The Skill Maker – Chapter 051

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<Secrets #3>

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‘I think today had the most English I’ve heard in my entire life.’

It was possible since Hyun-Soo didn’t really like English.

As soon as he finished the second hunt, Katrina’s eyes started sparkling brightly.

He didn’t know why she was acting like that, but it was very flattering.


‘…It’s so burdening. Ah, really burdening.’

Honestly, he wished that she would stop looking at him.

‘But I have a feeling that she’ll keep coming out with Kim Yoo-Na.’

Katrina had a pretty bubbly personality, but if there was something she didn’t like, she really didn’t like it.

At first, she completely ignored him and even disliked him, but now, she was like a puppy that followed their owners around.

‘Now that I think about it, I haven’t collected anything.’

Because Katrina came up to him right after he finished, he forgot about collecting the items.

After that, she kept on following him and he tried to quietly run away since he was burdened by her, but everything somehow ended.

‘There wasn’t anything that caught my eyes when I walked in, so this is pretty disappointing.’

It was weird to start looking for items like he did with Kim Yoo-Na before because Katrina was continuously looking at him.

‘Everything else is fine, but that’s a bit too much.’

No, other things made him uncomfortable too.

‘Well, she did provide new options, so I’ll just let it go.’

The method that Katrina offered.

If it was possible, his parents wouldn’t have to forcefully move overseas and he wouldn’t feel as bad about leaving them.

‘The problem is how much I can trust Kim Yoo-Na…’

Hyun-Soo was the one responsible for improving Hye-Na’s condition.

He somewhat had the advantage.

On top of that, Hyun-Soo witnessed her personality.

‘She’s not the type to use her family.’

For someone that cherishes their family, they understand that family is important to others as well.

Because of that, when Kim Yoo-Na asked him to help her sister, he couldn’t decline.

After they were done and were on their way back, Katrina followed them.

By looking at the side mirror, he noticed an expensive import car following behind them.

The owner of that car was of course, Katrina.

“Can’t we leave her somehow?”

“I’m sorry. She usually acts on her own…I’ll make sure to warn her again.”

For that reason, despite Hyun-Soo not saying anything, Kim Yoo-Na dropped him off at a location that was different from the usual spot.

It was near a subway station.

Katrina parked as well and was about to step out of the car, but Hyun-Soo quickly ran inside the station.

‘Damn it, why do I have to run as if something is chasing after me?’

He thought it was unfair.

However, it’ll only be tiring if he got caught, so he blended himself in amongst the crowd.


“I’ll make sure to tell Katrina. I’m sorry about today.”

When he checked his phone after coming home, he noticed that he received a text from Kim Yoo-Na.


Katrina seemed like someone Kim Yoo-Na had a difficult time handling, so he wasn’t sure if she would succeed.

‘I’m sure she’ll think of something.’

Hyun-Soo didn’t think much of it.

No one knew what would happen in the future.

“Hyun-Soo, are you going hunting today?”

It was 6:30 in the morning and the sun hasn’t come up yet.

Hyun-Soo was making breakfast for Hyuna, who was getting ready to go to school.

‘There isn’t much in her lunchbox. Maybe it’s because I didn’t collect anything last time.’

Couple of days ago, Hyun-Soo started making Hyuna’s lunch since their mother was busy.

After spending time with Kim Yoo-Na, he ended up having some free time, so he started doing this and quite enjoyed it.

He would collect vegetables from the portal that were good for the body and make side dishes out it. It was pretty effective.

Her friends asked her what kind of cosmetics she used because she had nice skin and on days when she didn’t get enough rest, she still had a good amount of energy.

‘There isn’t much left.’

Because of Katrina, Hyun-Soo ended up leaving the portal without collecting anything.

Which is why, they didn’t have that many ingredients left.

‘I need to get more. Anyways, it’s effective and it tastes good. It’s killing two birds with one stone.’

It wasn’t as effective as the potions that he made, but it was better than not eating them at all.

“I don’t think I’ll be going today.”

Hyun-Soo answered as he handed her a warm, square lunchbox.

“Is something wrong?”

Hyun-Soo usually went hunting once every couple of days, but he was still wearing his pajamas and after seeing him slowly make her lunch, Hyuna asked worriedly.

She never said it, but after he went out as a carrier, he always stayed home, which worried her a lot.

She asked carefully to avoid asking something that might bring him bad memories.

“No, it’s not like that. There are a lot of people looking for me because I’m so talented. Don’t you know that it’s good to rest once in a while? It’s called being mysterious.”

“Oh, what? Anyways, if nothing’s going on, then that’s good. I’ll be going now. Thanks for the lunch!”

When he answered half-jokingly, Hyuna giggled.

Hyun-Soo watched her leave and once she was gone, he let out a deep sigh.

‘I thought I would get a call today…’

She would’ve already called by now.

Since Kim Yoo-Na had her own life, she couldn’t be with Hyun-Soo all week.

‘She said she would talk with Katrina, but maybe things didn’t work out.’

Even though she said she would watch quietly, her presence alone was pretty uncomfortable.

Since no one knew what would happen during the hunt, he asked Kim Yoo-Na to prevent her from intercepting and she answered that she understood.

‘And she hasn’t called after that.’

Hyun-Soo decided to spend this time by logging onto Hunter Net.

‘I guess I’ll check to see what’s been going on in the community and see if there’s anything interesting on there.’

A certain colored portal opened somewhere.

The pop-up date for the portal that’s in this area is running out.

But that portal was like this.

Just reading them made it seem like they were posting useless comments, but he’s able to obtain information about areas that he’s unable to cover by himself.

‘There are hunters that make comments for that purpose.’

But, as soon as he entered, there was a post that caught his attention.

“They’re still talking about this…?”

‘What happened to that guy that used to sell scrolls?’ was the title.

It was obviously a post about Hyun-Soo.

It’s been a while since Hyun-Soo stopped selling the scrolls, but there were still people that were looking for him.

It’s been awhile since he logged in here, so after he sold the last scroll, he didn’t know what was going on.

Hyun-Soo was curious, so he clicked on the post.


Title: What happened to the person that sold scrolls?

Body: I’ve saved up money by working hard and participating in a lot of hunts, but what happened to him?

Does anyone know what happened to him?

I saved money, but I can’t buy it…

Why hasn’t he been posting…TT TT


– There are rumors that he died.

            – What? That person died? How?

            – I don’t know you fuckin idiot.

            – Why are you cussing you bastard?!

– I heard he’s living in a mountain somewhere.

            – Oh, really?

            – I don’t know you fucking idiot.

            – You’re the same guy as above, huh – -?

– I heard he got recruited to XX attack group.

            – I heard something different. I heard that he got recruited to XX guild.

– Is this from a credible source? If he did get recruited, I’m sure the guilds are in a better situation now. The previous buyers must be jelly…

– They’re not idiots to reveal everything. Don’t you think they would increase the price though? Before this, I heard that he sold the scrolls at an extremely low price;;

– I’m not sure about that, but lately, there have been some serious conversations about this.

– What kind of conversations? Who’s talking about it?

– It’s something I’ve heard so I’ll be erasing it soon. Poof, poof, poof, poof

– It seemed like they wouldn’t do something like that, but they did?

– What’s this? I couldn’t read it because it was erased;

The latest post that appeared just happened to be about him, so he was curious and was having fun reading it, but an odd expression appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face.

“What’s this?”

After reading a couple of fun assumptions, his eyes stopped on a comment that was erased.

‘No way…’

When he refreshed, new comments appeared along with the old ones.

Since it was the latest post, people were busy leaving comments.


Title: Which one is true?

Body: The one comment that appeared two comments below this one. The guy that erased the comment they left.

The one about how he got recruited?

What exactly did they talk about?

And how did they know about it?

It’s not fair that they erased just that comment T.T

Who recruited the guy that was selling the scroll?

If you’re going to say, just say it. You’re making everyone curious.

But isn’t the XX guild and the XX attack group rivals?

I need to know how much my scroll is worth so please respond!


– That side doesn’t like it when there are comments like this. I heard they monitor the comments, so it’s best to take down the post.

– I heard they’re just doing that for show. They’re going to fix it.

            – Oh, jeez. So do all scrolls cost the same?

            – You didn’t know, you fuckin idiot?

            – This guy again?

            – That’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Aren’t they rivals?

– I’m the user that erased the comment and I’m sorry for requesting this, but can’t you take down the post? TT TT

            – It wasn’t anything bad. Are you talking in code because you’re afraid of getting caught or something?

When Hyun-Soo refreshed, that comment disappeared because they erased it.

“I don’t feel good about this…”

One can only obtain a fragment of information through the forum.

‘Everything is an assumption and there isn’t any proof, but maybe it’s because I’ve heard some things. It’s making me feel uneasy.’

It was hard to believe everything that was posted on this website.

Especially those that state that they’ve been involved with the situation, there probably weren’t that many that actually spoke the truth.

There were even people that exaggerated about Hyun-Soo and were writing it as if it was all true.

But for Hyun-Soo, it was entertaining and it was nothing more than a comedic situation.

Other than the rumors that can actually be proven, it’s safe to assume that everything else on that website was false.

“Jeez, I got upset for nothing…”

However, he was still feeling uneasy about it.

‘Kim Yoo-Na did say that there were people that were doing a background check on me. But, it would be hard for a person to do it by themselves…then the only thing left is a group.’

It was the guild he saw on the forum. And if it were the large attack group that was mentioned, it would fit right into the situation.

‘It’s better to be safe than sorry. I did get those messages before.’

For those that have a lot, regardless of how much they have, they’re very sensitive about others taking advantage of them.

They would gather as much as they can and in order to save the money they have, they’ll either fire their employees or cut their pay.

‘It’s the victims that feel frustrated about it. It’s probably best to let Kim Yoo-Na know when I see her.’

Kim Yoo-Na was a strong support to him.

Thanks to her, he didn’t have to be anxious all the time and didn’t have act timidly about everything.

Anyways, he wasn’t in the mood to look through the Hunter Net, so he closed the browser.

This isn’t what’s important right now.

‘Since I have time, I should see which commercial area is the best.’

The options that Katrina provided.

If he could use those and keep his parents safe, they would be the best options.

Whether it’s changing identities or having guards 24/7, as long as they’re able to live their daily lives freely, that’s all that mattered.

Honestly, Hyun-Soo wanted them to rest comfortably now.

They’ve worked hard all their lives, so it doesn’t hurt to get support from their son and rest.

‘But, I can’t ask them to rest just because it would make me feel better. Anyways, as the son, I need to find a way for my parents to live a more comfortable life.’



<Secrets #3> End.


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