The Skill Maker – Chapter 107

<Time to Hunt #1>


His eyes looked at the deep pool of water.

He instinctively used Interface and during that moment, he almost cheered.

‘A passageway that leads outside!’

However, the issue was that it was a long passageway.

And, they would have to swim for at least 10 minutes.

On top of that, if they get lost, there’s a chance that it’ll be more than 10 minutes.

‘But it’s still a passageway!’

That was the only available exit.

Even though there was an exit, the method was almost impossible.


‘Make the impossible possible.’

Who was he?

A Skill Maker that was able to make any type of skills.

The members should be thankful that Hyun-Soo was with them.

After finding a way out, Hyun-Soo hinted to the members by pointing at the pool of water.

Frustration can be a scary thing because negative thoughts can make the possible impossible.

Hyun-Soo stepped in before the members became frustrated and pessimistic.

“But, when thinking about how we got in, it probably won’t be easy going out. We used an oxygen tank when coming in. Even if our bodies were stronger than most people, holding our breaths under the water for more than five minutes is impossible…do you think it will work?”

The members all looked at Hyun-Soo.

Kim Yoo-Na was also waiting for him to reply.

“It’s possible. However…I need some time.”

Oh my…!

Oh god.


Everyone started exclaiming when they heard his reply.

They were relieved from the pressure and frustration they were feeling.

When Hyun-Soo mentioned that he needed time, the members dispersed and searched the cavern.

They didn’t want to pressure Hyun-Soo and they were trying to see if there were other ways they could escape.


Someone called out his name.

It was Kim Yoo-Na.


“……I trust you.”

Kim Yoo-Na’s eyes were on him.

“Yes, trust me.”

Because he won’t disappoint them.

Kim Yoo-Na lightly nodded her head.


Hyun-Soo took a deep breath while looking at the deep pool.

It was ironic that they had to go in in order to survive.

It was really dangerous and because there were a lot of constraints, it even made the talented hunters feel powerless.

Among the members, Hyun-Soo was the weakest.

But right now, he was their only hope and they had high expectations.



Will he be able to succeed?

They wished for his success, however, they couldn’t ignore the realistic issues.

But their doubts and worries soon disappeared.

“Let’s go now.”

After Hyun-Soo went in and out of the water several times, he talked to the members.

“Will we be okay without the oxygen tanks?”

“Yes, I made it so that it’ll work out.”

“What did you do……?”

“Let’s go. Staying here is dangerous.”

The water was now up to their calves.

Like Hyun-Soo mentioned, they couldn’t more waste time.

After Eugene asked, he contemplated with a doubtful expression.

Even though he trusted Hyun-Soo, it was impossible for him to confirm what Hyun-Soo did, so he was a bit worried.


[Underwater Breathing][F]

Gives one the ability to breathe underwater.

It will only work underwater.



He created the skill by holding his breath and mentally training his mind several times.

And Hyun-Soo got the skill he wanted.

Even though it was a F rank skill, it was just as powerful as a S rank skill right now.

However, since Hyun-Soo didn’t explain this to the members, to them, it looked like all Hyun-Soo did was go in and out of the water.

“Let’s go.”

Kim Yoo-Na was the one that got rid of all of their doubts.

She approached the pool and jumped in. Her energetic steps even surprised Hyun-Soo.

When Kim Yoo-Na slowly disappeared into the water, Eugene smiled.

He followed behind her and jumped into the pool as well.

And one by one, the members headed into the pool.

“Hyon-Ssoo, it-it’s going to be okay, right?”

Katrina had complained about how she didn’t like the water and as the last one in the cavern, she asked Hyun-Soo.

“It’s fine. Just trust me. The other members haven’t turned back.’

“Hm…okay. I trust you, Hyon-Ssoo.”

Katrina carefully jumped into the pool.

Once they were able to overcome their breathing limit, things worked out smoothly.

The path was longer, narrower and more twisted than the previous passageway they swam through, but the hunters were able to move faster because they didn’t have to carry heavy equipments and because of Hyun-Soo’s skill.

And then.





They were able to reach the surface of the water safely.

“They did use those explosives intentionally.”

Someone mumbled while floating on the water.

Before entering the cavern, the cliff looked sturdy, but now, a part of the cliff was destroyed.

This wasn’t done by an earthquake.


Someone was grinding their teeth.


Everyone else probably had the same thought.

The members came to the conclusion that someone intentionally installed the explosives.

The explosion was very unnatural, so they couldn’t help but think that.

Once they expressed their opinions, others started pointing out other suspicious situations.

“That explains why the monster’s Energy Field was decreasing at an odd rate.”

It’s possible that the enemy encountered the monster while installing the explosives and fought against them.

And during that process, the monster’s Energy Field decreased.

“But, who are the guys that caused all this?”



A few days passed.

They submitted a protest to the authorities that approved the hunt.

Hyun-Soo thought the protest was weak, but the members told him not to worry and that this is how they do it in the beginning.

Justification was the important part.

A way to stop them if they decide to act recklessly.

And the written protest will provide that.

“Yoo-Na submitted a request to Mr. Herhim and we’re investigating this on our own, so we’ll soon find out what happened. First, let’s deal with the guy that we know is guilty.”

A big smile appeared on Jack’s face and when the members remembered receiving an official document in the morning, a smile appeared on their faces as well.

They all had a bloodthirsty smile.

“What did they say? An administrative error? And they’re saying they didn’t know?”

“They’re just making up excuses. They’re just turning a blind eye.”

The reply they received was ridiculous.

This was the summary of the letter.

They didn’t know.

There was an administrative error.

Maybe the members encountered fugitives that entered the portal illegally.

Anyways, we’re not at fault, so we hope there isn’t a misunderstanding.

‘Are they serious?’

They were avoiding the issue and even blamed others.

It was so ridiculous that someone with low blood pressure will end up with high blood pressure.

The last part was even funnier.

“They want to meet because of a misunderstanding and to better our relationship? Are they joking?”

Since things will become complicated once the relationship becomes worse, this was their method of trying to make things better.

Kim Yoo-Na’s clan was the only clan that managed to clear the colorful portal.

The government will be in a bad position if they go against a clan that was rising up.

They’ll lose a lot if talented hunters decided not to work with them.

The hunters moving to another country will be the worst case scenario.

So, they’re trying to work things out somehow…

‘Who’s behind all of this?’

It was ridiculous.

They were being aggressive in the beginning and now they want to meet to make peace.

Whoever it was, their empathy was lacking.

“I’m getting mad the more I think about it. Are we shit to them or something? Calling us whenever they want. What gives them the right to do that?!”

To make things worse, they didn’t even try considering the other party in the letter.

The answer is already there and they expected the clan to follow.

That was their attitude.

It’s obvious that their attitude would annoy the members.

“When is it?”

“In two days.”

“So soon? I thought they would make us wait forever.”

“They’re probably in a rush too. Their the ones behind it and since things didn’t work out the way they planned, they need to deal with it.”

Their plan on trying to bring the clan down failed.

In fact, a fire was burning deep inside them.

“Great. Let’s take those guys down.”

It was time to hunt.  




A building that looked similar to the clan’s was standing tall.

“It’s because of their status.”

When Hyun-Soo displayed an annoyed expression, Eugene replied.

The clan was well-known because the small group of elite hunters, but it seemed like they really wanted to make themselves known.

On top of that, a high-ranking figure personally invited them to their home.

Even though they said they wanted to sort out the misunderstanding and improve their relationship, the members didn’t want to do that at all.

“How unfortunate. It’s such a nice place too…”

It’s going to break down soon.

That was what they really meant.

And they didn’t feel bad at all.

They just said it to be nice.

“Welcome. I hope you didn’t have a hard time…”

“No, we got here just fine thanks to you.”

Kim Yoo-Na, who was wearing an elegant outfit, greeted the assistant with a smile.

Kim Yoo-Na wasn’t the only one that was dressed nicely.

Everyone dressed casually at the base, but today, everyone wore suits.

They at least had to look good on the outside.

“Please come in. We have been waiting.”


Kim Yoo-Na followed the assistant inside.

And the members followed behind her.

As soon as they walked in, Eugene slightly turned his head back.


He winked and then turned his head back as if nothing happened.

But the members behind him all saw it.

It was a sign to slowly begin the operation.

“Oh my!”  

Brad was the first one to make a move.

Brad acted like he tripped and hit the entrance with his shoulder.

He did it intentionally, but made it look like a mistake.


The size of the door grew within seconds.

It’s because the wall next to the door broke when Brad hit the entrance.

“What’s goi…… Woah!”

The assistant that was leading Kim Yoo-Na looked back when they heard a loud sound and was shocked by the sight.

“Oh my, I’m sorry. I almost fell and…what should we do about this?”

Brad sounded so awkward that it sounded like he was reading from a book, but because of the damage, the assistant didn’t notice.

During this time, the members looked at each and smiled.


<Time to Hunt #1> End.

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  1. Sayre A

    This revenge plan seems so fucking petty so far. You tried to kill us so we’ll get back at you with vandalism! What is this, some fuckin children’s show?

    1. naosouonight

      It is a show of force. A veiled threat. They can’t actually go on a killing spree in a government building, especially when they don’t know who specifically was responsible for this shit.
      Plus, I doubt this is all they are going to do.

    2. free4937

      nah they are gonna piss them off, demand tons of money from them as well, if they don’t accept…well, I will just piss you off more. simple? yes childish, but honestly, do you think the higher ups acted like adults?

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    They should just figure out what type of explosives were used against them, then turn around and use them against everyone they think was involved. Everyone will want to say they did it, but by them all saying they didn’t know anything at the start, they’ll be able to use the same excuse. Of course things will escalate, but those with power can always butcher the normal humans easily. Just turn the organization into a second underground terrorist organization that no one knows who is behind it and go on a rampage. It’s what most government agencies do in foreign countries.

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    How does him having the underwater breathing skill help everyone? Nowhere does it say he makes it multiple times, granting it to everyone, nor is it implied. Also, they were short on time with the possibility of the ceiling collapsing, so doing something that we know takes quite a bit of time should have definitely been mentioned. And if they can breathe underwater, why do they cough when resurfacing?

    Not to mention that apparently nobody notices they can now breathe underwater. If he didn’t tell them he gave them the skill, they would’ve all tried to hold their breath. They would fail at some point, since ten minutes is way too long. They release their breath, inhale water, start to panic, then realise they can breathe just fine. Yet not a single person commented on this?!

    1. Hazy Rain

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