The Skill Maker – Chapter 068

<Test #2>

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Kim Yoo-Na visited them last at night to help them with their English lessons and complimented them about how much they’ve improved within a short amount of time.
In Hyun-Soo’s eyes, Hyuna did improve a lot.
Maybe it’s because she’s still a student.
On the other hand, Hyun-Soo couldn’t say the same about himself, but hearing her compliment made him feel good.
People tend to want to do better when they hear compliments.
Kim Yoo-Na said his name.
Even though Hyuna returned to her room, she stayed and started talking to him.
“This is something I’m going to be saying at the meeting the day after tomorrow, but I think it’ll be better if you know ahead of time. Your test will take place during the second official hunt.”
“Are you allowed to do that?
“No one is against it, so it’s fine. If you don’t want to, then you don’t have to do the test…”
Kim Yoo-Na’s voice became quieter.
The test was like a qualification test to see if he’s worthy enough to join the crew.
When Kim Yoo-Na recruited him, she didn’t mention a test, but Hyun-Soo assumed there would be something like this.
‘This is the least I can do since I’m the only C rank in a crew full of A rank hunters and they probably think I was able to join through some kind of connection.’
In her point of view, she could think that Hyun-Soo doesn’t need to do a test since she already acknowledged his skills and potential.
‘The problem is that the other hunters have their doubts about me.’
In that case, it was better to show them once and for all.
Hyun-Soo felt better about doing that and they’ll acknowledge him.
“No, I should take the test. If I do, then everyone will accept me.”
Kim Yoo-Na mentioned that he didn’t have to take the test if he didn’t have to, but that was nonsense.

If I refused to take the test now, then all the work that he put in to try to fit in will definitely crumble down.
“It’s something I eventually had to do. Thank you for worrying about me, but you don’t have to worry about that. Actually, since there’s a plan, I feel a lot better.”
Thanks to her, he didn’t have to think about other things and just had to focus on the test.
No more cheap tricks.
Well, he wasn’t sure if he could call them cheap tricks.
‘Except one.’
Hyun-Soo thought about the flowers that he hung around the room so that they weren’t noticeable.
Hyun-Soo first thought about how he should dry them.
His willingness to figuring it out was the same as the time when he wanted to do something with them in their original condition.
‘People did say that boiling a red ginseng is the best way to eat it.’
He heard from somewhere that eating it raw was good, but boiling the ingredient for a long time improves the absorption and effects.
He was also in a rush to find a way to store them appropriately.
Since he completely removed the roots, they probably won’t wither like a bouquet of flowers, but he’ll really regret it if a rare medicine goes bad.
In order to test it out, he placed the flowers in the freezer, refrigerator, the bathroom and the balcony.
“It’s a relief that you think that way. Your test will be taken place in the blue portal. You won’t be hunting alone like before and will be hunting with the other members. Your attacks, handling issues and understanding the situation is what you’ll be tested on, so it won’t be that difficult. It’s something you’ve done many times in the previous hunts.”
She also added that being able to work with the other hunters is an important element when going on a hunt, so that was another thing he was going to be tested on.
“There were some members that suggested that we go to a green portal because of your rank, but…blue. You can do it, right?”
“Of course.”
He didn’t have to do it by himself, but with others.
It would’ve been a different story if he had to complete it by himself.
‘I’ve done it once before.’
When compared to the monster in the green portal, there was a lot more things he had to think about, but it was actually a relief.
The more tired he was, the more he felt accomplished once he kills the monster.
Even though there were limitations and conditions, as long as fulfilled them, then they’ll think more highly of him.
Kim Yoo-Na had a satisfied smile on her face once she heard Hyun-Soo’s confident reply.
And the morning of the test.
Hyun-Soo received information regarding the date of the test and information related to it.
It was exactly what Kim Yoo-Na said.


“Hyun-Soo, when do you have to finish this by?”
Hyuna asked after saying that she remembered the time when he had a part-time and he had to thread beads.
When he first started, Hyuna happened to see him threading beads after entering his room and she had an extremely shocked expression.
She thought he would be done with part-time jobs, but was worried and asked why he was doing it.
Hyuna looked like she was thinking for a bit and then moments later.

“Hyun-Soo, do you need money…because of me?”

She carefully asked him and despite of his eyes feeling tired and his neck becoming stiff, he started laughing out loud and continued laughing.
“I was worried…so why are you laughing?”
With a pout on her face, Hyuna sat next to Hyun-Soo and started helping him.
“I’m almost done.”
“That’s what you said moments ago.”
“I’m serious. I used all the ingredients that I prepared.”
Hyun-Soo was currently making rice ball cakes.
His test was coming up soon, so why was he making rice ball cakes?
Many probably would’ve asked the same question, but this work was extremely important.
What Hyun-Soo made was.

[Sweet Levshila Rice Ball Cake][Normal]
A rice ball cake that’s been made out of sweet rice and Levshila, a flower that only grows in area that receives a lot of moonlight.
It can be eaten with one bite and it’s sweet and chewy.
It has an addicting taste, so it’s hard to stop eating it.
There’s a lot of Levshila powder within the rice cake.
The recommended intake period is short.
Recommended Intake Period: Within three days.
Effect: Upon intake +Stamina 42 [Duration: 30 Minutes]
The stamina recovery rate will increase a little. [Duration: 30 Minutes]
It’s because this rice cake provided this kind of effect.
The flower didn’t taste good when eaten just by itself, so it was important to add sugar to it.
He boiled the flower and added sugar to the same water.
‘I wanted to make it sweet, so I added sugar to the boiling water and to the ingredient, but I didn’t think it would turn out like this.’
Anyways, the result was good, so it was fine.
Thanks to that, the effect increased.
It was a small increase, but it was encouraging to know that it did when he only used basic ingredients and didn’t add any other medicinal ingredients.
If he did, then the effects will most likely improve.
‘This is pretty good even though it’s my first time.’
On top of that, it tasted better.
He honestly wanted to make candy out of it, but since there was an issue in making it, he quickly dismissed the thought.
And he couldn’t make a drink out of it since he didn’t have a bottle to keep it in.
It would be difficult for him to get a lot of small, glass bottles in a short period of time.
If he asked Kim Yoo-Na or Eugene, then they would definitely be able to get it, but Hyun-Soo decided to find ways without asking others for help.
‘That’s why I made these.’
Making it was simple.
He mixed sweet rice and Levshila powder and after carefully pouring hot winter, he made the dough.
He then made them into a round shape and boiled them.
He could add garnishes to it, but Hyun-Soo placed the Levshila powder and sugar into a blender and grinded them. He then coated the rice cake in the finely grinded ingredient.
Because he coated the rice cakes, they didn’t stick to each other.
“But, this is really good. I keep eating it. This is pretty addicting.”
Hyuna ate the ones that weren’t made well and commented on them.
He did as well.

An addicting taste that will make it difficult to stop.

The information displayed on Interface acknowledged that it was so delicious that it would be hard to stop eating them.
“Take some with you and eat it when you’re tired or studying. But, don’t save them too long. They’ll go bad.”
While making the rice cake, there was something else that Hyun-Soo was targeting.
It was lowering the mental barrier.
It was a barrier about himself and it was a barrier about the miracle drug that he’ll be passing out soon.
If he gave the potion to someone, who would accept it without doubting it?
‘People usually eat rice cakes for snacks, so they probably won’t suspect me.’
On top of that, Hyun-Soo already made Korean food for them and showed them a whole new world.
The effect of the flower was also added, so Hyun-Soo’s Bibimbap probably left a deep impression deep within the hunters.
And what would happen if he provided a Korean snack?
‘No suspicions. On top of the taste, if they see the effects of it, it’ll surely win them over!’
It may even leave a really good impression.
They might find it odd when he tells them to eat them one at a time during the hunt, but it’s not like the hunt would place them in a life or death situation.
Official hunts were like pep rallies anyways.
Since the hunts usually had a laid-back atmosphere, it wouldn’t odd to bring a snack.
‘Jeez, this is tiring though. I feel like my hands are going to break.’
Since Hyun-Soo’s test will take place during the second hunt, most of the hunters will be attending, unlike the first hunt where only a portion of the members attended.
Hyun-Soo wanted to give the rice cakes to everyone.
It kind of felt like a bribe, but Hyun-Soo felt that creating a better image and increasing his worth was more important.
There could be people that might think the effects of the rice cake was all in their heads, just like the Bibimbap.
However, a few that were sensitive to it will feel that something really did change and that it wasn’t all in their heads.
Not once, but twice.
There are some that will think that the first time was coincidental, but not the second time.
‘If that happens, then I’m sure they’ll become cautious around me.’
If they become cautious about the things that Hyun-Soo made, then they’ll eventually come up with some sort of hypothesis.
And those that kept on eating the food that Hyun-Soo made will eventually catch on, even if they’re slower than others.
If that happens, then all the attention will be on Hyun-Soo and his worth may increase.
‘That’s exactly what I want.’
Honestly, he didn’t plan on doing it this way.
‘At first, I thought it was best to hide it, but…’
But, he spent time with Kim Yoo-Na, saw the hunters that were in her clan and experienced how they felt towards him.
Their pride was pretty cheesy, but no matter where he went, he would probably experience the same thing.
Just a few of the hunters here didn’t like Hyun-Soo.
It was only half-hearted and the pride that they had was pretty innocent.
‘It’s because I haven’t really shown them anything.’
Skill. And worth.
If he really showed it to them, then this minor dissatisfaction and pride will go away in an instant.
‘And if I have to reveal it eventually…’
He can’t hide it on his own for the rest of his life anyways.
A power that’ll be revealed eventually.
Even if Hyun-Soo wanted to hide it, if he keeps on using it, it’ll be revealed one way or another.
In that case, it’s not a bad idea to become friends with them.
They’ll definitely be strong and loyal allies.
‘My decision is right.’

<Test #2> End.

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