The Skill Maker – Chapter 091

<What Was Gained? #3>

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That’s it.

After eating the fruit that was hanging from the plant, he couldn’t breathe and felt an intense pain.

Because he had a hard time breathing and was in pain, he fell out of the chair and fainted.

‘……I thought I was going to die.’

He managed to survive.

But it felt like someone punched him repeatedly all over his body, so Hyun-Soo grabbed a handful of Levshila and shoved it into his mouth.

Chew, chew.


Even though eating a lot didn’t stack the effects, it calmed him down mentally.

Hyun-Soo grabbed another handful and ate the plant.


Since he ate a medicinal herb, it felt like he was getting better.

‘What just happened to me?’

He ate the fruit of a plant he didn’t have any information on.

And right after, he felt an intense amount of pain.

‘……That fruit was the issue.’

Thinking about it now, he wasn’t sure why he wanted to eat that fruit really badly.

He remembered telling himself that he was going to look into it more and the way he ate it without hesitation wasn’t like him at all.

He couldn’t help but think that maybe he was possessed.

Other than the fact that he was in a lot of pain and lost consciousness, nothing changed.

Hyun-Soo looked at himself to see if there was anything wrong with him.

He slowly poked his abdomen and chest to see if they were infected, but he didn’t feel any pain.

Because of the Levshila, after the pain disappeared, his body felt really light.

‘Something is definitely weird.’

Since his physical condition changed all of a sudden, he couldn’t help but be worried.

Since he was a hunter, most illnesses were cured on their own, so it wasn’t a big problem, but since his body was an asset, he was thinking about going to a hospital.


His eyes saw something odd.

Hyun-Soo was about to activate Interface and look at his stats.

He wanted to look his stamina since his body felt odd.

And then he saw something he hasn’t seen before.

“What’s this?”

Hyun-Soo’s eyes were fixed on the list of skills.

Interface displayed Skill Creation, Skill Transfer, Medicinal Mix, Invisible Attack and Blade Fist.

Those are skills that he’s seen before.

But at the end, there was something he’s never seen before.

‘What is that??’


▶Name : Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

▶Rank : B

▶Class : Skill Maker

▶Experience : 3%

▶Stamina Level : 97%

▶Energy Level : 100%

▶Stamina : 126 / Agility : 114 / Strength : 125 / Critical Hit : 117 / ?? / ?? / ??


▶Skill List


Skill Creation[A]

Skill Transfer[A]

Medicinal Mix[B]

Invisible Attack[B]

└ Blade Fist[B]



Hyun-Soo looked at Interface as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

He earned a new skill and he didn’t know about it?

And it was a skill filled with question marks.

He used Interface again to find more information, but the information displayed was filled with question marks.

Hyun-Soo was stunned.

“Well this is rude.”

It was information about himself.

Shouldn’t it at least display all the information about himself?

Even though he thought that way, he had already given up.

‘Stupid activation rate.’

He strongly felt that this was happening because the activation rate was only at 24%.

The more he raised the rate, the more information it’ll display.

‘Also, I only have eight skill slots and that unknown skill just filled the sixth slot.’

He didn’t have a lot of slots left.

When his rank increased to B, the skill slots increased to eight and because that unknown skill took the sixth slot, he only had two slots left.

Since the Blade Fist was Invisible Attack’s sub-skill, it didn’t fill one of the slots.

It was a relief.

If that took up a slot, then he would only have one left.

‘I don’t know what it is, so I can’t even erase it.’

He wasn’t sure if he could even erase a skill that was filled with question marks.

Hyun-Soo had a headache, but thinking about it wasn’t going to solve it.

So he decided to go with the second-best solution.

He decided to hand over his problem to his future self.

After deciding to think about it later, he looked at the clock.

The clock showed that it was already midnight.


Hyun-Soo was surprised, so he looked at the Hunter Link.

He thought the time was wrong, but the same time was displayed on the Hunter Link.

Three missed calls. Two messages.

He received them while he was passed out.

“Hyun-Soo! You’re not picking up. Are you sleeping because you’re tired?”

The first message was from Katrina.

“I guess you’re really tired. Rest up and I’ll see you tomorrow.”


The second one was from Kim Yoo-Na.

They must’ve thought that he fell asleep due to exhaustion because he didn’t come to dinner at all.


After letting out a deep sigh, Hyun-Soo looked at the Levshilas that he was working on.

It looked like he would have to use them next time.


“It’s so good. I’m sure you would’ve succeeded as a chef if you didn’t become a hunter.”

“You’re probably just thinking that it’s a little bit more delicious than the others.”

David raised both of his thumbs and complemented Hyun-Soo’s Bibimbap again, but Hyun-Soo said it wasn’t anything special.

Bibimbap was a fairly simple dish, so hearing David talk about him being a chef made him feel embarrassed.

It was delicious though.

‘Because I put in a lot of Levshilas.’

The Levshila was a bit bitter, but it was rich in flavor, so Levshila was the best ingredient for the Bibimbap.

The combination was great and if the score of an ordinary Bibimbap was a five, then it jumped to 10 with the addition of the Levshila.

It was also an amazing ingredient because it increased one’s stamina.

It was delicious in many ways.

On top of that, the Bibimbap that everyone has been eating all this time was made by Kim Yoo-Na.

It was obvious that people would compare it since Kim Yoo-Na wasn’t a talented cook.

“I heard that some politician is going to come. Did you hear about it?”

“I did.”

“This is troublesome. Even though the rookie made us a dish that gave us strength, we’re tied down because of this peddler.”

Hyun-Soo was appalled by how David had the guts to call the politician a peddler without any hesitation.

It didn’t matter who the politician was because that position gave them power, but David called them a peddler.

They said something about meeting their girlfriend?

‘Then it’s understandable as to why he’s mad.’

But there was something that David said that caught Hyun-Soo’s attention.

What did he say?

It was…….

‘A food that gave him strength?’

It’s possible that he was just being nice.

Or it could be his way of expressing his gratitude.

“You’re saying that it’s delicious, right?”

“Are you trying to make me say it twice?”

“It’s fine.”

Hyun-Soo acted like he didn’t know what David really wanted and let it go.

The reason for Hyun-Soo making that Bibimbap was simple.

At first, it was to test out the ingredient.

He also wanted to show something to those arrogant hunters.

He was secretly increasing his worth.

And by increasing his worth, he wanted to be an important member within the clan.

He wanted to show the clan some of his power.

He wasn’t thinking about showing all of his power.

He would show some of it and let them make assumptions afterwards.

That was enough.

Unless they were dumb, there’s no way they wouldn’t recognize Hyun-Soo’s worth.

That’s why, as long as he was part of the clan, he could use it as his shield as much as he wanted.

David’s comment meant that he caught on to some of Hyun-Soo’s powers.

If that wasn’t the case, then it meant that he definitely knew what kind of effects the Bibimbap had.

Hyun-Soo was satisfied with just that.


“Thank you for informing me on the clan’s activities. The clan really is amazing.”

He was the politician of the city where the new portal appeared and they came to thank the clan.

The members didn’t know why they had to meet someone like them.

There were rumors that the politicians strongly requested them to take care of it.

And that they wanted to see the heroes that saved the citizens from an unknown danger.

‘I think they just wanted to see what kind of people were in the clan.’

He couldn’t help but think they had other intentions.

‘They must think of hunters as some sort of valuable gem.’

Power and authority were usually paired up together.

And if they were wealthy, then they had everything.

High-ranked hunters were known to be a one-man company that brought in a lot of money.

And their individuals skills were weapons.

If one had military power and wealth, then they would naturally obtain authority.

‘Are they trying to recruit soldiers?’

He couldn’t tell what those powerful figures were thinking.

“The new portal was temporary and we decided to name it ‘Colorful Portal.”

The hunters there were half forced to join and they must’ve felt burdened by their annoyed looks, because the politician coughed and continued talking.

“This is confidential, but I’ll tell you anyways. This isn’t the first time that a colorful portal was discovered. Like the request that we sent you, the colorful portals appeared at the same time. Talented hunters were sent in to clear those portals. But…there hasn’t been one team that came back.”

It was obvious what the politician was trying to do.

Only one person managed to survive.

“Even though a lot of talented hunters went in, no one came back. That means…”

They failed.

All of them.

But one.

The politician continued talking after mentioning the one person that survived.

“The survivor is a hunter and they were able to teleport a short distance. I’m not sure how they escaped the portal, but other than the heroes here, they’re the only ones that survived. Unfortunately…they’re not in any condition to talk.”

“Are they badly hurt?”

“No. Well, I guess you can say that they’re injured. Yes, it’s a serious injury. A psychological injury.”

The politician displayed a bitter smile when they mentioned that the survivor’s head was a blank slate and all they did was stare at the sky with a blank expression.

“We brought in well-known psychiatrist specialists to try and heal them, but they failed. In the end, we couldn’t find out anything.”


Everyone was shocked by the unexpected result.

Hyun-Soo somewhat expected this when the politician mentioned that this clan was the only group that safely returned from the colorful portal.

But on one hand, he thought maybe they were still hunting since they haven’t returned yet.

But after hearing about the only survivor,  that assumption became irrelevant.


<What Was Gained? #3> End.

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