The Skill Maker – Chapter 054

<Counterattack #3>

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Most of the monsters were big.

That meant that there were a lot of spots that a hunter could attack.

However, compared to a monster, Hyun-Soo was small.

Which meant their target shrunk when compared to their usual opponent.

‘Two of them use fire. One uses water and another is holding a sword…’

Excluding the close-range hunter, the remaining were long-range hunters, but they couldn’t hit Hyun-Soo.


Fwoosh, fwoosh!

The sound of skills passing by him and landing on the floor filled the training room.

‘If it was me, I would attack with the close-range hunter first and move them to a spot where a long-range hunter is prepared to attack.’

But they couldn’t do that.

He wasn’t sure whether they weren’t doing it or if they weren’t capable of doing it, but as of right now, they probably weren’t capable.

“Why isn’t it hitting him?!”

“Are you sure he’s an E rank?”

“Water Peak!”

“Fwoosh! Fwoosh!

Splash! Splash!

The skills that didn’t hit Hyun-Soo landed on the ground.



With a shout, he used his fist to attack.

‘I’m telling you, you’re slow.’

While being attacked with a fist, the other hunters aimed the fireballs towards Hyun-Soo’s sides and behind him.

However, Hyun-Soo slightly bent his legs and just lowering himself was enough to dodge them.

Lee Jong-Chan’s fist and the fireballs were flying in the air.

And then.

‘Invisible Attack!’

Since he liked his fist so much, Hyun-Soo attacked with a fist as well.

When Hyun-Soo decided, he used his skill to form a fist. It looked like a fist that was wearing a tough glove.

And a large one at that.

After changing his stance, the fist that he created performed an uppercut.


A dull sound that seemed like skin was being ripped apart filled the training room.


With a scream.


Lee Jong-Chan’s heavy body hit the training room’s ceiling and a loud sound filled the room once he hit the ground.

‘This is how you use a fist.’

After that attack, Lee Jong-Chan couldn’t get up and continued lying on the floor.

Hyun-Soo created the largest fist he could, so after being hit with that, it’s only obvious he would stay down.

Since he got hit badly by the fist, his jaw was probably broken and it’ll be difficult for him to regain his conscious.

“Wha- sir!”

The hunters called Lee Jong-Chan after being shocked, but Lee Jong-Chan just moaned in pain.

‘I took out one.’

Hyun-Soo looked at the hunters that were standing with a blank expression after being shocked by what just happened.

The hunter’s shoulders started shaking after noticing Hyun-Soo looking at them.

“Damn bastard. This wasn’t supposed to happen!”

One of them started yelling and after gritting their teeth, they started running towards me.

It was the hunter that was wielding a sword.


They yelled out some kind of skill name and after taking a couple of odd steps, they approached Hyun-Soo.


Hyun-Soo heard the sound of the wind cutting.

They were targeting Hyun-Soo’s chest and the sword was attack him at a fast rate.

However, after spinning around once, Hyun-Soo turned his body and ended up in the hunter’s arms.


His eyes met with the hunter’s and they gasped.

Hyun-Soo smiled at them and after creating a heavy club, he swung it at them.


The white dot that was located between the neck and the shoulder.

He kept on hitting that spot.


The close-range hunter’s eyes became white and they fell on their back.


Hyun-Soo walked passed the hunter that was groaning in pain and looked at the other hunters.

‘Long-distance hunters are all that’s left.’

Taking down long-distance hunters could be a lot easier.

There was a strange tension between Hyun-Soo and the hunters.

They’ve already witnessed him taking down two hunters with one attack.

They couldn’t believe what they were seeing because they believed Hyun-Soo was the same rank as them.

‘They probably should keep up with their information.’

It meant that they were missing the information of the most important target.



When Hyun-Soo took a step forward, the hunters flinched and their shoulders moved up and down.



He moved another step forward.

It felt like the tension between them tightened and it was going to snap at any moment.

A long-distance fire attacker couldn’t endure the tension and broke it.


He wasn’t sure whether he was just yelling or casting a spell, but as yelled, he threw a fireball.

The hunters beside him also used their skill.

Several fireballs and a strong water current flew at him all at once from different directions.

They were glaring at Hyun-Soo as they gathered up all of their strength and used their skills.

Hyun-Soo was now a lot closer to the hunters.

Because of that, it didn’t take a long time for the skills to reach Hyun-Soo, which made things dangerous.



Hyun-Soo saw a path.

They were fast, but it was slow enough for Hyun-Soo to dodge them.

Hyun-Soo dodged the skills and jumped off the ground and ran.

He was a lot closer to the long-distance attacker.

“Wh, what the!”

‘It’s just a counterattack.’

Hyun-Soo summoned the same club that he used on the close-range hunter earlier.

‘I should finish this quickly.’

Hyun-Soo was feeling excited about using this skill because he knew that with his power, he would be able to take down a truck full of these guys.

After looking at the clock that was hanging on the wall, he knew that a lot of time had passed.

Hyun-Soo confirmed the white dots that were all over their bodies.

Among them, the largest dot was located below the abdomen, in-between the legs.

‘…I should probably avoid that place for them.’

Even if they were his enemies, he couldn’t make himself attack that spot.

It was too cruel and he felt a shiver at the thought of it.

Hyun-Soo quickly approached the hunter and instead of attacking that spot, he hit their thigh with the club.



He attacked once this time too.

Even though Hyun-Soo didn’t hit them as hard as the last hunter, they fell to the ground.

The way their leg twisted in an odd angle made him think that their leg was broken.

‘Oh my.’

He wasn’t planning on breaking it, but he did.

Well, he didn’t really feel sorry about breaking his leg anyways.

The remaining two were frightened.

“Damn it…I came because they said he was a nobody, but he’s strong.”

He must’ve felt that it was unfair, because he was mumbling to himself with frustration.

‘I don’t have any personal gru…dge, but it’s unfortunate.’

If he doesn’t attack, they’ll attack him.

Even though the tables were turned right now, they were probably expecting the total opposite.

In that case, he didn’t really feel sorry for them.

Honestly, when a group of people come running at you, who would just stand by and let them attack?

Just enduring it wasn’t the right thing to do.

‘The more I think about it, the more it’s making me angry.’

Hyun-Soo’s fist tightened.

“Water Peak!”


When Hyun-Soo took another step, the hunters used their skills.

Their skills flew straight at Hyun-Soo, but he didn’t dodge them.


Clank! Claaaaank-

Using the club that he made with the skill, he blocked the skills.

A couple of the skills flew back towards the hunters that used them.

Boom! Baaam!

“Ack! You crazy…!”

After realizing that Hyun-Soo hit them instead of dodging them, they were surprised and froze up.

During that moment, Hyun-Soo approached them and hit a hunter’s back using the club.


The sound of the club hitting their back filled the room and the hunter fell to the floor.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I won’t do it. If you spare me…ack!”

Since they were the last one standing, they couldn’t endure the pressure and ended up kneeling on the floor and asked Hyun-Soo to spare them.

However, Hyun-Soo didn’t listen and waved his club.


The hunter used his arms to block the attack, but it ended up breaking his arms.

When Hyun-Soo knocked out the last hunter, Lee Jong-Chan, who was on the ground, regained consciousness.

“Ah, what the…damn it!”

Once he saw that all the hunters were lying on the floor, his eyes widened.

And then, he turned his head towards Park Jung-Ho, who was standing in the corner of the room.

Park Jung-Ho didn’t participate in the battle and with a confused expression, he glued himself to the wall.

“Park Jung-Ho! What are you doing?!”


“Damn it, you bastard! Attack him!”

‘He still hasn’t come to his senses.’

Does he not realize what’s going on?

As a B rank, Hyun-Soo thought he would at least have the common sense to realize what’s happening.

“You, why, why are you approaching me?”

“I wonder why.”

When Hyun-Soo was walking towards Lee Jong-Chan, his body flinched and his face was filled with fear.

“You, you, you…you think you’ll be okay after what you did to us?!”

“That’s what I wanted to say. You think you’ll be safe after threatening me like that?”

“That, that’s, that’s our…!”

“You really don’t know how to think. How you do think I obtained the scroll by myself. Huh? You think you’re the only one in a clan?”

He wasn’t officially part of one yet, but he did get an offer, so he was partially part of a clan.

He was just bluffing since he wasn’t entirely lying, but he wasn’t entirely telling the truth.

He did whatever he could in order to scare him off.

Guys like him were weak against the strong and stronger against the weak.

If he realized that there was a stronger force behind Hyun-Soo, he’ll probably back down.

‘And he’ll probably tell the higher-ups about it too.’

That’s what Hyun-Soo was aiming for.

It was to let him know that he had a strong support behind him so that they won’t bother him again like they did today.

That’s the reason why he followed Lee Jong-Chan and fought against the hunters.

“Th, then…!”

“Well. There’s no need for you to know more, so let’s just end it here. You realize that by kidnapping me, it’s going to cause a lot of trouble, right? Since I’ve beaten you guys, let’s call it even.”

After saying that, Hyun-Soo grabbed Lee Jong-Chan’s body.

Lee Jong-Chan looked like he had more to say, but Hyun-Soo materialized his skill and attacked the back of his head.


Lee Jong-Chan groaned again and passed out.

‘Is this the end?’

Hyun-Soo turned his attention towards Park Jung-Ho, who was still standing next to the farthest wall.

“None of them are going to die. I controlled my strength and made them lose their consciousness, so they’ll wake up in time.”

“…I understand.”

“Oh, also.”

Before walking out the door, Hyun-Soo turned towards Park Jung-Ho and spoke.

“This is a warning. If you put me in another unpleasant situation like today, things will get ugly. If something like this happens again even after I warned you…”



Hyun-Soo lightly waved his hand and broke a part of the wall that was near him.

“My friends and I will not just stand by and watch.”

“…I, I understand.”

Park Jung-Ho nodded his head.

If he didn’t warn them, they’ll just end up doing it again.

It’s better to really let them know or show them just how strong and powerful you really are.

Since Hyun-Soo showed them his power, they probably won’t do it again.

“Well, I should prepare some sort of safety device just in case.”


After exiting the training center, Hyun-Soo looked at his phone.

Kim Yoo-Na.

After searching for her name, he called her.

It rang a couple of times and then Kim Yoo-Na picked up.

“Kim Yoo-Na, I need your help for something.”

I briefly explained what just happened and Kim Yoo-Na responded.

“I’ll head over to where you are right now.”



<Counterattack #3> End.


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  1. jacobpaige

    Did he forget that he himself is a long range attacker? Why did he bother to close the distance? It was a pointless risk when he could have taken them all out simultaneously using Invisible Attack.

    If he’s going to use her to clean up his messes, he really should join her clan.

          1. jacobpaige

            That’s only true once you’ve reached close range. Give how much he outstripped them in terms of skill, hitting them at long range would have been fast, easy and safe. Forcing his way closer actually improved their odds of hitting him and elongated the battle for no reason.

      1. etloth

        Why not make a fist or a club in front of all their bodies and hit them with it? He did it to others later on, why not do it right away? We know he has the power to.

  2. bloggbigg

    Pretty much… Well- he essentially has a ‘force’ power (not Jedi- energy)- so he can shape/wield it like he wants. Range is irrelevant if he’s clever enough.

    Not sure if the author doesn’t get it, or if the character is just painted as dumb. It’ll happen- just have to force obstacles to overcome first…

  3. Autumn leaf

    This Mc is a big coward, what a disappointment. If someone is your enemy you should destroy them or else they are going to come again she kidnap your family or anything else.

    Irresponsible for his family and an appeaser of evil.

    He’s really a cunt.

    If anything he should have made an example of them, by at least killing the main responsible.

    1. naosouonight

      Are you a child? This isn’t some cultivation world. This story takes place in a modern world.

      You can’t go around killing people because they provoked you. I bet even those guys wouldn’t go that far because they knew that would create a big mess.

      Apparently even the low level thugs in a novel are smarter than you.

      1. etloth

        Imagine this though, the B ranked guy was thinking MC is an E ranked guy. Yet, he is trying to hit MC in the FACE with a punch that “It was powerful enough that with one hit, it can easily break a bone or leave a dent.” Imagine getting hit in the face with a punch that can break a bone when you’re weak. What happens? You die.

        Not just that, while they are still thinking he is an E rank, someone throws “A flame in the size of a baseball was on the spot that Hyun-Soo was standing in.”, now tell me they’re not trying to kill him.

        Or perhaps they tried throwing a punch that can break a bone or throw a flame the size of a baseball at his face to only make him unconscious when they think he is a weak person? Even my 5 year old brother wouldn’t believe that.

        It is too bad for Hyun-Soo that he didn’t beat them harder than just making them unconscious even though, they basically tried to rob and kill him.

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