The Skill Maker – Chapter 100

<Black Market #3>

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Herhim is probably…….

‘The owner of this black market.’

Or has a position that’s equivalent.

It was obvious that the rumors within the black market couldn’t be easily ignored.

‘Did she predict this?’

He couldn’t help but think that because she introduced Hyun-Soo to Herhim for his future.

Herhim looked back and forth between Hyun-Soo and Kim Yoo-Na and smiled.

He nodded his head and mumbled, “It’s nice to be young.”

“Okay, so what’s going on? I’m sure you’re not here to tell me some good news.”

“…I’m not sure what kind of misunderstanding you have, but please stop. The reason I’m here is because I wanted to sell information.”

“Sell information? What kind?”

“I’m sure you already know.”

When Kim Yoo-Na replied, Herhim’s expression changed.

“You’re right, I do. And also the reason why you’re wanting to sell that information to us.”

“Then I’m sure this conversation will end soon. I’ll sell the information and you can pay me by releasing the information to others.”

“That’s doesn’t seem very beneficial to us. What would we gain from it?”

Herhim asked after interlocking his fingers.

The nice, middle-aged man turned into a strict dealer.

It was totally different from when he asked Kim Yoo-Na about her well-being.

A seller and a dealer were the only ones in the room.

“You’ll be the exclusive source.”

“Oh. Does that mean you’ll be releasing all future information regarding the colorful portals through us?”

“That’s right.”

“Hm, that’s not a bad deal.”

“We both win. It’s good for us and you benefit from this, Mr. Herhim.”

When Kim Yoo-Na spoke with a smile, Herhim nodded his head.

“You’re definitely a clever one. You thought about including the black market into all of this. That’s why your grandfather won’t let you go.”

“…I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”

“Oh, that was my mistake. I believe we have a deal.”

Kim Yoo-Na took out the documents that was in her bag.

Herhim took the thick contract and looked over the information.

After skimming through it, Herhim displayed a satisfied smile and extended his hand out towards her.

They shook each other’s hands.

The agreement was made based on trust.

“Hm? Is there something else?”

Kim Yoo-Na didn’t leave despite of the fact that their meeting was over, so Herhim stopped organizing the documents and asked.

“We’re looking for information and if you have something related to it, we would like to purchase it.”

“Oh, I did hear that you found something interesting. Guess the rumors were true.”

When Kim Yoo-Na mentioned it, Herhim immediately knew what it was regarding and that surprised Hyun-Soo.

It was clear that it was an interesting item.

“Hm? Please don’t ask how I know. That’s our job.”

Prior to her asking, he said he wasn’t sure if the rumors were true and Herhim reassured that there wasn’t a spy within the clan.

He even explained that he gathered the information elsewhere and put them together.

“I’m usually not this nice, but since it’s Yoo-Na. Hm.”

Herhim mumbled as if he was making an excuse.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the information you want, Yoo-Na. It’s our first time encountering that type of information. Since the colorful portals appeared, isn’t it natural for new things to appear? There’s always a first for everything and you guys experienced it.”

Kim Yoo-Na looked disappointed.

Hyun-Soo was the owner of the egg, but Kim Yoo-Na was the one that was really disappointed.

“If you’re curious, I’ll find out myself and let you two know.”


“It’s simple. You just have to sell it to me. I’ll pay you any amount you want.”

It sounded like a joke, but his face looked serious.

‘He’s serious.’

Well, this is the black market.

When thinking about the items that they had, there’s no way they wouldn’t be interested in items that was obtained from the colorful portals.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Mr. Herhim.”

Karazhan’s egg was Hyun-Soo’s.

That’s why, instead of letting Kim Yoo-Na decline, it was better for him to say it.

Hyun-Soo displayed a warm smile while looking straight at Herhim.

“Many people withdrew their decision after I offered them what they wanted. What is it that you want? Money? Power? Tell me what you want. If you give me the egg, I’ll offer you an equivalent amount.”

Hyun-Soo felt like he was being tempted by the devil.

But Hyun-Soo countered with a question.

“Why do you want it that badly? You don’t know anything for sure and are only making assumptions.”

He was implying that it could not be worth anything.

After hearing his question, Herhim smiled childishly.

“A collector that wants to collect items that others can’t have. That’s me. It can’t be helped even if you think it’s foolish. That’s what I want.”

Hyun-Soo smiled at Herhim when he mentioned that the collector is the one that decides the worth of an item.

“Then, Mr. Herhim. Rather than giving you a mysterious item, I’ll give you something better and not as mysterious. You won’t regret it.”

“Oh? What is that?”

Hyun-Soo took out a small, glass bottle from his bag.

The bottle contained a unique potion that emitted a bright, silver light that was shining elegantly.

It was the same recovery potion he gave to Kim Yoo-Na before.

The same potion that help Kim Hye-Na with her surgery.

‘It’s also my masterpiece.’

The potion increases one’s stamina and the recovery of both the stamina and physical abnormalities. It’s a potion that has amazing effects.

“What…is this?”

“You can check it yourself.”

Herhim carefully took the potion that Hyun-Soo handed him.

He checked while shaking the bottle and after removing the cap, he carefully sniffed the potion.

As soon as he opened the bottle, an elegant flower scent filled the room.

“I’m assuming you drink this?”


“That’s right.”

“And it’s not poison?”

“Mr. Herhim. I’ll show you that it isn’t.”

Because of his position, when Mr. Herhim started getting suspicious, Kim Yoo-Na stepped up to prove that Hyun-Soo was telling the truth.

After contemplating for a bit, Herhim drank the silver potion.

And then.


His eyes widened.

Herhim suddenly stood up and started moving his body.

It looked like he was warming up, but his movements was about the same as when he was a hunter and even in Hyun-Soo’s eyes, Herhim was moving fast.

“Whew! That’s surprising. To think an item like this actually existed!”

He moved so fast, that smoke started rising up from his shoulders and instead of going back to this seat, he approached Hyun-Soo.

“Where did you find this? No. I almost made a mistake. Are there more of this? I’m also wondering if this can be continuously supplied.”

“I can’t guarantee that it can be continuously supplied.”

“Oh, then I’ll assume that you have more and you can provide them. But since you’re saying it’s impossible, I guess there’s limited inventory. That’s actually better. If the item is rare…haha. Just thinking about it is giving me ideas. Good, good.”

Herhim became extremely excited as he grabbed Hyun-Soo’s hand.

And then he aggressively shook his hand.

“Don’t forget about giving it to me. I won’t return it. How do you want to set up the contract? And you’re exclusively contracting with us, right?”

Hyun-Soo nodded with a big smile.

It changed from bargaining over the egg to creating a contract regarding supplying potions.

Honestly, this was what Hyun-Soo wanted.

As soon as he found out that Herhim was the owner of this black market, he was thinking about it.

What if the potions were sold here?

He had thought about how well the potions would sell even before coming here.

Even Kim Yoo-Na didn’t mention it.

If it was released to the world, it could cause chaos.

But there were several issues that got in the way.

Release the potion.

But he doesn’t want the world to know who made it.

There was no need for him to gain all that attention.

That’s what Hyun-Soo’s instincts told him.

If he were to reveal the potion, this would be the best place.

Strict identity protection.

And a huge distribution network.

This black market didn’t lack anything.

“There’s a reason why Yoo-Na introduced you to me.”

“I also agree.”

No one knew how far ahead she planned it.

She just looked at them both with a small smile on her face.


“I’m surprised not many people know about this place.”

“It’s definitely not a popular place. But from what I know, a good handful of hunters know about this place. The black market is limited to a few people.”

That was true.

If that wasn’t the case, then there’s no way this floor would be overflowing with items.

Hyun-Soo recalled the extremely rare items that he saw.

They had expensive monster corpses that were used on weapons, extremely expensive scrolls and interesting items.

If the hunters knew about the black market, they would definitely rush over here and try to purchase at least one of the items.

And as they upload it on the internet, more rumors will float around.

“It’s not a place where anyone can come in.”

They won’t let you in just because you have a lot of money and power.

Aside from a small group of hunters, they don’t make deals with individuals and will only work with a group or organization or those with certain qualifications.

“And they have an implicit rule of not saying anything about this place. Since it’s the place the government can’t reach, they acknowledge and respect the power that the black market has.”

The black market was basically the hunters’ space.

Since it’s by the hunters, for the hunters and hunters only, this place isn’t affected by any outside force.

That’s why everyone respected this place and didn’t say a word about it.

‘Is that why not many people know about the black market?’

In Korea, not many people know about the black market and its branches all over the world.

Of course it’s because they don’t make deals with individuals.

But Hyun-Soo thought of a different reason.

If it’s the black market’s intention to keep quiet, then there’s a high chance that the large groups and organizations only kept quiet so that they could benefit from it.

‘Well, we left anyways.’  


<The Black Market #3> End.


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