The Skill Maker – Chapter 041

<New Face #2>

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‘Why are we hiking all of a sudden?’

Since the portal was located within the mountain, Hyun-Soo had no choice but to climb the mountain.

Before, he probably would’ve ran out of breath, but thanks to the training, this was easy.

“Let’s go in.”


The two walked through the green portal.




A large nest was sitting on the top of the large field.

The nest was way taller than Hyun-Soo’s height.

‘I know ostriches look like that, but this one looks violent.’

A mysterious bird that was sitting inside the nest noticed that intruders were on their land, so they were staring at them.

Steel-clawed Ostrich.

He noticed it right after after seeing the geographical features and the large nest.

Kim Yoo-Na didn’t have to tell him for him to know.

He felt proud for studying.

“The Energy Field is higher than the monsters that we’ve taken down so far.”

Kim Yoo-Na calculated the monster’s Energy Field first.

“It might take that much longer.”

“If we move according to my plan, it won’t take that long. But, only if you dodge their attacks.”

Kim Yoo-Na seemed to have said it after remembering how Hyun-Soo used the skill at the training center yesterday.

‘It sounds like she trusts me, but am I supposed to thank her or not? She’ll probably throw me into it as usual.’

She never explained how it should be done.

But, it was the most effective method.

Even if someone teaches you how to manage and use your strength, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to learn it.

One must experience it first-hand and use it until they’re familiar with it.

In that sense, Kim Yoo-Na’s training method was the proper method.

The issue was that the trainee would feel like they were dying.

If Hyun-Soo didn’t have a goal, he probably would’ve given up by now.

“Let’s get started. Like I’ve always said, the first blow is half the battle.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Good luck.”

Kim Yoo-Na stood at a moderately remote location.

It was strange that she stood outside of the ostrich’s attack range.

It was so she could step in if something happened.


The ostrich let out a violent cry after realizing that Hyun-Soo was approaching them.

‘They probably won’t attack right away, but if I move closer, they probably will.’

He wasn’t planning on getting that close anyways.

The skill he obtained was a long-range attack anyways.

‘But if I attack from a distance, the accuracy will decrease.’

He’ll end up using more of his strength and his power will decrease as well.

So he had to get somewhatsomewhat get close and attack it.

Kyah, Kyahhh!

The Steel-clawed Ostrich roared threateningly.

It was telling him not to come any closer.

“I get it. I won’t walk any closer, so stop crying out like that.”

Hyun-Soo stopped walking.

“I’ll be using my skill instead. Invisible Attack!”

It was the skill that he obtained after cutting down 30 logs.

‘It’s the size of a soccer ball, but shaped like a throwing knife!’

After imagining the knife, the invisible skill left Hyun-Soo.

For now, he had to call out the name of the skill in order to create the exact image, but once he masters it, he’ll be able to materialize it without having to call out the name.

His target was the ostrich’s  neck.

Its neck was stretched out because it was looking at Hyun-Soo, so he thought about cutting its neck with one attack.

But, before his attack hit the white light that was on the ostrich’s neck, the ostrich ducked.

Kyah, kyah!

The ostrich cried out as if it was making fun of him.

‘This isn’t going to be easy.’

There were monsters that attacked based on instinct and others that attacked based on intellect.

The chance of that happening increases as the rank increases.

There’s a reason why high-ranked portals were difficult.

“But, they’re still a dumb bird.”

Even though his remark looked down on all the birds in the world, Hyun-Soo didn’t regret it.

‘Invisible Attack! One more time!’

His first attack failed, but it was too early to be disappointed.

It would’ve been great if he succeeded, but it won’t always work out the way he wants.

Hyun-Soo immediately used the skill twice, consecutively.

The attacks were the same shape as the first attack.


It quietly made its way within seconds and was targeting the opponent’s neck.

Interface revealed that the ostrich’s weak point was its neck.

Hyun-Soo’s skill flew as if it were going to attack from both sides.

It looked a scissor was going to cut its neck.



The ostrich managed to dodge one of the attack, but not the other.

However, because it twisted its neck, it ended up cutting the feather that was on its body.

‘If I attacked a little bit higher, it could’ve cut its neck! Damn it.’

That attack must’ve been painful because the ostrich started crying outloud.

Brrrrrrr! Snap!

The ostrich that was sitting in the nest finally stood up.

Hyun-Soo’s attacks must’ve gotten it angry because the feathers on its body started rising.

It was three times larger than Hyun-Soo.


As the ostrich screeched, it raised its extremely sharp claws.

‘Huh? Wait……?’

Hyun-Soo was about to use his skill again, but his eyes widened.

“You crazy!”

The ostrich’s maximum speed was 80 kilometers per hour.

This was the speed of an ordinary ostrich, but since the monster had an ostrich’s characteristics, it wasn’t easy.

When Hyun-Soo saw the monster take a step forward, he first rolled his body forward.

He didn’t have time to think.

He could’ve gotten hit if he didn’t dodge it.

‘I knew it was fast, but this is ridiculously fast.’

Hyun-Soo stood up right away after rolling and fixed his stance.

Kyahh! Kyah!

“Okay, so you’re going to attack again, huh?”

The ostrich ran way past the spot that Hyun-Soo was standing at and when it stopped, it turned around and cried out.

“Let’s see who wins!”

Hyun-Soo consecutively used the skill and summoned three knives.

It’s because there was a limit to the number of attacks and size that he could create at one time.

‘The shape of a shovel! One that’s as big as my upper body!’

It turned its head to look at Hyun-Soo and then turned its body.

It looked as if it was going to attack again because he saw its claws digging into the ground.


A smile appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face when he saw it.

His smile triggered the ostrich and it started moving its feet.

The distance between them shortened.

Its strong and sharp claws were so dangerous that if it touched his body, it probably would’ve cut him in half.

If this continued, Hyun-Soo’s body will end up being cut in half.

But, Hyun-Soo’s attack got to them first.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right on the ground that the ostrich was trying to run on.

After calculating the ostrich’s steps and speed, he released his skill to the ground instead of at the ostrich.

Moments later, a deep hole appeared.



That attack was a success.

Just like an ordinary ostrich, the Steel-clawed ostrich kept on running without looking down.

Despite of the fact that it was near a hole, it ran while focusing on Hyun-Soo that its feet fell into the hole.

“You really are a dumb bird. Maybe it attacked based on instinct.”

At first, he thought it wasn’t going to be an easy opponent, but it revealed its characteristic from an unexpected place.

“I’m fine with it since I didn’t have to use my skills much, but isn’t this too easy?”

Because the dug a deep hole, the ostrich’s strong, long legs fell into the hole.

Because of its speed, it couldn’t endure its weight, so its legs got twisted.

The ostrich cried out violently.

It tried pulling its body out of the hole, but every time it did, it felt pain and would let out an odd cry.

The Steel-clawed Ostrich was scary because of their fast speed and the power that’s built inside of it.

But, if you take that away.

The answer was simple.

‘They’re no different from chickens and pigeons.’

All that was left was its long neck, but Hyun-Soo wasn’t planning on performing a close-range attack.

The light was still shining in the middle of the ostrich’s neck.

‘Let’s end this. Invisible Attack!’

The attack was in the shape of a stiletto and was flying towards its weak point.

Kyahhhhh! Kyah!

Flap! Flap!

When the ostrich instinctively felt the attack, it dodged it. At the same time, it started flapping its wings and tried to pull itself out of the hole.

But, there’s no way it can get out with broken legs.

‘It still managed to dodge it. Let’s see if you can dodge this.’

Hyun-Soo was testing his strength right now.

He wanted to know his limits during an actual battle and how powerful it was.

That’s another reason why Kim Yoo-Na brought him here.

‘It’s what I wanted as well.’

Hyun-Soo thought of a long chain.

And a hook was attached at the end of it.

He was so tired that it felt like he used the skill five times at once.

‘Invisible Attack!’

Like he had expected, the energy materialized into a chain hook and as it extended out, it circled and wrapped around the ostrich’s neck.

Kyah?! Kyahhh?

When the ostrich couldn’t move its neck, it started moving its body around.

“Hey, bird brain. You probably weren’t expecting something like this, huh?”

He was a bit annoyed every time it just moved its neck to dodge his attacks.

He was satisfied now that the ostrich couldn’t move its neck.

‘Maintaining it is a bit difficult for me.’

It hasn’t been a minute and sweat already started forming on his forehead.

It meant that it required that much energy.

It’s obvious that he would get tired since he had to maintain it by using the same amount of energy.

‘Let’s end this.’

This was enough to test his skilltest.

The sharp hook was scratching the ostrich’s weak point.

Kyahhhh, kya, kyahhh, kyahhhh!

As the Energy Field decreased, deep cuts started appearing around its neck.

Flap! Flap!

“Just die already.”

The hook cut half of its neck and blood was spilling out, but the ostrich didn’t stop flailing.

Hyun-Soo was getting more tired because of its violent movement..

On top of that, he was using a lot of his energy, so he was getting exhausted.

“Invisible Attack!”

But, he gathered the last of his energy and summoned a blade.

And he used that to attack the ostrich.


The ostrich suddenly stopped moving violently.

The wind that the wings created stopped as well.

It wasn’t an easy kill.

Being a monster of a green portal, it did its best to endure his attacks, but with one attack, the ostrich’s neck was cut off.

Hyun-Soo was surprised by the skill’s power.

At the same time, he felt all the energy disappear from his body.

The battle was finally over.

Hyun-Soo immediately thought about his experience points.

He wanted to see how manyuch points he obtained by taking this monster down.




▶Name: Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

▶Rank: D

▶Class: Skill Maker

▶Experience Level: 86%

▶Stamina Level: 72%

▶Energy Level: 28%


▶Stamina: 81 / Agility: 57 / StrengthPower: 70 / Critical Hit: 49 / ?? / ?? / ??




▶Skill List


[Skill Creation][C]

[Skill Transfer][C]

[Medicinal Mix][C]

[Invisible Attack][C]



His experience level increased a lot.

‘Things have been pretty slow lately, but this…’

It felt like it’s been awhile since his experience level increased this much.

If this continued, he’ll become a C rank in no time.

‘But, my energy level is pretty low. Is it too early for me to use Invisible Attack for a long period of time?’


<New Face #2> End.

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