The Skill Maker – Chapter 057

<Preparations #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


It was obvious that they were following Kim Yoo-Na’s orders.

Because of that, he had to make sure that his family was safe before leaving.

Kim Yoo-Na said that she would help, but Hyun-Soo knew that his parents wouldn’t just accept the offer, so there was a need for him to convince them.

‘I need to show them how beneficial it is to have a son that’s a hunter. I want to pay them back as much as I can since they’ve gone through a lot.’

He thought of this while walking to the location he promised to meet her and saw Kim Yoo-Na.

She was with her sports car, which he was used to now.

However, there was something else.


“Yeap, that’s me!”

“…I’m sorry. I tried to leave her behind, but I couldn’t.”

Kim Yoo-Na apologized with an extremely exhausted tone.

“I’m not sure how she found out about my schedule…Hye-Na probably told her. Whew, I’m sorry.”

Her facial expression showed that she was exhausted.

It was unbearable, but since she tagged along to a couple of hunts, Hyun-Soo just let it pass.

Katrina was like a little sister that was reckless.

Since Kim Yoo-Na was weak against younger siblings, she wasn’t able to saying anything harsh to her.

It applied to Hyun-Soo as well.



The two looked at each other and after releasing a heavy sigh, they entered the car.

Since Kim Yoo-Na’s car only had two seats, Katrina followed by driving a huge sedan.

Kim Yoo-Na spoke while driving.

“Regarding your parents, I think it’s going to take some time. But, it won’t take too long. I’m planning on having people guard the place until then. Is that okay with you?”

“Yes, that’s fine with me.”

Hyun-Soo nodded his head when she suggested that they continue using the discrete hunters to keep guarding the place.

‘They’re guards that work for 24 hours.’

“The group that attacked you are attack groups that are pretty powerful within the nation. What I found out was that they’re having internal issues. They’re trying to make it so that it seems like an individual planned this instead of a leader giving the order.”

“Then, will there be any additional issues?”

“I’m not so sure about that. It’s not just that, but their powers have been split into three. There are rumors that the leaders are step-brothers and they all have different goals. I think the youngest, who’s known to be aggressive, attacked you that day.”

“I see.”

‘It somehow reminds me of a wealthy family.’

They usually appear in dramas or news and fight over power and money and the brothers reminded him of them.

‘I’m not wrong either. Hunters that are above S rank are considered a one-man company.’

Even if they’re not a S rank, groups and guilds that have high-ranked hunters can be compared to companies.

There are those that move after receiving confirmation from the business community and after growing, there are those that become a worldwide company.

‘It’s not weird for them to have internal issues. But, I feel uncomfortable by the fact that I was involved with one of them.’

“We’ve contacted the chief executive. It’s going to take a while to find out what they’re up to. Since they’ve split up, I think they’re acting on their own.”

But the hunters that were guarding his family were skilled, so he wasn’t worried and he’s never been at a disadvantage for accepting Kim Yoo-Na’s suggestion.

“But, where are we going?”

He came out since she asked, but she never mentioned where they were going.

Kim Yoo-Na answered without much thought.

“Hunting of course.”




A deer with a large body fell.

The deer cried for the last time.

The sound of their cry filled the entire portal.

“Pant, pant…”

My chest kept on going up and down as I was catching my breath.

My mouth has been dry for a while.

‘I’m…going to die…’

He finished the hunt in the third portal that he entered today.

A hunt that two hunters usually participated in.

And Hyun-Soo did three of those today.

‘It’s been awhile since I’ve done the first one and it looked like the monster was going to drop a lot of money so I attacked it like crazy…’

He was doing fine in the second hunt.

But when Kim Yoo-Na suggested that he do a third one, he felt dizzy.

No groups or guilds would participate in three hunts in one day.

‘It’s better than staying home and doing nothing, but doing three all of a sudden.’

When the two first started working together and they did three hunts, Kim Yoo-Na saw how exhausted Hyun-Soo was and after that, she tried to control the number of hunts.

But, she’s suddenly suggesting that he participate in three hunts today.

“Are you exhausted?”

“N, no. I’m fine.”

He was actually so exhausted that he wanted to die, but Hyun-Soo stood up as if he was feeling fine.

However, he couldn’t help his shoulders dropping and his legs dragging.

Hyun-Soo used Interface to check his condition.

‘Stamina level is 23%…no wonder. Man I’m tired. But, I did make a lot of money today.’

He was tired, but after thinking about the money that was going to be in his bank, he felt a bit better.

Kim Yoo-Na complimented Hyun-Soo and approached the dead monster.

“The antlers are supposedly good for the body.”


He thought he got used to everything related to hunting, but he still wasn’t used to Kim Yoo-Na’s sudden actions.

‘Even if she does look as gentle as a deer, but saying that it’s good for the body with a bright smile is a bit…’

Now that he thought about it, he was so focused on killing the monster, that he kept on forgetting to use Interface.

He did control himself from grabbing the items after Katrina started tagging along.

‘I should check now. Interface!’

Hyun-Soo used interface on the antler that Kim Yoo-Na was cutting with a knife.


[Khalifa’s Antler]

A soft antler that hasn’t been growing for that long.

It continuously provides a high level of heat and has the tendency to change its form.

Effect: Upon intake + Stamina 20 [Duration: 2 Hours]


Hyun-Soo slightly turned his head and looked elsewhere.

His eyes landed on a large tree that was big enough for five arms to wrap around it. The way it was lying on the floor was hideous.

‘…It can make it look like that even though it’s soft? Then what kind of monster is Khalifa’s Antler in the high-ranked portals?’

Just thinking about it made him shudder and Hyun-Soo approached Kim Yoo-Na.

“Do you know what kind of effect this has?”

“No, but doesn’t it look like it’s effective just by looking at it? It’s an antler. I’m just taking some with me just in case.”

‘You’re probably the only person that cuts the antler with a bright expression while calling the monster’s horn antler.’

Instead of saying what was on his mind, he suggested on cutting more.

“If you’re going to take it, might as well take all of it.”


Kim Yoo-Na’s head shot up.

She thought for a moment and moved the knife to the root of the antler.

“Would you…like to take some too?”

“I won’t decline if you offer some.”

Kim Yoo-Na was cutting it first, so he couldn’t intercept, but she offered some to him.

He was grateful of course.

‘I could’ve missed it. I should try making something with it.’

It increases the stamina and it was rare to find an ingredient that upgrades it.

But, thanks to Kim Yoo-Na cutting it first, he was able to obtain the ingredient without Katrina being suspicious of him.

Katrina probably observed Kim Yoo-Na while working together because she kneeled beside her and watched.

‘Thankfully, this will help pay for the bodyguards.’

Kim Yoo-Na didn’t ask him to pay or ask for anything in return, but he still had to pay them back.

If possible, maintaining the give-and-take relationship is important.

He wasn’t comfortable with being indebted, so if he kept on receiving, then he’ll be at a disadvantage.


‘I’m tired of debt.’

His thoughts must’ve shown on his face because Katrina looked at him worriedly and after slightly smiling at him, she focused on Kim Yoo-Na cutting the antler.

Cutting the antler took more time than the actual battle.

After Hyun-Soo kept on using his skill, they were able to completely cut off the antler.


“…Oh. Okay. Thanks.”

As soon as she exited the portal, Katrina took out a water bottle and gave it to him.


Katrina squatted down in front of Hyun-Soo, who was drinking the water, and said something.

“She said she wants you to grow stronger as soon as possible.”

Kim Yoo-Na quickly tied the antler on the roof of her car and translated what Katrina said.

“That I agree with. That’s why I increased the number of hunts.”

“If I’m able to level up quickly, then it’s fine with me. But, that’s not as easy as I thought.”

After he became a C rank, he didn’t get much experience points when he hunted in a green portal by himself.

“You’re right. Technically, if you hunted by yourself in a blue portal, then you’ll level up much quicker…”

“But, I’m not that skilled yet. And in our current situation, creating a large group isn’t a good idea.”

Because of this reason, most of the C rank hunters remain at this rank.

From here, they needed connections, power and money.

However, that didn’t mean that Hyun-Soo was leveling up at a slow pace.

No, it was actually pretty fast.

Despite that, there was a reason why Kim Yoo-Na was being hard on him.

“The place that you’ll be going is a team that requires strong and elite hunters. That’s why the team color is important since they base it on everyone’s skills.”

Hyun-Soo listened to Kim Yoo-Na while holding the water bottle.

“If you do get to go to the base, then it’ll be difficult for me to help you like before. It’s all up to you when it comes to adapting. If I were to step in and protect you, then they’ll definitely say that I’m favoring you and it’ll make it harder for you to adapte. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

It’s obvious that people’s expectations would be high since they’re surrounded by skilled hunters.

Hyun-Soo’s trip to the US was almost confirmed and Kim Yoo-Na explained the next step.

‘I guess she’s worried that I might not adapt well when I get there.’

Well, her teammates from before were all A rank hunters.

So it’s obvious that the other teammates in the US were just as strong as them.

‘A C rank among the A rank hunters…’


<Preparations #3> End.

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  1. jacobpaige

    How is he managing to make potions for the little sister if he’s not looting anything with Interface anymore? He should talk to her about keeping Katrina away so that he can look for ingredients, or give up on hiding his ability to find them. The current situation isn’t doing anyone any good, and it’s not going to get any better once he joins a team.

    1. Tasha

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      Simple. He is making fewer potions. The potions dont HELP her remember so they’re not actually important. They only COMFORT her by giving temporary stamina boost. The passive skill is doing all the real and permanent work.

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