The Skill Maker – Chapter 039

<Skill Development #3>

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‘I can attack several of them at once!’

Instead of it flying sporadically, the distance between them widened a bit, but it was still something.

“Invisible Attack! Invisible Attack!”

The training room was filled with Hyun-Soo’s voice.

He was by himself anyways..

An attack that required covertness..

But right now, he was practicing a skill that just developed.

He needed a shout of concentration until he becomes more used to the skill.



The sound of the log splitting apart was loud every time.

As the sawdust flew, it dispersed like a fog.

Hyun-Soo moved a bit further away and tested his new skill.



The last log split in half.

His energy level was really low.

‘I should stop now.’.

He was sweating a lot from using his power.

After wiping his forehead, he looked around the messy room.

‘It’s like a new way to chop wood. I could do this as a side job.’

Before, Hyun-Soo had many side jobs.

Because he was used to having so many side jobs, he thought of an idea for a side job after looking at the logs that were on the floor.

“How’s it going?”

He turned around and saw that Kim Yoo-Na was in the room.

As she walked into the room, her eyes widened as she observed the situation.

“You’ve succeeded.”

“Yes. It’s all thanks to you.”

He experienced a skill development for the first time and his stats increased as well.

Everything was working out really well.

‘I thought she was pretty rude at first when she just left me to train by myself, but.’

Her training is difficult to adapt at first and it’s hardcore, but once you adapt and get used to it, it provides a result that’s totally unexpected.

‘She wouldn’t listen if I asked her to be a little nicer.’

There’s a high chance that she’s the stubborn type.

It would be embarrassing for him to cry by himself because he’s tired when Kim Yoo-Na wasn’t complaining at all.

As an A rank hunter, her appearance and gender had some sort of connection.

‘……It’s still embarrassing.’

It wasn’t like he had any honor, but there was no need to embarrass himself.

Hyun-Soo promised himself that he wouldn’t say anything that made him look weak.

Of course it’s different when he’s really having a hard time.

Kim Yoo-Na had a shocked look on her face.

‘Was she not expecting me to succeed?’

Kim Yoo-Na’s lips were trembling as if there was something she wanted to say.

After taking a deep breath, she changed the subject.

“How’s your body?”

“I’m a bit tired, but I’m okay.”

“Then, I’ll bring out more logs.”

“…I think I should rest a bit.”

He promised himself he wouldn’t say anything weak, but he immediately broke his promise.

“Okay. Then, I’ll push back the hunt we were supposed to go on today to tomorrow. You have time tomorrow, right?”


He really wanted to go on a hunt.

‘My skill developed, so this is pretty good timing.’

“Go home and rest for today. Make sure your energy level is full by tomorrow so that you’re in your best condition.”

After saying that, Kim Yoo-Na bowed and left the training room.

‘I guess she stopped by to check my condition.’

It seemed like she was planning on taking him onto a hunt if he was feeling okay.

‘It’s disappointing, but there’s always tomorrow.’

His energy level dropped and he was pretty exhausted.

Hyun-Soo used the shower room that was provided by the training center.

As he walked out, he noticed that there were pieces of wood and dust everywhere, but it didn’t bother him much since the employees here were going to clean it up.

‘I used an entire floor in this large building and it also has the latest technology.’

This place was really different from the training center he visited before when he sold a skill.

‘Just how powerful is this woman?’

Hyun-Soo couldn’t even make an assumption about how powerful she was.

Was she able to use a place like this just because she was an A rank hunter?

‘It’s not my money I’m spending anyways.’

While drying his wet hair, Hyun-Soo took out his phone from the locker.

[Hyun-Soo! Bring something yummy!]

Hyuna sent him a message.

She must’ve felt hungry while studying because she asked him to buy food for her.




‘Maybe I’ll buy some pork hogs for her.’

He thought of pork hogs after thinking about her request and visited the nearest restaurant.

[We’re closed today due to lack of ingredients.]


Talk about bad timing.

Hyun-Soo started thinking about what he should do.

Moments later, he visited a market and started grocery shopping.

‘Chicken, potato, green onion and what else? She likes spicy food, so some chili pepper as well.’

There were a lot of junk foods he could buy, but he wanted to feed her something healthy.

Hyun-Soo thought it would be best to make her Braised Spicy Chicken, so he bought the ingredients and returned home.

“You’re here. Where’s the food? He he, I’m hungry.”

“Yeah, I’m here. Your big brother will make you something delicious.”

Despite of the fact that there were foods she wanted to eat, things she wanted to buy and activities she wanted to do, Hyuna wouldn’t ask for them.

But, now that their situation was getting better, she started whining cutely.

She wasn’t whining like a brat.

‘She’s pretty mature for her age, but I’m glad she has this side of her.’

Hyun-Soo liked seeing that side of her.

Hyun-Soo placed the ingredients on the counter and confidently said he would cook for her.

“What? What are you going to cook?”

“Braised Spicy Chicken.”

“Wow. Wow. You are?”

“Yeah. Why?”.

Hyuna had a suspicious look on her face.

“You’re really going to cook? Wouldn’t it be better to wait for mom? Or order…?”

“They put in a lot of MSG these days. You have to be healthy in order to study. And mom will be tired when she gets home from work. I’ll cook for you.”

“Oh……you’re right, but…….”

“Trust me. It’ll be delicious.”

He turned his computer on.

‘I can rely on the internet even if I don’t know how to make it. It’ll be fine as long as I follow the steps.’

They say that the world’s information is all on the internet.

Hyuna stood behind him with a worried look, but Hyun-Soo didn’t notice.

‘Let’s see. I need to place the chicken in milk? I didn’t buy milk. Oh. I guess it works with alcohol too.’

Hyun-Soo stood up and looked through the refrigerator.

Thankfully, there was still some left since his father likes to have a drink or two.

After contemplating for a bit, Hyun-Soo placed the chicken in a bowl and poured alcohol over it.

He sat in front of the computer, but missed something while reading the steps.

‘I need to cut it and then pour the alcohol.’

He took out the chicken and looked for the kitchen knife.

But, he couldn’t find it at all.


Hyun-Soo took out the Sword of the White Unicorn from his bag.

A sword that costed 400,000.

Interface displayed the following information.



[White Unicorn Sword][Normal]


A mid-sized sword that contains the blood of a White Unicorn.

The unicorn’s blood causes the sword to produce a blue light.

Depending how much is mixed, the depth of the color is different.

Upon use, the critical rate will increase slightly.

White Unicorn Blood Percentage: 3%



‘I didn’t think that I would use it on a chicken first…!’

It felt a bit weird, by Hyun-Soo told himself that he was using it because he needed to.

He couldn’t even use itusually properly.

He honestly wanted to try to use it, even if it was on a chicken.

‘I guess it’s not so bad since I can test it out.’

Hyun-Soo placed the sword on the chicken.


The light blue blade cut through the chicken instantly.


It cut through so smoothly that he was surprised.

But, there was a problem.

‘Why did this get cut?’

It cut the cutting board as well.

‘Damn it.’

Luckily, he didn’t put too much force on it, so the counter was fine.

But, he was stunned as he kept his eyes on the chicken and the cutting board.




He told his mother about the cutting board.

“Mom! Hyun-Soo destroyed the cutting board!”


“And he made Braised Spicy Chicken.”

Hyuna smiled widely as she snitched and bragged at the same time.

“We left some for you too. Go wash up.”

“Wow, what’s the occasion?”

He always made simple side dishes, but he never made a meal like this before.

He only ate one meal a day since he was always busy and he felt like it was a waste to spend money on food.

Their situation was getting better and his mother was surprised by his cooking.

“Braised Spicy Chicken, huh? You knew how to make it? You didn’t have a hard time? You should’ve rested after coming home.”

“Mom, it’s pretty good. Try it.”

Hyuna recommended it to her mother as if she made the food.

“Okay. Thank you for the food.”

Maybe it’s because he followed the recipe from a blog, but Hyun-Soo thought it tasted pretty good.

The spicy taste added to the flavor and the moist, tender chicken was really juicy.

Even though he cut the cutting board during the process.

“Our son’s cooking skill is great. That was delicious. I always feel bad for you two since this is something I should be making.”

“It’s fine, mother. Whoever can make it should make it.”

While cleaning up, there was something that made Hyun-Soo feel uncomfortable.

‘Mother doesn’t look so good.’

Hyuna volunteered to wash the dishes when their mother said she would do it.

Their mother started laughing when Hyuna quickly started washing the dishes.

But, her laugh seemed pretty weak too.

“Mother, are you not feeling well?”

Since he transferred a recovery skill to her, her basic recovery level increased and the possibility of healing minor injuries should’ve increased as well.

Unless she had some kind of serious illness, his mother shouldn’t be feeling so tired.

‘She’s not seriously ill, is she? I didn’t think it through. I should’ve told her to get a check-up first.’

“No, I’m okay. I’m not feeling sick.”

“Mother. We paid off our debt and we pay our rent on time, so we have some leg room compared to before. It’s not good to overlook any illness you might have. If you’re not feeling well, how about going to a hospital…”

His mother waved her hand when Hyun-Soo implied that maybe she wasn’t going to the hospital because she wanted to save money.

“It’s nothing like that, so don’t worry.”

But his mother wasn’t just exhausted.

When Hyun-Soo expressed how worried he was, his mother let out a deep sigh.

‘What’s going on?’

His mother thought for a moment and then spoke.

“You see…the store might go out of business.”



<Skill Development #3> End.

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