The Skill Maker – Chapter 033

<Contract – #3>


It was a swamp that one can sink in if they just walked on it, but Hyun-Soo was running on its surface, so it didn’t cause him any issues.


“You’re pretty witty for a toad.”

The toad noticed Hyun-Soo and was threatening him.

In order to stay out of its sight, he tried approaching by circling around it, but after getting caught, he couldn’t help but mumble in frustration.

“It was difficult because it would jump around every time I attacked…”

But not anymore.



Its tongue was still pretty dangerous.

When the tongue aimed for his ankle, Hyun-Soo managed to dodge it with ease.

He was actually thankful, rather than scared of the attack.


The shining light in the center of the tongue was the toad’s weakness.

The arrow-like tongue seems to roll back after it’s used to attack its opponent.

Hyun-Soo quickly followed behind it.

‘Mighty Throw!’

Hyun-Soo used his skill while aiming at the shining, white light that was in the center of its tongue.

However, the toad’s tongue flinched for a second and dodged the attack.


So close.

He decided to try again.

Hyun-Soo changed directions after running straight towards the toad.

After running with all his might, he stepped on the toad’s leg and jumped up into the air.

Kyahhh! Kyah!

It must’ve felt unpleasant by the fact that Hyun-Soo was on its body because it started moving around.

“Jeez! I almost fell.”

But, he stabbed its body with his dagger, so he was able to hold on.

Kyah! Kyah! Kyah!

However, the toad felt pain when Hyun-Soo’s dagger pierced deep into its body that it started moving around more violently.

In order to get Hyun-Soo off of them, it swung its tongue around.

If its leg were fine, it might’ve started jumping around.

However, when Hyun-Soo hunt was getting delayed, Kim Yoo-Na slashed it.

It was an advantage for him.

‘She should just help if she was going to do that.’

After forming the new contract, she never took the lead and brought down the monster.

‘Well, this is a pretty big help. If it weren’t for Kim Yoo-Na, then it would’ve been impossible for me to participate in portal hunts.’

As his value as the Skill Maker increases, he’ll be able to participate in hunts.

But, will that hunt be a safe hunt?

‘It’s a large world and there are a lot of crazy people. If I participate in one of those hunts, I’m sure I would get robbed. Or even die.’

No one will know once the portal is closed.

There’s a high chance that they might exclude Hyun-Soo so that they can kill him and bury him.

‘I did ask Kim Yoo-Na for her help so that I can avoid those situations.’

Even though Hyun-Soo was the one that asked for her help, Kim Yoo-Na added a condition.

She wanted to train Hyun-Soo her way.

‘This is a good idea, but…it’s still difficult. I think I’m going to throw up.’

The toad’s movement was getting more violent.

It’s because Hyun-Soo kept on stabbing it with his dagger.

‘Damn…I wish I had a better weapon.’

Since he only had one offensive skill, there was no need for other weapons.

‘It’s probably best to buy a longer sword.’

Since he was taking down the monster almost by himself, he felt the need for a weapon.



Since the toad couldn’t jump around, it felt like the difficulty level dropped.

Hyun-Soo attacked the toad by stabbing it with the dagger and at the same time, was enduring the toad’s violent movement.

Hyun-Soo managed to move up to the toad’s neck.



The whip-like tongue was swinging violently in the air.

But, Hyun-Soo used the dagger that was stabbed into the toad’s body, so he managed to dodge it.


Using the toad’s violent movement, he managed to move to the top of its head.

When Hyun-Soo landed on its head, the toad was desperately trying to get him off.

It seemed like the toad really wanted Hyun-Soo off of them because it started rolling its body on the ground.

Because it started rolling around in mud, Hyun-Soo was covered in mud as well.

‘My clothes are all messed up. Hyuna caught me last time, so it’s hard for me to wash it discreetly. Looks like I’ll be hearing it again.’

That was the first thought he had when he became covered in mud.

Right before the toad pushed its body all the way into the mud, Hyun-Soo changed his position.

After getting off its back, he kept his distance from the toad.

The toad didn’t notice that Hyun-Soo was off its back and continued rolling around.

“Finish it!”

Kim Yoo-Na screamed from a distance.

‘It’s not like I don’t want to finish it.’

Since Kim Yoo-Na was now teaching him, she wasn’t going easy on him.

Since she was a high-ranked hunter, she thought that others could do just as much as her.

They say tailor your ambitions to something, but that made Hyun-Soo want to die.

‘She did it today too. She asked me to go hunting with her, but pushed me into the portal.’

Since she was here, he wouldn’t get killed.

However, since he had to fight the monster by himself, he couldn’t help but feel pressured and exhausted.

‘It’s a relief that she at least took care of the weaker monsters. No. Is it a relief? In the end, she’s attacking while dodging the attacks. She’s definitely a high-ranked hunter.’

To not get killed by a monster’s attack, a hunter needs to be agile and dodge the attacks.

If not, it can cause serious damage.

During sticky situations, Kim Yoo-Na would intercept and help.

Despite of that, Hyun-Soo still had to take down the monster by himself.

‘That’s why I had no choice but to drink the Agility Potion.’

Before arriving at the portal, Hyun-Soo drank two types of potions.

Agility Potion and Critical Hit Potion.

He created the potions with the ingredients he found in the portal.

‘I managed to create them since I didn’t want to die.’

In his current condition, he couldn’t follow Kim Yoo-Na’s demands, so in order to increase his stats, even just a bit, he mixed all sorts of ingredients and managed to make them.

That’s why it was possible for him to hunt like this.

It was difficult to attack the weak spot on top of its head because it was rolling on the ground.

That’s why, Hyun-Soo started running and approached the toad.

‘Just die. You stupid toad! Spit out the stone and die!’

Hyun-Soo jumped towards the toad’s mud-covered stomach.

After rolling its large body around.

Right when it was about to flip over.


Hyun-Soo stabbed the toad’s side.


After feeling the pain. the toad cried out loud.

The toad’s large body stiffened as it tried to stop.

But, it was already rolling around.

Hyun-Soo put all of his strength into the dagger he was grabbing onto.


As if a piece of fabric was being ripped, the sound lasted for a couple of seconds.

The toad’s stomach was cut open as Hyun-Soo grabbed the dagger that was stabbed into its body.


It was disappointing that the dagger didn’t reach its organs because it was too short.

But, as its skin was cut open, it revealed its muscles.

As Hyun-Soo stepped back, he saw the white dots on the cut.

‘Mighty Throw!’

Fwoosh! Boom!

And the dagger that was flying towards it pierced deep within its body.


It was the notification he was waiting for.

The dagger that Hyun-Soo threw pierced deep within the cut that even the hilt disappeared.

The toad started shaking in pain.

But, the more it moved around, the deeper the dagger moved into its organs.

Gurgle! Gurgle!

The toad released bloody foams from its mouth.

The tongue started moving as if it were trying to catch its prey.

But that only lasted for a moment.

It trembled.

The toad’s eyes turned white and its body trembled for the last time.

‘It’s over.’

It’s dead.

“You did well. You did take a while though. You’re still inexperienced in handling the monster…”

“…But if you tell people that I took out a toad by myself at my current level, no one will believe it.”

He was implying that he did well.

For taking down a monster by himself.

It might not be much, but Hyun-Soo felt that he had achieved something great by himself. However, Kim Yoo-Na didn’t seem to agree.

“I cut off its feet.”

“Oh, right…”

Since she had high standards, after she started teaching him, she barely complimented him.

It was hardcore.

If it weren’t for Kim Yoo-Na devoting her life to Kim Hye-Na, Hyun-Soo probably would’ve turned into a bony mummy.

‘It’s a relief that she visits Hye-Na for a couple of days.’

Hyun-Soo sometimes visited Hye-Na.

It was to give her potions.

However, the bulb from the Flower Spore isn’t always at the portal where the Flower Spore resides.

Because of that, he couldn’t make the Stamina Potion often.

Kim Yoo-Na usually took down the Flower Spore fairly quickly.

Obtaining the ingredients was much more important than Hyun-Soo’s training.

While Kim Yoo-Na was attacking the Flower Spore, Hyun-Soo would use Interface to find the bulb.

The bulb was buried in the ground and couldn’t be seen, but it was odd how Hyun-Soo was able to find it, but Kim Yoo-Na didn’t ask.

“I’ll go and see if there’s anything useful.”

“I’ll check as well. “

In order to see if there were any useful ingredients, Kim Yoo-Na walked towards the toad first.

Since Kim Yoo-Na couldn’t check the information like Hyun-Soo could, her way of checking was quite simple.

It was to eat it.

‘Honestly, I was shocked last time when she said she would try to eat the egg of the frog we took down. Just looking at it grosses me out, but she has serious guts to be able to eat it.’

After checking the frog’s egg with Interface, Hyun-Soo immediately stopped her.

Hyun-Soo activated Interface after confirming that she was far ahead.



▶Name: Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

▶Rank: D

▶Class: Skill Maker

▶Experience: 74%

▶Stamina: 79 / Agility: 55(+12) / Power: 68 / Critical Hit: 47(+12) / ?? / ?? / ??

▶Energy Level: 65%


▶Skill List


[Skill Creation][C]

[Skill Transfer][C]

[Medicinal Mix][C]

[Mighty Throw][D]


‘Hm…it didn’t increase as much as I thought.’

Maybe it’s because his level increased.

Compared to when he was an E rank, the growth rate of his experience level was slower.

And the amount of experience he obtains after taking down a monster decreased as well.

‘I would like to hunt in high-ranked portals, but…’

If Kim Yoo-Na tells him to take it down by himself, just like she did today, he might die.

‘Let’s do C first. I need to get stronger.’

That way, he can obtain a safer chance.

It was important to earn money, but his reason to earn money was simple.

To have a good life.

He needed money to have a more comfortable and prosperous life.

‘But that only applies when there’s a guarantee that I’ll be safe.’

Earning money could actually put his family in danger.

‘I’m a hunter, but my family isn’t.’

If he spent all of his money by building a fortress-like house and putting guards all around the place, will his family be able to live a happy life?

Hyun-Soo was skeptical.

‘On top of that, someone might betray us.’

If he didn’t have power, no matter how much money he had, it’ll still put them in danger.

Anyways, there was only one conclusion.

‘Obtain more power. ‘



<Contract #> End.

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