The Skill Maker – Chapter 081

<Genius #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian

It was.

‘Why is everyone acting so friendly?’

It was the attitude of the other members.

Not that long ago, Hyun-Soo was a low-ranking hunter that was treated coldly by everyone.

On top of that, no one knew that Hyun-Soo was currently a B rank other than David.

That’s why in their eyes, Hyun-Soo should be seen as a C rank newbie that just joined the clan.

‘Despite of that, I don’t know whether to think that they’re open-minded for asking me for advice or that their willingness to benefit from this was great.’

No matter what the reason was, the fact that they had to show respect towards Hyun-Soo applied for both sides.

It could probably hurt their pride.

“Don’t you guys have any self-esteem? Why are you guys coming up to him all of a sudden?”

“There isn’t a reason for us not to.”

“Right, after looking at you, it made me realize that even a scroll couldn’t help you with that, so what does having self-esteem have to do with getting stronger?”

Hyun-Soo decided to step in.

“First…I’m not sure whether it’ll work or not. And I don’t know how long it will take. The important thing is that, during this process, the skill can be copied.”

The hunters were all shocked by Hyun-Soo’s information.

“My assumption was correct. You’re a Hidden class.”

“You’re right. Since he mentioned copying a skill, is he a copycat?”

“ I guess he’s trying to find a way after copying the skill.”

Hidden Class.

Unfamiliar words popped up.

“Hidden Class…?”

Hyun-Soo asked after hearing those words for the first time and a hunter replied.

“This is something that we came up with, but when a person has a rare class aside from their main class, we call that a Hidden Class.”

Like in a game, when a person has another class on top of a class that everyone has, they called that a Hidden Class.

“Anyways, since it’s a Hidden Class, we won’t ask any more questions, so don’t worry. It’s an unwritten rule among us, so unless you talk about it first, we won’t ask. We won’t bombard you with questions, so don’t worry.”

They said that it’s rare for someone to have a power on top of the power that everyone else has.

It’s not smart to reveal your cheats within a game and then use it.

Other people won’t take it if used discreetly.

The hunters reassured Hyun-Soo by saying that they won’t talk about this elsewhere.

“And honestly, we’ve met all types of different people, so we don’t get surprised easily.”

“Right, there’s Katrina and Ariel…”

“Hey. Watch what you’re saying.”

“Oh. Sorry. You didn’t hear it from me.”

When one of the hunters stated a name, they got scolded and immediately shut their mouth as if they made a mistake.

To Hyun-Soo, that name sounded familiar.

He heard it from somewhere…

“Well, anyways. If you need it, then copying is fine. But, is it possible to copy it just by looking at it?”

“In that case, then scrolls are unnecessary.”

They were talking amongst themselves saying that he was a Hidden Class.

‘Do I need to thank them for misunderstanding…?’

They got pretty close to the truth, but headed in a totally different direction, which caused the misunderstanding.

But Hyun-Soo didn’t feel that there was a need to resolve it.

It was actually better for them to misunderstand.

“Ah. See, Hyon-Ssoo? Wasn’t I right? It ended up like this because I stepped in, so what would’ve happened if I didn’t?”

“Yeah, sure…”

Even though Hyun-Soo accepted their request, it wasn’t because he felt the need to volunteer for it.

‘I want to familiarize the skills more.’

A ranked hunters had a lot of amazing skills.

Even if Hyun-Soo did create a skill by himself, it was difficult to do when making it from nothing.

That’s why this was somewhat of a shortcut to skip all that.

‘Imitation teaches creation.’

And while doing that, he can resolve the requests that the hunters made.

‘Basically…it’s an upgrade system.’

If he continues to use that upgrade system, then he’ll become more familiar when using it during battle and will become more skilled.

So for Hyun-Soo, he had nothing to lose.

No, it benefited him more.

With their permission, he’s able to familiarize the skills of A rank hunters.

Both sides win with this.

Just like that, an unofficial contract was made between Hyun-Soo and the hunters.

Except one, who thought that maybe Hyun-Soo was being used.




Strengthening the skills of the other hunters.

Even though David was really worried, it was a good thing for Hyun-Soo.

Because he could openly use them to test out different things.

On top of that, they told him that he could use the skill that he copied, so it was beneficial.


Hyun-Soo used his hand to rub his stiff eyes.

If there’s one thing that he obtained during this time was the duration of his skill.

Before, he was able to use it for a minute or two, but through training, the duration extended by three minutes.

His body felt like he had been using it for about five minutes, but when he timed it after using a timer, that wasn’t it.

And there was one more thing that he obtained.

It was.



[Blade Fist][B]

It was a sub-skill of Invisible Attack.

By using the user’s energy, a light element blade will be created on the back of their hand.

With this skill, it was create an optical illusion, which allows the user to attack their opponent.

Depending on the amount of energy that’s used during the attack, the number of blades, the size, and the strength will differ.

Critical Hit Percentage: 40%


It was a new offensive skill.

‘Helping a close-range attacker helped a lot, huh?”

Out of the three hunters that asked Hyun-Soo to strengthen their skill, one of them used daggers with both hands.

‘It’s been a while since the rank increased, but the skill’s power isn’t any different from the previous rank. This is problematic.’

In simple terms, the skill didn’t match with the rank.

‘There’s a purple light coming from their shoulder, so that means there’s an issue with the flow there…’

Hyun-Soo approached that hunter and poked their shoulder with his finger.

He was going to ask whether they felt something there when they used the skill.

Hyun-Soo assumed that they would be able to feel something within themselves whenever the purple light appeared.



On the area that Hyun-Soo poked, the purple flowing light became faint and then dark again.


“Hold on a sec.”


Poke, poke.

He poke different spots where it was releasing the dark purple light.

Again, the light became faint and then dark again.

This time, Hyun-Soo focused his energy on his fingertip as if he was gathering all the energy.

It was like when he uses Invisible Attack, but since he didn’t need to attack them, he got rid of the offensive part of it.

“Hey! What are you doing? It hurts!”

When the finger that was filled with energy poked the dark purple light, the hunter was surprised due to the pain.

‘Hey, stay still.”

You’re ruining my concentration!

When the hunter saw Hyun-Soo’s extremely focused face, he remained quiet.

Hyun-Soo mind was solely focused on the current situation.

The time allowed to use See Through wasn’t that long.

Hyun-Soo widened his stiff eyes.

‘The color is becoming faint…?’

When he poked the purple light with his energy-filled finger, the purple light didn’t become dark again.

The more he poked it, the more faint it became and…

‘It worked!’

The purple light completely disappeared.

He decided to focused his energy on all of his fingers and massaged the shoulder that was filled with the purple light.

“Ah! Ack!”

The hunter tried their best to endure Hyun-Soo’s sudden remark, even though they felt intimidated, but they couldn’t hold in the moan that was caused by the pain they felt.

The duration of See Through was going to end soon.

Hyun-Soo confirmed that the purple light was completely gone now.

“Try using your skill again.”




The hunter wasn’t sure what Hyun-Soo was trying to do, but they used their skill again because of Hyun-Soo’s aggressive spirit.


With the hunter as the center, blue lights started stretching out.

The small sound could only be heard by Hyun-Soo and the blue dots moved around at a fast pace.

And then.

‘I knew it!’

His assumption was correct.

The purple light was completely gone from one of their shoulders and the blue light started moving around naturally.

After checking that, his time to use See Through was over.

“What did you do just now? It was pretty painful.”

“Who knows? Don’t think too much about it. I don’t think it’s anything bad.”


With a confused look, the hunter wanted to ask more questions, but when he saw how tired Hyun-Soo was, he left the training room.

‘What did I do? That’s what I’d like to know.’

Is this another skill from Interface?

After becoming a B rank, Hyun-Soo experienced many interesting skills that he hasn’t experienced before.

See Through was one of them.

Who knew it was possible to resolve the flow of the purple light while using it?

‘Is there a limit to this skill?’

The activation rate of Interface is currently 24%.

It increased a bit due to him using Interface’s new skill in many different ways.

Maybe that’s why.

Hyun-Soo looked down at his hands.

‘I can be sure of it if I use it again.’




The skill of the hunter that received Hyun-Soo’s help was stronger than before.

The Center Room calculated the DPS (Damage per Second) of the skill and he confirmed that it increased a lot.

It was as if he reorganized the chaotic flow.

Or he created a new passageway.

Whatever it was, he resolved it.

After looking at his training results, he ran to Hyun-Soo and grabbed his hands.

Hyun-Soo was in the cafeteria eating his food and he managed to push him away after being surprised, but the hunter grabbed his hands and mumbled.

“Is it the mysteries of the East…?”

“…What are you talking about?”

“Well, after you touched my shoulder with these hands, my DPS shot up. Is it some sort of Eastern medical technique?”

“Stop saying weird things and let go of my hands.”

When a frown appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face, the hunter sheepishly let go of his hands.

“What is it?”

“What about the rookie’s hands?”
The other hunters that were in the room asked about Hyun-Soo’s hand, but the hunter vaguely answered and didn’t say anything else.

It was because Hyun-Soo asked him to keep it a secret.

He ignored the other hunters and went to the Center Room with the hunter that grabbed his hands.

And then.



He witnessed the skill with his own eyes.

“How is it?”

“It’s definitely different from before.”

“It’s not just different. You’re really amazing. Your hands are the hands of god!”

Instead of using the projector, the hunter brought an actual piece of concrete to show his skill.

And when he showed the concrete being sliced like a piece of tofu, he proved the skill’s power.

“Before, I would have to use the skill twice to split it apart, but now…look! This beautiful and artistic skill cut it with one attack!”
“Yeah, yeah.”

He was thankful that the hunter thought Hyun-Soo was amazing, but the way he was fussing over it was something he couldn’t handle.

Hyun-Soo looked at the pieces of concrete that the hunter demonstrated on.

‘I knew it…’

It was pretty good.

With this, he could be considered an officer for a one-man army.

But the high-ranked hunters were already being treated as officers.


A few days later, Hyun-Soo managed to avoid the new hunter that was treating him like a savior and escaped to his training room.

He was saying things like the hands of god and medicinal technique from the East.

If this keeps up, he’ll end up being called Heo Jun. (T/N: A court physician during the Joseon Dynasty.)

Hyun-Soo still wasn’t used to the hunters’ big gestures and the way they expressed their feelings, so he didn’t really leave his training room.

After thinking about his experience with David, he made sure to lock the door.

There was another reason why Hyun-Soo stayed in his training room.

<Genius #3> End.

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