The Skill Maker – Chapter 089

<What Was Gained? #1>

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“Then, let’s go. If I’m wrong, then I won’t step up like I did before and give suggestions.”

“Wow…isn’t that just you saying that if you’re wrong, then you’re wrong? You should take responsibility for…”

“If that’s not enough, then I’ll put down everything that I have. I’m not the type to play around with money.”

“Oh, you’re right. Hyun-Soo really likes money.”

Eugene mumbled after hearing what Hyun-Soo said.

He wasn’t sure if Eugene was trying to help or if he said it without thinking, but it seemed to have affected Marcus.

“…Are you all agreeing with what that noob is saying?”

Marcus looked around after asking and the members were nodding their heads.

Marcus had a dejected look, but when the majority supported Hyun-Soo, he looked like he had no choice but to give up.

“Okay, then let’s do as he says and go for the fourth door. The person that made the decision should take responsibility for it. But I’m not sure if the noob is capable enough to take responsibility.”

“You don’t have to worry about unnecessary things like that.”

After the commotion died down, they stood in front of the fourth door.

They stood in their usual spots and endured the odd feeling they felt during the last three gateways.

And they were able to see it.

Nine doors were standing far from where they were.


‘6/7…do we just need to go through one more to finish this?’

What’s at the end? That’s what Hyun-Soo was curious about the most.

While they were going through the sixth gateway, the members acted like they were on a field trip.

It was understandable because before they went through the sixth gateway, they didn’t see any monsters.

Walking through a white space for a long time really affected the mind.

But everyone was talking about different things, so not many people looked tired.

“Why are there only doors though? Are all mixed colored portals like this?”

“This might be happening because we entered while the portal was transformed. Once the transformation is complete, maybe the space behind the portal is filled. Not a white space like this.”

“But, I haven’t heard of a portal being transformed.”

“But the colors are being mixed. We saw it too.”

One person’s curiosity became the main topic because everyone was starting to talk about it.

“When it’s all mixed together…which color will it become?”

“There were blue, green and purple, so…maybe gray? Or orange?”

“But, it’s really weird. I hope nothing serious happens. We don’t know how the world will change again…”

When one mumbled their worries, another commented on it.

“We might be a part of history.”

They said it in a really serious tone.

“On top of that, if we succeed, we’ll be the first official clan to clear it. If that happens, then our names will surely go down in history.”

“Wow, having my name appear in a book is actually my dream! That’s why my dream was working for NASA. But I failed in science so I had to give up.”

David reacted to the word, history, and when he expressed his excitement, everyone just shook their heads.

This was possible because everyone was close to each other.

‘7/7. It’s finally the last door.’

Interface also displayed that it was the last door.


[Closed Door][7/7]

The last door that leads somewhere.

It’s closed tightly.

One out of the 15 doors will lead to the right path.

Place a hand on the door and it will automatically open.

There’s only one path, so choose carefully.



Before, the description, last door, wasn’t there but it was clearly there now.

“Which one this time?”

The members naturally let Hyun-Soo decide now.

No one was against it.

After Hyun-Soo found the correct door, Marcus didn’t say much and just followed.

The members could see that he was quietly trusting Hyun-Soo.

“The 11th door will be good.”

Finally, the last gateway.

“It’ll be better to prepare ourselves this time just in case.”

“Really? Everyone heard it, right? Be on your guard. We’ll be moving ahead.”

This was the seventh time they felt the odd feeling, but they must’ve been used to it now because they were able to endure it just fine.

It didn’t affect their posture and no one groaned.

Their faces turning white was something they couldn’t control.

The first thing Hyun-Soo did was put his guard up.

The last gateway..

No one knew what was behind it.

Thanks to Hyun-Soo’s warning, everyone became more serious and sharp as they looked around their surrounding.

The level of their nervousness was like a tight bowstring that was pulled back all the way.

‘Something’s different!’

They were in a white room this time too.

However, it was so white that they couldn’t really see each other.

A hazy fog filled the entire room.

“Let’s try to get a clear view.”

A low voice commanded the members.

And the members that used the wind element used their skills.


With them in the center, a weak wind slowly started raging.

As the wind blew, the thick fog that was like smoke slowly became faint.

Their surrounding became a bit better.

Compared to when they couldn’t see their bodies, it got a lot better.

“How about using the skill to widen the area?”

No one knew what was here, so there was a need to be careful when using a skill that affected the area.

But in the current situation, they couldn’t check anything.

There was only one method. They didn’t have a choice.

Hyun-Soo and the members were all nervous.

Thump, thump!

The sound of the heart pounding was loud and it was due to the nervousness.

It felt like his heart was moved to ears because the sound of the heart beating was extremely noisy.


He heard someone quietly releasing a nervous sigh.

It probably came out without them knowing.

But, he didn’t have the energy to complain and most of the members probably felt the same way.

This was a portal that they’ve never experienced before.

And it looked like something was trying to appear within the portal.

“Use your skill in 10 seconds.”

The low voice started counting down quietly.

And when 10 became one.



Wind element skills were released.

Their hair and clothes were blown violently due to the wind.

The wind probably affected their eyes as well, but no one had them closed.

They just stared into the hazy space.-

The thick fog that made them unable to see was starting to disappear.

What kind of monster will appear in the new portal?

They were nervous at first. And then excitement came afterwards.

Hyun-Soo tightened his fist.

He kept his body in a tense state so that he could use his skill as soon as possible.

And then.




The sound of confusion could be heard from the members.

It was understandable.

“……There’s nothing there.”

Behind the fog, there wasn’t any living thing.

What they expected was a monster.

No matter what kind of form or type of monster it was, they were expecting a monster that was strong enough to control the fog.


“Is there really nothing here?”

Someone mumbled quietly. They sounded like they were spacing out.

Their expectation made them feel nervous and excited at the same time, but those feelings soon disappeared.

The atmosphere felt like there would be something behind the fog, but nothing appeared.

“…Let’s try using the skill to expand the area, just in case.”

Kim Yoo-Na must’ve not expected this either because she looked a bit shaken up.

She expected something to jump out, but nothing happened.

Up to the sixth gateway, everything was the same and that was fine, but this place was filled with fog and there was nothing here.

But she calmly commanded the members.

“There’s nothing here that we can assume to be a monster.”

“It’s the same on this side.”

“And the possibility of it being a trap?”

“Eugene checked and he said it’s zero.”


Kim Yoo-Na released a sigh.

He didn’t know if it was a sigh of relief or if it was because of a different reason.

“It is weird. It’s as if that portal was the only different one because the atmosphere was different…”

After the fog disappeared, it became the same as the previous gateways.

And from somewhere, they started seeing green grass.

It slowly started drawing a slope and as small hills started popping up, and a variety of plants that you would see in the spring started growing.

There wasn’t any sun in this hazy space, so no one knew how they were growing.

But that was possible inside a portal.

Thinking logically inside a portal was something that should be avoided.

And beyond that small hill, there was a nest that was partially built and behind it, there was a group of light that was floating around.

No matter where they looked, there weren’t any monsters.

“Is there really nothing here? I feel like there would be something…it’s different from all the other gateways.”

“Wouldn’t there be a monster since there’s a nest over there?”

Hyun-Soo felt the same when the hunters were filled with anxiety and then it disappeared.

But Hyun-Soo was fast at grasping the situation.



[Incomplete Empty Nest]

An empty nest that’s incomplete.

An owner for it has not been decided yet.

It will be completed once an owner has been decided.



As soon as he saw the nest, Hyun-Soo used his skill.

And the information displayed was clear.

And then.

“No, there doesn’t seem to be one.”

This portal doesn’t have an owner.

And it made sense that there was nothing in the gateways that they walked through.

He didn’t know what was behind the other doors, but it was extremely odd how there was nothing behind the correct doors.

He didn’t know why those doors existed and how it was possible to enter the portals, but…

Hyun-Soo made an assumption.

‘We might have entered while the portal was being transformed.’

And because of that, many things were incomplete.

The fact that the nest didn’t have an owner helped Hyun-Soo make that assumption.

It might’ve been blind luck, but the statement that a member made earlier was probably the best assumption.

‘Of course it’s only an assumption.’

When Hyun-Soo concluded that there weren’t any monsters, David asked in a confused tone.

“How do you know?”

He found out by using Interface, but he couldn’t answer it like that.

Instead, Hyun-Soo made up a believable reason.



<What Was Gained? #1> End.

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