The Skill Maker – Chapter 105

<Trap #2>


“You’re right, but the fact that two groups failed is pretty serious. People are scared because they don’t know how the ordinary portals will suddenly change.”

“I think the chance of a portal changing during a hunt is very slim.”

“That’s what I think too, but when they’re affected by the issue, people stop making rational judgements. Who would’ve thought that a colorful portal would appear? We still don’t know how the portal appeared. So I understand the fear that they have of the ordinary portals possibly changing.”

“So I dug my own hole.”

“Right. Since they’re not letting the only clan that cleared the colorful portal go on hunts. It’s a very stupid act.”

Herhim spoke bitterly with a caring expression.

“This isn’t the first time they’ve done something stupid, but this is really dumb. Why would they think about putting restrictions now of all times? These petty people don’t care about what’s important as long as it’s beneficial for them.”

“Yeah, I don’t really feel good about doing the things they were asking me to do.”

“Hang in there. Even though they’re dumb, if they have a brain, they won’t do the same dumb thing again.”

Herhim called the high-ranking officials dumb without any hesitation.

From the way he talked about them, it seemed like he personally experienced it before.

“Big. In order to change the current situation, we need something big. Something so big that it’ll change everyone’s minds.”

If they don’t do anything, things were going to remain this way.

The number of portals will increase and they’ll probably try to take care of it, but it’ll be impossible for them take care of the same number of portals that the hunters cleared.

“That will be us.”

Hyun-Soo spoke after doing some simple calculations and Herhim exclaimed at his statement.

“You’re right. I believe you guys will succeed in changing the current situation.”

“Then we should be able to get those approvals soon.”

“Right. That’s it. I’m sure there a few that are still calculating all of this. It won’t be easy. There’s always complicated calculations in places where there’s money. But there is a need to change the situation, so I’m sure those approvals will come though. Of course I’ll try to help in any way that I can.”

Anyways, the black market was part of the reason why the high-ranking officers were on edge.

Herhim must’ve felt responsible because he said he would help.

“Anyways…Hyun-Soo, are you planning on selling that little one?”

After Kim Yoo-Na checked the time, she informed Herhim that it was time for them to go and Herhim had a disappointed look on his face.

And then he quietly asked Hyun-Soo to sell Riri to him.

“Well, I’m not really planning on selling Riri.”

“Please sell it to me. I’ll make sure to pay you a large amount.”

“Ha ha. Even if I decide to, Riri won’t like it.”

Hyun-Soo nodded towards Riri, who was on his shoulder, and Herhim noticed Riri putting their guard up.

Ever since Herhim expressed that he wanted Riri, Riri had their guard up.


As expected.

Riri made a threatening cry.

But Riri still sounded cute though.

‘I think Riri actually understands…?’

It seemed like Riri was acting a certain way because they understood.

Of course, that was only an assumption.

‘I should do some tests.’

There were a lot of things he had to do with Riri.

When Riri refused Herhim, he changed his target and made the offer to Hyun-Soo.

“How about you work for me? Honestly, I want you too. How about it? I’ll make sure to treat you way better than Yoo-Na.”

“Mr. Herhim, there’s going to be an issue if you take our rookie.”

Herhim’s eyes were filled with disappointment and greed as he looked at Hyun-Soo.

But Herhim was an expert at handling these types of situations.

“Ha ha. If I obtain something similar someday, I’ll sell it to the black market.”

“What? You’re an amazing person. You’re the type to just pour out the really valuable items!”

He wanted to maintain this relationship.

Baiting him like this won’t cause any harm.

He also used the word, someday, so Hyun-Soo can use that as a way to defend himself.

‘I can just tell him that I couldn’t obtain it.’

Hyun-Soo did want to get it for him if it was possible, but he couldn’t make it out of thin air.

Hyun-Soo turned his back towards the disappointed Herhim and walked out.

Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure if Herhim was disappointed about Riri or about himself.

“…You’re not really thinking about going, are you?”

On the way back.

Kim Yoo-Na glanced over at Hyun-Soo while driving.

She looked pretty nervous.

She was worried that Hyun-Soo was going to accept Herhim’s offer.

Hyun-Soo wanted to laugh because he felt that vibe from her.

It was refreshing.

Before, it felt like he was indebted to her, but now it felt like they were on the same level.

‘Does that mean I’ve grown a lot?’

An important figure in a hidden world wanted him and there was someone that was on alert due to that situation.

And it was a smart and beautiful woman.

Hyun-Soo realized that he’s grown a lot after meeting Herhim and talking with Kim Yoo-Na.

Knowing that you’ve grown was hard to tell on your own.

But from the way he was being treated, it felt like his growth was being reflected on a mirror.

“Hyun-Soo, please answer.”

Kim Yoo-Na became nervous when Hyun-Soo just laughed without answering, so she asked again.

“I’m not going. Don’t worry. I’m a pretty loyal person, you know.”

Kim Yoo-Na helped him grow.

And Hyun-Soo knew how to be thankful, loyal and about give and take.

That’s when the atmosphere within the car lightened up.

A smile was still on Hyun-Soo’s face.


The clan was noisy.

“Two with camouflage skills and one with an explosive skill.”

“This is ridiculous. They just keep coming back.”

It’s because of the weird guests that keeps visiting the clan.

“Why are they here anyways? Do we look that weak?”

To be exact, they weren’t guests. They were more like thieves.

“It’s more like they were desperate, I think. They look flashy on the outside, but they were doing shameful acts all along. How disappointing.”

David and Ismael clicked their tongues as they watched the hunters being handed to the security team.

“What happened?”  

Hyun-Soo was confused by the noise since he had just left the dorm.

The chaotic atmosphere was unfamiliar to him since he spent most of his time in the personal training room and his drom.

“Oh, you probably don’t know since you never leave your personal room. I’m not sure if I should call them thieves or spies, but they keep invading our clan.”


“It seemed like they were targeting the intelligence center. It’s obvious.”

“They didn’t take anything?”

“No way. Our security system is pretty amazing. They didn’t even get near the intelligence center and got caught at the entrance. But they’re starting to invade more often and their methods have become more aggressive.”

Ismael shook his head saying that it was getting annoying because people were coming from different places.

‘I guess they’re worn out.’

That’s what he thought of as soon as he heard it.

Hyun-Soo also recalled seeing a bitter smile.

‘What’s so good about having wealth and honor?’

Having the advantage and getting ahead of everyone.

And they’ll receive glory and a high-ranking position. Treasures as well.

Anyone would want it.

Unless they turned their backs to it, it was something everyone desired.

But it’s only valuable when those are achieved by themselves.

Hyun-Soo quietly shook his head when he saw the acts of these famous groups.


Was it because Hyun-Soo shook his head?

While sitting inside his hood, Riri peeked out.

“Riri! You’re here too! You’re cute today too, Riri. Aren’t you hungry? Want some of my energy?”

Riri was now gaining the attention of everyone within the clan.

When Hyun-Soo first introduced Riri, everyone literally flipped out.

A few spaced out while others grabbed their hearts.

They didn’t even have a heart disease, but were saying that they were getting a heart attack.

Even the high and mighty Marcus was shocked by Riri that he had a stunned look on his face.

Eugene said this was his first time seeing Marcus act like this and even laughed about it.

After that, Marcus became less suspicious of Hyun-Soo.

Before, Marcus tried not to cross paths with him, but now, he wasn’t purposely trying to avoid him.

He actually even tried to get close to Hyun-Soo.

After seeing that, Katrina said that Riri was amazing for being able to change Marcus.

‘No one really cared even I told them that Riri was a monster.’

He wasn’t sure if everyone was bold or just didn’t care, but no one seemed bothered at all by Riri.

They were actually overflowing with curiosity.

He had a general idea based on Hyuna and Kim Yoo-Na’s reaction, but he didn’t expect them to react this much.

They didn’t approach him like Herhim did and just thought Riri was cute.

They mentioned about it being an oasis or something.

“Eat mine, not his. I’m sure mine is more delicious.”

“That’s nonsense. Mine is more delicious.”

“Have you tried it? Have you? I’m sure mine is more delicious!”

Ismael and David started arguing about who’s energy Riri should consume.

“Give Riri both of yours.”

Hyun-Soo’s decision made them quiet down.

David and Ismael looked at Hyun-Soo as if they were looking at Solomon.

“Riri, eat a lot. But don’t eat too much.”

Hyun-Soo lightly tapped Riri with his finger.

Riri followed Ismael and David towards the Center Room by flying.

Consuming energy was one of Riri’s skills.

It was also Riri’s main meal.

It meant Riri ate a lot since the skills were made out of energy.

Skills with destructive power required that much more energy, so it required the user to consume that much more, but Hyun-Soo did confirm that Riri was consuming the hunter’s skill.

He found out when the members were training in the Center Room.

Riri consumed a fireball that was flying at a fast pace and instead of being shocked by whether Riri got hit or not, they were shocked about something else.

‘Karazhan wasn’t like that at all…’

The more energy Riri consumed, the more it grew, but after a certain point, Riri stopped growing.

It seemed like Riri could grow more, so it was odd that they stopped.

The cafeteria was filled with the chaotic atmosphere too.


Katrina, who was inside the cafeteria, raised her hand and called Hyun-Soo.

When Hyun-Soo approached and sat down, Eugene greeted him too.

“You’re here, Hyun-Soo. Nice timing.”


“Yes, I have some news. I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”


<Trap #2> End.

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