Even though they were angry, they lacked power.

“On top of that, our clan is currently growing. If we get caught in a scandal right now, then it’ll damage us pretty badly. The opponent is trying their best to pull us out, so we shouldn’t show them any of our weakness.”

They had to save up their strength.

That’s what Hyun-Soo believed.

“It’s never too late to get revenge.”



<Time to Hunt #2> End.

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