The Skill Maker – Chapter 064

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<Levshila #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Hyun-Soo asked Eugene who was sitting next to him.

No matter how he thought about it, the weight that the official hunt carried felt light.

‘They said it was simple but I didn’t think it would feel like going on a group picnic. No, that has too much freedom…maybe like a company pep rally?’

Before, Eugene explained it like it was nothing and it really seemed that way.

“I’m not sure. It’s a possibility. I heard that according to the ranks, hierarchical order and discipline is very important. We’re an interesting case.”

“But this is pretty good. We don’t really like having a linear relationship. Yoo-Na said that having a strained relationship will destroy the unity during a hunt.”

Katrina intercepted when she heard Hyun-Soo talk.

“Jeez woman. Talk slowly. If you keep talking fast like that, I have to keep moving around.”


Lately, Hyun-Soo has been using English to get used to the language.

Hyuna was way more fluent than Hyun-Soo and she nagged at him several times about how he needed more help than her.

Because of that.

He was able to speak more smoothly compared to when he didn’t know what to say.

However, when someone spoke fast or he heard long sentences, his head would feel complicated and look at Eugene to translate for him.

“Yoo-Na isn’t looking this way.”

“You’re right. She at least makes eye contact. I wonder if she’s mad.”

Like Katrina and Eugene mentioned, Kim Yoo-Na didn’t look at Hyun-Soo.

She was probably doing it on purpose.

It looked like she was ignoring him like the others, but the reason for it was different.

What did she say before?

‘I think she apologized saying that it might be harder for me to adapt because of her.’

One of those nights.

There was a time when Kim Yoo-Na was being hesitant after he was done with the English lessons.

She felt sorry about the expectations that Hyun-Soo was experiencing, the jealousy and envy.

Kim Yoo-Na also knew that people had high expectations of him because she brought Hyun-Soo with her.

They didn’t exactly say it, but since Hyun-Soo worked many part-time jobs, it was easy to catch on.

‘All I have to do is quietly show my worth…’

It didn’t matter that someone was feeling sorry or how others were feeling about him.

Hyun-Soo already showed his skills.

His opponent was surprised and even acknowledged him.

There’s a possibility that she wasn’t looking towards him in order to prolong that.

She acted that way so that it wouldn’t create an unnecessary weak point for him.

The more he got to know her, the more he thought that he made the right choice in working with her.

It’s difficult to find someone that had character, knowledge and was trustworthy.

“Hyon-Ssoo, let’s go get the items.”

Katrina stood up first and called out to Hyun-Soo.

She took the lead after telling him they needed to get the necessary gear for the hunt.

Hyun-Soo followed behind and pushed away his worries.


The thoughts he had up until now.

It was time to implement them.





Something fell from the sky like a lightning and flashed.


The monster had impressive blue feathers and when lightning struck down, it let out a faint cry.

However, everyone within the portal knew that the monster was just making a fuss.

Marcus was the one that used the attack and he kicked the ground.

‘This monster seems more powerful than the monster that I hunted in the green portal.’

The monster that he hunted before was pretty smart, but this monster was smarter.

As a monster, they would provoke the humans and would even fake their attacks.

Hyun-Soo was getting frustrated just looking at them.

‘But it’s moving along without any issues.’

“Leave the tail alone!”

“People that have their skills ready, get in position!”

There would be random commands and everyone would move according to those commands.

The thing that made Hyun-Soo really exclaim was.

‘Everyone is calm.’

It was their response.

Even during unforeseen situations, they would remain calm and handle the situation honorably.

They could’ve been shocked by it, but no one was and it was as if they calculated these unforeseen situations.



The monster looked like it was going to curl up because it folded its wings, but they spread their wings out again and at the same time, they spun their body and feathers started flying in all directions.

The feathers were as sharp as a knife and were flying like sand.

But the hunters didn’t look flustered and quickly gathered to one place.

No one told them where to gather, but they naturally headed to one area.

The tank held a giant shield and was enduring it.


The tank’s body was pushed back a bit because of the feathers, but thanks to the Heal Shower, they were able to endure it.

“Water Pick!”

“Wind Spear!”

“Blaze Cut!”

After throwing its feathers, the monster briefly took a break and during that short time, they started using their skills.


Since the moon was the only source of light, various lights started flashing in the sky.


But the monster flew higher as if it was mocking them.

Their skills barely grazed the monster’s toe.


The monster chirped as if it was making fun of them.

And then.

“Lightning Pole!”



A bright light flashed right above the bird that flew high into the sky.



And at the same time, the sound of electricity shocking the bird filled the air.

The bird cried in fear right after.

“Energy field has been exhausted.”

“Preparing ground assault.”

The monster was falling after it got hit by the lightning and during that time, the close-range attackers grouped up.


And as soon as the monster hit the ground.


“Die bird brain!”

The attackers used their skills.

They kept on attacking the monster and didn’t even give them a chance to regain their consciousness.

During that time, the tank blew up the bird’s eyes.


The monster bird screamed in pain.

The insides of their mouth became a target when they opened their mouth to release a scream.

Their tongue was cut off and ice and fire filled their intestines.

It was a violent massacre.

Hyun-Soo was in awe.

Everyone was working hard beating up the bird.

But one of them turned around and looked towards him.


Hyun-Soo squinted and looked to see who it was.


He wasn’t expecting it to be him.

After noticing that Hyun-Soo was looking at him, Marcus nodded his head.

It was as if he was asking Hyun-Soo if he saw what he did.

Since he was far away and couldn’t really see him, Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure if that was what he really meant.

‘…He’s acting pretty cute.’

A smirk appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face as he was at a loss for words and felt ridiculous.

He knew what Marcus’s actions meant.

Marcus was showing how annoyed he was by the fact that a low-ranked hunter like Hyun-Soo rolled into a clan that was filled with skillful hunters.

And at the same time, he implied that Hyun-Soo wouldn’t be able to catch up.

‘I do want to go up there and attack.’

Hyun-Soo experienced many difficult hunts and he was disappointed by the current situation.

He was itching to jump into the hunt right now.

He wanted to join that group that was throwing their skills and wanted to fight with them.

The hunt looked exhilarating and the way it was flowing made Hyun-Soo’s blood boil as he watched.

‘How disappointing.’

But all he could do was watch.

The hunters within the clan didn’t know about Hyun-Soo’s skills yet.

They could only assume based on the battle they previously saw.

However, since he didn’t do an official test, they could only assume.

And if a newbie like him intercepted?

It was past being rash and it was rude.


Hyun-Soo shook his head.

‘I don’t have a choice but to wait a little.’

The members within the clan were A rank hunters.

It was really a world filled with elites, just like Kim Yoo-Na had mentioned.

‘The groups in Korea can’t be compared to these guys.’

Those guys swarmed in all together just to beat one low-ranked hunter, but the only things these guys did was act unfriendly towards him and showed off their skills.

The way Marcus showed himself off made a big impact.

It was funny, but on the other hand, it was proof that not everyone in Kim Yoo-Na’s group was bad.


The monster let out a sad cry as it was dying.

It meant that the hunt was ending.

He understood why Kim Yoo-Na and Eugene emphasized to have fun and to take it easy.

It was understandable how they finished it so easily since they had pretty good teamwork.

‘I forgot to use Interface because I was busy watching.’

He would usually use Interface as soon as he walks into a portal, but this was his second blue portal and since this was his first time watching an official hunt, he forgot.

And his desire to join the hunt also made him forget.

Hyun-Soo stood up from his seat after calming his racing heart.

‘Okay…let’s see what’s inside a blue portal.’

It would be great if there was something nice.

Hyun-Soo hoped to obtain something useful as he used the skill on various areas.

‘I feel like there’s something here. I guess I’ll walk around a bit more.’

He glanced towards where the hunters were and they were cutting the monster apart.

They seemed pretty laid-back.

The area was filled with moonlight and Hyun-Soo slowly looked around.



Below the flat ground, there was a field of flowers that was shining underneath the moonlight.

The flower petals were giving off a silver light and small lights were dancing in the center of the flowers.

Just from looking, he knew it wasn’t an ordinary flower.

Hyun-Soo activated Interface and approached the flowers.


[Moonlight Levshila]

A flower that only grows where the moonlight is strong.

It’s special because of its silver petals and blue stem and leaf.

The appearance looks similar to a Nefshila, making it confusing, but it can be differentiated by the light that appears through the corolla that collects light from the moon.

Effects: Upon intake +Stamina 40 [Duration: 30 Minutes]

The stamina recovery rate will increase slightly. [Duration: 30 Minutes]


Hyun-Soo hoped that he would find something good since it was a blue portal and while using Interface, Hyun-Soo stopped walking.

‘It increases Stamina by 40 points? And it increases the stamina recovery rate?’

He questioned whether he read it right.

Hyun-Soo doubted his eyes.

But no matter how many times he looked at the Interface, the number 40 didn’t change.

It was double the amount when compared to the horn he obtained before.

He thought he got something good during that time…

Hyun-Soo’s eyes widened.

<Levshila #1> End.

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