The Skill Maker – Chapter 073

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<B Rank Hunter #2>


There are times when his experience level increases a little bit when he uses Interface and Medicinal Mix often.

He saw it increase one time when he didn’t go on any hunts and made skills while staying home all day.

‘I should try both just in case.’

Becoming a B rank was his current goal, but he wasn’t sure how much experience he’ll receive by using those skills.

He would level up right away if he went on a hunt, but since he couldn’t go on a hunt right now, if there was a way to increase his experience, he was willing to try it.

‘Creating a new potion is probably the best.’

Whenever he creates a new recipe, he ends up concentrating on that alone that he uses up all of his energy.



While Hyun-Soo was creating a plan to increase his rank to B, the other hunters were practicing in the Center Room.

‘This is just like an action movie…huh? What’s that?’

While Hyun-Soo was thinking that he was watching a 4D movie, a hunter was testing out a skill and Hyun-Soo saw a faint purple light emitting from their body.

But when Hyun-Soo thought it was odd and tried to check again, it had already disappeared.

‘…Was I seeing things?’

It happened so suddenly that it was hard to confirm it.

Hyun-Soo thought that maybe he saw an afterimage of the skill and didn’t think about it any longer.


Maybe it’s because he felt relieved after overcoming a critical moment, but despite of him wanting to raise his experience, Hyun-Soo was laid-back.

But that moment ended when Kim Yoo-Na made a comment a couple of days ago while visiting.

‘I have no time to rest. Guess I don’t have a choice. She said it’s because of Hye-Na after all.’


To Hyun-Soo, they were his weakness, and at the same time, they were a gem that he treasured the most.

Since Hyun-Soo felt that way, he understood how other people felt.

Even though he passed the test, he wasn’t very fluent in English.

It hasn’t been that long since he came here, so it was obvious that he wouldn’t know much.


‘Since I’m always surrounded by people that speak English, I’ll end up improving even if I didn’t want to, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.’

The fact that he was improving little by little was a good thing.

Kim Yoo-Na’s assistance was included in there.

Her assistance was more like a hardcore teaching, but still, it was pretty effective.

For Hyun-Soo, he had to see the clan members every day, despite of whether he liked them or not, but for Hyuna, that wasn’t the case.

She attended a language school in the afternoon, which the clan supported, but that only occurred in the afternoon.

That’s why, their late, discreet meeting, no, their study session continued.

It was during that time that he was able to hear about Kim Hye-Na’s well-being.

“I’m sorry, but would it be okay if I sent Eugene in my place?”


“Yes, since he’s fluent in English, he’ll be a good teacher as well.”

He already knew that Eugene was fluent in both English and Korean.

But Hyun-Soo couldn’t easily agree to it.

“Yoo-Na, did you keep visiting us even though you were busy? If that’s the case, then I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

Hyuna caught on faster than Hyun-Soo and she analyzed the situation.

“No. That’s not it. I have personal things I need to take care of…”

Hyuna asked when Kim Yoo-Na didn’t finish her sentence.

“What’s wrong? Is it something we can help you with?”

Hyuna considered Kim Yoo-Na as an older sister.

There was something she said at point.

That it felt like she really got an older sister.

She treated Kim Yoo-Na the same way she treated Hyun-Soo.

Because of that, it was obvious that Hyuna would pour out her heart towards Kim Yoo-Na.

When Hyuna felt that something happened to Kim Yoo-Na, a worried expression appeared on her face and she asked if there was anything she could do to help.

“Thanks for offering. Hye-Na’s surgery has been scheduled, but her condition hasn’t been stable, so the decision to proceed with the surgery can’t be decided until the day of the surgery.”

Kim Yoo-Na didn’t say exactly what kind of surgery it was, but it was probably necessary in order to Hye-Na to get better.

A surgery.

Hyun-Soo was shocked by the fact that someone as small as Kim Hye-Na had to go through something as big as a surgery.

Her condition hasn’t been stable?

“Because of that, I want to make sure she’s in her best condition before the surgery, so I’ll probably be a bit busy. I probably won’t be able to really help you two since I’ll be filled with anxiety and that’s discourteous. That’s why I think it’ll be better if Eugene helped you two for the time being.”

Since nothing has been decided and she had to watch Hye-Na’s health, she felt bad and her eyes lowered to the floor.

Before coming here, Hyun-Soo made a large amount of the rice cake.

But that wasn’t going to last forever.

In her current condition, it was only natural that she would consume a lot more.

The fact that her condition was unstable could be due to the rice cakes because once consumed, the effects of the rice cake will improve her condition, but once the effects wears off, then her condition will worsen.

“Yoo-Na, I heard that your sister was sick. I hope she recovers soon. Then she can play with me!”

“Hye-Na doesn’t have any friends…if you did that, I’m sure she would love it.”

She smiled, but it was bitter.

“Is there nothing we can do to help?”

Hyun-Soo asked.

She quietly looked at Hyun-Soo for a moment.

Then a small smile appeared on her face and she shook her head.

‘It’s all thanks to you that we were able to come this far.’

Yoo-Na said that they were able to move on to the next step thanks to Hyun-Soo and she bowed while thanking him.

Her comment sounded hopeful, but…

‘Kim Yoo-Na and I both know that things aren’t looking too good.’

Because of that, Kim Yoo-Na didn’t want Hyun-Soo to get involved, so that’s why she made that comment.

He made a promise to Kim Yoo-Na.

That he would take responsibility and extend her sister’s time.

He didn’t say that he would fully recover her health.

No, he couldn’t.

If he were to say that, it would feel like he was exceeding his power.

Body abnormalities recovery rate increased.

That was the only option.

If he could raise the figure of that option.

Then he wouldn’t really think that he was exceeding his power.

After Kim Yoo-Na left, Hyun-Soo was deep in his thoughts.

What did he have to do?

He found the answer to that question fairly quickly.

It was time to run the drug factory that he put on hold due to the lack of ingredients.


He didn’t have any other ingredients.

The only ingredient that he had was the flower.

Even though the ones in the garden were dead, he saved some on the side so he had a good amount.

‘Glad I didn’t use it in the Bibimbap.’

To those foodies, it didn’t matter if there were herbs in it because they ate a lot and complimented on how good it was.

It was a relief that they liked it, but having too much was never a good thing.

‘I do have the ingredient.’

Even if he used the flower in different ways, it would still provide the same effect and duration.

He was able to confirm it while making Bibimbap and testing it in different ways.

‘I think growing the flower and just giving it to her will be enough…’

Just the effect of the flower alone was more than enough for Kim Hye-Na.

However, since felt that there was something a bit lacking just from that alone.

‘The 30-minute duration isn’t enough.’

It seemed like his standards increased because the 30-minute duration wasn’t good enough for him.

If the potion is supposed to be used to increase the stat, shouldn’t the duration be at least one hour?

Hyun-Soo suddenly remembered an ingredient that he had forgotten about.

To be exact, it wasn’t an ingredient.

But he did hear from somewhere that it can be used as an ingredient.

‘Energy Stone.’

It was the same Energy Stone that he received from Kim Yoo-Na during his first hunt, saying that it was a souvenir.

He did take it since she said it was a souvenir, but since it was difficult to sell it, he really did end up keeping it as a souvenir.

If others found out that he had an Energy Stone, then they’ll desire it, so he would keep it inside a box and take it when he could.

‘I just thought of it now.’

Kim Yoo-Na used it the same way before.

That she grinded the Energy Stone and fed it to Kim Hye-Na because of her health.

‘How did she say it affected Hye-Na?’

It was a couple of months ago, so his memory was a bit hazy, but remembered her saying that it wasn’t all that bad.

Anyways, as soon as he thought of the ingredient that he had forgotten about, Hyun-Soo immediately started working.

He looked through his belongings and found the Energy Stone.

The Energy Stone gave off a beautiful green light and as he looked at it, his heart ached.

It was true that he agreed to help, but he felt sad after thinking that he had to grind this and use it as an ingredient.

‘Out of all the medicines that I’ve created, this one is probably going to be the most expensive one.’

The green Energy Stone was worth at least a million.

Hyun-Soo’s hand started shaking.

How long has he lived a life where he would be shaken up just from a small amount of money?

But now, he was about to break an item that was worth millions with his own hands, so it was only natural that his hands would shake.


Kim Yoo-Na has done so much for his family.

From his parent’s safety to their settlement…

Even though Hyun-Soo bought the building on his own, they were living at a safe location that Kim Yoo-Na provided.

‘Since I don’t have two bodies, I need her help. If it weren’t for her, then I wouldn’t even be alive.’

With that thought, Hyun-Soo calmed himself.

Despite of calming himself down, he couldn’t help the fact that he would shake when there’s money involved.

Shake, shake.

Hyun-Soo was holding the bowl that had the Energy Stone in it and his hands were shaking.


He released a long sigh.

He had to focus now.

He coated the bowl with a thin layer of Invisible Attack and created a small, bulky club.

Hyun-Soo created something similar to a stone mortar with his skill.

When he added his skill and used his strength to grind the Energy Stone, an unpleasant sound filled the room.


“Hyun-Soo. Hyun-Soo!”

He faintly heard Hyuna’s voice from somewhere.

“Hyun-Soo! Wake up! It’s already lunch time!”

“Oh, huh?”

Hyun-Soo was sleeping deeply on the sofa and quickly woke up when he heard that it was lunch time.

“Hyun-Soo, did something happen? You’ve been staying in your room for two days. And what are those in the kitchen?”

Hyuna clicked her tongue when she saw the messy kitchen filled with bowls and unknown items.

During the past few days, he’s been staying in his room to try to come up with a new recipe, but since he hasn’t been coming out, Hyuna must’ve been worried and decided to visit him.

“Oh, don’t touch that.”

It looked like a mess, but he placed them that way for a reason.

‘This is what it means to have order within chaos.’

As he had ridiculous thoughts with a blank mind, he rubbed his face with his hand.


A long yawn was released from his mouth.

“Are you getting enough sleep? Have you been eating?”

During the past 48 hours, he maybe slept for almost five hours.

If Hyuna didn’t come in just now, he probably would’ve continued sleeping and caught up on the sleep that he’s been lacking.

And that was something that Hyun-Soo didn’t want.

‘That’s my sister alright.’

It was admirable how she came in at the right time and woke up her older brother.

Of course Hyuna didn’t know about this and was just surprised by his current condition.

But his hard work paid off.

No, it’s more like he gained more than what he expected.

Hyun-Soo couldn’t hold back the smile that naturally appeared on his face.

‘I’m a B rank now!’


<B Rank Hunter #2>

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