The Skill Maker – Chapter 030

<Medicinal Mix #2>


As the morning sun shined through the bottle, it reminded him of the blue ocean.


[Low Rank Stamina Recovery Potion][Rare]

This potion was created with different medicinal herbs.

The ratio of the rare medicinal herbs is high, which increases stamina.

Stamina will be instantly increases and will be maintained during the entire duration.

Also, during the duration, it will slightly raise the recovery rate of any abnormalities within the body.

Effect: +Stamina 12 [Duration: 2 Hours]

+ Increases recovery rate of abnormalities within the body by 0.5% [Duration: 2 Hours]


‘I’m proud.’

After checking the potion’s information, a smile appeared on Hyun-Soo’s exhausted face.

He put in over 90% of the Flower Spore’s bulb and 8% of Bright Flower.

And he included 2% of the Treecreeper’s root.

And when he used the skill, even though none of the ingredients were blue, the mixed ingredients melted and changed into a blue color.

The smell was nice too.

It smelled like junk food because it gave off a sweet smell.

‘But, it has better effects than junk food.’

He felt disappointed by the fact that he wasn’t able to bring out the ingredients’ natural power, but other effects were added.

If someone didn’t know what a potion tasted like, they probably would’ve thought of this as a drink and would get curious enough to try a sip.

‘Let’s take a sip.’

Since it would be a waste, he dipped his finger and right when he was about to put it on his lips.


A familiar alarm ringed in his head.


“You have discovered the recipe for Low Rank Stamina Recovery Potion (Rare).”

Will you register the recipe?

Hyun-Soo looked at the Yes/No button that displayed in front of him.

‘What? Nothing appeared before?’

His eyes looked at the word, rare.

‘The first one that I made was normal, right? And the one I just made was a rare. I was too focused on the effects that I didn’t notice, but potions must have ranks too.’

Hyun-Soo didn’t think much and pressed the “Yes” button.

“The recipe for Low Rank Stamina Recovery Potion (Rare) has been added to the Recipe Book.”

‘Recipe Book?’

Filled with curiosity, Hyun-Soo instantly used Interface and checked the Recipe Book.


[Medicinal Mix][C]

Creates a new medicine by mixing different medicinal herbs.

Depending on the type of herbs, ratio and combination, different types of herbs will be created.

Depending on the experience, the success rate will change.

The recipe of the medicine created through Medicinal Mix can be added to the Recipe Book.

If an ingredient for a medicine that’s in the Recipe Book is available, it’s possible to create it instantly without any additional steps.

Experience: 2%

▶ Recipes Currently Registered:

Low Rank Stamina Recovery Potion (Rare)


‘The information changed a bit.’

It seemed like more was added as the skill developed more.

‘It probably means that I don’t have to prepare all the ingredients when I’m making the potion that’s registered in the Recipe Book, right?’

Hyun-Soo felt relieved after reading the explanation.

Preparing the ingredients was pretty tough.

He never made any vegetable side dishes before, but he had to prepare the medicinal herbs.

He’ll somehow do it since it’s needed, but…

‘But it’s not like I can’t do it…I should. I need to make money.’

If he thought of it as money, preparing them wasn’t even work.

It was medicinal herbs to be exact.

Anyways, they were all the same to Hyun-Soo.

While looking at the clear bottle that contained the blue potion, Hyun-Soo smiled.

It was as if he could hear the money being deposited into his account.

‘We should eat it first.’

There was still a lot of ingredients left.

The one to eat it first was him.


A car with an elegant design stopped on the side of the road.

The car was more transparent than a glass bead and the window of that car opened.

Right when a sleek looking car stopped on the side of the road, the people passing by had their eyes on the car.

‘Man~ I’m jealous. I want to drive a car like that.’

It was a sports car that only took three seconds to get from 0-100.

He remembered being jealous of the guys that drove expensive cars on TV.

It was impossible anyways.

He would only feel disappointed if he kept on thinking about and he tried not to look at it so that he wouldn’t feel deprived.

‘I’ll definitely buy one…huh?’

He was thinking about how he was going to buy one someday, but noticed someone stepping out of the car.


That person knew him as well.

“I’m sorry. There was traffic so I was late.”

It was Kim Yoo-Na, the person he was supposed to meet today.

After stepping out of the car, Kim Yoo-Na entered the café that Hyun-Soo was in and as soon as she approached him, the eyes that were on her were now on Hyun-Soo.

“Oh, right.”

The car that should be driven on the Autobahn was being driven within this small city.

Hyun-Soo felt about towards the car that Kim Yoo-Na drove.

‘How intimidating.’

He made it a habit to meet at the café since there were a lot of people, but their stares made him feel uncomfortable.

It felt as if he was being judged about every single thing.

He had an idea of what they were thinking despite of them not saying it.

‘I want to get out of here.’

The café wasn’t that hot, but he felt like he was sweating.

“There are a lot of people here. Do you mind if we go somewhere else…?”

Thankfully, Kim Yoo-Na made the suggestion first.

Hyun-Soo of course nodded in agreement.

Moments later, he sat in the car that he said he would buy later no matter what.

“If you haven’t eaten, I’ll take you to one of my favorite places. It’s quiet and private.”

“Okay. It doesn’t matter to me.”

He participated on hunts many times with her.

If she wanted to harm him, she could kill him in a portal where there weren’t any people.

On top of that, she was doing it for her sister..

When she suggested on going to a different place, Hyun-Soo nodded without any hesitation.

‘I should’ve thought it through.’

Whenever he met Kim Yoo-Na, it would always be in front of a portal, so he didn’t think that meeting her would catch other peoples’ attention.

If he knew ahead of time, he would’ve changed the location.

Despite of the fact that people were looking at her, it seemed like Kim Yoo-Na didn’t really care.

‘Maybe she’s used to it. She’s pretty and she drives an amazing car, so it would be odd not to look at her.’

While thinking that, Hyun-Soo slightly turned his attention towards Kim Yoo-Na.

A round forehead, a sharp nose and plump lips.

Her long, silk-like black hair was bouncing off of her chest.

He’s only seen her covered in the monster’s bodily fluids that he just now noticed her physical features.

“Is there something you want to say?”

“Oh, you have a very nice car.”

Kim Yoo-Na asked since she felt his stare, but Hyun-Soo couldn’t say that he was looking at her, so he vaguely answered her.

After driving out of the suburb, the car slowly stopped.

Following Kim Yoo-Na, Hyun-Soo stepped out of the car.

The place they arrived at was a tile-roofed house and as soon as they entered, they were led to an annex.

Hyun-Soo’s eyes widened because the house looked like it came out from a drama.

He stopped looking around after realizing that he was embarrassing himself.

“You obtained the scroll?”

“Yes, but as I’ve informed you before, there’s a condition. I need to use it on your sister myself.”

Hyun-Soo showed the rolled up paper that he prepared earlier.

‘The paper is fake, but the skill is real.’


[Low Rank Recovery][D]

The stamina recovery rate will increase by 21%.

The recovery rate for abnormalities will be increased by 3%.


It was a D rank recovery skill that he made with extra care.

Because of that, he read many medical science related books, despite of the fact that he couldn’t really understand, and watched documentaries too.

His parents now gladly agreed to get a massage whenever Hyun-Soo asked.

It could be considered physical labor, but honestly, this was Hyun-Soo’s way of leveling up other than participating in hunts.

Thanks to that, his experience increased and the skill’s level increased as well.

“Hm, is that the scroll?”


Kim Yoo-Na looked at the scroll that Hyun-Soo was holding with confusion.

She looked as if she wanted to say something, but she bit her lip and remained quiet.

“And the reason why I wanted to see you…was to give you this.”

Hyun-Soo took out the wrapped potion from his bag.


“It’s a potion that increases one’s stamina.”


Kim Yoo-Na had a shocked look on her face.

“I’ve never heard of a potion like that.”

Hyun-Soo looked straight at her doubtful expression and spoke.

“Then try it yourself.”

Hyun-Soo pushed the glass bottle that was on top of the table towards her.

Kim Yoo-Na hesitantly grabbed the glass bottle that contained the blue liquid.

She contemplated for a bit and drank the entire bottle after removing the lid.



Her eyes widened.

“What, what is this?”

“As I’ve said before, it’s a potion that increases one’s stamina.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Kim Yoo-Na looked at Hyun-Soo as if she couldn’t believe it.

Despite of what she was saying, her eyes told a different story.

“You’ve eaten monsters before.”

“That’s…it was only because it was good for the body. When I eat it, I can slowly feel my body getting healthier and more energetic. This is just my opinion after trying it. Like a Placebo Effect? But this…it’s instantaneous. And I can definitely feel it.”

‘It’s real, not a Placebo Effect.’

Since Kim Yoo-Na didn’t have Interface, she didn’t know the exact information.

That’s why, despite of the fact that she felt the effect, she was doubtful because she thought maybe it was all in her head.

Honestly, the items that Kim Yoo-Na gave him had very little effect.

Since she was an A rank hunter, if she wasn’t sensitive about her body condition, she could’ve not noticed it.

But, the Low Rank Stamina potion was different.

After drinking, the stat increases immediately.

It was a potion that had a time limit, but there was a way to resolve that.

‘It’s to constantly drink the potion.’

Despite of the fact that the potion will only be counted one time, if one were to drink it after a certain period of time, they can keep their increased stats.

‘That’s the core.’

Once a person experiences the effect, they usually want more.

In order to develop their stats, a hunter must participate in a lot of hunts, capture the monsters and obtain experience points.

The other hunters aren’t able to find detailed information like Hyun-Soo could.

However, the hunters that had outstanding skills were aware of their limits.

It wasn’t expressed in numbers, but they themselves knew their true limits.

‘What would happen if they found out that there’s a potion that helps overcome those limits?’


<Medicinal Mix #2> End.

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