The Skill Maker – Chapter 038

<Skill Development #2>

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Kim Yoo-Na pointed somewhere.

There were logs lined up where she pointed and it didn’t match well with the high-tech, modern room.’

“It looks like there’s more than 30 of them.”

“That’s right. I explained it to you, right? Use the same method. Whether it’ll work or not depends on your efforts. Good luck.”

With that, Kim Yoo-Na left the floor.


He heard her explanation.

He only watched her demonstrate.

But, it was totally different from actually doing it. And there was no way Kim Yoo-Na didn’t know that.

She threw him into training this time too.

Since she did teach him, she wasn’t wrong when she said she would teach him.

The issue was that she wasn’t friendly about it.

“I did cut down one, so now I have five more to go.”

At first, he had a really hard time.

He couldn’t really concentrate and she told him to gather the energy within him and materialize it.

‘What the hell is she talking about?’

Then, Kim Yoo-Na brought in a candle and lit it.

She then told him to blow it out.

She told him that he needed to have the willpower to blow it out since it didn’t go out when he blew it or touched it.

When Hyun-Soo was having hard time…

“You’re lacking the willpower to blow it out!”

Was what she yelled at him.

He thought it didn’t make sense, but when the candle melted and it was about to go out, Hyun-Soo managed to blow out the small fire.

Of course Kim Yoo-Na coached him from the side.

“Think about gathering your strength and throwing it.”

“Imagine yourself blowing out the candle. Instead of with your lips, imagine yourself gathering your inner strength and blowing it out.”

“Imagine an invisible hand stretching out and turning it off.”

He thought she was talking nonsense.

But, it actually worked.

He shaped his power into a sharp knife and when he imagined himself throwing it, it actually worked.

‘But, I’m unfamiliar with this method, so it’s hard for me to stay concentrated.’

If he was used to it, it would be possible for him to use without concentrating as much, but imagining his strength and then materializing it was unfamiliar and difficult.

‘One little mistake and it breaks.’

On top of materializing his strength, he had to control it so that he could aim it at his target.

That was pretty difficult too.

But its power was really amazing.

Depending on Hyun-Soo’s power and the image, the range of his attack and his strength will differ.

If he always wanted it to be sharp, then all he had to do was think about it.

If he were to develop it more, he could condense the enormous amount of strength and increase its power.

‘I usually attacked monsters by piercing them, but now I’ve obtained a skill that’ll cut them. I can cut them or change it up and pierce them deep within their body. I’m sure there are other ways I can use it.’

There were many different methods.

He just needed to master its use and then develop it.

‘It’ll be quite an amazing skill.’

On top of that, what he was using was an energy that was immobile.

It was different from the skill, Wind Cutter.

It was a steady skill.

It was an attack he could use without getting caught by the enemy!

The opponent will die without even noticing the attack.

‘I’m getting too ahead of myself.’

Hyun-Soo got goosebumps after thinking about how powerful this skill was.

He felt happy with the possibility of this skill being developed into something more.

“Man, what’s the point? I’m having a hard time cutting down logs.”

Despite saying that, Hyun-Soo didn’t really feel tired.

His mind and body were feeling tired, but that actually made him want to push more.

“How long will it take until I’m able to control it at will?”

At first, he performed attacks that were weaker than when pierced with a dagger.

But, after cutting 25 logs, his power increased tremendously compared to before.

“I want to go on a hunt.”

He needed to get used to it before going.

What if the skill gets cancelled because he loses his concentration?

He wouldn’t die since Kim Yoo-Na will be there, but he would feel really embarrassed.

‘Improving my skills is fun, but I still miss going on hunts.’

Before, he did rest for a few days after completing a hunt.

He thought of this training as an extended break.

‘It is unsatisfying since I’m not actually hitting anything.’

He wasn’t sure how he spent his days at home just making skills.

A lot of things changed compared to his previous lifestyle.

After living an intense lifestyle, the previous lifestyle he had became a blur.

‘I was satisfied with just that back then. I was able to make money off of it.’

Thanks to that, he was able to meet Kim Yoo-Na, so he didn’t regret it.

The more he practiced, the more comfortable he was at using the new skill.

When he cut the 30th log, he heard a familiar tone.

– Ring!

“You have fulfilled the Mighty Throw’s [D] condition and it will now develop into a different skill.”

“The skill, Invisible Attack [C] has been created.”

“As a reward for developing the first skill, all of your stats will be increased by two points.”


The notification sound was familiar, but the information wasn’t.


Hyun-Soo raised his eyebrow at the unfamiliar word. He immediately activated Interface.


A semi-transparent window appeared before his eyes. And his new skill, Invisible Attack, was sparkling.

When he pressed it with his finger, information about the skill appeared.


[Invisible Attack][C]

It uses the user’s energy and performs an invisible attack.

Depending on the quality of the energy that’s used during that time, the attack’s range and strength may vary.

If it hits the opponent, it can cause damage.

Developed from the skill, Mighty Throw.

Accuracy Rate: 78%



He felt proud about pushing himself to the limit.

‘No, not just proud…this is amazing!’

His eyes focused on one place.


He’s never heard of a skill developing.

But, since the word, developed, was right in front of his eyes, he couldn’t doubt it.

‘Even when I felt like dying, it’s good that I pushed through.’

Because of its complexity, he was trying to change the medium he used for the skill, but he hit a jackpot in an unexpected place.

On top of that, the rank of the new skill was C.

‘Useful offensive skills hasn’t been created for a while and on top of that, nothing satisfied me, so I kept Might Throw, but it all worked out.’

He didn’t keep using it while expecting something like this to happen.

Out of all the skills that he created and kept, Mighty Throw was one of the useful offensive skills, so he kept it.

– Depending on how he controls his strength, the range and power will differ.

Hyun-Soo’s eyes widened as he read the information that was displayed on Interface.

That meant.

Infinite possibilities!

There was a lot of freedom within “user’s energy.”

There weren’t any restrictions.

When the user uses their strength in different forms, they’ll be able to perform a variety of attacks with just one skill.

Powerful strength.

And it includes powerful skills.

He was feeling high off of the power it gave him.

The fact that it could be developed was great, but it encouraged him because a new path opened for him.

‘I’m also one step closer to my goal.’

The reason he needed power.

Hyun-Soo was desperate to become powerful.

‘The stats!’

Thanks to the reward, his entire stats increased by two points.

Other than leveling up and drink potions, his stats never increased.

But, under the rewards, his stats increased.

‘Is it a type of reward that’s provided when I achieve a certain goal?’

Even though other people couldn’t see it, Interface could be a bit rude sometimes.


Hyun-Soo closed the previous window and brought up his information.


▶Name: Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

▶Rank: D

▶Class: Skill Maker

▶Experience Level: 74%

▶Stamina Level: 65%

▶Energy Level: 48%

▶Stamina: 81 / Agility: 57 / Power: 70 / Critical Hit: 49 / ?? / ?? / ??


▶Skill List


[Skill Creation][C]

[Skill Transfer][C]

[Medicinal Mix][C]

[Invisible Attack][C]


All of his stats increase by two points.


He looked at the stats window with satisfaction.

There was another good thing.

Now that the skill was registered, he wouldn’t have to worry about dying during a hunt because it wasn’t working.

Before cutting all 30 logs, there were times when the attack wouldn’t work.

But now that it was registered, he felt relieved.

“She was right when she said it would be easy as long as I knew how to do it. I thought she said it without any thought.”

Kim Yoo-Na was right.

Once he was comfortable at using the skill, a creation notification popped up.

She probably didn’t know about the skill developing though…

“Let’s test it out.”

The training center had the latest machines and facilities installed.

Inside, there were rough-looking logs that didn’t match the training center at all.

Kim Yoo-Na said this was the best way to train without thinking much and prepared the logs for him.

Hyun-Soo gathered the pieces and set them up.

‘Let’s start off easy.’

His target was the one log that was in front of him.

“Invisible attack!”

As soon as he yelled out the skill, Hyun-Soo drew a detailed image in his head.

It was a dagger that was covered in thorns.

The energy materialized into the shape he imagined and flew without a sound.

Crack! Craaack!

It sounded like something was being split apart, instead of it being cut.

Hyun-Soo quickly approached the log and checked it.

It looked as if something ripped it because one side of the log was gone.

It was different from when he cut the exterior of the log.

“Wow, it actually worked.”

He knew it worked, but seeing them with his own eyes surprised him even more.

‘Since I imagined a small attack, I should imagine a bigger attack…’

Hyun-Soo couldn’t calm down.

Even a simple cut or piercing could become critical depending on the strength and region.

But, what if he attacked with something like a saw blade?

‘The attack will increase tremendously.’

He would be able to rip off the tough skin quickly.

If attacking with several swords did more harm than good, then it’ll put him in a difficult situation.

Kim Yoo-Na’s advice was the starting point, but the one that followed that advice was Hyun-Soo.

He placed the log down and returned to his spot.

“Invisible Attack!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!


Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

He imagined a semicircle shape that had blades on it.

And he used the skill at the same time.

As soon as he yelled out the skill’s name, the top portion of three logs was completely cut off.

Instead of the sound of logs being cut, an eerie sound filled the room.

Maybe it’s because of the way his attack was released.

Moments later, the top portion of the log slid off, creating a loud noise when it hit the floor.

‘I can attack several of them at once!’


<Skill Development #2> End.

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