The Skill Maker – Chapter 044

<Blue Portal #2>

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“A trap?”

“It’s connected to the wall and to the floor.”

Since he was following along, keeping quiet was the wisest thing to do.

It was best not to cause any issues.

‘But, this is different since there’s a trap.’

The other members might be able to take care of themselves since they were A rank hunters, but Hyun-Soo was a D rank hunter that was close to being a C rank.

He was the weakest member.

‘Other people might think the blue portal is easy, but not for me.’

Because of that, Hyun-Soo was nervous when he mentioned that there was a trap.

This was a different situation, but remembered the time when he caused an issue because he interfered.

Eugene observed the spot that Hyun-Soo mentioned and nodded his head.

“He’s right. I guess I wasn’t really paying attention. Sorry. And thank you for letting me know. My reputation could have been ruined because of it.”

Eugene avoided the section that Hyun-Soo told him and told the others to be careful.


Hyun-Soo felt someone looking at him and when he looked to the side, his eyes met with Katrina’s.

Her face was scrunched up due to the smell, but her eyes were filled with curiosity.

“We’re here.”

Eugene seemed to have increased his concentration after, because he didn’t miss a single trap.

After following the path, they arrived at a large, open area..

There must’ve been a hole in the ceiling because a faint light lit up the area.

“Be careful. We don’t know when it’ll attack.”

Spiderwebs were all over the place.

White, sticky threads were everywhere.

And below the white threads, there were several bones rolling around.

“Hm…looks like someone already attempted to hunt.”

Kim Yoo-Na mumbled behind him.


At the same time, they started hearing something pass by the spiderwebs from different places.

Clack, clack, clack!

Clack, clack, clack!!

“Two. No, Three……. Two……, No, I think three?”


“They didn’t mention there were three of them.”

Eugene and Brad mumbled as if they were in a difficult situation.

“Hyun-Soo, stay with Katrina no matter what. It might be a bit dangerous because there are three of them.”

There were four A rank hunters.

It was a blue portal, so it should be easy for them.

‘Am I the problem?’

But, Hyun-Soo had the problem.

He tagged along just so he could watch, but it’s gotten to the point where it was difficult to protect him.


‘Even still, I can’t just stand by and watch.’

He wasn’t planning on standing there and receiving protection.

He was a hunter too.

He wasn’t as skilled as the A rank hunters, but he was skilled enough to protect himself.

‘It might’ve been a green portal, but I took down a monster all by myself!’

He might not be of much help during the hunt, but he wasn’t going to just stand there and not do anything.

‘If possible, I’ll assist them!’

While Hyun-Soo made up his mind, Gruppas started appearing.

“Up there!”

“In the front on the left, on top on the right side!”

The Gruppas were crawling around while observing the group.


Eugene was the first one to attack.

As Eugene was running a sword slipped out of his sleeve.

He held the sword with both of his hands and ran towards one of the Gruppas.


Eugene ran fast towards the Gruppa and pierced the Gruppa’s side.

And at the same, he spinned his body to the side and stood next to Brad.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

The Gruppa that was attacked became furious and ran after Eugene, but got hit by Brad’s attack.

It stopped moving for a moment as if it was stunned and then started moving violently. This time, the Gruppa attacked Brad.




Kim Yoo-Na released flames from her arm and burned the web that the Gruppa spit out.

A smoky smell filled the place..

The Gruppa became furious after what Kim Yoo-Na did that it made clattering sounds with its hairy front legs.

However, the other Gruppa tried not to approach them right away.

‘It keeps stepping away’

It must be true when they said the monsters become smarter the higher the portal levels are because the other two just watched.

‘I’m not sure if it’s true, but it seems like they’re purposely trying to make us tired.’

The two started distancing themselves and tried to stay away from Kim Yoo-Na.

At the same time, they released more webs and kept their guards up.

“Dancing light!”

A high-pitched voice filled the room.

It was Katrina.

“Keep your head down and close your eyes!”



With her smooth dance moves, Katrina formed a ball of light in her hand.

And when it bursted, the room was filled with white lights.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

Clack! Clack! Clack!

The Gruppas started shaking as if they were in pain.

The light was so bright that it blinded them.

It also stunned them momentarily.

If Kim Yoo-Na didn’t yell out to him, Hyun-Soo would’ve lost his vision.

When the Gruppas stopped moving, Kim Yoo-Na ran towards the other two that were watching.

Whenever they tried to attack, they would step back and their plan was to attack the Gruppas while they were stunned.

Before that could happen, one of them regained consciousness.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

And the same Gruppa suddenly charged forward.

But to who?

Katrina was its target.

For Katrina, it seemed like the stronger her skills was, the longer the cooldown time.

By dancing, she controls the flow of the energy and uses the skill, so she quickly tried to dance again.

The issue was that the Gruppa is approaching her really fast!

‘Shit! I told myself that I wouldn’t just stand by and watch, but I didn’t think I would have to jump in so quickly!’

Hyun-Soo was the closest compared to the other members.

Hyun-Soo gritted his teeth and stood in front of Katrina.

‘Invisible Attack!’


Hyun-Soo attack slightly hit the Gruppa’s hairy legs.

‘Damn it, I missed because I rushed in!’


The Gruppa that was heading towards Katrina suddenly changed its direction and climbed to the ceiling.


“I have no idea what  you’re saying, so let’s talk later!”

Hyun-Soo was too busy following the Gruppa that was on the ceiling.

They were the monsters that belong to the blue portal. They were too strong for Hyun-Soo to take on by himself.

Despite the fact that Invisible Attack slightly hit its legs, it seemed like the Energy Field didn’t decrease by much.

The reaction was different from the monsters that were in the green portals.

It was definitely a difficult portal…

Hyun-Soo materialized two blades so that he could use them at any moment and slowly stepped back.

“Go to Kim Yoo-Na!”

“*******! ****?”

“What are you saying? Just go. Yoo-Na. Go!”

It felt like the Gruppa would attack if he took his eyes off of it.

Something probably happened to Kim Yoo-Na because she didn’t run to him.

Click. Click.

The Gruppa that was on the ceiling slowly approached him.

The Gruppa’s legs were caught in the web that was on the ceiling and as the web stretched out, it ended up ripping and an odd sound filled the room.

It sounded like Katrina was running towards Kim Yoo-Na.

‘Staying with Kim Yoo-Na will be a lot safer than being next to me.’

Right when Hyun-Soo thought that, the Gruppa started moving.

As its delicious food started getting further away, it was getting irritated and started crying as it opened its pincer-like mouth.



Inside of its mouth was white.

‘Is that its weakness?’

He wondered why the Gruppa didn’t have a white dot.

There was no way he could see it since it was inside its mouth.

He was happy that he found its weakness, but Hyun-Soo had issues he had to take care of.


The Gruppa started making odd sounds and it widened its mouth even more.


Green saliva was dripping out of its mouth.



Hyun-Soo instinctively threw his body to the side.

The Gruppa spit out its saliva and landed on the spot Hyun-Soo was standing in.

“You crazy…….”

Hyun-Soo looked at the same spot and he was at a loss for words.

The spit that landed on top of a hard rock was boiling.

‘I could’ve died if that thing landed on me.’

He felt relieved for dodging it before it got on him.

The weird smell that he’s been smelling from the entrance was from the Gruppa’s spit.

‘That was the source of the smell.’

Gruppa noticed that Hyun-Soo dodged its attack, so it started moving its mouth again.

Instead of going after Katrina, it decided to get rid of Hyun-Soo and he could tell because all of its eyes were set on Hyun-Soo.


He heard something boiling deep within its stomach.

After checking Kim Yoo-Na and Katrina’s location, he moved his location so that the Gruppa wouldn’t see them.

It would be really problematic if the poisonous saliva flew in their direction.

‘What can I do? Is dodging it the wisest thing to do?’


Gruppa released its saliva again.

The thick, green saliva landed on the wall this time.

The web that was on the wall melted within seconds.

There was one way.

It was attacking the inside of its mouth.

That meant he had to use his skill right when the Gruppa releases the poison.

‘……I think it might be possible.’

The problem was that it was going to be difficult to match that timing.

The Gruppa’s stomach started making odd noises again.

It meant that it was going to spit it out again.

Hyun-Soo kept on staring at its mouth.

‘When it releases the poison, that’s when I’ll use it!’

He had to use the skill before it closes its mouth.

That was the perfect opportunity.



As it opened its mouth, it released its green saliva.


The attack moved so slowly.

It was as if the saliva was trying to cut through thick air.

Hyun-Soo stepped to the side to dodge it and watched the Gruppa’s mouth.

He saw its mouth after it released the saliva.

A white dot.

The white dot was shining brightly.

Hyun-Soo noticed how slowly the Gruppa was closing its mouth.

‘Invisible Attack!’

It was so thin that it passed between its lips.

It was thin, but it got bigger towards the end.

He imagined a screw and maximized its strength.

In simple terms, it was a really sharp screw.

As it materialized into his desired shape, it gave off a sharp energy.



He heard it cutting through the air.

But, it changed as if something ruptured.

Click! Click!

When the screw entered its mouth, it started ripping the Gruppa’s mouth.

The Gruppa started twisting its body as if it felt something weird.

It fell to the floor and it exposed its stomach.

‘That’s another weakness.’

He couldn’t check since he couldn’t see the stomach, but there was a white dot on it.

But, there was no reason to attack it.

Grr, Grrr, Grrrrrr!

It sounded as if their insides were being ripped apart.

The Gruppa’s legs started shaking.

It moved its body all around the place and later, its body was torn apart.


The Gruppa’s body flew all over the place.


A green substance flew as well.

He dodged it, thinking it was poison.

When its body and the green substance flew, everything moved in slow motion.

Thankfully, he was able to dodge all of it.


Hyun-Soo blinked.

It felt like he’s been fighting the Gruppa for over 10 minutes, but when he came back to his senses, he realized there wasn’t much time left.

It’s because when he blinked, the Gruppa’s remains were already in different areas.

Within seconds, his concept of time returned.

The green substance that flew wasn’t poison, because it was just thick and sticky.

‘What? Is it dead? I’m confused.’


<Blue Portal #2> End.

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