The Skill Maker – Chapter 037

<Skill Development #1>

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“If it’s possible, it would be great.”

If it was possible.

He had an idea of what Kim Yoo-Na was talking about.

But, he had no idea as to what he had to do.

“Don’t worry. The issue of whether it’s possible or not is up to you, but I’ll take responsibility and train you so that it’ll increase the chance of it being possible.”

“……Excuse me?”

“Why are you surprised? You just saw the effects of my training. Those two scums looked like they were only D ranks, but despite being the same rank, you really beat those guys.”

It was true.

All of his punches and the way his legs moved looked like a slow-motion video.

He wondered why that happened…….

‘It’s the effects of the training……?’

Up till now, he’s been fighting against just monsters.

Of course he didn’t know what to expect during a one-one-one battle.

He was still having a hard time keeping up when fighting against a monster.

So he didn’t assume that his skills had improved this much.

He was really happy about the fact that he got stronger, but there was something off that stopped himself from celebrating.

‘But it was realistically too slow for it to be the effects of the training.’

It was still good though.

It ended pretty well.

He obtained a skill that others wouldn’t be able to look down upon.

‘Even if I did train, is it possible for it to have that much of an effect?’

Hyun-Soo understood Kim Yoo-Na’s explanation, but at the same time, questioned it.

It was an interesting feeling where time slowed around him.

He could clearly see where his opponent was going to attack.

If it was really because of the training, then it was a growth that should be watched closely.

‘I am growing pretty fast, but…’

If he grew this much within that short period…

Hyun-Soo looked down at his hands.

His hands clenched and released repeatedly.

‘Something more powerful could be obtained with these hands.’

While Hyun-Soo was lost in his world, Kim Yoo-Na started dragging him with her.

“Then that means you’ll be able to purchase a useful sword. Good. You should purchase a decent one from the ones that we saw.”

“……Uh, huh?”

Kim Yoo-Na dragged him back into the store.

“Could you give me the sword with the blue blade?”

“Are you referring to the sword that contains Unicorn’s blood?”

The employee’s expression didn’t look so great and it’s probably because they witnessed how Hyun-Soo took out Kim Yoo-Han’s party.

But, as soon as Kim Yoo-Na asked them for the sword, their frown turned upside down.

“How much of the Unicorn’s blood has been mixed in? Judging by the color, it doesn’t look like a lot has been mixed with it.”

“We are very strict about what we sell here ma’am.”

The staff denied it with a straight face.

‘3% to be exact. They did mix some of it, so it’s not a complete lie.’

It did feel like a scam.

But for Hyun-Soo, since he already checked the information through Interface, he couldn’t get scammed.

When he was about to intercept.

“The color is pretty light, so it looks like it wasn’t a high-ranked monster. A sword made out of White Unicorn’s blood is known to be sturdy and sharp, but the quality of an item like that is a bit…”

“Ma’am! 500,000! I’ll give it to you for 500,000.”

A shocked expression replaced their straight face.

‘I knew it…….’

He knew they marked it high even though they only mixed 3% of the Unicorn’s blood.

He wasn’t sure how Kim Yoo-Na knew, but after figuring out the situation, Hyun-Soo decided to observe their conversation.

Despite the fact that the employee lowered the price a lot, Kim Yoo-Na didn’t seem satisfied and looked as if she was going to decline.

“I knew it was too expensive.”

“I’ll give it to you for 450,000. That’s the lowest price I can offer. We don’t usually give discounts like this…You seemed to have handled a lot of different weapons, seeing how you know the White Unicorn’s trait.”

“Let’s do 400,000.”


The employee’s expression changed.

Things looked complicated since the other person knew more than they had thought.

“I have no choice. I’ll give it to you for 400,000. It’s really rare for someone to notice the color according to the amount that was mixed…”

The employee mumbled as if they were put in a difficult situation.

Hyun-Soo’s eyes widened after watching them from the side.

There wasn’t any spell involved, but with a couple of comments by Kim Yoo-Na, the staff deducted almost half from the original price.

The hunters that purchase useful weapons here are probably unaware of the fact that the items here are overpriced.

They might think it’s worth it because it contains a monster’s trait.

If he didn’t have Interface, he might’ve purchased it at full price.

‘The percentage was pretty weird. But it did look nice though…’

On top of that, the employee’s skill was amazing.

He could’ve taken him up on his offer if he didn’t pay attention.

They offered the sword with confidence, but once Kim Yoo-Na started nitpicking and lowering the price, they seemed to have given up.

The employee quickly packed the sword as if they wanted to get rid of it.

“You’re giving a sheath too, right?”

“Ha ha…of course.”

The employee explained that it was made out of monster’s skin while beads of sweat were rolling down their face.

“Here you go. Thank you.”

“What are you doing? Take it.”

Instead of accepting it, she called Hyun-Soo.


“It’s yours, so you should take it.”

“It’s mine?”

“We’re here to buy your weapon, not mine.”

As if she heard a funny joke, she let out a short laugh.

Hyun-Soo didn’t understand which part of their conversation was funny to her.

“But, the money……?”

After the discount, it was 400,000.

They deducted almost half since the original price was 700,000.

Even that was still a large sum for Hyun-Soo.

He thought about looking at other items because of the price, but when he came back to his senses, Hyun-Soo was holding the sword that the staff packaged for him.

“It’s a useful sword. It’s not the most amazing sword, but it’ll be useful for your level. It can also be used in different ways. It’s best to have a sword like that.”

Instead of answering his question, Kim Yoo-Na said something else.

In the end, Hyun-Soo didn’t hear her answer even after reaching the parking lot.

He didn’t pay, but he was holding the sword.

‘What kind of situation is this?’

He thought of one hypothesis.

But there was no way that Kim Yoo-Na would help him like that.

Despite of the fact that they were helping each other, in the end, this relationship was made because of the contract.

Once they get what they want, this will come to an end.

Because of that, Hyun-Soo’s suspicion only increased.

“It seems like you have a hard time catching on to situations like these. It’s a gift. A gift for doing well in training.”

After looking at Hyun-Soo’s expression, she started laughing as if she couldn’t hold it in.

The person that was forcing him to buy a weapon that was right for him, suddenly gave him a gift.

“That’s…then I have to give you a gift too.”

“The greatest gift a teacher can receive is when their student does well. I wasn’t lying when I said it’s good to have a sword like this. Attackers don’t carry around a second weapon for nothing.”

Kim Yoo-Na slightly glanced over at Hyun-Soo and continued talking.

“If you must, then think of it as a reward for making Hye-Na feel better.”


He’s never received a gift without any reason.

He’s seen a lot of people where they try to get more for themselves.

The more you treat others well, the more you’re considered a pushover in this world.

After becoming a hunter and selling the skills, there were some that tried to get some information from him.

‘But, to think that the person that’s giving me a gift for no reason is the same person that I have a contract with.’

But it wasn’t a bad feeling.

Hyun-Soo smiled and nodded his head.

When Hyun-Soo nodded with a smile, Kim Yoo-Na’s soft expression hardened.

Her face turned into the cold expression she normally puts on.

After driving out to the road, Kim Yoo-Na dropped Hyun-Soo on the side of the road.

“I’ll see you in three days.”

She disappeared with the red sports car after making plans with him.

Before Hyun-Soo completely closed the door, it drove off as if it was showing how fast it could go.

“Maybe it’s a misunderstanding…….”

While feeling the soft wind blow against him, Hyun-Soo tilted his head.

Before stepping out of the car, he noticed that Kim Yoo-Na’s earlobes were slightly red.







The sharp attack cut through the thick log.

While the log was cut in half, a loud sound was heard as they slipped from the attack.


Hyun-Soo was the one that used the skill and he let out a deep breath.

“Doing this successfully is really hard. There’s a lot more things to think about compared to before.”

Hyun-Soo mumbled as he took out another log.

It’s been a week since he accepted Kim Yoo-Na’s offer to use the skill in a new way.

Three days after she gave Hyun-Soo the sword, she took Hyun-Soo to an unknown place.

Kim Yoo-Na parked her car in front of a very tall and large building.


“Let’s go.”

“Where are we?”

“This is where you’ll be training from now on.”

“Excuse me……?”

“We’re changing the medium of the skill, so we can’t do it inside a portal.”


For someone that told him to go head on, it was surprisingly reasonable.

When he was selling a skill, there was a time when he followed into a hunter’s training center without knowing anything.

He was surprised by how well they built the facility.

‘This place is extreme. The facility is amazing.’

The place that Kim Yoo-Na took him to was a training center where Kim Yoo-Na used an entire floor just for herself.

There were large glass windows where it divided some of the sections.

There was a bar, refrigerator and simple tables and chairs.

Next to it, there were several monitors and complicated looking machines.

It looked like a place where one observed the training.

There were several machines that provided routine training.

There was also a long-range and a close-range dummy that automatically changed.

‘They look pretty rough for a dummy.’

It was as if they made it to look like a monster because it was large and looked like it had a bad temper.

‘There are systems that I’m seeing for the first time…this place is a lot better than the first place that I visited.’

There was a hologram that showed the monster’s attack pattern based on their traits and it was used to help the hunters train. Just having that made this place a lot better.

Hunters can perform actual attacks and although they can’t feel any of the injuries, it’s possible for the system to count the amount of attacks and its effectiveness.

Kim Yoo-Na spoke as Hyun-Soo looked around the place.

“I got some logs for you. Try cutting those first.”

<Skill Development #1> End.

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