The Skill Maker – Chapter 074

<B Rank Hunter #3>


Before falling into a deep sleep, Hyun-Soo heard a familiar alarm.

After succeeding in creating a wonder medicine and leveling up to a B rank, his nervousness died down, causing him to fall asleep.


Hyun-Soo checked his own stats.



Name: Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

Rank: B

Class: Skill Maker

Experience: 0%

Stamina Level: 98%
Energy Level: 100%

Stamina: 121 / Agility: 109 / Strength: 120 / Critical Hit: 112 / ?? / ?? / ??


Skill List


[Skill Creation][A]

[Skill Transfer][A]

[Medicinal Mix][B]

[Invisible Attack][B]



Just seeing the letter, B, next to the rank was really satisfying to him.

“Hyun-Soo! You’re not falling asleep again, are you?”

Hyuna asked while he was happily looking at the stats window.

Hyuna looked at him worriedly when she noticed that Hyun-Soo wasn’t answering her properly.

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing. I need to do my part of the work, you know.”

Hyun-Soo told Hyuna not to worry.

However, Hyuna looked like she didn’t believe him, so he stood up from his seat, washed up and walked out.

That’s when Hyuna felt a bit relieved and left the room after saying she was leaving for language school.

“Bye Hyun-Soo!”

“See you later. Let’s eat something delicious tonight. I’m going to try Braised Short Rib.”

Hyuna’s eyes widened at Hyun-Soo’s comment.

“Hyun-Soo, there’s really nothing going on, right?”

“No, I’m just in a good mood, that’s all. There’s nothing for you to worry about.”

It was hard to tell who was the older one.

Well, he has been acting weird the past two days, so it’s only natural she would act that way.

As soon as Hyuna left, Hyun-Soo jumped onto the bed.

He saw two tables when he opened the door and the potions that gave off a shiny, silver-blue color caught Hyun-Soo’s attention.

That was it.

That was the item that he was working so hard on and it’s the item that helped him level up.

As soon as he succeeded in creating that potion, he leveled up.

‘Who knew it would be so complex?’

Handling the Energy Stone was much harder than he expected.

He didn’t think much of it because Kim Yoo-Na told him that she fed it to her sister by simply grinding it.

However, the effects of the Energy Stone didn’t simply change based on the amount it was used.

The effects changed a lot depending on how it’s mixed with other ingredients, the process that’s used to dissolve it, the ratio, etc.

It was so difficult that it belonged in the top three items that was difficult to handle.

He went through a lot.

There was a reason why he only got five hours of sleep during the past two days.

Since he did so much, it was only natural that his experience would increase by two percent.

Patience is a virtue.


[Level Up!]


He got goosebumps as soon as he heard it.




[Your rank has increased to B.]

[Current Rank: B]

[With this rank increase, the number of skill slots has been increased.]

[Available Skill Slots: 8]




[With this rank increase, the skill levels has been increased.]

[Skill Creation [B] has been increased to Skill Creation [A].]

[Skill Transfer [B] has been increased to Skill Transfer [A].]

[Medicinal Mix [C] has been increased to Medicinal Mix [B].]

[Invisible Attack [C] has been increased to Invisible Attack [B].]

[The activation level of Interface [SS] has been slightly increased.]

[Current Interface Activation Level: 21%]


The things he felt as he leveled up was amazing.

He didn’t even have the time to feel those addicting feelings.

After checking that the recipe was a success and hearing the sound of him leveling up, he knocked out.

Maybe that’s why.

Because he felt that joy pretty late, the smile on his face didn’t disappear.

‘It’s magnificent.’

The ranks of all of his skills increased.

Of course Interface has been excluded since its rank was SS.

‘Skill Creation and Skill Transfer are now A rank. Since I haven’t been making fake scrolls these days, it doesn’t really matter if it levels up. It’s a bit disappointing.’

The skill that he was most happy about was Invisible Attack.

It was a good skill, but when it comes to managing it, there were some things he felt was lacking, so he was excited to see how it changed with this level up.


‘My masterpiece!’

Hyun-Soo quickly got up from his bed and approached the messy kitchen.

The sunlight made the bright silver-blue potion shine even brighter.


[Outstanding Stamina Recovery Potion]


That was the name of his masterpiece.

After checking the effects, he passed out, so he just skimmed over the information.

Even though he didn’t thoroughly read it, from what he saw, Hyun-Soo felt an awesome energy from the potion.


He immediately decided to check it.



[Outstanding Stamina Recovery Potion][Unique]

A stamina recovery potion made from several different ingredients.

The ratio of the rare ingredients used is very high.

An ingredient that provides a lot of energy is included, which increases its effects.

A sincere wish and hope has been included.

Upon intake, stamina will be increased and it will be maintained during the entire duration.

And during the duration, the recovery rate for body abnormalities will increase by a small amount.

Effect: + Stamina 70 [Duration: 5 Hours]

           + Body Abnormalities Recovery Rate increased by 2% [Duration: 5 Hours]

           + The recovery rate of stamina will be increased by a small amount [Duration: 5 Hours]




No other words could describe how Hyun-Soo felt about this.

This was the first time he saw an item with three effects.

On top of that…

‘A unique rank!’

Because of this, it was recorded on the recipe as well.

Since it was a unique ranked item, the effects were outstanding as well.

He’s made a lot of potions, but this was the first time he made one that had this much of an effect with a really long duration.

‘Will I be able to make another one like this?’

Since the rank for Medicinal Mix went up, he had high expectations, but he believed that his luck played a big part for this potion.

He made a lot of potions and a few of them were rare, but since this was unique, it was surprising.

‘That’s why it’s more rare.’

Hyun-Soo looked at the name of the potion in his recipe book.

‘At least I won’t starve to death if I ever quit being a hunter.’

There might be an issue with obtaining the ingredient and that’s why he even thought the potion he made this time was amazing.

If the stamina was 70, it was the same stamina level as a D rank or a F rank.

If those hunters drank this, then their stamina level would be similar to a C or a B rank hunter.

If people knew about this potion, then this potion will definitely be a required item, just like the scroll.

‘Well, this one belongs to Kim Hye-Na.’

He was now skilled and obtained friendly forces as well.

His biggest weakness was his family, but the issue that involved them has been resolved.

There weren’t any other issues that could bring him down.

If he wanted, he could reveal everything.

But there was still a lot going through Hyun-Soo’s head.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want the honor of being the only one to create potions and get rich my doing it.

He wasn’t planning on hiding it forever.

That’s why he discreetly made the Bibimbap and the rice ball cake.

‘It’s complicated…’

Hyun-Soo decided to organize his thoughts and then take care of some business.

‘She said saw was going to visit Hye-Na’s hospital today.’

That’s why he worked so hard to try to make it on time.

This wasn’t the last time she was going to visit Hye-Na, but it’s better to give it to her as soon as possible.

After becoming a B rank, the atmosphere and his feeling overall felt different.

‘How nice.’

He wanted to go on a hunt as soon as possible and test out his new power.

However, before doing this, there was an issue that was waiting for him to resolve.

‘I should hurry and give it to her since I made it for Hye-Na.’

Hyun-Soo stood up to go find Kim Yoo-Na.

“What the?”

Who’s that thief-looking person?

After wearing his clothes and preparing to go out, he happened to look at the mirror and was surprised by what he saw.

‘So this is why Hyuna was worried about me.’

Seeing as how she was nagging at him, he must’ve looked odd to her as well.

Hyun-Soo cleaned himself up and finished getting ready.

After shaving, he walked out of the dorm.

Since it was in the middle of the afternoon, the sun blinded him.

‘She’s probably at the cafeteria.’

As soon as she thought about the cafeteria, his stomach started rumbling loudly.

He did recover his energy by eating the frozen rice ball cake that was in the freezer, but that probably wasn’t enough.

‘Anyways, I hope Hye-Na becomes healthier with this.’

A unique rank stamina recovery potion.

After thinking about the time and effort that he put in and the skill that he used to make this happen, it made this potion so rare that he couldn’t be a price on it.


‘There’s no guarantee that she’ll be completely recovered.’

Kim Hye-Na’s sickness was a rare one.

Hyun-Soo barely knew anything about it, but he knew that it was difficult to cure it.

Completely recovering her was out of his power.

However, with this potion, Kim Hye-Na will have similar stamina to an ordinary person, even if it was only for five hours.

Since he used up the remaining Levshila, he made a large batch so she’ll be able to drink it several times.

Even though he made a lot, it wasn’t enough for her to drink it for an entire month.

But, it was still helpful.



Hyun-Soo suddenly thought about something, which made him stop.

He suddenly had a good idea that he had forgotten about.

‘Now that I think of it, the Skill Creation rank increased too, right?’

Even though he made a lot of money, he placed his fake scroll selling business behind him when it didn’t end so well.

Because of that, it was true that he didn’t take any interest in the Skill Creation skill lately.

Hyun-Soo was overlooking it.

‘I’m a Skill Maker.’

It was the name that he had next to the class name.


Skill Maker.


The Invisible Attack made it possible for him to solo hunt in most of the low-ranked portals and he was able to obtain it because Skill Creation helped develop it.

‘Right, so this is why everyone looks for the originator.’

It’s like those restaurants that put the word, original, on their sign.

It probably wasn’t the best comparison, but it was enough to express Hyun-Soo’s thoughts.

It was an issue he had to think about with a beginner’s mind.

‘My rank increased, so shouldn’t I create another another skill? If I give her a more effective skill, wouldn’t she get better effects when she drinks a potion?’

Creating and improving the skill wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t such a bad idea.


‘…But I’ll have to work my butt off again.’

That was the only problem that he had.

He felt tired just thinking about it, but he decided to go about it one step at a time.




‘She’s here!’


Kim Yoo-Na noticed Hyun-Soo and slightly nodded at him.

Thankfully, she was here because it was lunch time.

If she wasn’t here, then he would have to continue searching for her.

Hyun-Soo placed the food that’ll fill his empty stomach on a plate and sat across Kim Yoo-Na.

“Hyun-Soo, are you sick…?”

“No, I’m fine.”

Hyun-Soo rubbed his cheeks with his hands.

He washed up because he wasn’t looking so great, but it seemed like that didn’t help.

“Will you be visiting Hye-Na today?”

“Yes, I haven’t been able to visit her often like when I was in Korea, so she seemed pretty bored…and since her surgery has been scheduled, I’m worried.”

As the person that’s in charge of a clan and also as someone’s older sister, she was contemplating a lot, which caused her to display a troubled look on her face.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”


It seemed like she was pressuring him with Hye-Na.

She quietly mumbled.

If it was like before, she probably would’ve mumbled so that he wouldn’t hear her.

However, after becoming a B rank, he was able to catch her mumble, which was similar to her breathing.

“I told you that you needed to play in a bigger pool, but you’re tied down like this.”

“Tied down? I went on a hunt not that long ago.”

The Blasting Spore.

Of course it was different compared to when he was in Korea and would go on hunts often.

“And people need to take breaks in-between. I’m pretty satisfied right now.”

He said it because Kim Yoo-Na seemed to feel really bad about it, but this was how Hyun-Soo honestly felt.

After he became a hunter, he climbed up without taking a break.

He felt nervous about how he use the power that he finally had in his hands.

He wanted to make money somehow and escape poverty.

And after meeting Kim Yoo-Na.

He felt like he was physically suffocating.

‘She was that tough of a trainer.’

Thinking about it, he thought that he endured it pretty well.

That’s why, taking a break like this wasn’t so bad.

‘Honestly, this isn’t really a break.’

The first round of adapting into the clan was complete and it was now time  for the second round.

Anyways, Hyun-Soo understood why Kim Yoo-Na left the clan and went to to Korea.

Of course the other members that thought of Kim Yoo-Na couldn’t accept it.

It seemed like she was burdened by the fact that everyone’s schedule was pushed back due to her personal issues.

After seeing her treat Eugene and Katrina coldly in Korea, he was sure that she wasn’t planning on returning.


‘She ended up returning.’

Now that he thought about it, she took back the position that she left.

‘…Was it because of me?’

Hyun-Soo was surprised by the odd thought that he had that he immediately erased it from his mind.

Instead, he decided to talk about the original topic.

Luckily, the large cafeteria was quiet and the hunters were all spread out.

“There’s something I want to give you.”

<B Rank Hunter #3> End.

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