The Skill Maker – Chapter 048

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‘If they do come, I’ll show them just how badly I’ll beat them up.’

The only problem was that they would be in a group.

On top of that, Hyun-Soo had a family.

‘It’s common sense not to mess with ordinary people, but who knows if they’ll have that common sense.’

That’s why he couldn’t expect them to appear all of a sudden.

If something happened to his family, that would be the worst-case scenario.

‘It would be better if I follow Kim Yoo-Na and go overseas…’

The problem was that his parents wouldn’t agree with going.

That day when Kim Yoo-Na and Eugene recruited him.

When he came home, his parents were there.

“You’re here?”

“You’re here, Hyun-Soo?”

Hyuna walked to the front door first and greeted him.

Behind her, his mother asked if he ate.

When he said he did, his mother said,

“You’ve been really tired lately, huh? I’ll cut some fruits, so go wash up.”

And told Hyun-Soo to go wash up.

When one becomes a hunter, their life becomes better and the people around them start to change, but his family was the same as before.

The family members gathered around the table and ate ripe apples. That’s when Hyun-Soo spoke.

“Mother, father. I have something I need to tell you.”

He told them that a talented group overseas wanted to recruit him.

“Overseas? You’re going to the US? Wow…my brother must be amazing! A group from the US recruited you.”

When he mentioned overseas, Hyuna was very interested,

“You must be amazing just like Hyuna said. But, overseas. It’s unexpected…”

His parents looked a bit shocked.

“We don’t really have much to do. We can’t communicate. We’re more comfortable in Korea. We’ll stay here, so you and Hyuna should go.”

All of their acquaintances and everything that they know were all here, so going somewhere unfamiliar was difficult for them and it was understandable.

When he received Kim Yoo-Na’s offer, this was what he was worried about the most.

‘I can’t tell them that some crazy group of people are trying to cause me trouble. This is hard.’

His parents didn’t know of his situation.

He didn’t want to create unnecessary anxiety and have them worry so Hyun-Soo purposefully didn’t say anything.

They were really happy when he became a hunter, but they were worried about him doing any dangerous work.

‘It’s better not to say anything.’

Keeping his family safe was the best scenario.

It was a relief that Kim Yoo-Na blocked all the information, but he was too worried to just sit still and not do anything.

‘That’s probably why my head hurts.’

He was still contemplating on how he should resolve it.

“Do you want to go to the blue portal? Or the green one?”

Hyun-Soo was looking at Kim Yoo-Na.

Kim Yoo-Na asked as soon as she saw Hyun-Soo.

She was asking which portal he wanted to go hunting.

‘After last time, she’s giving me a choice.’

They went hunting based on Kim Yoo-Na’s decision.

“I think green portals will be good for now.”

It wasn’t that he wasn’t tempted to hunt in blue portals.

Hyun-Soo thought for a moment and decided to save the blue portals for later.

‘It’s a bit too soon.’

That was his decision based on unbiased reasons.

He wasn’t capable enough to hunt monsters on his own.

‘Last time, one Gruppa dispersed into three, but the difficulty level was pretty easy.’

The Gruppa also had a weakness.

But it didn’t mean that all monsters in the blue portal had the same weakness as the Gruppa.

‘I wouldn’t be able to hunt by myself and would need to rely on Kim Yoo-na.’

There was a reason why he wanted to hunt alone.

It was to become stronger faster than anyone else.

“Got it. Let’s do a green portal then. That’ll probably be better. You’ll be able to gain more experience at the same time.”

Kim Yoo-Na understood his decision, but he wasn’t sure whether she said that to comfort him.

‘She seems more laid-back than before…is it just my imagination?’

It was all business before, but now, it felt like they’ve gotten one step closer.

‘I’m imagining it. I don’t have proof.’

They had a business relationship anyways.

He wasn’t planning on having unnecessary thoughts.

Hyun-Soo quickly erased the thought he had and reviewed the portal they were going to hunt.

Now, whenever Hyun-Soo started the hunt, she would stand by and watch him.

Before, she would make sure she was ready to intercept in case he needed help, but now, she stood there with her arms crossed.

‘Thanks to that, I’ve learned different ways to handle emergency situations.’

Even though he obtained a powerful skill, he still lacked experience.

‘There’s quite a difference between theory and the actual battle.’


A Long Beak Black Hummingbird.

That was the name of the monster that Hyun-Soo was hunting.

It flaps its wing 100 times every second, which made its attacks that much more dangerous.

He thought he could endure it if he stood there without budging.

However, there wasn’t a good spot he could run to, so he ended up rolling around.

‘Jeez, how embarrassing.’

He did stand up right away, but was feeling embarrassed.


‘That bird brain is making fun of me.’

Its cry sounded like they were laughing, which annoyed Hyun-Soo.

‘Take this. Invisible Attack!’

Since they were really agile, the hummingbird easily dodged Hyun-Soo’s attack.

Chirp, chiiiiiiiirp!

After crying out for a second, the monster started creating a strong wind.


It started off with a light wind and moments later, it evolved into a gust of wind and hit Hyun-Soo.

‘They’re playing with me.’

It seemed like they were testing him first and now, they were serious.

The monster looked down on Hyun-Soo and kept on attacking him.

‘Did you think I was going to fall again?’

Hyun-Soo gritted his teeth and ran forward.

It was in the same direction that the monster was at.


The monster was surprised and was panicking when the human was running towards them instead of running away from their attacks.

‘An opening!’

The wings that created the wind was starting to slow down.

The wind became weaker as well.

‘The center is the safest spot during a storm.’

There’s a reason why the saying, Eye of the Storm, exists.

‘Invisible Attack!’

Attacking the monster up close is probably the best method since they’ll be unable to dodge it.

When the wind was weak, he used that chance and ran towards the monster.

The monster started panicking and flew up to avoid Hyun-Soo.

Hyun-Soo summoned a long, sharp lance.

And released it towards the monster.


The three lance that Hyun-Soo summoned pierced through the monster’s body.

‘Great, it pierced through their weak point.’

The monster’s painful cry filled the room.

Despite the fact that there were holes in their body, they continued flying higher.

They probably thought Hyun-Soo wouldn’t be able to attack them if they were too high.

A smile appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face because of it.

‘Invisible Attack!’

It was easy to bring them down if they continued flying higher.

‘Attack from above.’

Since he attacked its weak spot, their Energy Field weakened tremendously.

The monster tried to dodge the swords that were coming down from above, but they failed.


After it cried, the monster fell to the ground.


The bird fell after their winds were ripped.

Chi, chirp, chirp!

They tried their best to run away, but their body was a mess.

“I can’t believe this birdbrain looked down on me.”

The monster that fell to the ground because it lost its wings was no longer a threat.

Hyun-Soo released all the anger that he felt in the beginning towards the monster.

He was annoyed by how it kept on flying around and dodging his attacks.

‘This is why flying type monsters are frustrating.’

Close-range attackers probably had the hardest time.

The hummingbird made Hyun-Soo realize how different theory and actual battles were and Hyun-Soo started attacking it to release his anger.

And the result?

– Ding!


[Level Up!]


It was music to his ears.


– Ding!


“Your rank has moved up to Rank C.”

“Current Rank: C”

“Your skill slots have been increased.”

“Current Skill Slots: 7”




“The level of some of your skills have been increased.”

“Skill Creation [C] has been increased to Skill Creation [B].”

“Skill Transfer [C] has been increased to Skill Transfer [B].”

“The number of categories for Interface [SS] has been increased.”

“Current Interface Activation Status: 13.9%”


‘I’m finally a C rank!’

This was his second time leveling up.

Every time he leveled up, he felt an odd change in his power.

It felt like he was emerging out of a cocoon.

‘So this is why people are always wanting more power.’

He didn’t know it felt this good to have power. Even though this was his second, he felt that he was still lacking.

He was still a C rank.

Even with this, Hyun-Soo felt a strong wave of change within him.

‘The rank for Invisible Attack didn’t go up.’

It would’ve been nice if it increased to Rank B….

Hyun-Soo was slightly disappointed.

‘Let’s check my status. Interface!’



▶Name: Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

▶Rank: C

▶Class: Skill Maker

▶Experience: 7%

▶Stamina Level: 100%

▶Energy Level: 100%

▶Stamina: 101 / Agility: 77 / Strength: 90 / Critical Hit: 75 / ?? / ?? / ??


▶Skill List


[Skill Creation][B]

[Skill Transfer][B]

[Medicinal Mix][C]

[Invisible Attack][C]



‘Wow…I feel proud.’

He was feeling satisfied just from looking at his stats window.

He was especially satisfied by the numbers of his stats.

Hyun-Soo had a hard time holding in his smile.

“Congratulations. I guess you leveled up?”

“Yes, I finally did. Thank you.”

After the hunt, Kim Yoo-Na noticed how Hyun-Soo was smiling and congratulated him.

“Good job. Now that you’re a C rank, shall we go to the next portal?”

“Huh? The next portal?”

“Yes. Don’t you think you need to get used to your new strength as soon as possible?”

Before Hyun-Soo was done celebrating, Kim Yoo-Na made a suggestion that ruined his mood.

‘She’s right, but something is weird.’

“I’ve obtained several approvals, so this works out.”

Kim Yoo-Na said testing his limits was a necessity and ended with that.

He thought the hunts would be easier since his rank and stats increased, but once again, he realized how different theory and the actual battle were.

‘This is why actual experience is important. Okay. Great. Knowing this is beneficial, but…’

He felt like he was going to die.

Even if he made a mistake during the hunt, Hyun-Soo had to resolve it on his own since Kim Yoo-Na didn’t intercept.

After making couple of mistakes and having a hard time, he was exhausted.

‘I really thought I was done for.’

When his energy was almost out and the monster wasn’t dying, he felt lightheaded.

He did manage to endure it by gathering his remaining energy and attacking the monster.

‘If not, it could’ve turned out bad.’

Hyun-Soo used every method to try to kill the monster on his own and because of that,  it helped him master the skills.

‘It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t tired, but I feel good. But, Kim Yoo-Na, I hope she’s not relieving stress by torturing me.’


<Offer #> End.

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