The Skill Maker – Chapter 009

<Good and Bad Things Happen at Once #3>


With only one healer, the D rank leader was able to keep fighting by maintaining his energy, but he ended up taking the hit.

It was because Kim Yoo-Han kept on spitting crazy comments that it caused the leader to lose his concentration.

The people at the base felt uneasy after seeing the formation break up.

Since his stamina and injury couldn’t be healed, Choi Do-Won couldn’t aggravate the monster.

“Ack! It’s looking at us.”

“Tanker, aggravate it!”

“…Healer, he’s dying. Please heal him!”

“I am!!”

“Sub-tank, what are you doing?!”

“What are you expecting?!”

When Choi Do-Won stopped aggravating the Flower Spore, the attackers started attacking it, causing the monster to turn their attention on the attackers.

The monster’s target changed from Choi Do-Won to the attackers.

“Ack! Damn it!”

The attackers nearby got scared and stood far away from it.

The thing that the Flower Spore was looking at was the long-distance attackers because they shot flamed arrows, which caused damage to the plants.

Since long-distance attackers trained their mind more than their body, their physical strength was no different than an ordinary human.

What would happen if the Flower Spore started attacking them?

They would either die or get an injury that would cause them to die.

Using every bit of their strength, the healer managed to heal Choi Do-Won’s deep wound, allowing him to aggravate the monster again.

The close-range dealers were busy running for their lives that they didn’t know what to do.

If they were to attack it, they would aggravate it, but if they didn’t, then the tanker and the healer would run out of energy.

If that happened, then everyone would die.

There wasn’t an attacker that could withstand the Flower Spore’s attack.

There was a sub-tanker that would step in if this happened, but the sub-tanker that the leader brought was no use.

In order to gain experience the easy way, he paid the leader to allow him to participate in the hunt, but the money would be divided among the party members and the leader wouldn’t get any.

Unless there was a huge change, it was possible to clear the grey portal with nine members.


However, even if the grey portal’s level was low, a monster was still a monster.

Even if it was a low level portal where it was easy to capture the monster, if there was no teamwork, then it would just make it that much harder.

If there were continuous mistakes, one can really mess up even in a grey portal.

And Hyun-Soo’s first hunt wasn’t working out so great.

‘Am I unlucky? Why isn’t anything working out? This is my first hunt after I barely managed to create a skill and now, I’m about to die because of this crazy healer.’

He thought about his family back home.

His mother was working so hard at the restaurant that her hands were shriveled up.

His father worked at the apartment while hearing rude comments and being treated poorly.

And his little sister, Hyuna, couldn’t even properly spread her wings because of their poor living condition.

He could see their faces.


The hunt would become a mess in five minutes.

If this continued and they decided to start running, they’ll all be captured and end up dead.

While the tanker was aggravating the monster, all the vines were attacking the tanker, but once the tanker failed, no one knew where those vines would end up.

“I’ll try again so quickly attack it!”

Choi Do-Won yelled.

If they quickly attacked, he might miss the chance to aggravate it, but before the monster turns its attention elsewhere, he was planning on giving it his all.

“Die! Die!”

Various attacks were performed.

Long-distance attackers use fire and ice and attacking the Flower Spore’s petals.

Close-range attackers would use their most powerful attack, check the tanker and attack again.

“Why won’t it die?!”

However, the hunt was messed up from the start.


The Flower Spore still had a good amount of health left.

But, no matter how much they attacked it, it was impossible to end this in such a short period of time.

“Ack! Save me…!”

In the end, Choi Do-Won failed again.

The quick attacks that the close-range attackers performed caused the monster to turn its attention to them.

The Flower Spore started attacking them with its vines.

Noticing the attack, the attackers moved back and landed on their butts.

They heard an extremely loud roar above them.

The vines were targeting the attacker’s neck, but due to them falling down, the vines sliced the air instead.

Now, the attackers were too scared to attack the monster.

Their faces were now filled with fear.

The fear of death…




If the remaining hunter was a rank E or D, it wouldn’t matter if Kim Yoo-Han left.

However, the healer was a rank F and lacked the healing power when compared to the E rank hunter, Kim Yoo-Han.

“Hey you useless healer! Hurry up and heal! Heal now!”

If this continues, everyone will die.

The attackers had gone crazy and ran over to Kim Yoo-Han and grabbed him by his collar.


“It-it’s not my fault. It’s all the carriers’ fault. It’s not my fault it turned out this way…”

Kim Yoo-Han was panicking, which caused him to mumble.

The confident Kim Yoo-Han disappeared.

“Hurry up and heal! Stop with the crazy talk and do it!”


“It-it’s not my fault…”

Kim Yoo-Han probably didn’t want this either. Unless he was crazy, he didn’t intend on putting everyone’s life on the line.

He just wanted to put all the blame on the annoying carriers.

But, it ended up that way.

The situation really worsened.

Screams could be heard from all over the place.

Death was creeping up on them.

As a healer, this was the first time the team treated him so poorly.

Due to the different complications, they were in a panicking state.

Despite of his cocky attitude, he didn’t have much experience and seeing death approach due to his attitude, it seemed like he wasn’t able to come to his senses.

Hyun-Soo started laughing.

As a hunter, there was definitely something special.

If that wasn’t the case, then these hardships wouldn’t happen whenever he overcame one.

‘If I knew that crazy guy was joining the hunt, I wouldn’t have been so happy when I got recruited.’

I was going to give half of my pay to my parents and half of the half to Hyuna.

With the remaining half, I was going to take my family out to BBQ, but was that too big of a dream?

However, if he went back in time and got asked if he wanted to join, he would’ve still nodded his head.

But, he would stop himself from talking to the psycho.

No matter how fast one regrets it, it’s already too late.

There was no need to assume that this would’ve made the situation better.

The important thing was.


He needed to survive.


Hyun-Soo wasn’t going to die here.


Not this easily and he would be really angry if he died because of this crazy idiot.

‘What should I do?’

Hyun-Soo thought hard about what to do.

In his mind, he agreed with Choi Do-Won’s judgement. Ending this as soon as possible gave them a higher chance at surviving.

But, the problem was that in their current condition, the attackers couldn’t perform their most powerful attack to end this as soon as possible.

While the monster turned its attention away from Choi Do-Won, the remaining healer used all of their power and healed him to the point where he could move.

Then, Choi Do-Won managed to aggravate it again.

They were walking on thin ice.

But, if this continued, then they would be placed in a much worse situation.

Even though his attacks were a lot weaker than the other hunters, Hyun-Soo decided to start attacking.


He felt the need to try in order to survive.

Hyun-Soo grabbed the pebble that was in his bag.

As soon as he got into position and was about to throw it, he noticed something odd.


It was right under the flower petal.

Because of the wide flower petals, the part where the vines and the petal met was almost hidden.

Right under the calyx, there was a faint, white light.

‘…What is that?’

Concentrating on the light, he noticed a dot that was sparkling under the calyx.

It felt like one of those games where they provided you with a step-by-step tutorial.

Then, Hyun-Soo thought about hitting that spot.


No one told him about it, but he was just following his gut instinct and it was so strong, that he decided to follow through.

It didn’t hurt to try.

With that though, Hyun-Soo tightly gripped onto the pebble.

After seeing the white light, he yelled in his head.

‘Mighty Throw!’


The pebble that Hyun-Soo threw flew at a fast rate.

Thanks to the skill, the pebble flew at a faster rate than when thrown normally.

‘Mighty Throw! Mighty Throw!”

Since the accuracy rate was only 48%, Hyun-Soo continuously threw them.

The rate was right under half, but the more he threw, the more his accuracy rate increased.

And, Hyun-Soo’s assumption was correct.

Among the pebbles that he threw, most of them hit the white light.



The Flower Spore that was attacking Choi Do-Won nonstop suddenly trembled and stopped attacking.

The stamen split in half and the monster let out a monstrous roar.

Anyone would’ve been in pain if they heard it.

“Huh? Huh?!”

Calculating a monster’s energy field was a basic move.

A hunter, that was standing far away, quickly calculated the energy level and was surprised when its energy field dropped quickly as it roared.

“Who attacked just now?”

“Isn’t the leader attacking?”

The close-range dealer that ran away first asked this and the hunter that was calculating shook his head.

“The leader is exhausted so he can’t even attack it properly.”

“Then, who is it?”

Even in their eyes, the way the vines moved was different from before.


On top of that, the energy field dropped to half.

In their eyes, the monster that scared away all the attackers just let out a strange scream and suddenly its energy field dropped.

The energy field that was protecting the monster dropped by half.

Their chance of capturing the monster would increase if they attacked now.

But, the attackers couldn’t move so easily.

If the monster wasn’t aggravated, Choi Do-Won wouldn’t be able to help in his current condition, which meant they could lose their lives.

But the situation definitely changed.

Everyone was thinking about the worst, possible situation, but it was decreased by half due to unknown reasons.

Ignoring their reactions, Hyun-Soo, the main guy that made this possible, was busy looking at the notifications.



“The accuracy rate of the Mighty Throw (F) has increased.”

“Current Accuracy Rate: 64%”


‘What the?’

Within moments, the accuracy rate jumped from 48% to 64%.

Thanks to the interface, he knew that the energy field decreased by half.

Also, there wasn’t anyone else attacking the monster, so it was definitely because of his skill.

‘Not sure what happened, but that was awesome!’

He didn’t know what was going on, but he managed to decrease the energy field, so his experience point was going to increase tremendously.

Life was filled with unexpected twists and turns, but this was definitely a rollercoaster to him.

He wanted to cheer for his unexpected success, but he kept it in and grabbed another pebble.


It was because Hyun-Soo caused the most damage and the monster turned its attention to him.

‘…Damn it.’

It’s the monster that was easily aggravated despite of the hunter’s attack.

Even if it’s energy field decreased by half, there was no way it would see Hyun-Soo as a threat.

The monster turned its body around and moved menacingly.

With its snake-like vines, the monster started running towards Hyun-Soo.



<Good and Bad Things Happen at Once #3> End.

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    “I was going to give half of my pay to my parents and half of the half to Hyuna.

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