The Skill Maker – Chapter 087

<Colorful Portal #2>

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“The land that’s connected to the clan’s land. They said they’ll arrange the deal there. And they promised three times more than the original pay.”


“An arrangement isn’t enough! Tell them to give us a definite answer!”

“The government must be worn out. Seeing as how they’re using that as bait.”

Everyone’s excited voice filled the room within seconds.

“What about the land? What do you mean?”

While everyone was talking about different things, when someone mentioned the land, they all focused on that.

Hyun-Soo was confused by how things suddenly turned positive, so he asked David who was beside him.

“Not sure if I should call it the clan’s grudge, but…you know that we have a forest in the back, right? That’s a private land and the owner is a stubborn elder and their relationship with Yoo-Na isn’t that great. They said they’re never going to sell and they’re planning on writing it on their will to not sell it.”


“It’s the best place for building a airstrip. The plan was postponed, but if we accomplish it this time, then we don’t have to drive out far. That’s why everyone is getting worked up about it.”


Hyun-Soo’s mind became blank at the word, airstrip.

‘I forgot about it for a moment.’

The truth that they were all born with a silver spoon.

No, silver spoon isn’t enough to described them.

Diamond shovel…no, maybe a bulldozer?

It was a truth he briefly forgot because everyone was acting carefree.

Hyun-Soo was at a loss for words for a brief moment because of the truth that was beyond his imagination, but David whisphered.

“I’m sure it’ll be easier for you when you go back home too. Well, we have been pretty frugal all this time. At our level, we should have our own private jet. There aren’t any big issues thanks to the help we’re getting from Yoo-Na’s, but we do feel uneasy.”


And if they could escape that uncomfortable feeling, they would like it.

Everyone right now was for accepting that request.

Even though there were other requests that were behind, the members were already set on the new portal.

The new portal had uncertain information and unpredictable things.

He could tell just from looking at the reports.

There was missing information all over the report.

‘You don’t have to think much to know that this is dangerous…’

But the members already made up their minds and none of them seemed hesitant about it.

In simple terms, it was proof that they had the confidence because they had the skills.

They had the confidence and trust that could help them overcome any difficulties and emergencies.

Their attitudes showed that.

“What did Ariel say?”

Eugene asked, who had been quiet all this time.

‘Now that I think about it…’

Hyun-Soo recalled when he met Ariel a couple days ago.

She said everything was changing.

He suddenly remembered how she said even though nothing was maintaining its form, everything was being mixed.

‘No way…’

Did she predict this situation?

And it was odd how there were parts that matched with what she said.

The future that lost its form and was being mixed.

A new form of the portal where different colors were mixed.


When that thought came into mind, he couldn’t help but keep thinking about it.


When Kim Yoo-Na spoke, everyone looked at her.

They were curious as to what she was going to say next.

Through that, Hyun-Soo was able to read everyone’s trust in Ariel.

“I’m sure you all knew that I would say something like this. Do you think there’s an answer?”

A smile in the shape of an arc appeared on her face.

“Great. Then it’s settled!”

“If Ariel didn’t say much, then it means that we won’t fail.”

In any case, even though there wasn’t a definite answer, that was more than enough to be the answer.

Unanimous agreement.

After the confirmation, the only issue was the procedure.

Like, who was going to attack. What kind of preparations were needed.

Even though it was confirmed, there was a need to investigate the portal more.

There wasn’t a need to do anything dangerous.

They were trying to attack it, not go about it blindly by putting their life on the line.

And they decided on the request.


The clan was split into two.

One was the advance party and the other was the support group.

Since it was a new portal, it was better to be safe than sorry.

They would really fail if they all went into together and became isolated.

“Are you nervous, Hyon-Ssoo?”

Katrina was in the advance party with Hyun-Soo and she asked after sitting next to him.

Hyun-Soo, who was also sitting down, nodded his head.

It was true that he was nervous.

But it wasn’t because he was scared or worried.


‘I’m getting excited for some reason.’

It was a good nervousness where every one of the cells in his body was being awakened.

“What about you?”

“I’m okay. We’re going together!”

This is how Hyun-Soo interpreted her reply.

‘It doesn’t make sense that an A ranked hunter like me would be nervous when a B ranked hunter is going!’

“Hm…I see. Yeah, let’s do our best.”

Even though Katrina was like a younger sister and looked young, she was an A rank.

Anyways, she was a bit more skilled than Hyun-Soo.

‘It was stupid of me to ask.’

Even though their pride disappeared, people would say that the question wasn’t worth asking an A rank.

Of course no was like that anymore…

‘No. There is one.’

The person that showed the most pride when he first joined the clan.

Marcus was also part of the group.

After Hyun-Soo was acknowledged by the members, he didn’t really do much.

But that didn’t mean he was acting friendly.

‘I am a bit worried.’

Since it was a new challenge, he didn’t want there to be any unnecessary issues.

“Good luck.”

When they finished preparing for the attack, the leader of the unit that was guarding around the portal greeted them.

The crews lightly nodded at their greeting.

The portal with a variety of colors.

A light nervousness was flowing around them.

And then.


Hyun-Soo took a step into the portal.


“It’s a door.”

“Definitely a door.”

“It’s really a door······.”

The members commented on the sight that was displayed before them.

“The investigation guys. It seems like they at least came in here.”

“It’s the first thing you see after you enter, so no point in talking about whether they came in or not.”

In an empty, white space, there were three doors.

“Maybe there’s a monster behind each door. And there were exactly three colors mixed together. Green, blue and purple. The numbers fit in as well.”

“You think it’s possible for there to be more portals inside a portal?”

“Isn’t it possible? A part of the investigation team couldn’t return, so it might be.”

Due to the clan’s strong demand, the government dispatched the investigation team again.

They were forced to end the second investigation.

It was absurd that they only did the second investigation due to the clan demanding it, when they should’ve done it on their own. If it weren’t for that strong demand, there wouldn’t be a second investigation.

And during that second investigation. A part of the group went missing.

It’s when they separated and went into the first and third room.

They started the investigation with the thought that they would come back after going in, but since they didn’t come back, they wrote that they had to stop.

It was obvious why the members clicked their tongues after reading that.

‘What were they expecting them to reveal with this? All they did was run away.’

But there was something they earned.

The first and the third door were excluded from the choices.

“We’ll keep going. We’ll go to the second door like we originally planned.

One of the members said it while spinning a red card that was supposedly a mysterious oriental painting.

‘The middle door…?’

Hyun-Soo looked at the second door that was in the middle.

‘Will Interface work?’

A skill that displayed information about the target the user pointed.

On top of that, it was a scary skill that seemed to always reveal new things and Hyun-Soo remembered it.

‘It won’t hurt to try…maybe I should try? Interface!’

He was unsure whether it would work on something like this, but activated Interface anyways.

The result was surprising.


[Closed Door][1/7]

A door that leads to somewhere.

It’s tightly closed.

One of the three doors will lead to the right path.

Place a hand on the door and it will automatically open.

There’s only one path, so choose carefully.


Interface didn’t display a lot of information.

There was an odd mark that said 1/7 and a vague explanation saying that it was closed.

But Hyun-Soo was surprised about something else.

‘It’s shining…in blue.’

A bright clear blue light was softly floating around the middle door.


He used Interface on the two doors that was beside it.

‘They’re red.’

Just from the way it looked, he didn’t want to approach it.

On top of that, out of the three doors, two were red and one was blue.

No matter how he looked at it, the answer was obvious.

‘The middle one is the answer.’

The investigation team was really unlucky because they happened to choose the first and third one.

Hyun-Soo felt relieved by the fact that he was able to check which door was the right one through Interface.

It was better than going into it blindly.

Cheat keys were made to be used.

‘But, what does 1/7 mean?’

Does that mean there are six more doors like this one?

That’s what he assumed, but he couldn’t confirm it.

“We’ll enter in one minute. Get to your position.”

Kim Yoo-Na commanded while standing in front of the second door.

The tanks stood in the front while holding their shields. Healers and long-distance attackers stood in the center. Close-ranger attackers stood on both sides and in the back.

Since Hyun-Soo was a close-range attacker, he was placed in the back.

“Let’s go.”

Following her command, Brad, who was a tanker, placed his hand on the door.

Before Brad placed his hand on the door, the door opened on its own as if it didn’t weigh anything.

And at the same time, the world strangely turned upside down.


It felt like he was riding a rollercoaster.

The top and bottom were switched and as the world became distorted, it became normal moments later.

“It feels like leaping through space rather than entering a door.”

One hunter spoke while feeling nauseous.

Hyun-Soo agreed.

Most of the hunters were experienced, and they calmly dealt with unexpected situations like this.

But since they were humans too, there were some that became nauseous.

“I feel like throwing up…”

One of them was Katrina.

“I’m doing a condition check. No one has any issues, right?”

After Kim Yoo-Na’s checked the group’s condition, she signaled Brad.

After confirming that there won’t be any unexpected attacks, they changed the formation a bit.

“I don’t think there are any traps. Nothing is happening.”



<Colorful Portal #2> End.

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