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<You’ll Meet Your Enemy at a Weaponry Store #3>


He wondered whether they had planned to make fun of him since Kim Yoo-Han and his party were pretty crazy.

‘I can tell from their faces.’

However, Hyun-Soo knew that wasn’t the case when he saw how red his opponent’s face turned.

He was getting angry at how Hyun-Soo kept on dodging his attacks.

“Then try dodging this!”

The opponent’s hands hit Hyun-Soo’s upper body hard.

To be exact, he tried to hit him hard.

His hands were all over the place.

It was as if he was trying to block Hyun-Soo from dodging his attacks because he kept on punching at a fast rate.

All of his energy was focused on his fists.

Fwoosh! Swoosh! Fwoosh!

Every time he punched with his fist, his clothes started fluttering and the sound of his fist cutting through the air could be heard.


‘Oh, this one is slow too.’

His punches were so predictable that he thought maybe he was doing that on purpose.

It was difficult for him to take a hit on purpose.

He was able to dodge their punches without any difficulties.

His opponent kept on approaching him and striking with his fist, but none of them landed on Hyun-Soo.

Hyun-Soo slightly glanced to the side.

Kim Yoo-Han was looking his way with a shocked look.

It was as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

After seeing his expression, a smirk appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face.

He ridiculed him.

It was a mistake for him to think that Hyun-Soo was just another ordinary carrier.

“He, he, hey! What are you doing?! Stop messing around and get him!”

“Da-damn it!”

His opponent felt rushed because of Kim Yoo-Han’s comment.


He ran towards Hyun-Soo as if he was sliding and ended up standing next to him.

He then raised his leg above Hyun-Soo’s head and brought it straight down.

He targeted Hyun-Soo’s head.

‘Is he dumb?’

Hyun-Soo dodged his punches.

There’s no way Hyun-Soo wouldn’t dodge the attack when it’s slower than their punches.

‘I should stop now.’

He was a bit surprised when they first attacked.

He was surprised again by how slow their attacks were and was now bored with it.


When his opponent raised his leg above Hyun-Soo’s head, Hyun-Soo managed to dodge it by taking half a step to the side.

‘You’re not the only one that knows how to attack!’

Since he’s been dodging, it was time for him to attack.

Hyun-Soo crouched down..

And at the same time, he extended one of his leg and attacked the opponent’s ankle.


‘That was a good attack!’

As he attacked his opponent, Hyun-Soo’s body spinned.

His body went with the flow and he stood up and turned around.



His opponent started rolling around on the floor.

“Gah! What…did you do, you bastard?! What did you do?!”

They yelled while rolling on the floor and slowly raised their body as they groaned in pain.

“What did I do? You attacked me, so all I did was attack back.”

“Did you set a trap?!”

“Ha! Don’t be ridiculous. Why would I set up a trap in an ordinary shop like this?”

“If that’s not it, then there’s no way he could lose to some loser carrier!”

Oh jeez.

It escaped Hyun-Soo’s lips without him knowing.

It wasn’t because he was tired, but because his opponent wasn’t understanding the situation and he felt bad for him for being dense.

‘There’s no way a carrier would remain as a carrier forever. They must be planning on remaining in their current ranks.’

“Hey. If you’re done messing with me, why don’t you just go now? Before you’re humiliated further.”

There was no reason for Hyun-Soo to impress him, so he spoke with confidence.

‘You hear that?! You crazy healer!’

Hyun-Soo saw Kim Yoo-Han looking at him while biting his lips from behind his party.

He was expecting him to shout out crazy comments again.

However, after biting his lips for a while, Kim Yoo-Han turned away.

“Hey, hurry up and get up.”

“Shit! It’s because of you…!”

“Shut up! You lost to a carrier, so you have no room to talk!”

“What? You crazy bastard!”

‘Jeez. It’s a mess.’

They were getting along just fine, but after losing to Hyun-Soo, they were fighting each other.

They were putting the blame on each other.

Kim Yoo-Han couldn’t even talk to Hyun-Soo and was getting angry at his party.

His party seemed angry as well because they clenched their hands.

“Sir, sir! Please do not act like this here. If you cause more trouble, it’ll get in the way of our business and we’ll have no choice but to call the guards.”

The employee that went to call the manager came back.

The manager that came with the employee came in-between Hyun-Soo and Kim Yoo-Han’s party and settled the situation.

‘Nice timing.’

They left somewhere with anger.

Kim Yoo-Han quickly left the place while following them.

Hyun-Soo and Kim Yoo-Han’s eyes met as he left.

He turned away first a moment ago, but now, he was looking at Hyun-Soo with a ferocious look.

‘If he was smart, he wouldn’t do anything crazy again, right? But, it ended kind of weird.’

He noticed Kim Yoo-Han’s lips slightly moving.

Hyun-Soo noticed because Kim Yoo-Han was looking straight at him.

You’ll get yours.

He didn’t have the confidence to say it to his face and Kim Yoo-Han left through the emergency exit with a huge grudge.

Hyun-Soo felt bitter for some reason.

Maybe it’s because he saw Kim Yoo-Han’s face that was filled resentment.

‘He can’t seem to let that grudge go. I don’t understand why they haven’t kicked him out yet.’

He was definitely crazy for not acknowledging defeat and holding a grudge instead.

‘Well, I already beat him once. Not like I can’t beat him again.’

He wasn’t sure what happened, but he could clearly see his opponent’s attacks.

On top of that, they were slow.

That’s why, if he wanted to go again, he could beat him again.

Even if he leveled up, Hyun-Soo would’ve leveled up too.

There was a difference in skills, so he could defeat him without any issues.

‘But, that was interesting. How was I able to see all of his attacks? They were extremely slow.’

It was like slow-motion and it seemed like someone extended the video too.

Hyun-Soo was thinking for a moment and came back to his senses when he heard Kim Yoo-Na’s voice.

“You did well. The hardcore training paid off.”

When he turned his head, Kim Yoo-Na was standing there with a smile.

“But, who was that? It seemed like you guys knew each other from the way he was picking a fight with you.”

“I got involved with him due to bad luck.”

“OH yeah? He seemed like a jerk, so I guess he did some pretty nasty things before.”.

A blunt comment escaped from her pretty lips.

Hyun-Soo shrugged his shoulders instead of answering.

“Okay then. If you were defeated by a jerk like him, I would’ve cancelled our contract and probably would’ve stopped training you.”

“The promise towards Hye-Na can’t be broken.”

Hyun-Soo replied with a straight face.

‘This isn’t because I don’t want to suffer under Kim Yoo-Na’s training. If she made a promise to her sister, she should keep it.’

Hyun-Soo got goosebumps from Kim Yoo-Na’s comment, but quickly calmed down and told himself.

‘Even when Kim Yoo-Han picked a fight and his party attacked me, it wasn’t this scary.’

He suddenly felt goosebumps from her comment.

“Anyways, you did great.”

“Thank you.”

As a mentor, Kim Yoo-Na didn’t compliment very often.

The awkwardness that he felt because of the healer disappeared.

“So, which weapon are you going to buy?”

“I haven’t decided yet. They’re a bit expensive.”

Hyun-Soo told the truth after contemplating for a bit.

“The price?”

It’s only 1.7 billion.

Was what it felt like she was implying.

It was a large sum for Hyun-Soo, but for Kim Yoo-Na, who was living in a different world, that wasn’t the case.

‘Right, she’s different from me, so it’s understandable.’

Kim Yoo-Na tilted her head after pondering a bit.”

“Purchasing a good weapon will last much longer. If you purchase a cheap one, you have to change it often and in the end, you spend more money.”

“That’s true.”

“It would’ve been nice if you purchased daggers that had monster ingredients added to them. Isn’t it a hassle to purchase a new one every time the blade gets dull and breaks?”

Hyun-Soo agreed about purchasing a good weapon from the start.

But, it was hard to afford a good weapon.

He often used the daggers when attacking and after the hunt is done, he takes them back with him.

But like Kim Yoo-Na said, the blade becomes dull because of the monster’s fluid and sometimes, it breaks to the point where it’s impossible to take it back.

There are times where he couldn’t even find it.

‘A monster’s skin, bone and muscles are pretty tough.’

On top of that, since the blade was made out of ordinary metal, when it touches a monster’s fluid, the blade becomes weaker.

When that does happen, it gets dull and it can’t be used anymore.

There’s a reason why hunters spend a lot of money on weapons.

A good weapon increases the attack and within the hunters, they’re usually judged through the weapons that they have.

This was a necessity.

A weapon is an investment for the future.

Hyun-Soo thought that as well.


‘But right now, I’ve been using it pretty well.’

Hyun-Soo continuously used the ordinary daggers.

Rather than spending millions, he would use the daggers until it couldn’t be used anymore and when it can’t be used, he would throw it away.

‘But what Kim Yoo-Na said was true.’

Even if you spend little by little, later on, it all adds up.

‘But, it’s still too expensive to purchase it now.’

“I don’t plan on changing it now, so I’ll think about it later.”

When Hyun-Soo changed the subject, Kim Yoo-Na placed her hand on her chin and let out a small sigh.

“You’re saying that both the dagger and the mid-sized swords are expensive.”

“That’s right.”

“Then, how about this? Your skill requires you to throw, right? How about changing the item to an intangible energy?”

“Intangible energy?”

Hyun-Soo didn’t quite understand.

“By using the energy that you have, you gather it to create a dagger. So…something similar to that would be the Wind Cutter.”


Wind Cutter.

The Wind Cutter was an offensive skill and when she mentioned it, he understood what she meant.

“If it can be applied by changing the weapon, it can probably be applied even if the weapon wasn’t tangible.

What do you think? Want to give it a try?”


<You’ll Meet Your Enemy at a Weaponry Store #3> End.

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