The Skill Maker – Chapter 079

<Genius? #1>

No, it’s possible for me.
Hyun-Soo didn’t have the courage to say it out loud.
It’s because it even sounded cocky to him.
“If it was possible, then I wouldn’t have turned on that fan and made a big fuss.”
“Didn’t you use it to concentrate so that you can create an image of it?”
“There’s that too. But it’s really rare for people to use two different skills at the same time.”
“I see.”
He now understood why David was so shocked when Hyun-Soo created fire and wind.
Despite of the fact that it was small and weak.
‘But still, if it’s rare, that means there are people that are able to do it.’
Hyun-Soo told David to try to use two different at the same time.
There was something he needed to check.
“I told you, it doesn’t work.”
Even though he was complaining, he tried it.
The moment David used the skill, Hyun-Soo focused on his body.
‘…I knew it!’
As soon as David used the skill a blue light started floating and even though it was faint, he saw it moving around.
A frown appeared on David’s face.
Suddenly, a purple light appeared from a different side.
That light enveloped the blue lights and it turned darker as it floated around
“I can’t. I tried to use an additional skill, but…it’s impossible.”
Moments later, David announced that he gave up while catching his breath.
At the same time, the colors that was emitted from his body completely disappeared.
‘It would’ve been nice if this skill lasted a bit longer…’
Even though he saw it for a short period of time, his eyes started burning as if they were on fire.
David wasn’t able to endure it as well, but it was still unfortunate.
But he still obtained something within that short period.
The purple light probably appeared when the flow of the energy wasn’t smooth or the skill was used inappropriately.
The blue light was the opposite of that.
‘When David first used the skill, it was a blue light. But when he tried to use another skill, the purple light appeared. Then that means it’s being clashed somewhere…’

The problem was that he didn’t know the exact reason.
He also didn’t know how to resolve it.
The Interface just showed it.
‘I think using the Skill Transfer is the best thing to do. It’ll be comfortable for both me and David. It’s hitting two birds with one stone.’
If it was possible for him to use two skills at once, then he would’ve tried to help, but from the looks of it, that looked impossible.
When Hyun-Soo was about to tell him to give up.
“No, no. I’m never going to give up, so don’t tell me to give up.”
David said it first, so Hyun-Soo couldn’t say it.
“I’m going to make it happen somehow.”
He quietly promised himself that he would as he clenched his fist.
And as he rolled his eyes, he looked at Hyun-Soo.
“But, you know. I’ve been thinking about it. Are you…a genius?”
“…Excuse me?”
His mind went blank when he heard a word that he wasn’t expecting at all.
And then, he started laughing out loud.
“Pwahaha! David, what are you saying?”
Genius? Was that the name of some dog?
It was a word that didn’t fit him at all.
It’s been a while since Hyun-Soo laughed out loud like this and it was thanks to this random conversation.
Half of his laugh was because he thought it was absurd.
However, David was the feeling the opposite and had a serious look on his face.
“I’m serious. Really. I think you really are a genius.”
He ranked up within a short period of time and he used an element that he’s never used before within a short period of time as well.
He was saying how everything was interesting and spoke as his spit landed on Hyun-Soo.
“I’ll help you even if you don’t compliment me. I said I’ll help. I even promised not that long ago, so why are you acting like this?”
Hyun-Soo explained how he started cringing and couldn’t take it anymore, but David was still being serious.
“No. I’m speaking the truth. I thought about it and no other word can describe you better than that.”
There are a lot of words.
There was a way. He just couldn’t say it.
If he told him, it would be the same thing as revealing everything about himself, so there was no way he would say it.
Even though their conversation got sidetracked, they managed to get back on topic.
The conversation about Hyun-Soo being a genius was a side conversation.
Hyun-Soo thought back to the purple light that was released from David’s body when he tried to use a second skill.
There must’ve been some sort of collision or something blocking it to make that color appear.
“David, try use the skill one after the other. Don’t try to use them together.”
“I’m telling you, you are a genius…”
“Yeah, yeah. Hurry up and try it.”
When vaguely answered and nodded his head, David started grumbling.
He used the two different skills one after the other.
Even though Hyun-Soo’s eyes were tired, he found out something during that short period of time.
Blue light was released from both skills and it flowed past his stomach.
‘There must be a common passageway or something. It’s obvious that they would collide since both skills are wanting to use that passageway.’
He managed to find the main issue.
Even though it was just a hypothesis, it had the highest possibility.
In order to check that hypothesis, David had to fix one of those skills.
‘But that’s a difficult thing to do.’
It wasn’t impossible, but a lot of people did fail.
‘Then he has to find a method where he’s able to use both skills without the passageways colliding against each other…oh, that should work.’

“This helps?”
David asked while alternating between two skills.
Hyun-Soo already saw everything that he needed to see, so it didn’t matter if David stopped, but he didn’t say anything and let David continue.
It was his punishment for making Hyun-Soo cringe because of his embarrassing comments.
“How long do I have to do this for?”
“You can stop.”
David wiped off the sweat that was on his nose and let out a sigh.
After a few minutes, Hyun-Soo requested David to use the skill again.
“Are you mad at me about something?”
David carefully asked.
However, there actually was something he was thinking about, so he needed David to use his skill.
“No, it’s nothing like that. While using the skill, when I tell you to stop, stop for a moment. Okay?”
“…..? Okay.”
Throb, throb.
His head had already overloaded, so on top of that, his eyes started throbbing.
‘Did I use it too much?’
It was an incomplete skill that’s been activated not that long ago.
Even though he knew that there was a time limit, he thought it would be okay to use it if he split it up, but he was at his limit.
‘But it’s better than hearing something weird like genius.’
He felt goosebumps all over his body the more he heard it.
David used the skill.
After checking the blue light, Hyun-Soo yelled at David to stop.
‘It’s just like I thought.’
Even though he stopped managing the use of the skill in the middle of it, the flow didn’t stop immediately.
It’s like it was fading out because from the point that it stopped flowing, it would disappear after flowing for a bit.
“This time, when I tell you to stop, stop using the skill and then use the skill again after two seconds.”
“What exactly are you trying to do? I’ll do it since you asked, but…”
“Just try it.”
His head was hurting even more. He wanted to confirm it as soon as possible and then rest.
He could do this the next time they met, but he would feel more comfortable after checking it.
It was like not washing your hands after using the bathroom and he didn’t like that feeling.
Once David started using his skill, a group of blue light started moving.
He stopped using the skill after Hyun-Soo shouted.
The blue lights started becoming faint, but recovered their brightness and continued moving according to the passageway.
It was just like he thought.
‘Using that should work.’
“Use the first skill, then stop and then use the second skill, then stop and then use the first skill again. Repeat this process.”
By doing that, the skills will be cutoff for a short period and as it connects, it won’t collide with the other skill’s passageway.
That’s the idea that Hyun-Soo had.
After checking to see how the flow of the skill energy moved, he came up with that hypothesis, so it wasn’t such an absurd thought.
“What exactly are you trying to do? Can’t you tell me?”
“Just try it first.”
While rubbing his throbbing eyes, he started waving his hand.
It was his way of saying to try it.
‘…How did it become like this?’
He was telling an A rank hunter what to do and treated him as if he was annoyed.
Hyun-Soo behaved that way because his condition was getting worse, but it felt weird.
Before, he had to bow and show respect even to D rank hunters.
The A rank hunter listened to Hyun-Soo’s advice and tried their best and the group of blue lights continuously moved around him.
At times, there were parts where it would change to purple, but that was because David missed the timing.
‘The purple light won’t show once he gets used to it.’
Another one of his assumption was correct.
Even though his eyes were hurting and his head was throbbing, a bright smile appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face.
It was really an incredible skill.
It was so incredible that he couldn’t put a price on it.
Who would be able to come up with this method where it allows the user to use two skills at the same time?
‘It’s impossible as of right now, but after seeing the flow, as long as he gets enough practice, then it’ll be possible for him to use two.’
David himself must’ve felt that something was different.
Hyun-Soo knew without him saying it.
It’s because his eyes were filled with hope and was gleaming.
“Practice. That’s all you need to do. Practice. Got it?”
Hyun-Soo emphasized the word, practice.
The more he uses it, the better they’ll work together and his dream of using two skills at the same time won’t be a dream anymore.
To be exact, he was using the skill while switching between them.
If he practiced to the point where there wasn’t a gap between the two skills, then couldn’t it be considered as using two skills at the same time?
‘The problem is what happens after…’
Because Hyun-Soo’s assumption was correct, he was able to figure out a way to use two skills at once, but…
‘I think that’s the limit.’
But using two skills at once was an incredible achievement.
It meant that the number of skills he could use increased and the strength of his power increased as well.
But improving a skill was a different issue.
‘There isn’t a way for me to help him with that. Oh, there is one.
Skill Transfer.
If he transferred the small fire whirlwind, then things would get easier.
He did think about doing this before.
‘Hiding a skill is a pretty difficult task.’
Anyways, Hyun-Soo had pessimistic thoughts about David improving his skill.
Of course depending on how David progresses, his wish may or may not come true.
At the end of the day, Hyun-Soo did everything he could.
Hyun-Soo gave him the clue that he needed and even nicely informed him that he needed to practice.
He thought that David would start practicing right away since he was so obsessed with it, but David looked at Hyun-Soo as if he was seeing a god because there was a gleam in his eyes.
‘Why is he acting like this?’
Hyun-Soo felt uncomfortable, so he gave an excuse that his head was hurting and when he was about to stand up.
“How in the world did you think of this? I told you, you’re really a genius!”
David stuck by Hyun-Soo as his movements became bigger.

<Genius? #1> End.

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