The Skill Maker – Chapter 031

<Contract #1>


‘But what if there was a potion that helped overcome those limits?’

Is there someone that wouldn’t want it?

He only created a potion related to stamina, but Hyun-Soo assumed that wouldn’t be the last.

‘There’s a high chance that I might be able to make a potion that increases one’s power or fatal attack.’

If he had the ingredients, he could make definitely make them.

The Medicinal Mix skill was there for a reason.

‘If I combine Skill Creation and Medicinal Mix, I’ll be able to make something great.’

“What exactly do you do?”

Kim Yoo-Na looked at Hyun-Soo with piercing eyes.

“Is that important?”

Hyun-Soo shrugged his shoulders.

There was a need to be careful with his words.

Kim Yoo-Na started touching the glass bottle she drank out of when Hyun-Soo didn’t answer.

“Why did you give this to me?”

“You can think of it as a present.”

“A present?”


A frown appeared on her face due to her doubts.

However, Hyun-Soo maintained his ‘I don’t care’ expression.

‘A present is a present. Despite of the fact that I have a different motive.’

Anyways, his primary purpose was to give it to her as a gift.

“I think it’ll be good for you sister.”


“I have two more potions.”

He was able to make a total of five bottles because the bulb was the size of a human’s head.

Out of the five, Hyun-Soo drank two.

It’s best to use the items that were limited in numbers.

However, when he drank the second bottle, he noticed that his stats didn’t increase.

‘It would be nice if it could be applied again, but nothing I can do about that.’

If it were possible, he probably would’ve kept drinking it.

He contemplated whether he should give the remaining three to his family, but he thought of something, so he decided to give it to Kim Yoo-Na first.

“A present…I’m not simple minded to just believe that. But, I’m grateful for them.”

After touching the bottle that contained the blue potion, Kim Yoo-Na pulled the bottle towards herself.

“In order to use the scroll, you said you had to be face to face with the target, right? If there’s nothing else, shall we go?”

Kim Yoo-Na hurried after seeing the potion that Hyun-Soo gave her.


The hospital that her sister was staying at was located close to the house.

It wasn’t that big, but the equipment inside looked really expensive and they had the same amount of equipment that a general hospital had.

“I’m here Hye-Na.”

Kim Yoo-Na spoke as he entered a large room that had a good amount of sunlight.

A little girl that was lying on a large bed struggled to sit up.

It was Kim Hye-Na, Kim Yoo-Na’s sister.

“You’re here?”

She managed to move her head and when Kim Yoo-Na noticed her moving her shoulders, she quickly ran to her and placed the pillow on her back.

“Huh? Who’s that?”

Hyun-Soo was a bit surprised when he saw Kim Hye-Na.

The first thought that popped into his head was.

‘She’s too skinny.’

She looked like she was around Hyuna’s age, but her cheeks had sunken in and he could see her thin neck and wrist through the patient gown. He now understood why Kim Yoo-Na was so worried about her.

Kim Hye-Na was a girl that was either about the same age as Hyuna or younger.

‘She told me she was sick, but she’s really thin.’

If she looked like her sister, then she would’ve been a beautiful girl, but she didn’t look like that at all.

Her face was so thin that she looked lifeless.

“Did you practice the harmonica? The teacher told me that you’ve been doing well these ways.”

Kim Yoo-Na was always cold in front of Hyun-Soo, but her expression relaxed in front of her sister.

“Mhm…I run out of breath so I can’t do it for long, but they complimented me for not making a lot mistakes.”

“Good job. I want to hear it later.”

“Okay, but Yoo-Na…you haven’t introduced me to that person yet…”

Kim Hye-Na pointed at Hyun-Soo.

When both the sisters looked at Hyun-Soo, he smiled awkwardly while standing near the door.

‘This is pretty uncomfortable.’

It felt like he didn’t fit in here.

However, Hyun-Soo had to transfer the skill himself, so he made an odd excuse and followed her here.

Because of that, it was hard for him to say that he would wait outside.

“Oh, he’s a hunter that goes on hunts with me.”

“Oh…do the other crews know of him? Is he new?”


He heard an odd word.

“No, it’s only temporary.”

“I see…I was wondering why you were with someone new. You can’t even go on dates because you’re so busy with me…I thought you brought your boyfriend.”


I almost choked while breathing.

‘Boyfriend? Who? Whose?’

Kim Yoo-Na was fairly pretty.

She gave off a sophisticated, yet proud image.

It was to the point where he could feel other people look at them when they walked together.

‘But, she’s a violent woman that slaughters monsters excitedly while being covered in monster’s bodily fluid. She even broke off a monster’s horn with her fist.’

The only time he saw her happy was when she obtained items that were good for the body.

To Hyun-Soo, Kim Yoo-Na was just another person and didn’t really see her as a woman.

But there were times when he realized that she was a woman after looking at her face.

‘I like girls that are calm and gentle.’

Kim Yoo-Na’s keen eyes were looking at Hyun-Soo.

Kim Hye-Na was the one that said it, but it felt like he was being punished for it.

‘This is pretty unfair since it was just a misunderstanding. Damn it. I have a younger sister too.’

Hyun-Soo felt like he needed someone to be on his side.

“He’ll provide treatment that’ll help you.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Nope. If you keep your eyes closed, it’ll finish quickly.”

Kim Yoo-Na signaled at Hyun-Soo.

She looked like she was going to kill him if he didn’t make it quick.

“It’ll be over before you know it. It won’t hurt and you just need to have your eyes closed for a moment.”

Hyun-Soo took out of the rolled paper from his bag.

Kim Hye-Na looked at him with curiosity and closed her eyes.

“Here we go.”


‘Skill Transfer!’


[Select the skill you would like to transfer]

[Transferrable Skills: Mighty Throw[D]/Low Rank Recovery[D]]

[Select the target]

[Target: Kim Yoo-Na(A)/Kim Hye-Na(-)]

Hyun-Soo immediately selected Kim Hye-Na.

She might become suspicious if he waved his hand in the air, so he used his eyes to select instead.

Moments later, the skill, Low Rank Recovery, disappeared from his list.

It was successfully transferred to Kim Hye-Na.


He still needed to confirm.

After activating Interface, he chose Kim Hye-Na as the target.


▶Name: Kim Hye-Na (??)

▶Rank: –

▶Class: –

▶Experience: –

▶Stamina Level: 21%

▶Energy Level: –

▶Stamina: 11 / Agility: 7 / Power: 2 / Critical Hit: – / ?? / ?? / ??


▶Skill List

[Low Rank Recovery][D]


He saw Kim Hye-Na’s information.

After seeing it, Hyun-Soo couldn’t repress his astonishment.

‘What’s wrong with the stamina and power? Is it a mistake?’

She must be really sick because her stats were close to zero.

She had a bit of stamina due to Kim Yoo-Na feeding her different items, but it was still 11.

“The scroll has been applied successfully. You’ll eventually be able to tell whether it’s been successfully applied.”

However, he couldn’t tell her the truth.

It was obvious that she was sick, but there weren’t going to be any surprises after using the scroll.

Hyun-Soo noticed his expression.

“…Thank you.”

It was a fair deal, so there wasn’t a need for her to thank him, but she genuinely bowed her head.

‘It’s not like I don’t understand her situation.’

Anyways, Hyun-Soo was in a similar situation.

And that’s probably he was able to relate to her.

That’s why he agreed to her proposal.

Since he transferred the skill, Kim Hye-Na should regain the stamina she lost.

Kim Yoo-Na didn’t know whether it was successfully applied, but she would be able to check later on.

The problem was that even though it recovers her stamina, if the cause of her sickness isn’t completely cured, her condition could get worse again.

The only thing they could rely on is….

‘Since Low Rank Recovery increases the cure rate of abnormalities by 3%, it should eventually cure her.’

In the meantime, all Kim Hye-Na has to do is keep living with her low stats.

Whether that’s possible is questionable.

‘Kim Yoo-Na used different ways, so it should be fine.’

Kim Yoo-Na took out of the two potion that Hyun-Soo gave her as a gift.

“Drink this too.”

“What is this?”

“It’s good. You like sweet drinks. That’s why I brought it.”

“The doctor will get mad….”

‘The Low Rank Stamina Recovery potion is a bit sweet.’

It was as sweet as junk food and the taste was sweet too.

‘It tasted like roasted marshmallows.’

It had the same taste as the chewy, soft, sweet marshmallows.

Of course a little girl will like the taste.

Kim Hye-Na’s eyes widened after sipping the potion.

Gulp, gulp!

The sound of her drinking the potion could be heard.


Kim Hyun-Soo looked over Kim Hye-Na’s information.

‘Her stamina increased from 11 to 23 thanks to the potion…’

Even though it increased, it was still below average when compared to an ordinary person.

But, for Kim Hye-Na, it did increase by two folds from her previous points.

Maybe it’s because of that, but Kim Hye-Na’s cheeks started getting red and she didn’t look so lifeless anymore.

Because her stats were so low, even though it was a low ranked potion, the effects kicked in right away.

“Yoo-Na, what is this? It’s really good and I’m feeling energetic.”

“Really? It’s good?”

“Mhm. But you don’t think the doctor will get mad? He said to be careful what I eat. You get in trouble every day because of it.”

Feeding her Energy Stones was okay, but if the doctor knew that she was feeding her parts from a monster, she would definitely get in trouble.

‘I won’t tell her exactly what it’s made out of…’

Anyways, Kim Yoo-Na managed to convince her about the potion and it helped increase her stamina.

Kim Yoo-Na wanted to be with her sister for a bit longer.

Kim Hye-Na expressed that she was tired and it could be due to the potion and the skill that was applied to her body.

She didn’t have a choice but to leave.

“Thank you.”

“It was a fair trade. Well…it would’ve been nice if I could bring more potions, but I only had two left, so that’s a bit disappointing.”

“I can’t be selfish and make that kind of request.”

Despite of what she had, she had a disappointed look.

Hyun-Soo checked the bait.

‘Hm, looks good.’

Maybe it’s because of the potion, but he noticed Kim Hye-Na’s condition getting better and he was able to see this live. In many ways, he completed the task successfully.

It was his own opinion, but he felt that he passed Kim Yoo-Na’s test.

‘Her attitude towards me changed a bit.’

At the same time, Hyun-Soo was also testing Kim Yoo-Na.

‘I think I can proceed with ease.’


<Contract #1> End.

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    I wonder how he plans to collect the ingredients for the potion without her help though. They came from a green portal after all, and I doubt he’s even close to being ready to solo things of that level.

    Also wondering how much faster he could improve his alchemy if he trusted her. She has extensive knowledge about medicinal items after all. Though I suppose he could just trade potions for info.

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