The Skill Maker – Chapter 053

<Counterattack #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


“Park Jung-Ho! What are you doing here?”

“Oh, hey.”


Someone suddenly approached their table and greeted Park Jung-Ho.

Park Jung-Ho greeted them with a surprised look.

They probably wanted to make it look natural, but in Hyun-Soo’s eyes, it looked like they set this up.

“I thought you were with a girl, but I guess not. Who’s this?”

“Oh…he’s, the guy that I told you about before.”

“The guy? Oh, I’ve heard a lot about you from Jung-Ho. Thanks to you, I got a lot of help last time. While the other attackers were down, Jung-Ho was the last one standing so we were able to complete the hunt. What were you guys talking about?”

The man sat down as if they were friends.

However, he sat next to Hyun-Soo, not Park Jung-Ho.

‘…What’s up with this guy?’

He managed to wrap-up their conversation and was about to get up, but his plan was ruined.



Name: Lee Jong-Chan (??)

Rank: B

Class: Knock On

Stamina Level: 99%

Energy Level: 99%

Stamina: 137 / Agility: 129 / Strength: 145 / Critical Hit: 135 / ?? / ?? / ??


Skill List



Hyun-Soo checked the man’s information.

A B-ranked hunter.

Park Jung-Ho probably called him out.

“I asked Jung-Ho. If he happened to meet you again, to contact me. He tends to be soft-hearted at times. Being a nice person isn’t always the best.”

“I’ve already told Park Jung-Ho everything that I wanted to tell him.”

“That’s your conversation with him. You and I haven’t really spoken much, right? Shall we talk?”

He spoke with a smile as if to show that he was a good guy.

However, his eyes weren’t smiling, so his smile made Hyun-Soo uncomfortable.

‘I should get going.’

Hyun-Soo didn’t have a reason to stay here and talk with them more.

No matter what they said, Hyun-Soo was done, so he tried to stand up from his seat.

However, Lee Jong-Chan intercepted him and raised his hand.

“Oh! Over here!”

He called towards a group of people with big build that walked in.

‘What the heck is going on?’

He suddenly met Park Jung-Ho and not long after, another hunter joined them. This was something he never expected to happen.

It’s only been 10 minutes since he came into the coffee shop with Park Jung-Ho.

He was surprised that he was able to call this many people within that short period of time.

This probably wasn’t his first time.

It’s possible that he called them while ordering the drinks.

The training center that they used was near here, so it’s possible.

That’s probably why they were able to come here so quickly.

“Something must be going on. Let’s go.”

“What’s going on? It looks like things are going to get ugly.”

The women that were sitting at the table near Hyun-Soo started exiting the shop one by one.

“They’re my friends. It’s fine if they join us, right?”

Instead of answering, Hyun-Soo looked at Lee Jong-Chan.

There weren’t any open seats at this table.

The group stood around them, which intimidated him.

‘Ha ha.’

Hyun-Soo laughed in his head.

It seemed like Park Jung-Ho was looking down on him.

He was sure of it.

If Hyun-Soo was still an E rank and was still a carrier that was desperate to go on hunts, this would’ve been a bad situation for him.


That wasn’t the case now.

“It would’ve been a lot better if you just accepted Jung-Ho’s offer. Shall we move to a quieter place and have a more serious conversation?”

“Ha ha, Park Jung-Ho said he wanted to talk at a quiet place so we came here.”

“It’ll be better to move to a quieter place for the things that we’ll be talking about. Okay, let’s get going. Anyways, don’t think about disobeying. There won’t be any trouble if you just follow us quietly.”

Despite wearing a thick winter jacket, he definitely felt something on his side.

Lee Jong-Chan closed the gap between them and placed his arm around Hyun-Soo’s shoulder.

‘Bastard…what is he doing in public?’

He wondered whether it was a relief that he wasn’t using a skill.

‘Well, he is part of a group, so he’s probably not that stupid to cause trouble in public.’

Hunters were only limited to using their skills within the portal and weren’t allowed to use them outside of it.

Unless they had permission or a monster popped up at a random location.

If they did, then they would be severely punished for their actions.

For that reason, Lee Jong-Chan discreetly took out a knife.

It was forbidden to use skills and if a hunter used them, the general public will definitely notice it.

How much longer does he have to endure this?

Hyun-Soo questioned it in his head.

After using Interface, he noticed that the group that walked in were D and C ranks.

Lee Jong-Chan was the only one that was a B rank.

‘If I can just take care of Lee Jong-Chan, then I’ll be able to take down the rest easily.’

Hyun-Soo was able to hunt in a green portal by himself.

Taking down C and D rank hunters wasn’t an issue.

But, there was one thing he was worried about.

‘I’ve never fought against a group like this.’

Usually, there’s only one monster in portals, so it wasn’t an issue.

‘It’ll be difficult here…so I guess I should follow them out.’

Some of the people around them were scared, which caused them to walk out, but there were still a couple of customers.

Using a skill outside of the portal was illegal.

However, in this situation, he could say it was self-defense.

“Okay, let’s head out.”

While Lee Jong-Chan’s arm was still wrapped around Hyun-Soo’s shoulder, he stood up.

A few walked ahead while the rest and Park Jung-Ho walked behind them.

In order to go outside, they had to pass the counter.

As soon as they were about to pass the counter, Hyun-Soo quickly moved his body.

During that moment, he distanced himself from Lee Jong-Chan and the knife that he was holding could be seen.

Lee Jong-Chan quickly moved to his side.

He grabbed Hyun-Soo’s shoulder even tighter.

However, it wasn’t really painful.

‘I managed to get some proof…’

When Hyun-Soo first walked into the shop, he checked the location of all the CCTVs that were installed inside.

Only thing that was left,

‘I have to think of a place where I can take these guys down.’

If possible, doing it at a quiet location where there weren’t people was the best.

Thankfully, Lee Jong-Chan led Hyun-Soo to a place that was thinking of.

‘Here again?’

It was a quiet place with no people and no witnesses.

It was inside of the training center that was nearby.

It was the place that Lee Jong-Chan described.

Hyun-Soo entered a large room, which was probably a training room, and Lee Jong-Chan had a mean smile on his face.

“No one can see inside here, so no matter how much you yell out and ask people to save you, it won’t be any use.”

Once Lee Jong-Chan realized there weren’t any witnesses, he started speaking informally.

The C and D rank hunters formed a semicircle to surround Hyun-Soo and intimidate him.

And Lee Jong-Chan stood in the center of the semicircle.

‘They’re acting like they’re in some sort of gang.’

However, he wasn’t feeling scared at all.

It’s probably because he was stronger than before.

“What’s with that smile? Are you amused by this situation?”

When Hyun-Soo smirked, Lee Jong-Chan yelled out of anger.

“Isn’t it obvious? You said no one can see inside or hear us.”

“Right, so just…”

“So that’s great. It all worked out.”


“I was honestly a bit worried. Hunters aren’t allowed to use their skills outside of portals. But since this is a training room, that rule doesn’t apply. Don’t you agree?”

“What are you blabbing about? Are you hallucinating because you’re scared?”

“I think you guys are the ones that should be scared. I understand that you guys are doing it for the money, but dragging out a citizen and threatening them makes you guys the crazy ones.”

Hyun-Soo’s comment made Lee Jong-Chan’s face turn red.

It looked like he was going to blow up at any moment.

“This loser is just blabbering on and on about something stupid. You’re mistaken if you think I’m going to go easy on you just because Jung-Ho treated you nicely.”

“I already know that. Don’t worry.”

Hyun-Soo cracked his head after hearing Lee Jong-Chan’s ridiculous comment.

Crack, crack.

The sound of his neck cracking filled the training room.

It was obvious that Lee Jong-Chan was furious by the current situation, but it was entertaining in Hyun-Soo’s eyes.

‘Their bark is worse than their bite. They think the opponent will be scared because of it.’

Even though Lee Jong-Chan was a B rank hunter, he wasn’t nervous at all.


‘This is great. You guys are in trouble now.’

That’s what he felt.

He did feel that things could get worse, but it was impossible to step away quietly.

There was only one way to get out of it.

‘It’s to take these guys down!’

A frown appeared on Lee Jong-Chan’s face once he noticed Hyun-Soo’s calm expression. He glanced around for a moment and suddenly ran towards Hyun-Soo.


It seemed like Lee Jong-Chan was using a skill because a faint metal-like spark enveloped his fist for a moment and then disappeared.


His fist grazed Hyun-Soo’s nose.

He was really close to being hit by his fist!

Lee Jong-Chan’s face became more red after realizing that Hyun-Soo managed to dodge his fist.

“Is dodging the only thing you’re good at?”

Lee Jong-Chan continued attacking Hyun-Soo with the same fist that had a faint metal-like spark around it.

It was a skill that was used against monsters.

It was powerful enough that with one hit, it can easily break a bone or leave a dent.


‘He’s really slow.’

In Hyun-Soo’s eyes, he was extremely slow.

He thought it would be different since he was a B rank, but it was the same as the C rank hunter he fought last time at the weaponry.

No, his leveled increased after that time, so it’s possible that Lee Jong-Chan is worse than that C rank.

If that’s not the case and this guy was faster than the C rank, it’s possible that they’re similar because Hyun-Soo leveled up.

“Gah! Stop moving around! You’re just dodging because you’re scared!”

Lee Jong-Chan yelled out of anger.

Hyun-Soo dodged one step at a time and even had the time to think while dodging.

“I’m not fast, you’re just slow, so…ack!”



Lee Jong-Chan kept on saying how great his skill was and when Hyun-Soo was about to say something, he moved his body.

A flame in the size of a baseball was on the spot that Hyun-Soo was standing in.

“You bastard! I could’ve gotten hit!”

The sudden fireball that came flying made Lee Jong-Chan scream.

‘What a mess. I think this will end faster than I thought.’

They had no teamwork at all.

If the entire group attacked all at once, it definitely wouldn’t be easy.

However, since they had no teamwork, his opponent was an easy one.

The others were about to jump into the fight, but after Lee Jong-Chan yelled at them, they took a step back.

Because of that, Lee Jong-Chan screamed at them again due to his anger.

“What are you doing? Are you just going to wait? Attack him!”

The group that was hesitating started using their skills.

But the skills that they used were pretty ridiculous.

‘Are they attacking a scarecrow or something?’



<Counterattack #2> End.

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  1. jacobpaige

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      Maybe they’re cobbled together from various teams.

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