The Skill Maker – Chapter 047

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It was hard to tell what the main point of the conversation was.

‘Is she saying that I’m doing a good job because I get along with Hye-Na and am doing well in training?’

The conversation was heading towards a different direction.

Then, Hyun-Soo suddenly thought of something.

“If you’re thinking that I’m misunderstanding your kindness for romantic feelings, you don’t have to worry about that. I don’t think about that at all.”

I’m past that stage where I think a girl likes me because she’s nice to me.

‘I don’t even have the time to think about dating.’

On top of that, his opponent was Kim Yoo-Na.

An A rank hunter with the class name, Fiery Attacker.

Kim Yoo-Na looked cold and haughty.

However, she had a passionate and emotional side.

On top of that, she was pretty enough to make heads turn.

Any guy would’ve at least imagined being in a relationship with her.

Because of that, there are times when Hyun-Soo is surprised whenever he looks at her.

‘I’m not Buddha or anything…’

However, Hyun-Soo purposely didn’t think about it.

He didn’t have the energy to be in a relationship and his head would get complicated if he thought about it.

He tried to make this relationship strictly business, but he was only human so he couldn’t help the fact that they were getting closer.

‘I’m sure she was saying it based on our business relationship. It seems like she was really worried that I might misunderstand.’

Hyun-Soo relaxed the confused Kim Yoo-Na.

“If that’s the case, I didn’t misunderstand at all, so don’t worry.”

“Oh, well you see…”

Kim Yoo-Na was about to say something, but she released a deep sigh.

“Thank you for understanding.”

It sounded like she was disappointed.

‘I’m sure I’m imagining things.’

Hyun-Soo thought he was being delusional and didn’t think much of it.

As a human being, he did like Kim Yoo-Na.

He received a lot of help..

Even though they had a give and take relationship, everything wasn’t calculated.

The reason why Hyun-Soo kept on mentioning the contract was so that he could control himself and not overstep any boundaries.

‘Did I act too friendly without knowing? Is it because I made potions too often for Hye-Na? I guess I should hold back a little from now on.’

Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure why Kim Yoo-Na let out a deep sigh and decided to watch how he acted around her.

“What do you think about what Eugene said?”

“About joining the clan?”


“Well…I think it’s an undeserving offer.”

High-ranked hunters acknowledged his skills and potential.

It would be a lie if he said he wasn’t proud of himself.

“I was going to take my time in telling you this, but since we’re already talking about it, I’ll say it now. Hyun-Soo, you never thought about going overseas?”

“……I’ve never thought about it.”

There was a time before when Kim Yoo-Na told Hyun-Soo that she didn’t understand why he didn’t go overseas.

She believed that the scrolls and potions he was selling could work all over the world.

It was a recovery scroll and on top of that, it was a passive skill so she told him how amazing and rare it was.

The potions were the same case.

But, Hyun-Soo never really thought about going overseas.

‘Honestly, I was too busy trying to get by, so I never thought about going somewhere far.’

In order to go overseas, he needed to know the language and also lay the groundwork..

Since he wasn’t going for pleasure, there was a lot he needed to prepare.

‘Even if I go, there’s no guarantee that I’ll have a better life.’

Also, his parents lived in Korea their whole life, so would they be able to adapt well in a new environment?

“Then, think about it starting now. Like Eugene said, you don’t have to join a clan. If you’re interested, then I’m willing to personally help you out. You have to broaden your horizons.”

“Why’s that?”


“I understand what you’re saying. But, I don’t understand why you would do that. There’s nothing I can really do for you.”

He was thankful she liked him and that she was willing to help him out, but Hyun-Soo was curious about her reason.

“Potential. And dormant power. Eugene already mentioned it, but you can get stronger if you train in a better environment with better support. The throwing skill from before, you succeeded in improving it, right?”


She was referring to Invisible Attack.

“Even though I gave you advice, I was sort of gambling. Honestly, a lot of hunters try to develop their skills, but end up giving up. The more they use the skill, the more skilled they become and that strength increases as well, but on the other hand, they can only use that skill through that method.”

Hyun-Soo had an idea of what she was talking about.

‘So, improving and developing are two different things.’

“It’s theoretically possible, so a lot of hunters try. But, they end up failing. However, you succeeded.”

“You told me all I needed to do was practice.”

Did she make him cut down all of those logs even though that method could fail?

Hyun-Soo was dumbstruck.

This woman was somewhat scary.

“Yes and you’ve succeeded. You asked why I would support you, right? I’m not stupid enough to just stand by and watch a talented hunter go to waste. Giving the best treatment for the best hunter is a given.”

When he succeeded in developing his skill, he now understood why Kim Yoo-Na had such a shocked expression when she entered the room that day.

‘I guess this was what she wanted to say that day.’

“But, I’m not the only one with that kind of potential. I’m still a D rank though”

“That’s true. Hm, well…you, also…oh, right! Thanks to you, Hye-Na’s condition has been improving. If she gets a little bit better, they’ll be able to operate on her. If you came with me, I’ll feel more at ease. Even if it’s for Hye-Na, I would like it if you came.”

Hyun-Soo nodded his head when she mentioned Hye-Na’s name.

‘Even if they do operate on her, no one knows what’ll happen after, so I’m probably needed.’


Kim Yoo-Na glanced at Hyun-Soo.

“I did some research.”

“What kind of research?”

The first thing popped in his head was background check.

Hyun-Soo suddenly became quiet. Kim Yoo-Na must’ve noticed too because she quickly continued talking.

“It’s not what you think. Think of it as a check for protection. In my perspective, you were in a difficult situation back then. And I also needed some sort of information. Isn’t that why you contacted me and asked me to help you?”

She was right.

That was it.

‘I can’t really complain about it.’

“I’m sorry if I’ve put you in a bad mood.”

“I understand.”

“Thank you. This was what I wanted to say. While researching, I noticed that there were other people like me that were looking for you.”

“Looking…for me?”

“Yes, since I knew you, it was easy, but that didn’t seem like the case for others. They look like a large group, so in time, they’ll be able to find detailed information about you.”


A chill ran up his spine.

He suddenly remembered something.

‘Those messages.’

He remembered the weird messages he received on Hunter Net when he was selling scrolls on there.

‘I didn’t really think much of those messages.’

He was sure there was a group involved because they constantly told him not to go overboard, to know his place.

‘No way……?’

“I had a weird feeling, so I did cut those connections. If I overstepped my boundaries, then I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m actually grateful.”

Once they dig deeper, they’ll eventually find out about his family.

‘If something happens to my family…I don’t have that kind of power yet.’

He was only imagining it, but it was still scary.

Thankfully, Kim Yoo-Na blocked his information.

He was able to calm down.

‘Whew…… that’s a relief.’

If she didn’t do anything, then something could’ve happened…

“Because of that, it could be better to go overseas and work there. I heard the hunter community in Korea is small. It’s hard to hide any information because of it and since they’re all somewhat involved, it can be dangerous.”

Kim Yoo-Na started catching her breath.

“But the place that I was in is different. There’s a big difference between the pool sizes. It’s like trying to find a grain of sand in the Pacific Ocean. It’s the best place to hide information.”

It was obvious what she was trying to say.

Get out of that small pool.

Hyun-Soo’s thoughts were getting complicated after hearing her unexpected explanation.

‘It’s not that I didn’t expect it at all, but there are people that are doing a background check on me?’

It’s obvious that they didn’t have good intentions.

“I’ll…think about it. I don’t think it’s something I can decide right now.”

“Okay. Try to think positively about it. I’m thankful about you helping Hye-Na and I would like to help you out.”

“You deserve it, so you don’t have to feel like you have to repay me.”

He was telling her that she didn’t have to thank him since they had a business relationship.

However, Hyun-Soo understood how she felt.

There were things he wanted to thank her for.

She wanted to give him something that went beyond the contract.

It would be a lie if he said he wasn’t thankful for it.

“Yeah, the conversation was longer than I expected. We arrived quickly because of it.”

Like she mentioned, they already arrived near Hyun-Soo’s place.

“I’ll contact you once I set the schedule.”

The red Ferrari that dropped Hyun-Soo off disappeared within seconds.

Before closing the door, he noticed that her earlobes were red.

‘I’m probably imagining it.’

Hyun-Soo didn’t think much about it and turned around.




‘My head hurts.’

During the past few days, Hyun-Soo felt like his head was going to blow up.

After hearing that weird guys were looking for him, he started contemplating.

‘I kind of have an idea on who’s looking for me, but…’

Nine out of ten, it was a group that had money and power.

They were looking for him because of the scrolls and the group probably was related to that somehow.

With that assumption in mind, he had an idea on who it was.

‘But I don’t know the names of the people or the group name.’

His head was hurting.

If he was by himself, it wouldn’t matter how they find him.

‘As long as it’s not a group of high-ranked hunters, I shouldn’t have a problem running away.’

He received a lot of different trainings from Kim Yoo-Na.

Her methods were tough, but thanks to them, he was able to kill a monster from a high-ranked portal all by himself.

But those guys didn’t know that he improved this much.

‘They probably think that I’m still a carrier.’

So if they try to attack him, Hyun-Soo will be able to counterattack.

‘If they do come, I’ll show them just how badly I’ll beat them up.’


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