The Skill Maker – Chapter 035

<You’ll Meet Your Enemy at a Weaponry Store #2>


The knife costed just as much as leasing a house.

The dagger wasn’t this expensive.

‘Is it this pricey because of the alloy?’

While Hyun-Soo was shocked by the price, Kim Yoo-Na watched and intercepted.

“You won’t be able to use that for a long time. How about that one instead?”

Kim Yoo-Na pointed towards one of the displays.

It was a sword that had a light blue glow to it.

It was long and sharp, which made it the perfect weapon for stabbing an enemy.

“You have a good eye. It was created by mixing a White Unicorn’s blood. As you can see, there’s a rich, blue glow, just like a unicorn’s blood. It’s two times, no, three times stronger than an ordinary sword. It’s the most useful weapon at that level.”

‘Seven billion……!’

Hyun-Soo was shocked again after he glanced at the price tag.

He couldn’t hear what the staff was saying.

‘Why is it so expensive? It seems like they just up the price whenever they use the word, monster. But they only mixed 3% of it. But it’s still seven billion…’

After checking Interface, Hyun-Soo was able to see that they only mixed a tiny bit of it, despite of how much the staff was talking about it.

If you knew how to handle metal, you would be able to get rich through this.

‘Should I learn that too?’

But, the staff and Kim Yoo-Na were starting to have a discussion and didn’t really consider Hyun-Soo’s opinion.

They were talking about what kind of monster was mixed in, the shape, its performance and durability.

They were talking so professionally about it that Hyun-Soo couldn’t intercept.

‘I don’t care about the monsters. I just need an ordinary sword that’s like a kitchen knife.’

He thought about just going to the market.

They might not carry the length that he wanted, but.

“I think this one is pretty good.”

“That’s a good choice, sir. It’s a weapon that can be used when you become a higher-ranked hunter. High-ranked hunters sometimes look for it. The fact that it’s light is what makes it stand out.”

It was a bit longer than the forearm and the blade was slightly curved.

The blade was white and the hilt was black. The color arrangement pleased Hyun-Soo.

On top of that, it was light so he liked it even more.

Hyun-Soo used Interface.



[Blue Platypus Sword][Normal]


The sword has been coated with the Blue Platypus’s oil that’s been purified.

The fact that it will always remain clean is its strong point.

Its light weight is what makes it stand out.

The critical rate will slightly increase upon use.



After seeing the information displayed on Interface, it seemed like a pretty good weapon.

‘It would be hard for me to adapt if the sword is heavy, so it’ll be best to go with a light one.’

As soon as the staff saw Hyun-Soo showing interest in the sword, they started talking about it excitedly.

“Since the blade has been coated with the Blue Platypus’s oil, any blood or fluids from monsters will easily clean off. We’re having an event where we provide a sheath as a free gift with the sword. It’s a great item to purchase now.”

“I see. That’s pretty nice.”

He swung the sword in the air and liked how it felt in his hand.

It was so light that it didn’t really affect his wrist or arm.

He swung it a couple of times to test it out and the way it cut through the air was sharp.

“It’s very affordable as well.”

“How much is it?”

“It’s currently on sale, so it’s being sold at 1.7 billion. Isn’t it a good deal?”


Hyun-Soo carefully put down the sword.

This one costed just as much as a house.

“…I’ll look around some more.”

“Excuse me? Even I think this is the best one.”

People use this method when they don’t plan on purchasing the item, but Kim Yoo-Na messed that plan up for Hyun-Soo.

Her expression asked why he wasn’t buying it.

‘What do you mean why? It’s because I can’t afford it.’

As a A rank hunter, Kim Yoo-Na probably didn’t understand.

No matter how you look at it, Kim Yoo-Na didn’t look like the type that was short on money.

To her, 1.7 billion was nothing.

It wasn’t that Hyun-Soo didn’t have any money.

From all the times Kim Yoo-Na and Hyun-Soo went hunting together, he received a portion of the reward.

Kim Yoo-Na took care of attacking the portal, taking down the monster and other things.

Hyun-Soo only did what he was told to do and killed the monster according to her instructions.

‘Technically, I’m benefiting more.’

Anyways, Hyun-Soo took home the money that he made.

After thinking it through, he decided to take care of the remaining amount.

Since he paid off the debt, things were looking up for his family.

I had to pay a lot in taxes, but I managed to save a lot from what I had left.

Now his goal was to buy a house.

It was important to save as much as he could so that he could buy a house.

Hyun-Soo saved up as much as he could.

But, he didn’t save all the money that he had.

He spent it when he needed to.

Saving money on necessities wasn’t smart saving, but just ridiculous.

It’s best to spend money on things that he needed.

‘But spending money on a sword that costs 1.7 billion…?’

It would be different if it was his main weapon, but it was going to be his secondary weapon.

“I’m sure there’s another that’ll fit me best. I’ll look around more.”


Kim Yoo-Na looked at the sword that was coated with Platypus oil in disappointment.

Hyun-Soo felt relieved that she agreed and decided to quietly move back.

It was to get away from the staff that recommended weapons that costed billions.

Maybe it’s because he was in a rush.

He ended up bumping into another person that was in the store.

“What the hell!”

Hyun-Soo turned around and apologized to the person he accidentally bumped into.

“I’m sorry.”

“Why don’t you watch where you’re going?!”

Despite of him quickly apologizing, the other person talked violently.

He was suddenly in a bad mood because of what they said.

He acknowledged the fact that he made the mistake.

When Hyun-Soo was about to apologize again.

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

Their party appeared and asked what happened.

‘Their voice sounds familiar.’

It was a voice he had heard before.

Feeling odd about it, Hyun-Soo raised his head and their eyes met.

“Oh? You’re?”

Their eyes widened after noticing Hyun-Soo.

At the same time, Hyun-Soo remembered who they were.

‘Why is that crazy bastard here?’

It’s only been a couple of minutes since they’ve seen each other’s faces.

But his personality was engraved into his head.

“Look who’s here. You’re that idiotic, trashy carrier that acted out of place.”

Because he was filled with anger due to a misunderstanding, he prevented Hyun-Soo from participating in other hunts.

It was the healer, Kim Yoo-Han.

“Do you know this guy?”

“I told you before, didn’t I? He’s that porter that spoke out of place and messed up the hunt.”

“Oh! That hunt? Even that tanker said he was acting out of place.”

“Yeah. That guy is pretty skilled, but he’s slow-witted. If he had just thrown the carrier to the monster, it could’ve ended easily, but he was being dumb and kept on tanking.”

As if he couldn’t see that Hyun-Soo was standing in front of him, Kim Yoo-Han was talking to his party.

The problem was that Hyun-Soo heard everything loud and clear.

He probably spoke that way so that Hyun-Soo could hear him.

‘What are these crazy bastards blabbing about?’

It was pretty obvious who they were talking about without saying the name.

On top of that, his comment was pretty shocking.

‘Throw me to the monsters? Does he even know what he’s saying?’

He wasn’t sure if he was serious, or if he was just bluffing to make himself look good in front of the others.

‘He’s definitely bluffing.’

On top of that, he left out the part about how he made a mistake.

But, aside from the mistake, after Hyun-Soo thought about the crazy things that the healer did, he might not be bluffing.

‘Are all healers like this? The other healer was pretty normal. He must be a special case among the healers.’

With that thought, Hyun-Soo decided to ignore him.

He was no longer affected by what Kim Yoo-Han said.

Since he was being taught by Kim Yoo-Na, there was no need for him to be desperate about finding a job.

Also, Hyun-Soo was a D rank.

It was the same rank as Kim Yoo-Han, who boasted about it.

‘Ignoring the crazy bastard is the wisest thing to do.’

He didn’t want to get involved with him.

That’s why he decided to ignore him..

That’s what Hyun-Soo felt when he watched the other party members laugh along with the crazy healer.

Since he already apologized for bumping into him, Hyun-Soo decided to leave.

“I heard you got kicked out of the hunter community. Are you here to buy a weapon?”

“There are rumors that you’ve been scamming people about selling scrolls to them. It seems like you’re using that money to pretend to be a hunter. How can a carrier obtain a scroll?”

“If he is scamming, we should capture him and hand him over. It’s bad that he’s using scrolls to scam people.”

Hyun-Soo didn’t say anything, but they somehow came to an odd conclusion.

It didn’t matter whether they really thought he was a scammer or not.

It looked like they were going to cause trouble.

Kim Yoo-Han’s party were the first ones to move.

There was only one reason why a healer like him would come to the close-range weapon floor.

He followed his party.

One of them was a close-range attacker and they grabbed Hyun-Soo’s shoulder by using their hook-like hand.

No, they tried to grab him.

‘I don’t think so!’

As soon as their finger was about to grab his shoulder, Hyun-Soo quickly took a step back.

And using that foot as support, he turned his body.

Naturally, the guy’s hand grabbed the air instead of Hyun-Soo’s shoulder.

“Huh, nice trick.”

The guy had a twisted smile on his face.

He looked at his hand, then looked at Hyun-Soo’s face and a smirk appeared.

“Let’s see if you can dodge this.”

He got into a strange position.

‘It kind of looks like a saddle stance. It looks like it’s from an old Chinese martial arts drama.’

He placed his feet at shoulder width and bent his knees. Then, he placed his arms on his upper body and touched his waist with his hand.

In that stance, he started making weird noises as if he was gathering energy.

“Haaaaaaa! Ha!”


Then, he stomped his foot into the ground and started running towards Hyun-Soo.

When his foot stomped the ground, a loud noise filled each of the floors.

When he neared Hyun-Soo, he extended his hand towards Hyun-Soo’s stomach.

His hand looked like a hook and he put so much force into it that it looked like it could pierce through his skin.

If a stranger saw this, it wouldn’t be weird for them to see a hole in Hyun-Soo’s stomach at any moment.


‘Too slow.’

His attack moved slowly in Hyun-Soo’s eyes.

It was so slow that it seemed like someone cut out each frame from a video.

His attack was so slow, that it seemed like he was saying, ‘I’ll attack here, so dodge it!’

There’s no way he would get hit by such a slow attack.

Hyun-Soo easily dodged his attack by bending his body backward a bit.

‘He’s not playing with me, is he? Why is his attack so sloppy?’


<You’ll Meet Your Enemy at a Weaponry Store #2> End.

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