The Skill Maker – Chapter 082

<Uninvited Guest #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian

It was.

‘It’s definitely better to experience it myself.’

After helping the new hunters strengthen their skills, Hyun-Soo obtained their skills.

And he focused on one skill that he was really compatible with.

It was the close-range attacker’s skill that cut the piece of concrete into two.

‘I don’t need a weapon.’

The form of Invisible Attack was different every time, so it didn’t matter whether he had weapon or not.

Hyun-Soo was thinking about how he should use this.

And another thing.

‘If I do this…’

His speciality, skill recreation.

When thinking about efficiency, rather than using the skill several of times, it’s better to create multiple skills at once.

Out of the three hunters, one had a skill that created an optical illusion.

Hyun-Soo was inspired by that.

‘It may look like an illusion, but if the fake was a fake and everything was real?’

It’ll help point out the opponent’s weakness when they think it’s a fake.

There wasn’t a special reason as to why Hyun-Soo was suddenly interested in close-range skills.

He was now part of a clan.

He didn’t have to work as hard as before where he was by himself and he had to do everything within his power to survive.

And if he were to pick and choose the skills, then he was the type to focus more on the damaging skills.

With Invisible Skill, he created many different shapes with it.

Since it was developed from Mighty Throw, its original type is a long-range attack.

But since the skill enveloped his fist like a glove, he enjoyed the feeling of hitting his enemy, so he used it as a close-range skill as well.

Rather than attack from a distance, attacking the enemy up close was a lot more exciting.

On top of that, it felt good seeing the skill with his own eyes after using it.

There was a certain satisfaction after the hunt was over.

That was the only difference.

‘How should I make it…?’

If he used the hints that he obtained from the hunters’ skills and mixed it together, he would definitely be able to come up with an amazing skill.

Hyun-Soo forgot about the time and for few days, he researched the skill and practiced continuously.

And then.


[Invisible Attack [B] is now stronger because the condition has been fulfilled.]

[Invisible Attack [B] will be divided for becoming stronger.]



[The skill, Blade Fist [B], has been created.]


This was the result.


He didn’t think a skill would be made.

But getting stronger?

And what’s getting divided?

But Hyun-Soo’s instincts kicked in.

That his attempt worked.


In the end, Hyun-Soo didn’t do anything that put him at a disadvantage.

He actually obtained a skill that was based off the A rank skills.

‘I should stop for today.’

He achieved his goal and it didn’t matter that his head was hurting and that his eyes were feeling stiff.

But he tried his best to keep using it if it was possible.

‘I’m curious about the skills that the other A rank hunters have too.’

They say that you never stop learning.

That applied to Hyun-Soo as well.

‘The more I use, the more developed it’ll be.’

The more developed it is, other functions will appear as well.

The activation rate of Hyun-Soo’s Interface was 24%.

His current goal was 30%.

‘1/4th of it has already been activated, so if it increased to 1/3rd, what would happen?’

His curiosity excited him.

“Hey, Super Rookie. Want to go outside and warm-up a bit? People need to be in the sun once in a while, you know. Everyone is out, so it’s pretty quiet. Let’s go outside and exercise a bit.”

Within the entire building, there were lights installed that played the role of the sunlight, but David and the others asked to have a change in scenery.

A frown appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face when he heard David.

‘My name was changed into something weird again.’

Before Hyun-Soo shuddered with repulsion after hearing the word, genius.

After that, David and the other three hunters stopped calling Hyun-Soo by that word.

However, after the purple light disappeared from them, they called him a monster with an intimidated look.


“The Hidden Class must consist of only monsters that are above average.”


That was the gist of it.

They must’ve been shocked when Hyun-Soo copied their skills, developed it and easily resolved the issues they had for a long time.

“Do you think he’s some sort of an amazing buffer or something?”

“Now that I think about it, the food that he made us before was pretty interesting…”

“I’m telling you. He’s a genius.”

They were discussing whether the power they had was too great and were talking about useless things while Hyun-Soo was standing right in front of them.

But asking for detailed information from each other was considered rude.

There was an unwritten law that unless the person talks about it first, others can’t ask questions about it.

Because of that rule, the others weren’t bombarding him with questions.

But his name changed based on their thoughts and flow of the situation.

Genius was a name that made him cringe.

Next was God’s Hand.

And then Monster because his skill was like a monster.

But Monster sounded dreary and pessimistic, so they agreed to add the word, super, in front of the first name.

They made that agreement recently.

David aggressively told them to go with genius since everything could be described with that one word, but the others didn’t agree.

The others went with God’s Hand.

Hyun-Soo’s actions made them think that it was some sort of Asian acupuncture technique or moxibustion and made odd assumptions.

Of course Hyun-Soo’s thoughts weren’t included in any of this at all.

“I’ll go out if you stop calling me Super Rookie.”

“Why? Doesn’t it sound nice? It’s just a nickname.”


Hyun-Soo gave up and ended up following them outside. It’s because his body was feeling stiff from being inside.

Anyways, the nickname started from a small group and now, the other members were using it as well.

After hearing the rumors, they all said something to Hyun-Soo. Half was because they were impressed and the other half as a joke.

Hyun-Soo felt troubled.

He felt extremely embarrassed every time he heard someone call him that.

“Yoo-Na needs to come back soon so that we can start getting requests.”

“Eugene looked really stressed out. He said there’s too many requests.”

“But Yoo-Na needs to be here in order to decide. Our leader has a talent for seeing things others can’t see.”

There were people that helped out with office duties, but Yoo-Na was the one that made the final decision.

Since Yoo-Na wasn’t here, everything had been stopped.

Even though the members were pretty bored, they weren’t dissatisfied about it.

‘Kim Yoo-Na does have a talent for pulling people in.’

The members’ trust in Kim Yoo-Na was very deep.

It was more than the trust that Hyun-Soo had towards her.

“Being outside is a lot better. People need to see the sun once in a while.”

Others might think that he’s been staying in his room for a long time.

Even though they were a strong A rank hunter.

“How about basketball?”

One hunter suggested that they do a 3 vs. 3 and the losing team pays for the late night snacks.

“I’m in!”
“Me too. How do we split up the teams?”

Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure if he should be thankful by the fact that they were being friendly to him or be mad at the fact that they weren’t feeling uncomfortable around him at all.


You guys do that, I’m going to get some sun.

With that in mind, Hyun-Soo crouched down and was enjoying the sunlight, but something caught his attention.

Large, black cars were coming in through the entrance.

“…What’s that?”

The others saw what Hyun-Soo saw and one by one, they stopped doing what they were doing. They stared at the cars as they wiped the dust off of them.

“Is it Yoo-Na…?”

One hunter asked as they watched the cars drive in one after the other.

“No, you already know what kind of car she drives.”

Everyone must be familiar with the red sports car that she drives because the other hunter nodded in agreement.

“They could be from Yoo-Na’s family.”


One word caught Hyun-Soo’s attention.



But the person that stepped out of the car wasn’t Yoo-Na or anyone that was related to her.

“Hello everyone. Is this the FE clan that’s being called as the Clan of Blood and Iron? Are you hunters that’s part of this clan?”

When the driver opened the rear door, a man wearing a luxurious suit stepped out.

Men wearing suits stepped out from the other cars and followed behind him.

“Yes, but…?”

One hunter stepped in and replied.

“Pardon my manners. I’m this kind of person and I’m here because I have an appointment.”


The attendant that was beside him handed them a business card instead.

It was a simple business that didn’t have any company name or position. A name was just written in gold.

“Hamilton G. Gracovich…?”

The hunter that received the card glanced at the other hunter.

The same hunter quickly ran inside the building.

“Oh my, it’s best not to do anything foolish.”

Hamilton shook his head as if he was genuinely disappointed.

“With who exactly do you have an appointment with? Currently, the clan isn’t handling any outside business.”

“That’s actually none of your business. The important thing is that I made the appointment.”

The hunters felt something odd from that because a frown appeared on their faces.

An odd tension could be felt between the two.

The looks that they exchanged wasn’t friendly.

If someone suddenly caused a fire, it wouldn’t be weird if they started fighting.

“I won’t cause any trouble. I only need to see one person.”

“In that case, why don’t you make an official appointment with them and come back? But I’m not sure they’ll even approve your request.”

The member stood his ground and spoke as if to stop them right here, right now.

“Well…I didn’t think you’d let me pass that easily anyways.”

As soon as Hamilton stopped talking, the men wearing black suits stepped forward.


They were making threatening gestures by cracking their hands and neck.

“Ha! So what you’re saying is that we’re you’re opponent and you want to fight us?”

“I wasn’t planning on doing this at all, but if it’s necessary, then I have no choice.”

The way he said it and that smile of his was really gentle.

When looking at just Hamilton, the hunters looked like the attackers.

But Hamilton was the one that suddenly barged in here and threatened them.

“I should quickly finish everything here and go find them myself before I get annoyed. They won’t even show their face despite of me requesting several of times, so I should go find them.”

“What?! What the hell are you saying?”

“I’m sorry that you think that way. Unfortunately, I’ll have to attack you all.”


When Hamilton stopped talking, a bulky body moved in very quickly.

Their first opponent was none other than…

‘Why me?!’


<Uninvited Guest #1> End.

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