The Skill Maker – Chapter 034

<You’ll Meet Your Enemy at a Weaponry Store #1>


He somehow managed to form a contract with Kim Yoo-Na, but there wasn’t a guarantee that someone would always watch his back.

That’s why he was in a hurry to become stronger.

‘It’d be nice if there were some nice items in this portal. I’m hoping for a medicinal herb that increases stamina.’

But this place was a swamp filled with mud.

It was obvious that it was difficult to grow anything in this place.

‘Everything that I can see with my eyes are useless…do I have to dig for it?’

Since he couldn’t check inside the swamp, it was impossible to inspect it.

Hyun-Soo dug the ground with his dagger as disappointment filled within him.

‘Should I change my weapon?’

The dagger was the best for throwing.

It was light, thin and sharp.

That’s why it barely had air resistance and it can be thrown without using too much energy.

‘But the length of it is pretty disappointing. It’d be nice if it was a bit longer.’

Maybe it’s because he’s gotten used to hunting or because he drank an excessive amount of potion, but his attacks were getting sharper and fatal.

However, compared to how much his skill has improved, his attack skill didn’t really increase much.

‘It is pretty short. If it was longer, I could’ve killed it a while ago.’

Hyun-Soo looked down at the dagger that was in his hand.

If the dagger was longer when he was fighting against the toad, he could’ve taken it down easily instead of attack it several times.

However, it was short, which caused him to continuously attack.

‘Well, I can just keep these and get a longer sword.’

If he had it, he would use it all.

On top of that, he felt that it was a necessity.

Even if he didn’t purchase one right away, it was best to take a look.

“Have you looked into it?”

Kim Yoo-Na seemed to have finished searching within the portal because she came back.

“Yes, there’s nothing useful here.”

“Then, we should just take the Energy Stone with us.”

Kim Yoo-Na mumbled in disappointment.

“I’m getting worried since I haven’t been able to find any items.”

It seemed like she was expecting something from the toad.

While grabbing the Energy Stone, Kim Yoo-Na looked through its organs.

Hyun-Soo stood behind and used Interface, but didn’t find anything useful.



[Red Spotted Toad’s Organs]


It tastes bitter and has a strong fishy smell.



Useless items with no effects kept on showing up.

“I’ll deposit today’s pay into your account. Will you be going home?”

“No, I’m thinking about looking at some weapons.”

“Oh, then you’ll be visiting the Weaponry Store. I was thinking about going there too, so let’s go together.”

Kim Yoo-Na asked Hyun-Soo about his plan as they exited the portal.

Luckily, they were headed to the same location.

‘I feel really uncomfortable getting in this car.’

The red sports car was an extremely desirable car, but riding in it made him feel uncomfortable.

On top of that, he would be in the passenger seat.

Also, the owner of the car was a beautiful, young lady.

And every time Hyun-Soo sat next to her, it felt like a drag.

‘The way people look when I get out of the car is no joke.’

He remembered the lyric of a song he heard on a commercial.

A song about how people knew without saying a word.

Hyun-Soo was experiencing that himself.

‘Does that bastard have a lot of money?’

‘Or is there something about that’s so amazing?’

‘Lucky bastard.’

That’s what he mostly felt when the guys looked at him.

‘The two of them must really love each other.’

And that’s what he felt from the ladies when they looked at them.

‘Damn it. It’s not like I have a lot of money and we’re not lovers either, so they should just mind their own business.’

There’s a lot of nosy people in this world.

That’s what Hyun-Soo felt every time he got into Kim Yoo-Na’s car.

Thankfully, when they arrived at the Weaponry Store, the car was parked in an underground garage.

There wasn’t anyone watching them, so he stepped out without any discomfort.

“What are you looking for?”

“When I fought the monster earlier, there was a limit to my attacks when I used the dagger.”

“You’re going to change to a longer sword? In that case, wouldn’t it be better to go with a lance? It’s heavier than a dagger, but it’ll definitely damage the opponent.”

Since Kim Yoo-Na had more experience in fighting monsters, she nodded her head and spoke.

“Then, do we have to change the training method…?”

“No! I’m not completely changing my weapon. I just wanted to strengthen the skills that I was lacking in.”

“The dagger is a bit weak when trying to attack with one blow. Will the lance help in taking down a monster…?

Because she was too experienced, she was getting ahead of herself..

Hyun-Soo quickly declined, knowing how Kim Yoo-Na thought when it came to training.

“No, there’s no need. I just need one mid-sized sword. Let’s get going. Why are you here though?”

If this continued, she would make him do a weapons training.

Kim Yoo-Na’s attention turned elsewhere thanks to him quickly changing the subject.

“There was something I told the Floor Manager a while ago. When they bring in a monster’s by-product that’s used as an ingredient for weapons, I asked them to bring in other parts as well.”


“Since we can’t go through all the portals, we can use this method and check out the by-products that are obtained from other portals.”

“I don’t think you’ll find anything useful from there though.”

“We’ll see, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find some useful items.”

After pressing the elevator button, she turned to Hyun-Soo and smiled.

Her eyes were looking straight at him, but her mouth was smiling.

“Ha, ha ha…I don’t have that kind of ability. You have better experience than I do, so I’m sure you’ll be able to pick a good one. Ha ha ha…!”

Hyun-Soo awkwardly laughed while looking at the numbers on the elevator.

‘Damn it, did she find out about?’

Honestly, it was weird for her to not notice anything.

‘Even I would be suspicious of myself.’

Sure, he was selling scrolls that people haven’t heard of before.

That he can somehow manage to get away with.

It was a big world and it contained a lot of portals that still haven’t been targeted.

There’s also a high possibility that scrolls that haven’t been discovered could be obtained from those portals.

However, there was another issue Hyun-Soo couldn’t overlook.

‘It was dangerous to give her the potions that I made.’.

If he didn’t have this to control Kim Yoo-Na, it could’ve been a dangerous gamble.

There weren’t a lot of information regarding the portals, so it’s possible that some of them had potions.

‘But, for an E rank hunter to be in a portal…No, it’s hard for even a D rank hunter to target those portals.’

And after obtaining a scroll on top of that.

People in generally would desire a scroll that hasn’t been known to the world.

And a potion that can affect a hunter during a hunt.

It wouldn’t matter if they were separate.

‘But it’s suspicious since I showed up with both at once.’

And Hyun-Soo never spoke about the potions before.

For scrolls, he managed to make excuses since the other party had to be involved, but for the potion, he hasn’t explained anything about it.

There was no need to explain and he wasn’t planning on explaining it either.

Anyways, the one that was at a disadvantage here was Kim Yoo-Na and Hyun-Soo was the only person that could provide it to her.

‘She’s only human, so it’s understandable that she would be suspicious. It’s possible…but the issue is how much she’s suspicious of me.’

Hyun-Soo glanced at Kim Yoo-Na.

‘There’s a lot of things I can’t really tell about this woman. If people find out something, they usually try to look deeper into it, but seeing as how she isn’t, maybe she doesn’t feel the need to…”

There were a lot of things that were suspicious, but all Kim Yoo-Na did was vaguely mention it and then not talk about it.

‘I’m not sure what her intentions are, but it doesn’t seem like she wants to cause trouble now. Well, not like she can do anything about it anyways.’

At least he’ll be fine until Kim Hye-Na has been completely recovered.

He couldn’t completely be relaxed about it.

However, if she had planned on killing him from the start, there was an easy way to do that.

No one knows regarding the world inside the portal.

Once a hunter leaves the portal after finishing the hunt, that portal closes.

If there’s a corpse, it would disappear without a trace.

‘But that won’t happen. There were a lot of chances, but those training made me feel like I was in hell. I thought I was going to die in the beginning, but now, I feel good enough to shop for weapons after finishing a hunt. I’ve improved a lot.’


The elevator door opened.

A mid-sized sword belonged to the close-range weapon, so Hyun-Soo walked down to that section.



“Didn’t you say that you requested something to the Floor Manager?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Then why are you following me……?”

Finished products were organized by class and ingredients were sold on the top floor.

All Kim Yoo-Na had to do was ride the elevator and get off on the top floor.

But, she got off when Hyun-Soo did and followed behind him.

“Technically, you’re a student that I’m teaching.”

He never thought of her as his teacher, but since he was training under her, she wasn’t completely wrong.

Kim Yoo-Na spoke after seeing Hyun-Soo’s confused expression.

“So, since my student is wanting to purchase a weapon, I can at least guide him.”

“Well, since you’re offering to help…why not.”

Kim Yoo-Na was probably more experienced in choosing a weapon.

Combining Mighty Throw and the dagger was Kim Yoo-Na’s idea.

Since the skill required an object to be thrown, he only thought about rocks and balls and never thought about throwing a sharp object.

“Welcome. What can I help you with?”.

When they approached a spot where the weapons were displayed, a staff approached and greeted them.

“We’re looking for a sword that’s longer than a dagger, but shorter than a longsword.”

“You’ve come to the right place. Our company’s products are well-known for its balance and sharpness that lasts for a long time. If you’d like, we also customize the items as well.”

From the different weapons that were displayed, the staff grabbed a sword.

It was a sword with a gently curved silver blade and was as long as a forearm.

“What kind of material are you looking for? A lot of hunters these days mix a monster’s by-product with alloy. What about this one? The powder of a Mutilated Rhinoceros’s horn has been mixed, so it’s stronger than your average iron.”

As they slightly laid the sword down, the light reflected off of it, causing it to shine brightly.

Hyun-Soo discreetly looked at the price tag that was taped on the spot where the sword was taken out from.

‘What?! This is 300 million won?!’


<You’ll Meet Your Enemy at a Weaponry Store #1> End.

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  1. Tasha

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