The Skill Maker – Chapter 083

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<Uninvited Guest #2>

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Their first opponent was none other than…

‘Why me?!’

It was Hyun-Soo.

He barely dodged their strong kick that was filled with energy.

Thanks to the trainings he did to improve his reflexes, his body moved back, and if it weren’t for that, then their foot would’ve kicked his temple.

Even though a hunter’s body has been trained more than an ordinary person’s body, if one of their vital points were suddenly attacked, then it’s obvious that they would die.

Hyun-Soo just barely managed to avoid death and his chest started breathing deeply.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“…I’m fine.”

“I know it’s been too quiet lately, but a guy like this just barges in and it’s really rude!”

With that statement, a fight broke out.

Hamilton stepped behind the group and the men in the black suit charged with skills and weapons in their hands.

At first, they looked like ordinary guards, but they were hunters because they attacked the other hunters without any hesitation.


One of the men in a suit quickly dashed and used their sword to attack a hunter’s neck.

But hunter managed to dodge it by twirling their body and performed a counterattack.

Another man in a suit crouched and used their fist to attack the same hunter.

Another hunter used their elbow to stop their attack.


It was a messy fight.

Even though it was easy to differentiate them, it was difficult to see who was attacking who because everyone was busy attacking and defending at the same time.

Click, clack.

Hamilton, who was standing behind the crowd, suddenly started moving.

He was heading towards the entrance of the building.

Hyun-Soo was the one that saw it.

“Oh no you don’t…!”
After creating a long spear, Hyun-Soo threw it towards Hamilton.




A person suddenly appeared as if they were created from thin air and blocked his attack.

“You’re really bothersome.”

When Hamilton waved his hand, the guard that suddenly appeared charged towards Hyun-Soo.



The sword hit Hyun-Soo’s arm and created a loud metallic sound.

Hyun-Soo was pushed back due to the shock.

It was so strong that Hyun-Soo’s arm could’ve been cut off if he didn’t use his instincts to use his skill.

“Finish him quickly.”

Hamilton looked at Hyun-Soo as if he was an annoyance and commanded his guard.

The guard slightly nodded their head.

And they approached Hyun-Soo as if they were sliding.

His opponent was now behind him and he attacked Hyun-Soo’s vital point.



His view was slowing down.

His opponent’s movement looked like an afterimage as it looked blurry.

It was a supernatural world where even the sound was being stretched out.

‘Blade Fist!’

The opponent’s movement was so fast, that the eyes couldn’t keep up.

But that didn’t matter.

The supernatural feeling that occurred all of a sudden already read the afterimage of them.


The metallic sound that was created was a lot louder than before.

A spark was created between the opponent’s sword and Hyun-Soo’s fist.

From afar, it looked as if they were exchanging attacks.

But that wasn’t the case.


The opponent’s side was injured and red blood started flowing out of it.

Because there were several blades, when they shined, it must’ve confused them.

It looked as if they instinctively dodged the blades because they assumed it was an illusion, but they were actual blades.


A smile appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face.

This was the first time he used the Blade Fist.

‘I guess they’re annoyed.’

Even though they displayed a straight through the entire fight, the emotions they felt within them was something they couldn’t hide.

They were nothing more than a puppet that Hamilton controlled, but Hyun-Soo felt the spirit within them changing.


Hamilton was standing behind his opponent and Hyun-Soo could clearly see their upset face.

Hyun-Soo responded to his expression by glancing at him and turned his attention back to his opponent.

It’s because his opponent changed his stance after putting pressure on the wound.



His opponent disappeared.

And appeared within seconds.

The issue was that they didn’t appear in one place. They appeared in several different places in short intervals.

The places they appeared in were inconsistent and when they reappeared, they closed the gap between them and Hyun-Soo.

‘Where are they?’

It must’ve been a skill of theirs because Hyun-Soo couldn’t even catch them when his view was slowing down.


But, moments later, Hyun-Soo noticed an afterimage appearing.

Their movement was stretched out and it was different from when before.

The opponent appeared for a moment and then immediately disappeared.

That annoyed Hyun-Soo.

As soon as he confirmed it, Hyun-Soo instinctively moved his body back.

And then…


In the same area where he saw the afterimage.

The opponent appeared in that same spot and a frown appeared on their face as if there was some sort of issue.

If he didn’t dodge it, then his side would’ve gotten hurt pretty badly.

‘No way…’

A thought popped into Hyun-Soo’s head, but it disappeared.

It’s because his opponent charged towards him again.

‘They’re purposely targeting my side.’

The fact that Hyun-Soo landed an attack must’ve hurt their pride because they wouldn’t stop attacking that area.

Blocking a blade that was swiftly approaching his waist was difficult.

Hyun-Soo backed away several of times and dodged their attack.

His opponent must’ve thought that they had the upper hand because their attacks became stronger.



That’s exactly what Hyun-Soo wanted.

Once his vision increased, his opponent’s movement slowed like like a slow-motion video.

As their attack became stronger, their actions became bigger as well, which revealed their weak points.


Hyun-Soo reached out and grabbed his opponent’s arm.

And by using that as the support, he used his other hand punched their waist.

Repeating the attack is the best way to maximize it.

It’s attacking the same spot over and over again.

It was cheap, but effective!

The Blade Fist had already been applied on Hyun-Soo’s fist.

As the light reflected off the metallic blade, Hyun-Soo was about to attack again, but!


His opponent’s sword blocked Hyun-Soo’s fist.


‘That’s the fake one and this is the real one!’

The group of illusions that was seen was no different from the actual attack, but it depended on how he went about it.

In simple terms.

‘They might attack a fake one out of these!’

At first, his opponent ignored it, thinking that the afterimage was nothing more than an illusion, but they found out that those illusions were actual attacks.

After realizing that, his opponent did their best to block every blade.

But what if Hyun-Soo displayed an actual illusion and attacked after the opponent blocked the illusion?

That was a trick that could put him at an advantage.

On top of that, he could control it freely.

An attack that completely broke the opponent’s prediction.

That’s what the Blade Fist was.



In the end, Hyun-Soo’s opponent’s waist was wide open and after attacking it, they let out a groan and rolled on the ground.


His opponent tried to stand up by using the sword as a support.

But it must’ve been really painful because they couldn’t really move.

It’s because when Hyun-Soo attacked their waist, he poured out all of his energy and extended the length of the blade.

If this happened to an ordinary person, they probably would’ve died already.

However, because his opponent was a hunter, they glared at Hyun-Soo with hatred despite of blood flowing out of their body.


Hyun-Soo injured him to the point where he wouldn’t be able to move, but if he left them alone, they might come charging towards him again.

That’s why, it was best to disarm them while they were down.

Hyun-Soo took a step forward to finish it.

Clap, clap!

He heard a light clap.

“Amazing. Simply amazing.”


The voice belonged to Hamilton, who was quickly trying to resolve this.

Hamilton had been watching the entire time with his arms crossed and as he clapped, the tense atmosphere disappeared.

“I came here to see the fortune teller, but I found a new gemstone.”

‘Fortune teller?’

As soon as he heard that word, a person popped into his head.

He didn’t know the reason, but they were a Hidden Class that everyone was keeping quiet about.

It was Ariel.

But Hyun-Soo didn’t know why her name was being mentioned here.

“How about it? Would you like to go with me? I’ll fulfill whatever your heart desires. Wealth, honor, power, women…just say what you want. My instincts are strongly telling me that I shouldn’t let go of someone as skilled as you.”

Hyun-Soo thought he was being ridiculous.

How could he say something like that when he just brutally beat one of his men?

When Hyun-Soo didn’t say anything, Hamilton took it as him declining his offer and released a disappointed sigh.

“It amazes how this clan has so many things that I want. Well…I’m not sure if I should say that I’m envious of it or desire it. Since I’m being greedy, I should probably say that I desire it, right?”

“It doesn’t matter if you want it. There’s nothing we can give you, Mr. Gracovich.”

“Kim Yoo-Na…?”

He heard a voice that hasn’t heard in the longest time.

Her eyes were cold.

Cold words escaped her red lips.

A cool and proud stance.

When he turned his head, he saw a woman standing in front of a group.

“My, my. I didn’t think you’d return so quickly. I heard that you had an emergency business to attend to. You must be more capable that I thought.”

Hamilton spoke to Kim Yoo-Na with a smile.

But a cold reply was what he got.

“I’m sure I sent a reply saying that I decline, Mr. Gracovich.”

“I haven’t received that reply actually.”

“Then I’ll tell you again. I’ll decline your offer.”

“Do you know about the price that I’m willing to pay…?”

“That kind of money and power is something that I can obtain on my own, so don’t worry about that.”

After hearing Kim Yoo-Na’s cold response, the smile disappeared from Hamilton’s face.

“That snobbish attitude will only get you in trouble. I don’t think letting me meet one measly hunter is such an amazing thing that you need to be snobbish about it.”

“I will officially protest regarding your rude behavior here. You must take responsibility for your actions. Don’t worry about my snobbish attitude and worry about yours. You won’t be able to cover this simply with money.”

A frown appeared on Hamilton’s face.

The group of men that he brought have already been taken care of.

On top of that, his guard was badly injured because of Hyun-Soo.

There was nothing else he could other than leave the place.

‘Kim Yoo-Na is the one making the decisions.’

And then Kim Yoo-Na appeared.

She must’ve tried to get here as quickly as possible because faint smoke was still coming out from her red sports car.

“For someone that considers manners as being important, you barge into someone else’s clan and cause trouble. Pretty ironic, don’t you think?”

“Ha ha. The things that I prepared for you must’ve been small and weak. I’ll make sure to bring more presents next time. Then I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with it too.”

That meant that the appointment he mentioned earlier was a lie.

Or it was an appointment that he decided on his own.

Kim Yoo-Na coldly answered Hamilton’s comment.

“There won’t be a next time.”


Within moments, fire enveloped Kim Yoo-Na’s fist.

Hamilton was slightly surprised and smiled to hide it, but he didn’t look calm at all.

“We’ll just have to see, won’t we? Since my offer has been declined, I’ll take my leave now.”

When Hamilton mentioned that he was leaving, the hunters and his men started backing out.

The hunters didn’t forget to keep their eyes on them and kept on glaring at Hamilton’s men.

“Don’t forget. There won’t be a next time.”

No next time.

Kim Yoo-Na had a stern expression as she gave that command.

Hamilton, who was the only one in perfect condition, stepped inside the car.

Just like when they entered here, they quickly left the clan base.


<Uninvited Guest #2> End.

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