The Skill Maker – Chapter 076

<It Works #2>


If he’s talking about the large arrow-shaped fire that suddenly fattened up, then he saw it.

He also saw the fire’s small movement when it was trying to change its form.

However, to say that it changed into a different form was an exaggeration.

But he said the form changed a bit.

“But I have a good feeling. There have been new changes within the clan, so I should follow that change and improve my skill.”

“How are you trying to improve it?”

Hyun-Soo didn’t have any idea as to how he was trying to cut through the wind with the fire arrow.

When Hyun-Soo asked, David raised a finger.

“I have two skills and one of them is the Flame Arrow, which you just saw, and the other is a wind element skill.”

When he said that his other skill was a wind element skill, he raised another finger on his other hand.

“I think Robin Hood influenced the Flame Arrow a lot because I liked Robin Hood a lot when I was younger. Don’t you think it looks pretty good?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“What’s with that reaction? Anyways, I have two different powers that are polar opposites of each other. Isn’t that amazing? This kind of case is…extremely rare.”

David spoke as if he was bragging about himself.

“But the problem is that I have to use them separately. Well, having an A rank Flame Arrow is more than enough, but then a thought popped into my head.”

“What kind of thought?”

When Hyun-Soo asked, David started shaking the two fingers that he raised.

“A thought that maybe…if I were to mix these two skills together, then it might be even more powerful.”

“Mixing the two skills?”

“Yeah, when fire and wind meet, it becomes stronger. Think about a large fire tornado being shot down. Don’t you think it’ll be a lot stronger than the Fire Arrow? I even thought of a name. Flame Storm! Isn’t it cool?”


“All I have to do is blend these two skills together. It’s definitely possible theoretically.”

David locked the two fingers that he was shaking.

Like he mentioned, theoretically, it was possible.

But the problem was that a theory was just a theory.

“But it’s not easy. Despite of doing an imaginary training in my head, it’s not going the way I want it to.”

And that’s why he used the fan to create the wind and practiced by mixing the fire into the wind.

“I keep struggling because I’ve been using my strength by using a different method.”

David released a sigh after saying that he shouldn’t have watched Robin Hood.

There was another question that Hyun-Soo wanted to ask.

The purple light that emitted out of his body.

He remembered briefly seeing it before.

Back then, the color was much lighter and because it disappeared right away, he assumed it was his imagination…

“David, can you create a Flame Arrow right now?”

“Why? Did you think of something that can help me?”

“No, it’s not that…”

“Well, okay. I did drag you here so that you could get familiar with the other members’ skills. At least get familiar with mine. And if you come up with an idea, that’s even better.”

David created an arrow made out of fire.

It was smaller than the previous one, but despite of its small size, it was burning fiercely.

‘Not there.’

The purple light that emitted out of David’s body wasn’t there.

“It would be a lot better if I showed it to during an actual fight, but since I used up most of my energy just now, it’s not as strong as the previous one. I thought I would actually succeed this time.”

The small Flame Arrow disappeared and David let out a sigh.

“Everyone told me that I was wasting my time, so I gave up for a while, but after seeing you fight the spore, I became motivated. And I thought it would work…”

“That’s not possible. It’s not like I bring luck or anything.”

If he succeeded something just from looking at a person, then he should be in Las Vegas, not here.

If not that, he should be displayed at a museum or something.

“I’m just saying. You should you had something to do earlier, right? You should go. I need to rest.”

For someone that dragged him here, the way David was throwing him out now made Hyun-Soo think he was being absurd.

The personality of the members was way too distinct.


Hyun-Soo slightly nodded his head when David said good-bye.

After leaving the Center Room, Hyun-Soo headed to the training room that was assigned to him.

There was something he wanted to check.

‘Kim Yoo-Na said improving a skill was difficult. It was true.”

After hearing that an A ranked hunter failed so many times made him feel weird.

It’s because he succeeded in doing that.

And at the same time, he felt a little bit of betrayal when Kim Yoo-Na suggested the atrocious method.

It was okay since he succeeded, but if he didn’t…

‘Kim Yoo-Na’s method is literally letting you hang on the edge of a cliff. No, it’s not even one of those ordinary cliffs. It’s like she just threw you from the top of Mount Everest.’

He understood why she was surprised during that time and how surprised she was by it.

That’s probably the reason why she told Hyun-Soo that he needed to play in a bigger pool.

‘Anyways, that purple light. What was that?’

Is it because he leveled up?

Or is it because the activation rate of Interface increased?

He was sure that the purple light was somehow connected to Interface.

But the problem was that he wasn’t sure how it was connected.

‘It seems like it’s revealing something. It’s somewhat of an unfriendly skill.’

But it was a necessary skill.

It was Interface.

‘I’m still lacking a bit to completely use a SS ranked skill.’

Will it be different when I become a SS rank hunter?

It seemed like things would be different once the activation rate is at 100%, but he barely managed fill it to a little over 20%.

But despite of it, the skill made it possible for him to do things that others weren’t able to do.


It wasn’t the most pleasant color.

The faint light gave off a melancholy and a sickly feeling.

He definitely couldn’t say anything positive about it.

It was his own assumptions, but he decided to trust it.

‘I should test it to see if I can see it too.”

He wasn’t what kind of conditions had to be met for that light to show, so he decided to test it on himself.

But for the longest time, no matter what he did, the faint light that he saw from David didn’t appear.

He was too focused on the new phenomenon that a lot of time passed and he ended up walking back to his dorm late at night.

“Hyun-Soo! Where did you go? I told you to rest!”

“To train…?”

“You need to take care of yourself before you train! If mom knew, she would’ve been upset. Hurry up and rest!”

Hyun-Soo was going to research on the skill he was going to give to Kim Hye-Na once he got back, but Hyuna caught him.

Hyuna was worried even as she was leaving, so when Hyun-Soo arrived late instead of resting, a stern expression appeared on her face.

Yoo-Na wasn’t here today, so they would be skipping today’s lesion, but because of Hyuna, he had no choice but to stay in bed.

‘Man, I have a lot of things to do too.’

That’s the thought that he had, but his mind turned off as soon as he fell into a deep slumber.


“Wake up Hyun-Soo!”

“Oh, huh?”

“It looks like you really slept well. Good job.”

For two days straight, Hyun-Soo woke up in the middle of the afternoon, so with a slightly dazed look, he looked at the clock.

‘Wow. Did I sleep for more than 12 hours?’

According to Interface, there was nothing wrong with his stamina, but since he stayed up for two days to create the potion, he must’ve been really tired mentally.

Hyuna said she was off to language school and after seeing her off, Hyun-Soo ate a light meal at the cafeteria.

And then he immediately headed to the Center Room.

“I heard David really embarrassed himself yesterday.”

When Hyun-Soo entered the room, a couple of the hunters that were there started talking to him.

“I like everything about David, but the fact that he can’t give up on that dream of his is unfortunate.”

“So what? A man is a little boy that lives his whole life by dreaming. It’s a healthy dream, so it’s not bad to dream about it.”

Since they were open with each other, they all commented on what happened yesterday.

It sounded like they were scolding him, but at the same time, they were protecting him.

They complimented David so that Hyun-Soo wouldn’t think badly of him.

But Hyun-Soo was focused on something else.

‘These people have the mindset that changing a skill is impossible.’

They say that it’s a dream, but it was their way of saying that it was something he wouldn’t be able to fulfill.

‘They’ll definitely flip if they find out that I evolved a skill.’

However, it seemed like Kim Yoo-Na didn’t say anything because the hunters didn’t have much of a reaction when they were talking in front of Hyun-Soo.

“Since the rookie is here, let’s stop resting and resume our training!”

The hunters started standing up one by one.

They activated a 3D projector and began the realistic training.

While watching the hunters, Hyun-Soo found something that caught his attention.


Each of the hunters used their skills and something was emitting out of their bodies.

It was a faint light that he could have overlooked.

‘No way.’

Hyun-Soo felt something odd since yesterday and as soon as he saw it, he focused all of his senses on it.

When he started concentrating, that light started becoming darker as if it was responding to Hyun-Soo.

A faint and light blue light enveloped the hunters’ bodies.

‘The color is different!’

The color from yesterday was a purple or a bitter plum color, but the color he was seeing now was a refreshing blue color.


But he noticed that the blue light was moving at a fast pace around the hunters’ bodies. Because of that, he mistook it as the light floating around them.

There was a blue shine in areas where the light passed and in areas where it didn’t pass, there was a slight afterimage, making it look like it was floating there.

“Are you able to see that?”

“See what?”

Hyun-Soo asked a hunter that was sitting down and wasn’t participating in the training.

“The moving blue light.”

“…? There’s no blue light.”

The A rank hunter’s physical condition was a lot better than Hyun-Soo.

But a hunter like that isn’t able to see what Hyun-Soo was seeing?

‘So I’m the only one that’s able to see it.’

He assumed that was the case, and it was true.

Hyun-Soo focused on the blue dot that was moving along with the hunter’s body.

The more he focused his eyes, there was something that Hyun-Soo found out.

‘That blue light seems to be moving on a fixed path like some sort of electric circuit.’

The flow and the movement varied depending on the hunter.

Some moved at a fast pace and because the path was extremely complicated, he thought it was moving a random path at first.

And since all the hunters were different, he was more convinced that it was moving at an irregular path.

But after watching for a bit, Hyun-Soo found out that wasn’t the case.

And then, a thought popped into his head.

‘Is that…the flow of energy that the hunters are managing…?’

That was his first assumption.

If that blue light really was the flow of energy that the hunters were using…

‘In that case, the plum light, the light that looked purple was…’


<It Works #2> End.

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