The Skill Maker – Chapter 078

<It Works #4>


Even though it was small, the tiny fire pillar was whirling around like a storm.

This was the result of mixing fire and wind together.

Hyun-Soo smirked after the skill create a weak vortex.

‘Will it become bigger once it levels up?’

It wasn’t like the other skills where the skill became smaller because he compressed it.

This was probably the strongest the skill could output.

He put in a little more energy to test it out, but it got twice as big.

That’s probably why the skill was described as tiny.

‘The result is a bit different from what David was thinking.’

He wanted to break the form of the Flame Arrow and have it mixed with the wind.

But, he wanted to master the attack method of the Flame Arrow.

‘If it was made through that method, then I would’ve discreetly used Skill Transfer. Wait, that’s not a bad idea.’

But the fact that the Tiny Fire Storm’s rank as F was what stopped him.

Hyun-Soo was thinking while moving the fire pillar within this hand and while deep in his thoughts, the training room’s door opened wide.

“Hey, Hyon-Ssoo! What were you doing that you didn’t hear the call? There’s something…hm?”

The person that criticized Hyun-Soo without any hesitation was none other than David.

Speak of the devil. David froze right on the spot while talking.

His eyes were fixed on Hyun-Soo’s hand.


Hyun-Soo quickly cancelled the skill that was in his hand.

But David had already seen it.

Right when he thought that he was in trouble, David intercepted.


“I beg you, please help me!”


David grabbed onto one of Hyun-Soo’s leg.

‘Wha-what’s going on…?’

“Hyon-Ssoo, I won’t ask any questions, so please help me. Please? Please? Please!”

A man with a large frame was holding onto his leg and was begging him without questioning him about it.

“H-hey…let go of my leg first and then we’ll talk.”

“NO! Unless you say that you’re going to help me first, I’m never going to let go!”

The way David’s large eyes rolled around and blinked reminded Hyun-Soo of a scared deer.

Desperation filled his eyes.

Hyun-Soo felt burdened by it, so he tried to pull his leg out, but.

David was desperate, so he wasn’t planning on letting go.

“Let go of me first and…”

Shake, shake!

David stuck by him while begging as if to let him know that he wasn’t going to let go even if he died.

Squabbling, yelling…

The situation was becoming more intense.

‘Someone please save me…’


“Okay, but don’t expect too much.”

David already knew how difficult it was to change or improve a skill anyways.

There’s was no guarantee that he had the potential to achieve it even with Hyun-Soo’s help.

But the way he grabbed onto Hyun-Soo’s leg made him realize how desperate David was.

“Okay, I understand. But just knowing that it was possible for you gave me hope.”

“In that case, that’s a relief. But really, don’t expect much. You already know that this isn’t based on you learning or me teaching, right?”

“Of course. But it’s better than me continuously wasting time by myself. So…you’re going to help me, right?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll help you, so stop making that expression.”

No matter how big his eyes were, continuously looking at those desperate eyes made it impossible for him to decline.

Hyun-Soo was worried that David was going to grab him again, so he slightly moved his body back.

Thankfully, he didn’t.

“Oh, about the other members…”

“I know! It’s a secret!”

Before Hyun-Soo could finish, David first acted like he was zipping up his mouth.

As a joke, if Hyun-Soo asked him to act like he died, he just might really die.

“Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“What are you thankful about?”

“You’ve shown me potential. I’m not sure how you managed to control both fire and wind and I won’t even be curious about it, but since you showed me that it’s possible, it means that there’s still hope for me. That’s what’s important!”

David was talking passionately so that he could get Hyun-Soo’s help.

But Hyun-Soo felt a little bad while he was listening to this.

‘I hope I didn’t give him false hope. Honestly, if he failed even after trying for several years, then it could really be an impossible task for David…whatever. I can just transfer the skill and tell him that he succeeded all thanks to his hard work.’

The issue was whether David would be pleased with a F rank skill that was as big as a finger.

It seemed like this was more about his pride than the actual challenge, so when he finds out that he succeeded, then he might be pleased no matter what kind of skill he obtained.

David aggressively suggested that they research about the skill, but Hyun-Soo barely managed to calm him down and send him out of the room.

There was nothing he could do at the moment.


His personal training room finally became quiet and Hyun-Soo’s sigh was the only sound that filled the room.

“I can’t seem to catch a break.”

It might be his fate that he became busy after he came here.


“Hyon-Ssoo, did something happen between you and David?”


“He has a blank expression every time he looks at you and it puts me in a bad mood.”

“You’re right. I was curious about that too.”

It was lunchtime and the members were in the cafeteria talking in different areas of the room.

As soon as Katrina and Eugene saw Hyun-Soo, they dragged him to his table, so he had no choice but to eat next to her.

He could feel them staring at him.

‘So much for keeping the secret.’

It was written all over his face.

It was so obvious that Katrina came up to Hyun-Soo and asked if anything happened between him and David.

When their eyes met, he waved his hand in the air.


If Katrina noticed it, that meant that the other hunters noticed it as well.

It was difficult not to notice if you have eyes, ears and a brain.

“He has such a wide smile on his face.”

“Oh, I’m really scared of the Joker.”

When Eugene made that comment, Katrina must’ve pictured the Joker because a frown appeared on her face.

“But is there something going on between you and David? He has a great personality, but he isn’t the type to have his mouth wide open and act silly like that.”

“No. Nothing is going on.”

“Really? Well, there hasn’t been any hunts that’s been scheduled, so I guess not much can happen. But it’s weird. He seemed really down the past couple of days.”

“You’re right. The other members were saying that he was doing something useless. Maybe it worked out?”

“If that’s the case, then he would’ve announced it to everyone already.”

Eugene kept on looking at Hyun-Soo and David while saying, “hm.”

For some reason, Hyun-Soo was feeling more and more uncomfortable.

‘They’re catching on fast.’

They were pretty skilled when it came to reading the situation and putting that together with fragments of information that they had.

Afterwards, Eugene didn’t say much about that.

Thankfully, they switched the topic.

“Is Yoo-Na doing okay? The doctor over there wasn’t that great.”

After using the fork to eat the meatball, she brought up the name that he hasn’t heard during the past couple of days.

“Why? They’re a skilled doctor. They were Dr. Kip’s student and learned directly from them. Now that I think about it, you don’t like Dr. Hall, right?”

“That’s not it…they’re going overboard and flirting with Yoo-Na.”

“It’s called kindness, not flirting. You tend to dislike the people that try to become close to Yoo-Na. I told you, you can’t act like that.”

Eugene spoke like a strict older brother and persuaded her.

‘Oh, is that why she acted like that the first time we met?’

When Hyun-Soo first met Katrina, he remembered how she disliked him for no reason.

“No, it’s not like that.”


“It’s not!”

“Okay, okay. Let’s just say that’s true.”


His took back the comment about Eugene being a strict older brother.

‘In moments like this, it makes me think that they’re on the same level.’

After he finished eating, David quickly approached Hyun-Soo after checking up on him.

The two headed towards Hyun-Soo’s personal training room while Katrina and Eugene were looking at them with suspiciously.

“Hey, can you show it to me again? I couldn’t go to sleep last night because I kept on thinking about it.”

With a tired expression, David carefully made a request.

Hyun-Soo was going to complain to him by saying that there was no point in keeping this a secret any longer, but he just let out a sigh.

‘He probably won’t understand anything in his current state.’

When a person falls for one thing, they’re like a horse that’s running wild.

They were like a racing horse that ran straight with blinders on.

But he didn’t have a problem with that.

There weren’t that many people in this world that was as passionate as him.

And despite of the others saying that he’s wrong, he managed to endure it and continuously try it.

‘There’s a saying…the petit bourgeois scoff at challengers.

“Tiny Fire Storm!”

When he used the skill, a small fire whirlpool appeared on the palm of his hand.


It was obvious that David was happy.

“But does it really help just from looking?”

“Yes, because you’ll be able to draw a better image in your head.”

“But, it’ll be different from what David imagined.”

“Hm…that is true. But it’s better than me turning on the giant fan and then using the Flame Arrow, so it’s fine.”

David must’ve remembered the times when he tried to mix the fire skill into the wind that was created by the fan and failed miserably, because he started mumbling sadly to himself.

“I did say that I would help, but…I’m not sure this alone will help you.”

“It will. It’ll help. It’ll work, so don’t say that you change your mind.”

“Yeah, yeah. I won’t.”

But it seemed like just showing the skill wouldn’t help at all the more he thought about it.

Hyun-Soo thought about moving the focal point a bit.

“Are you able to use the fire skill and the wind skill at the same time? It’s simple if you do it like this.”

Hyun-Soo created a small fire and a wind that was blowing gently in both of his hands.

After seeing this, David’s mouth opened wide.

“Hey, rookie. I know I said that I would keep it a secret and even zipped my lips, but you know not to show this kind of power so openly, right?”

David then started complaining about how easily Hyun-Soo used the skill and that he was discouraged by it.

“Why are you still a C rank when you have a skill like that? It’s a different story if you’re an A rank.”

“Oh, I’m a B rank.”

“Right, a B rank…what?! You’re a B rank?! You’re not a C rank?! Did you level up when you hunted the Blasting Spore?”

“Yeah, well…something like that.”

That wasn’t true.

He leveled up after working hard to make the potion that he wanted to give to Kim Yoo-Na.

However, he wouldn’t be able to answer him if David asked where he got the experience from to level up, so he vaguely answered.

“I don’t think so! We shouldn’t be standing here like this. Let’s go check it out now!”

He quickly brought a small measurement reader and measured Hyun-Soo’s rank.

When the reader said that Hyun-Soo was a B rank, a shocked expression appeared on David’s face.

There was a huge difference between hearing it and seeing it with his own eyes.

“I told you.”

Hyun-Soo felt embarrassed, so he grabbed the reader from David’s hand and put it back.

“How are you able to level up so fast? It’s really surprising!”

Despite of him asking for Hyun-Soo’s help for the longest time, he pushed it back. After thinking how interesting this situation was, he came back to his senses.

“Oh, but that’s not what’s important right now. I was so shocked that I almost lost it. Where were we?”

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s focus again. Are you saying that it’s impossible to use two skills at the same time?”

“Of course. If it’s generally impossible, then isn’t it obvious?”

No, it’s possible for me.


<It Works #4> End.

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