The Skill Maker – Chapter 080

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<Genius? #2>

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“What do they say in these types of situation? Lucky? Right. They say lucky!”

Hyun-Soo pushed away David because he was burdening him with his approach.

He normally made big gestures, but because he was excited, they became bigger.

“Let’s talk after you’ve succeeded.”

“But I already feel like I’ve succeeded. It feels totally different from before!”

“Yeah, yeah. But let’s talk after you’ve accomplished it. I need to rest…”

His head and eyes were already hurting and on top of that, he was starting to get exhausted mentally.

Since he’s helped him enough, he decided to rest up a bit, but David started talking faster.

“I’ve been thinking.”


“I don’t think you know yourself that well. That’s not good.”

“…Excuse me?”

“I need to take care of you.”


Hyun-Soo was suddenly filled with questions.

What did I hear just now?

Some dark-skinned guy said something odd like taking care of me. Did I hear it right?

Was the headache making me imagine things?

“There’s nothing more dangerous than a genius that isn’t aware of themselves.”

David was extremely serious.

Hyun-Soo barely managed to stop himself from cringing.

He was already in a groggy state.

“Right, don’t worry. I’ll help.”

“What? No, that’s not it. What are you saying?”

“So this is why Yoo-Na recruited you. That’s our leader for ya. She has an eye for talent.”


‘This guy isn’t listening to a word that I’m saying!’

Besides the fact that he was cringing on the inside, he didn’t have any idea on how to deal with their absurd thought.

Didn’t he call me a genius because he had nothing else to say to me?

If he stayed longer, he knew David would say more absurd things.

Hyun-Soo exited the training room without looking back.

It was Hyun-Soo’s personal training room, but in the current situation, it was better for him to leave.

Once he returned to the dorm, he lied down on top of the bed.

‘This skill. Everything is great, but the side effect is really bad since it’s short and there’s a limit to how much I can use it.’

It would be better if he could increase the activation rate of Interface even just a little bit, but.

‘Kim Yoo-Na has to return soon so that I can go hunting.’

The clan was currently on hiatus because the leader was absent.

‘That’s unfortunate…’

He knew the reason why, but he felt disappointed by the fact that he couldn’t grow the skill that he recently obtained.

And at the same time, he was feeling sleeping.

Hyun-Soo fell into a deep slumber.


See Through was a skill that used a lot of one’s mentality, stamina and energy.

It was a name he randomly chose, but Hyun-Soo thought it was a fitting name.

Because he abused the skill, Hyun-Soo remained asleep from early evening to late morning the next day and someone woke him up.

“Hyun-Soo! Wake up. A guy named David is waiting outside.”


“He said his name was David.”

He thought he misheard it, but he heard it correctly.

This was the price he had to pay for being nosy.

He fell into his own trap.


A deep sigh was the only thing that came out of his mouth.

Hyun-Soo did the bare minimum when washing up and when he walked out, he saw David waiting for him.

While walking towards the cafeteria, Hyun-Soo noticed the dark circles on David’s eyes and asked.

“Did you sleep at all?”

The dark circles were so bad that it would scare away the grim reaper.

He was sure that David didn’t sleep at all.

“No…but thanks to that, I succeeded.”

Hyun-Soo did tell him to practice, but to think he achieved it within a day.

That’s an A ranked hunter for you.

It was thanks to his perseverance.

“Then can’t you use that as the base and move on to the next step? You probably don’t need me anymore.”

“No! Don’t talk like that. I have to show it to you first. It would’ve been impossible if it weren’t for you.”

David was more respectful towards the person that helped him than Hyun-Soo had originally thought.

But Hyun-Soo wasn’t very comfortable by it.

David’s face looked like an electric display board.

He did the same thing yesterday where he was staring at Hyun-Soo the entire time and was gaining attention from the other members…

‘He’s doing it again today.’

His face looked exhausted, but he had a bright expression on his face.

People would notice that something happened.

On top of that, Hyun-Soo was right next to him, which gave off the feeling that he was involved in all of this somehow.

“The food is really delicious today. Don’t you think so, Hyon-Ssoo?”

“Yeah. Yeah. You’re right…”

Everyone must have been trying to listen in because the expression of those around them changed.

It looked as if they were understanding what was going on.

‘No way…’

Hyun-Soo thought it couldn’t be true, but his feelings confirmed it.

Everyone found out.

David did keep his promise.

Because he didn’t say it himself.

But his face and actions were like a display board, so even though he swore not to say anything, it was useless.

He didn’t expect something like this.




In the end, David showed Hyun-Soo that he did succeed.

“How was it? Awesome, right? Hahaha!”

After activating both skills in his hands at the same time, he smiled proudly.

“You’re probably the first one to come up with this kind of method!”

David then made another embarrassing comment by saying that people that are able to come up with this kind of method are considered geniuses.

The method that Hyun-Soo thought of was like the Egg of Columbus.

It’s easy after someone finds the method, but until someone finds it, it seems impossible.

After using both of the skills, David sat across from Hyun-Soo with a cheerful smile.

“I thought of something while practicing all night.”


“I think one of our members will become a S rank like Mikhail.”

S rank.

It was Hyun-Soo’s goal as well.

It’s probably the goal of every hunter.

But it’s really difficult to achieve it and it’s very rare for people to actually achieve it.

“Up til now, the person that will become a S rank the fastest is probably Yoo-Na. But I changed my mind.”

David crossed his leg after sitting across from Hyun-Soo and the pointed his finger at him.

“I think you’ll be the one.”

“Me? I just became a B rank. The other A rank will start laughing if they heard this.”

“No way, I’m being serious. I have a hunch that you’ll be the one.”

“Oh, right…”

Mikhail was a pretty famous hunter because of his rank, but there was another reason why he became famous.

It’s because of his SS rank skill, Phoenix.

Hyun-Soo did have a SS rank skill like him.

It wasn’t an offensive skill like the Phoenix, but it was an efficient skill which made it amazing.

It was Interface.

He was able to see things that others couldn’t see and it provided him detailed information.

And it’s because of Interface that David kept calling him a genius and making Hyun-Soo feel embarrassed.

“I have no choice, Hyon-Ssoo. You really need me.”

David looked at Hyun-Soo as if he was some baby that was abandoned inside a well.

Wait, I’m a grown adult so I don’t need him to look after me.

Then what he said yesterday was something I didn’t imagine?

He remembered seeing on TV that western culture strongly supported individualism, but David was really nosy.

David didn’t know what Hyun-Soo was thinking.

“If you didn’t meet Yoo-Na, then others would’ve tried to suck everything out of you.”

And gave an advice out of concern.

“You didn’t hear about the aliens that are locked up beneath the FBI headquarter? The aliens came to look around and after getting captured, they created cars, computers, smartphones and other items.”

So what he’s trying to say is that those that are above average should be careful.

Since David was speaking with such a serious tone, Hyun-Soo questioned whether he was sane or not.

Can a person be considered normal if they believe an absurd statement like that?

“You’re worse than my younger sibling. They’re around your age and they keep asking me to bring them an Energy Stone. They want to become a hunter or something. You can supposedly become a hunter by eating it. They still believe in that baseless rumor. If they awaken, they’ll probably become a better hunter than me.”

David talked about how they didn’t know about the world and was moaning about it.

But what he didn’t know was that Hyun-Soo had already categorized him into the “kind of odd people” category.

What both of them didn’t know was that they were clicking their tongues towards each other.




“Look at this guys! Haha!”
One hunter held two different skills in their hands and threw it towards the monster that was created by the projector.

The one that was laughing out loud was David.

Since he had made it so obvious all this time, the other members already knew, but they were surprised when they actually saw him use two different skills.

Even though they didn’t fuse like David had wanted, this was enough for him to be satisfied.

‘It’s fine that they’re surprised, but why are they looking at me…?’

David dragged Hyun-Soo into the Center Room after saying that he was going to show the others, so Hyun-Soo was now in the Center Room with his hand on his chin and watching David.

He knew that David practiced several of years to try to achieve this.

Even the other hunters told him that it was an impossible task.

Since he didn’t make any progress during the past couple of years, it was fine that he was excited by the fact that he was now one step closer to his goal.

Right, it was fine up to that point.

The other hunters went to the Center Room with low expectations and after seeing what he could do, one of the hunters approached Hyun-Soo.

They had already assumed that Hyun-Soo was the base of David’s skill development.

On top of that, David showed off his skill and confirmed that he succeeded.

The result was obvious.

“Hey, there’s a skill that I’m using…”

“No, take a look at mine first. There’s something I’ve been feeling while using the skill…”

“There’s a skill that I obtained by using a scroll…”

It suddenly felt like he was in a counseling room.

Hyun-Soo took a step back because he was surprised.

“Hey! What are you guys doing?!”
Someone saved Hyun-Soo.

It was David. After showing off his skill, he noticed that no one was around to watch him.

After noticing that he were crowding around Hyun-Soo, David ran towards them.

“You have a problem?”

“Are we not allowed to talk to our own member?”

“Hey, you shouldn’t lie like that. Don’t ask Hyon-Ssoo for favors like that. No, no.”

He shook his head with a stern face and crossed his arms.

Shoo, shoo.

He looked like he was shooing away dogs.

The members became furious when they noticed that David was looking at them while standing next to Hyun-Soo like a gatekeeper.

“Oh, really? I wanted to get some help too. So what?! You got help too, so why can’t we?!”

“Seriously. What’s with this guy? What a jerk. He got help too, so he shouldn’t be acting like this.”

Because of this, they were able to confirm that Hyun-Soo did coach David and helped him with his skill.

It was funny trying to keep this a secret when everyone knew already.

Despite of that, they weren’t asking a lot of questions about it.

All they asked was whether Hyun-Soo could help them too.

He was planning on revealing parts of it later on anyways.

The fact that he made the rice ball cakes and the dish with medicinal herb.

Even if he added more onto this, there wouldn’t be that big of a difference compared to before.

But he had one question.


<Genius #2> End.

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