The Skill Maker – Chapter 101

<Awakening #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


“I heard you had a good talk. The owner was extremely satisfied. It’s very rare for someone to catch his attention. You’re definitely the Super Rookie.”

“…Please stop with that embarrassing nickname. But, how did you know things worked out well?”

Inside the car on the way back.

Eugene, who was driving, spoke to Hyun-Soo as if he remembered it.

Eugene go inside with him, but he vaguely knew about the things that happened inside.

“He has a pretty nasty personality, so it’s easy to tell. You can tell by the merchants that greet us or the posture of his staff.”

Now that he mentioned it, compared to when they entered, the staff were a lot more courteous when they exited.

“No matter how great the person is, if they’re not up to their standards, then they won’t let them in…the reason why they’re arrogant is because of the owner.”

According to some rumors, world-famous guilds brought items to them and they refused the guild by saying that the items weren’t that great.

But Hyun-Soo was being escorted by A ranked staffs when he was leaving the building.

He wasn’t really comfortable when guards with large builds were following them around, but according to Eugene, that was the best treatment one can receive.

A satisfied smile appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face.


‘…What’s with the activation rate?’

Hyun-Soo activated Interface to start making the potion since he had a place to sell now, but his eyes widened when an unexpected number was displayed on the screen.

Activation Status : 30%

At first, he thought he was imagining it.

But when he checked again, it was at 30%. It was at 24% last time, so it must’ve increased.

‘What the……?’

He had an idea.

‘Was it because I looked all around the place?’

The black market.

Since there were a lot of items he was seeing for the first time, he used Interface often.

It’s because he couldn’t suppress his curiosity.

But that must’ve increased Interface’s activation rate.

It was worth using Interface on all of those items.


The trip to the black market not only give him the opportunity to sell the potions, but it also increased Interface’s activation rate.

He gained a lot from this one trip.

If he didn’t go, he would’ve felt extremely disappointed.

He was feeling annoyed by how slow the activation rate was increasing, but since the items at the black market helped it increase a lot, he felt that he needed to thank the items that were there.

While looking at Interface with a satisfied expression, something caught Hyun-Soo’s attention.


A skill suddenly appeared after he ate the fruit that he obtained from the colorful portal.

From the list of skills, the one with question marks was revealed.


After quickly checking the name, he checked the skill’s information.




A legendary weapon that has a difficult time finding its owner.

A lot of things are a mystery.

According to rumors, if Lahatlan acknowledges the wielder, there aren’t any weapons that can go against it.

– It has the power to maintain its original form, so it’s able to willingly protect the wielder.

– Since it hasn’t been completely absorbed yet, it cannot use all of its powers.

– Cannot replicate or transfer.

Absorption Rate : 12%



Hyun-Soo didn’t see the rank because he only confirmed the name and he even questioned whether he was reading the information correctly.

‘S? S Rank?’

On top of that, Lahatlan’s skills were amazing.


A weapon that can willingly protect the wielder.

In some ways, it’s a defense skill that has a will of its own.

Hyun-Soo suddenly recalled something.

‘That time……!’

The time when he was unable to dodge Karazhan’s skill!

His body released a faint, silver light and enveloped him.

‘And I didn’t get hurt during that time.’

The silver light made it seem like he was wearing a thin piece of clothing and it blocked all of Karazhan’s attacks.

Thanks to that, he was able to Kill Karazhan and clear the portal.

And he didn’t expect to obtain an egg.

‘It’s awesome.’

Even though he didn’t know what it was, after seeing the silver shield, he had a feeling that things were going to work out.

That feeling was so strong that he started laughing during the battle.

He was able to feel the same thing he felt back then.

He barely managed to control the big smile on his face.

One question popped in his head.

‘Was the thing that I ate not a fruit?’

Even though it looked like a fruit, it’s possible that it wasn’t a fruit.

When he used Interface back then, it was filled with question marks.

It looked like grass and fruit, but he had no idea.

There was another thing he was suspicious about.

‘I was in extreme pain after I ate it.’

He thought he was in pretty good shape, but his body experienced intense pain.

Hyun-Soo assumed that it was Lahatlan’s test before they acknowledge him.

Even Interface said the skill was filled with mystery, so as of right now, finding more information was difficult.

One thing he was sure of was that he wouldn’t die.

At least he won’t die horribly by a knife that was flying from far away.

He did feel that he needed a defense skill.

He felt this when he trained with Kim Yoo-Na and he felt that he needed it even more now since he participated in hunts as a close-range attacker.

Going up against Karazhan was dangerous.

He was thinking about creating a useful skill when he had a bit more time.

He would use the tanks within the clan to get his idea.

He would watch the flow of their skill and create a skill by putting together different ideas.

‘But, I got something better. On top of that, it’s a S Rank skill!’

Skill Creation was an all-around skill that was able to create any type of skills.

The only downside was that it can only create skills with levels that were lower than Skill Creation.

The current rank of Skill Creation was A.

Which meant that he can only create B Rank skills.

But the skill that was created was an S Rank skill.

‘…It’s a bit odd, but it’s great.’

For a moment, Hyun-Soo thought that maybe Lahatlan’s existence and his Skill Creation were activated and it somehow created that skill.

There was another reason he welcomed Lahatlan.

‘That feeling during a hunt!’

The satisfying feeling when his fists hit the monster!

And the more he moves his body during the attack, the deeper he falls into the battle!

As he feels the adrenaline spread throughout his body, he feels joy!

When talking about hunting preference, Hyun-Soo prefers to be a close-range attacker.

And because of that, he needed a safety device.

It’s common sense that close-range attackers are more at risk than long-range attackers.

But that didn’t mean that he was going to neglect his other skills.

Since he had a skill that gave him the ability to create various skills, he shouldn’t be tied to just one skill.

‘I should use them as much as possible.’

Maybe that’s why.

Since he was involved in so many things, having two bodies wasn’t enough to handle them.



“I feel like I’ve become an old man that just makes potions.”

“Me too. But, Hyun-Soo. Do the other hunters do this as well?”

Hyuna, who was helping Hyun-Soo clean the Levshila and create the potion, became suspicious and asked.

“No way. It may be hard to believe, but I’m making this because your older brother is awesome.”

“But, this is so boring.”

He could just use the Levshila and create a potion, but since he had to make several of them, there were a lot steps they had to repeat.

“Honestly, I’m a bit bored too. It’s a nice day, so I want to go hunting…”

“Oh yeah. You guys haven’t been going anywhere these days. Is it slow these days?”

“It somehow became that way.”

Despite of him obtaining a S Rank defense skill, there was a reason why he’s been stuck in his dorm making potions.

Of course he was stocking up on the potions that he was going to give to the black market, but…

“The adults have their reason.”

“What the heck? If you don’t want to tell me, then don’t.”

“I’m being serious…….”

“Hmph! You can do it by yourself! I’m going to go look at the egg!”

Hyuna thought Hyun-Soo vaguely answered because he didn’t want to say, so she stopped helping him and headed towards the living room.

But what Hyun-Soo said was true.

After Kim Yoo-Na refused to hand over the information to the government, they kept on acting stingy.

Even though the clan received requests, the government didn’t give permission to go hunts, it was impossible to go on hunts.

They would give ridiculous excuses such as their computer giving errors and would refuse to give permission.

‘I’m sure it’s their way of pressuring us.’

It was their way of warning the clan that if they didn’t listen, then they’ll experience worse disadvantages.

They’ll probably include that it’s a shameful act.

It was probably easy for them to find out about Kim Yoo-Na selling the information to the black market and releasing the information through them.

The members all had a bitter smile and said being too successful can be an issue.

Because of that, the clan obtained an unexpected vacation.

But Hyun-Soo was busy creating a better potion.

“When will this hatch?”

Hyuna asked after looking at the egg that was inside the incubator.

Hyuna was so fascinated by the egg that she would visit Hyun-Soo every day and check on the egg at least once a day.

In many ways, she was more enthusiastic than Hyun-Soo.

“I think it’s supposed to hatch today.”

He used Interface on the egg yesterday and noticed it saying that it would hatch the next day.

The time left until it hatched was zero.

Which meant that it was going to hatch today.

“Shouldn’t we prepare something? It would’ve been nice if we had some powdered formula.”

“Oh jeez. You don’t even know what’s inside it.”

In the worst case scenario, a monster will hatch out of it.

Even though a portal didn’t pop up, it could be a unique monster that appeared outside of the portal.

‘Since it’s Karazhan’s egg, I’m sure Karazhan will hatch out of it, but…’

But there was a reason why Hyun-Soo decided to take the egg with him.

He was definitely curious, but he recalled the story of the “Werewolf Boy.”

Even though the boy was a human, he acted like a wolf because he grew up with wolves.

Wouldn’t he be able to do the opposite with this egg?

‘Only if I could train a monster…….’

If it was possible, then it could be an exciting thing.

Anyways, because of that, Hyun-Soo was excited about the egg hatching.

He even used Interface once in a while to see if it was still alive.

Sometimes, he injected energy into it to see its reaction.

It could’ve been his imagination, but when he injected the energy, he felt that the egg became glossier.

What exactly was inside the egg?

His instincts told him that it contained something so great, that he would regret it if he missed it. Was it really something that great?

Hyun-Soo became curious.


<Awakening #1> End.

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