The Skill Maker – Chapter 077

<It Works #3>


‘Then the plum, purple light I saw, that light is…’

It could be the energy that wasn’t flowing smoothly.

A lot of time had passed since the Hunters and the portals appeared.

Despite of that, there were still many things that haven’t been proven scientifically.

Hyun-Soo wasn’t able to completely figure out everything that he was seeing with his own eyes.


‘I can make assumptions all I want.’

Out of all the things that happened from the beginning up until now, how many were realistically possible?

Even the famous Mikhail said it too.

That reality was a fantasy.

He leveled up and the activation rate of Interface increased too.

That’s why it wasn’t so bad to look at it that way.

‘The more I know, the more amazing the skill is.’

Even though the activation rate hasn’t reached the half point, if it continuously increased, then it’ll be developed more.

Blink, blink.

After looking at the faint blue light that was circling around the body, his eyes felt dry and was starting to hurt, causing him to close them.

He’s been looking at those light that was around the hunters for 20-30 minutes.

It wasn’t that long.

‘Is this my limit?’

Since the activation rate was low, it felt like the amount of time he could use the skill was short too.



The hunters used their skills to attack the monster that the hologram was displaying.

The skills that the hunters were using just happened to be fire and wind elements.

They were pouring out their skills as if to show that their skill was better than the other.

“They’re sure trying hard.”

The hunter that was sitting next to him mumbled to himself.

When Hyun-Soo looked at them, they smiled and explained.

“You can’t see it? Since we have a new member, they’re trying to show that they’re the better hunter. They really don’t like losing.”

You think you’re all that? I’m skill too.

That’s what this hunter was basically saying.

Thanks to that, Hyun-Soo was enjoying the show.

He wasn’t sure what kind of pairing this was, but the two hunters were using the skills that Hyun-Soo was focusing on.



The rain of fire came down like bombs.

And the compressed air that whirled around it blew up.

That’s when the skills are synced with each other and for a moment, the explosion and the fire became stronger, but then became weak again.

‘Did they do that on purpose?’

They were hunters that worked together for a long time.

That’s why there’s no way they wouldn’t know what kind of effects their skills had.

But it didn’t seem like they were using it by targeting the additional effects.

‘Even if it’s for a moment, when the skills are mixed, they become stronger.’

Wind and fire.

If a skill was created that involved those two elements, what would happen?

Especially for someone like David who had both of those elements, there’s no way he wouldn’t desire it.

‘Not bad. No, it’s really great actually. But under the condition that it’s actually possible.’

The other hunters were pretty much done with their training.

Even though it was called training, they were actually showing off their skills and thanks to that, Hyun-Soo was able to really observe the A rank hunters’ skills.

They deserve that rank.

Watch them with his own eyes was better than watching a simulation.

The impact between watching them here and through the internet was definitely different.

Instinct was definitely the best.


‘I feel like it would be possible.’

Hyun-Soo was in his personal training room and was thinking.

Skill combination.

Mixing two totally different elemental skills and creating a synergy effect.

Hyun-Soo wanted to give it a try, so he immediately closed his eyes and thought about the blue light he saw in the Center Room.

‘How did it flow again? Was it like this?’

After closing his eyes, he drew and imaginary light.

He didn’t really know a lot about the light.

But when it came to imagining the blue light and how they moved, he didn’t have a problem.

He slowly tapped into his memory.

‘It would’ve been nice if I could see them longer.’

He was disappointed by the fact that there was a limit, causing him to lick his lips.

He couldn’t completely act out the complicated flow of the blue light.

It was a short time and there was only so much he could do just from his memories alone.

But he was able to get a general idea.

‘From there, it moved like this and then from here, like this…’

Honestly, he didn’t think it would suddenly work just from doing this.

However, he was trying it because he got the feeling that it may be possible.




Fire appeared.

Even though it was the size of a small fingernail, the fire did appear.

Using his memory, Hyun-Soo drew the path and moved the energy according to that path.

He wasn’t sure if the energy actually moved, but like when he obtained Invisible Attack, he gathered the energy and assumed that it was moving according to the path within his body.

He repeated this several of times.

‘Hm, guess it was just my imagination. It seems like it would work if I just following that path…’

But not too long after having that thought, the fire appeared again.


Hyun-Soo was shocked, which caused him to stop thinking about the energy’s movement and that’s when the fire disappeared.

‘I wasn’t imagining it, right? Let’s, let’s try again.’

Hyun-Soo thought about what just happened and concentrated after closing his eyes.

The more he repeated it, the more he felt his fingertips getting hotter.

And then.




There was a reason why he felt so strong about this being possible!

‘Should I try something else now?’

It was too early to celebrate.

His goal was to mix two different skills.

Since he succeeded in creating the fire, it wasn’t too hard to create wind.

And once again, laughter escaped from Hyun-Soo’s mouth.

“Ha, ha ha!”

The fire was the size of a fingernail and the wind was weaker than the breath that came out from his mouth.

If he were to only look at the results, he felt that it was poorly done.

However, if people knew about Hyun-Soo and knew a little bit about a hunter, then they wouldn’t be able to contain their astonishment.

People that knew Hyun-Soo would be shocked by the fact that Hyun-Soo discovered a new attribute and if they knew a bit about the hunter, they would be shocked by the fact that after he awakened as a hunter, he was able to use a totally different elemental skill without the use of a scroll.

To be honest, many would’ve already been shocked by the fact that he was able to do this not too long after he awakened as a hunter.

‘How do I combine these two?’

Hyun-Soo called out wind and fire in both of his hands and was deep into his thoughts.

‘It would be nice if I could just simply combine them.’

But if it was that easy, then the other hunters wouldn’t work so hard to obtain a scroll.

No matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn’t think of any ideas.

He was somehow able to succeed in creating the fire and wind by following the flow of the blue energy, but combining those two was an unfamiliar area for him.

‘Do I need to look at the characteristics of the two? No, there’s no guarantee that I would get anything out of that.’


After looking at the fire and the wind that was on the palm of his hands, he joined his hands together.

‘I’m sure something will happen.’

Just maintaining it so that it doesn’t die out was hard already, but since he was trying to figure out a new method, it felt like his head was going to blow up, which made him want to give up.

Will doing this combine these two?

Despite of having that thought, it was worth a try.

He didn’t have any other ideas.

‘If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work.’

His thoughts were different compared to when he first started.

It might be an immature thought, but he first started this to challenge himself.

A challenge to his how far he can push his limits with the skill that he had.

Since it was a challenge that didn’t have a winner or a loser, succeeding halfway was good enough for him.

‘I do want to see the movement of the blue dot more.’

What would it be like if he could obtain the skill of another person?

A skill that allows him to obtain the skill of another no matter how powerful it was.

Hyun-Soo thought about the blue dot that was floating around the hunters’ bodies.

It was obvious what he was thinking about.

‘The ability to copy the skill of another!’

There were definitely limits and there was no way for him to know how far he could go.

For Hyun-Soo, who wants to become stronger, the idea of being able to copy the skill of another made him feel excited.

Is there a hunter alive who would deny this kind of power?

Hyun-Soo assumed that there wasn’t a hunter that would refuse.

‘It’s possible to evolve a skill…’

That meant that it didn’t stop at copying and he would be able to evolve the skill one step further.

He could go past being a copycat and evolve the skill even further.

He wanted to remake it into a stronger and more destructive skill.

After Hyun-Soo found out that he was able to use their power after seeing the hunters’ blue energy, he felt a part of him getting excited.

That’s why unifying the skills was pushed back.

And he couldn’t help the fact that he was leaning more towards the idea that had a higher success rate.

Even though he couldn’t remember all the complicated movements and because it was shortened, it caused the power of the skill to weaken as well, but.

‘Even just with that…’

Most hunters that hear this will seriously question their hearing.

He was able to get a taste of another hunter’s skill, even if it was for a short time.

But, the more his skill improves, the longer the time will be and he’ll be able to cover more areas.

While thinking about that, Hyun-Soo heard a familiar sound.


[The skill, Tiny Fire Storm [F] has been created.]

[You have successfully unified two skills with different elements.]

[The reward for unifying the first skill will be an increase of the stats by five points.]


It was a familiar sound.

But, he shouldn’t be hearing this sound right now.

With a confused look on his face, he called out Interface.

He did hear it with his own ears, but he was confused whether it was real or not.

And after checking on Interface.

‘…It really happened.’


[Tiny Fire Storm][F]

A storm is created when fire and wind meets.

But the downside is that it’s really small.


He was able to check through Interface.

That meant that he wasn’t hearing things or it was his imagination…..

‘How in the world was this created?’

He honestly didn’t know.

All he did was place his hands together and rub it against them.

And then a skill was created.

Hyun-Soo was confused because the skill was created so easily.

It seemed like he got lucky with this skill, so he was confused, but with this, his assumption was on the right track.

It was copying the skill of another and evolving it further!

As of right now, since there was a limit to his skill, the two skills that he unified were simplified versions, so the rank and the explanation were simple as well.

If he’s able to really find out the flow of the energy and remember the flow…


‘Would…anyone believe me even if I told them?’

He voted that no one would believe him.

But the event that no one would believe actually happened to Hyun-Soo.

From the portals to the hunters, there were a lot more things that couldn’t be proven scientifically.

So in an unscientific world, what difference would it make if a scoop of unreasonable matter was added?

There wasn’t an exact mechanism or a theoretical method.

The important thing was that it worked.


And the result that he’ll obtain through that potential. That was fulfilled on the palm of Hyun-Soo’s hand.

“Tiny Fire Storm!”

Hyun-Soo decided to test out the final product of his effort.


As soon as he yelled out the skill name, a skill that was the size of two fingers, appeared cutely and confidently promoted themselves.


<It Works #3>

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