The Skill Maker – Chapter 042

<New Face #3>

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Hyun-Soo turned his attention to the ostrich’s corpse.

A D rank hunter killed a monster from a green portal?

That wasn’t possible.

“Ha ha…… Ha! I did it.”

However, the corpse of a monster with its head cut off was lying in front of Hyun-Soo.

Hyun-Soo killed it all by himself.

After checking it twice, he started laughing.

‘I thought it would be possible, but I didn’t think I could actually do it.’

That meant that his developed skill was beyond powerful.

He was able to do it thanks to Interface showing him the monster’s weakness.

If he didn’t know its weakness, it would’ve taken him a long time to decrease the Energy Field.

‘Since I only need to attack its weak point, I won’t be wasting time or energy.’

Thanks to that, he was able to kill it within a short amount of time.

“Good job. You managed to kill it without my help.”

Kim Yoo-Na approached him and extended her hand out to Hyun-Soo.

Hyun-Soo looked at her hand momentarily and grabbed it.

Kim Yoo-Na easily pulled him up.

“It seems like the slight change in the skill was effective. You cleared it faster than I thought.”

“I think it’s still beyond my power.”

If the ostrich wasn’t a bird brain, then it wouldn’t have fallen for Hyun-Soo trap and the battle might’ve lasted for a long time.

The ostrich’s characteristics help him.

“I was lucky.”

“Luck is a skill too. I honestly wasn’t expecting you to develop your skills.”


This woman. Even though she knew he wouldn’t be able to do it, she just threw him in.

Hyun-Soo was on the verge of thinking that this was ridiculous, but remembered her teaching.

‘Even though she only talked about the theory, it became a huge help…’

“The skills that the hunters use have already been engraved to their bodies, so even slightly changing it is a difficult task. It’s safe to say that it’s impossible.”

“And you asked me to do that?”

“You succeeded, didn’t you?”

Kim Yoo-Na looked at him as if she was saying that success was the only thing that mattered.

As long as the result is good, everything else is good.

Hyun-Soo thought it was absurd, but decided not to drag it any further.

“Wait. Let me measure you first.”

Beep, beep! Beep, beep, beep!

Kim Yoo-Na brought a measurement tool to measure his rank.

Hyun-Soo already knew his rank and how much experience he needed in order to become a C rank.

But, he couldn’t say anything about it.

If she asked how he knew, he wouldn’t be able to answer.

“It seems like you need more experience in order to level up. I hoped that you would level up before heading to the blue portal.”

“I’ll just be observing when I get there anyways.”

“That’s true. But, they’ll probably make a captious remark if you don’t level up…”

‘Captious remark?’

Hyun-Soo got worried about what she said, but couldn’t ask because she quickly changed the subject.

“Shall we get going?”

The subject was missing, but he knew exactly what she was talking about.

Hyun-Soo felt exhausted, but he activated Interface.

She might become suspicious if he just stood there, so he started walking around the place.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything useful here.”.

He thought the ostrich’s nest would have useful items, but there was nothing there.

He would probably step on bird poop if he approached it.

“Then, let’s just take the stones. You take the stones today.”


According to the rules, Kim Yoo-Na was supposed to take part of it.

But Kim Yoo-Na,

‘It’s to commemorate your hidden skill.’

Was what she said and threw the Energy Stone she took from the Steel-clawed Ostrich.

“Hye-Na will like the feathers, so I’ll take some of this.”

And then she ripped off the wings without any hesitation.

Just from looking at it, it looked more like a brown blade rather than feathers, but Kim Yoo-Na grabbed it like it was nothing.

‘How is she going to use that? Maybe decorations?’

Thinking back to it, he remembered Hyuna calling useless items cute.

‘I don’t understand. I’ll have to check it out. Interface!’



[Steel-clawed Ostrich’s Stiff Feather]

Despite of it being a feather, it’s stiff. Besides decorations, there’s no use for it.

Once in possession, Luck will slightly increase.



He thought it was a useless item, but there was an interesting description.


It’s a category that hasn’t been revealed on Interface.

‘Is it one of the questions marks?’

He was tempted by the description, so he quietly stepped next to her and plucked a feather.

“Let’s go.”

After filling up her bag, Kim Yoo-Na walked outside of the portal.

Hyun-Soo followed behind her.

‘Looks like we need to climb down. I really hate mountains.’

However, after seeing Kim Yoo-Na climb down without complaining, he thought it was odd how as the guy, he was complaining about it.

After climbing down, they got into the car.

“It’ll take awhile before we arrive at the spot where the blue portal is located, so leaving early is probably the best. You’re okay with that, right?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

“Great. We need to introduce you as well.”

Kim Yoo-Na sounded like she really didn’t want to go.

“Is there a problem?”

He remembered the comment she made earlier.

“I honestly wanted to decline the request, but it’s a request I couldn’t deny…there are some faces I don’t want to see, but I thought it would be a good experience for you so I agreed to do it.”

“It’s nothing. Everything will be fine.”

Kim Yoo-Na vaguely answered.

Hyun-Soo decided not to ask any further.

Moments later, the car arrived at a construction site that looked abandoned.

“If someone treats you rudely, just ignore it.”

“Got it.”

Kim Yoo-Na’s expression hardened when she stepped out.

‘What’s going on?’

He decided not to question it and followed behind her.

And then…….

‘A blue portal……!’

The place was gloomy because the place was a mess and there was rusted steel all over the place. It seemed like it’s been awhile since they stopped building it.

Most of the place was covered with a barricade, but the reason why Hyun-Soo was able to see inside was because one part of it was open.

And inside, a large, blue portal was shining brightly.

‘It already gives off a different vibe.’

It was different from the grey and green portals that he’s seen so far.

‘I feel a bit more pressure from it.’

He couldn’t tell if that really was the case or if it was all in his head.

Even though he was looking at it from a distance, he felt goosebumps.

Maybe it’s because there wasn’t much time left, but there were soldiers and and people from the Hunter National Organization.

They even installed an office-like room..

Out of them, two approached Kim Yoo-Na and asked after nodding.

“What is your position?”

“My name is Kim Yoo-Na and I’m a participant that received the request.”

“Please show us your Hunter’s ID.”

Kim Yoo-Na displayed her ID by using a card reader that looked like a bracelet.

“Thank you. You’re free to pass.”

“Also, that person is my assistant. I’ve already registered him, so please check.”

“Understood. Please provide us with your ID.”

Hyun-Soo took out his ID from his bag and passed without any issues.


Hyun-Soo was observing the blue portal from different sides.

Someone called out her name and ran towards her.

“Hyun-Soo, you remember what I told you, right? If there’s someone being disrespectful, just ignore them.”

“Huh? Yeah, got it.”

‘Just who is this person?’


The person that called out her name was a woman that had ginger-colored hair and green eyes.

‘A foreigner?’

Hyun-Soo was shocked after seeing the foreigner, but she hugged Kim Yoo-Na and started talking in a language he couldn’t understood.

It was impossible to understand her because she was talking so fast and spoke in a high-pitched voice.

‘What is she saying? Is she the one Kim Yoo-Na didn’t want to see? But, she looks too excited to see Kim Yoo-Na.’

Hyun-Soo quickly looked at Kim Yoo-Na.

She didn’t push her away, but she didn’t hug her back either. However, her face looked like she missed her.

She tried to step away from the foreigner, but she shook her head.

“#$%&@! %&$&!”

‘I have no idea what she’s saying.’

It sounded like she was saying something, but couldn’t tell what.

He picked up a couple of words, but since she was speaking so fast, he questioned his hearing.

‘It sounds like she’s saying that she missed her. Since Kim Yoo-Na didn’t come, I came instead…is that, right?’

He wasn’t sure.

“Hyun-Soo, there’s someone I want to introduce you to.”

Kim Yoo-Na gave up on pulling herself away from her, so she spoke to Hyun-Soo while the foreigner was holding onto her.

‘She’s glaring at me.’

She looked at Hyun-Soo with a hostile expression.

“This is Katrina and she was my previous co-worker.”


“She’ll be participating in this hunt as well. I’ll introduce you to the other two when they arrive.”

Hyun-Soo had a lot of questions.

However, Kim Yoo-Na already looked tired, so he didn’t want to ask.


‘That Katrina woman looks like she already doesn’t like me…’

Kim Yoo-Na said something in English, but Katrina refused to pull away.


“Oh, there they are. Over here.”

‘They look tired.’

They looked like they killed a monster with their bare hands and then stayed up for four days straight.

The person that called Kim Yoo-Na was a tall, bulky, colored man with dreadlocks and the other man was a bit smaller than him, but looked agile.

They also started talking to her with a bright smile.

Of course, Hyun-Soo didn’t understand because they were talking in English.

“Hyun-Soo, this is Brad and that’s Eugene. Like Katrina, they were my previous co-workers.”

Kim Yoo-Na introduced them by pointing to each one.

“What do you mean previous co-workers? That makes me sad. You made that decision on your own. We don’t agree though. We’re waiting for you to come back. Although, we ended up coming to you because you never came.”


Hyun-Soo was surprised by how fluent Eugene was in Korean that he started staring at him.

“I’m half Korean, so I know how to speak Korean. That’s another reason why I’m here. Anyway, who are you ……?”

“My…name is Kim Hyun-Soo. I’m currently working with Kim Yoo-Na. I’m also planning on participating in this hunt.”

“Hm, I see. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your skill level? I heard it very briefly.”

“Oh, well…….”

“Why are you asking that Eugene?”

Before Hyun-Soo could answer, Kim Yoo-Na stopped him after managing to pull away from Katrina.


<New Face #3> End.

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